Son Tae Young, “My Expected Delivery Date is 28th February”

Celebrity couple, Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young who got married on 28th September last year should become parents by the end of February 2009.


Son Tae Young revealed this happy news in an interview with Yonhap news and also expressed that her expected date of childbirth was 28th February. She also revealed her thoughts when she found out that she was pregnant, “Me and Sang Woo oppa never thought of concealing the pregnancy from everyone initially. But when we started getting a lot of hate messages online after announcing our wedding, I really didn’t have the courage to announce the pregnancy. So I asked oppa to conceal the pregnancy news.”

Son Tae Young

Son Tae Young also revealed, “I wanted to avoid everything after getting all the hate messages. I went to Australia feeling that it was the only way to avoid all the unwanted attention and even thought of giving birth there. But Sang Woo oppa had to return to Korea for work and I developed depression because I was lonely. But I am going to become a mother next month and I can’t keep running away. So I decided to reveal everything and face everything.”


It’s not all gloom though as Son Tae Young is undoubtedly experiencing her happiest moment of her life, “I have a dependable husband and am going to have a cute baby soon. In future, I am going to try even harder to make this family even happier.” As for her career, “I will continue working. I believe that my acting skills will become more mature after I become a mother.”

32 thoughts on “Son Tae Young, “My Expected Delivery Date is 28th February”

  1. she’s pretty fit and healthy for being a pregnant woman !
    hope her pregnancy goes well =D

    ajaja fighting son tae young unni ! ~

  2. ooo…she looks beautiful….maybe it’s a girl?? Hahaha…a popular asian belief is that if the expecting mother looks really radiant, the baby should be a girl. If she looks horrible and tired, the baby is supposedly a boy. Either way, i’m sure their child would be good looking. 🙂 Hope everything goes well for her!

  3. Ah, she’s so pretty. And like everyone else says .. thanks to genetics, that kid is going to be good looking ❤

  4. Niki… im about to post the same thing…hehehe she very radiant and her pregnancy suits her!…. she really looks contented!…. i think its a girl too! 🙂

  5. what an awful society. sending hate letters just because someone’s going to get married.

    why don’t the ministry of taking care of children’s health tackle this issue instead of banning songs for alleged bad words.

    that depression affected her baby. i don’t blame her at all for concealing her pregnancy and protecting her personal safety. she didn’t even need to explain anymore, she doesn’t owe anybody anything.

  6. son tae young, AJA AJA FIGHTING ! ~
    don’t let negative comments get you depressed, cuz you’ll have a beautiful baby and family..

    she looks absolutely stunning even though she’s pregnant! some people may not even know she was pregnant if they only saw her upper half body ^.^

    stay happy and have a healthy baby ! 😀

  7. That baby better be super cute as hell.
    Your mother is a former miss korea and your dad is the hottest guy around…haha

  8. She looked so pretty… I bet it’s a girl. ^^

    I understand how she feels about negative press…hope by now she feels much lighter after saying everything…=)

  9. Ah that’s my birthday^^!!
    That baby’s gonna have a lot to live up to in the looks department. Hate mail from ‘fans’ are so annoying. Can’t they leave the innocent alone!
    She looks amazing even though she’s pregnant!
    Son Tae Young Fighting!

  10. i’m so glad that she overcame her fear of the anti-fans for the sake of her baby. i honestly think that it’s creepy that there are a lot of antis out there who would go to the extent of finding out the most personal things about these stars. obsessed much? i don’t know if it’s just an Asian thing to stalk stars but in North America, that can land you a lawsuit and possible jail time.

  11. Man she got the genes,
    She’s so thin and her bump is so round.
    I bet her babay is going to be hella cute.
    Congrats on the soon to be.

  12. it’s sad being a celeb in korea. you can’t do anything without getting hate mails or being bashed.

    atleast she overcame the stupid antis and came back. she don’t need all these bs from antis especially since she is pregnant too. her bump looks small for 8 months.

    as long as she has her husband and family then that’s all that matters. screw the antis.

  13. her baby bump was/is sooo small! wow.
    but man, i feel sorry for her.
    i bet all of them are hating just ’cause she’s married to KSW.
    i hope they’ll do their best to keep each other up & happy.
    & that their family will be happy 🙂

  14. she’s tiny! my coworker who is only 24 and have the same expected delivery date, got so big. not so much with the baby bump, but she gained a considerable amount of weight.

  15. The perfect baby is coming soon!!! ^^
    That baby has like the perfect genes.
    A hot dad and a beautiful mom…. ^^
    I’m so happy for them~ Wish them all the best!

  16. MY BIRTHDAAAAY! :DDDDD feb28thhh! yayyy!

    theyre going to be great parents.
    be happy.

    all the best.

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