Lee Min Ho Explains and Predicts His Love Scandals

Lee Min Ho who became wildly popular as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Before Flowers revealed that he will have more love scandals in the near future.

Kang Min Kyung and Lee Min Ho in high-school days

Lee Min Ho plays the leader of the legendary F4 in the drama. Shortly after the broadcast of episode 1 on 5th January, rumours regarding him and Davichi member, Kang Min Kyung being in a relationship were circulated on the internet. He was thus a little embarrassed recently because of the rumour.

Lee Min Ho expressed, “Even before the broadcast, I have already predicted that there will be such rumours regarding Kang Min Kyung and me. Photos and KTV videos taken with her were widely discussed and spread around online. But before this drama ends, 3 others might also be involved in a scandal with me. They are Park Bo Young, Choi Eun Seo and Moon Chae Won.”

Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young, Choi Eun Seo, Moon Chae Won

Coincidentally, all 4 are rising stars in the current Korean entertainment circle. Kang Min Kyung has maintained a very close relationship with Lee Min Ho since debuting with Davichi. Park Bo Young (Overspeed Scandal) and Moon Chae Won (Painter of the Wind) have collaborated with him in Our School E.T.

Lee Min Ho explained, “They are like ‘brothers‘ to me and I much prefer a close relationship with my good friends. I have two ex-girlfriends after 19, but none since then. I am definitely not the one who cheats (two-timer) and will not enter into a relationship very easily either. I like pure and demure girls.”

credit: hanfever.com (translation)

123 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Explains and Predicts His Love Scandals

  1. it’s great that he speaks out to clarify these scandals : )

    aww, he even spilled out what kind of girls he likes teehee, he sounds sweet.

  2. it’s sweet of him to know that he like to be close with his friends, he sounds down to earth.. cuute!

    hope to see him in the future of other dramas =D

  3. He’s a very smart guy. He gave away all the ‘possible scandals’ to the public and it’s from his words and not a tabloid, which is the straight toward truth. Good move. ^__^/

  4. eh, it’s probably a PR move to diminish his scandal w/ the davichi girl (whom he probably dumped by now, sad times) while promoting the other girls (who are probably in the same agency as he).

  5. now he already made the headlines news

    wah so lucky to be in the Boys Before Flowers drama

    wish i can be in there just for a small part

    lols joking…never will happen

    enjoying the show right now hehe

  6. be a friend to someone is d 1st step to get closer to someone….hehehe..because u choose to b a friend with someone because u like or u can accept something about that person…. b a friend is juz an ‘excuse’..hehhe..this is really normal to me.. ~ nwy, BBF FIGHTING !!!

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  8. His character is really growing on me, at first I thought he’s too stiff but as the story progresses he gets better and better…and hotter and hotter. =)

    Nice move on revealing the other girls that might get involved with him. He spoke first before a new rumor starts. hehe.

  9. bwahahah he’s smart huh? and well, totally different from the stupid joon pyo he portrayed. i didn’t mean this to be negative point okay? i actually love that character of him!! LOLz

  10. nice! great thinking he has.. spilling stuff that could possibly be future rumors abore him..

    i think he’s really gonna be big in the near future.

  11. oh this the guy…I like him since mackarel run and i am sam…i tried to find his info but can’t find anywhere finally i can see him now again as main actor in Boys Before Flower. I think he will be famous ok…Go go go lee min ho…Fighting…

  12. The best domoyoji is the Jap one but the korean one is not bad too… 🙂 i agree he’s hot! I think all 3 versions of HYD hav picked the right domiyoji!

    as for Rui, I think the Jap one’s the best though I liked HyunJoong in WGM. HJ’s just abit too stiff and expressionless in e show.@_@

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  14. i loved the jap. Version! and i love the Korean version too… Lee Min Ho is hot! but i think hyunjoong is so stiff… maybe because he’s not trained to become an actor… i liked oguri shun better to be honest…. but still love the Korean boys over flower!

  15. He is so very cute ❤
    And smart to reveal these "scandals" before the media can haha. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal that he’s dated before, though — I would be more worried if he HADN’T dated anyone before. He’s too lovely to be single! I’m glad he’s getting so much positive (and well-deserved) press for BOF!

  16. Lee min hoo looks like TOP on the photo ^^

    well, the price for strardom is quite big…. but you cant help if with it..

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  19. Is it true…? Who knows… Sometimes, I dreamed a lot but I feel sad when realized the truth is the truth … Since then, I dun dream anymore…(and I’m trying not to…) I admire him a lot because I wanna b like him… Becoming a star after one night…!!!(o^.^o)

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  21. He’s Cool!!! who cares …. still LOVE him anyways:D only STOOOPD people spead rumors about people….give the guy some privacy….:D luv lee min ho and goo jun pyo and all his FANS,xD

  22. i like a Go Joon Pyo….he is very handsome….and I like the Boys of Flower.When the of film show in tv?

  23. all i can say is he is so cUte and a very2x good actor!!! we love you lee min ho here in the philippines!!! nUmber 1!

  24. your so nIce!!! i loVe you nOt only as gu jOn pyo but as lee min ho….you knOw when i watched the boys over flower here in the philippines i am so happy ‘coZ u r ol good actrors!!! i hope we can meet in pErsonal….tc olweyz and keep ur feet on the ground!!!

  25. it’s not wrong to date a lot of girls
    esp. when u have no commitment
    to a certain person,right?
    f u wud ask me if i’ll
    go with him
    even though he always
    go out with other girls..
    i’ll go with him of course!

  26. He is only 22, i believe. He is starting his grand career now.
    He will have lot more relatioships to go, military service to fulfill and movies and dramas and other CF and other interests to fulill. He is a good actor. I hope he stays focused and wish him continued success.

  27. what a quiver news..how could this people being so ignorant..its just lee min ho’s past girls..where talking about hes present..i love lee min ho so much..
    ahm i want to know more about jan di in boys over flower if theyre really dating in real life..
    pls make a blog if the cast of boys over flower will come in the philippines make it in cebu please…

  28. hi….how are you lee min ho…hope that i am the one of your friends…but i think that is impposible because u r in korea and me is here in phil….i think until im die i cant see you even in personal…..but how i wish that can be happen …

  29. hey lee min ho or goo jun pyo……………you’re so hot…… i like uu verry much……………..

  30. mmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww………….
    your the best in my eyes…………….

    VVIIRRUUSSS m1nh0……….muach!

  31. anything they said i always luph you…………..

  32. I LUPH U…………..
    I’m waiting u to come to indonesia……

    i really2 wise it…..

    once more……….

    I LOVE YOU PUUULLLLLLLLLLLL……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. hai dear i am ur fan from india i like ur cute smiling face we r waiting for ur next film u have to come to india .we r waiting for BBF 2 part .bye take care we like u lot

  34. Lee miN ho..??
    Uwwh,,, loV u sO mUch.. I doNt crE what pEopLe sAid aBouT u.. I waNt u kNow thAt i’ll be waIting 4 u 4ever.. U’re my strength whn i was weak oppa.. LoV u 4eveR..
    By : vivi yemiMa-indoNesia

  35. OMG, he’s so cuteee! 🙂
    Love him tonnnns, be it his curly hair or straight hair, he’s still awesome luvvv. .< Hope to see him in future dramas/movies, way to go, Min Ho/JunPyo! 😀
    You know we luvvv you, <3333
    ;D Luv everything about him yeppz..!!!

  36. And smart move, Min Ho.
    Clearing up all misunderstanding/future rumors even before they started.
    SMART! xD


  37. i like your fasion
    I Like you face
    i veri veri love you

    I veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy fans yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  38. well its really a relief!!!!!!!! after i hear that explanation i feel so happy !!!!!!!! and i wish that min hoo will really choose the right girl for him (note: you need to consider the face of that very lucky girl!!!!! just joking) good luck to your carrier and god bless!!!

  39. you know wat i like korean actor especially lee min ho of boys over flower……………..i want to meet you soon this is hazel of the philippines…

  40. hi Lee min Ho

    You r my ………….
    I love………….
    I believe…………….
    I hope…………

    I’m from myanmar.

  41. i am from the Philippines but i live in Australia now.. im your no1 Fan.. Lee Min Ho I loVe You so Much.. always take care..
    best regards,

  42. hello ka lee min ho, my name is fasya nabila .
    I’m one of fans of the film BBF (boys before flowers) and I was also once a fan of you, success is always yes in his career.

  43. Lee Min Ho…it’s so gud writin ur name….again. jst luv it….well i dun know whether u read my msgs or not but still it seems m tryin to be one of ur fan..aaahh ur little crazy fan….like u so much….tc have fun n success knocks ur door everyday….

  44. lee
    you are so cute in boys before flowers and i am sure you will be a great and famous superstar in the future, keep up your present spirits! lee min ho rock!

  45. Girls, please. use your brain.
    Me too, I like Lee Min-Ho, i’m not so hypocrite to not say I like his appareance but then i think “How superficial is thinking this”

    Isn’t he a person like us? He has his personal matters, his feelings ecc…like all people in the world.
    I really don’t like crazy fans who can only do: “Who si his girlfriend? What kind of girls he likes…ecc..”
    Who cares? If he is a good actor, singer ecc. I like him because his talent has made him the person he is today.

    We don’t know if we would like him in everyday life! Maybe he is the opposite of what he looks like in drama.

    Let’s make this example:

    Boys over flowers—->I like Gu Jun Pyo—-> Lee Min-Ho is starring as Gu Jun-pyo—-> Gu Jun-pyo is a character—–> Lee Min-ho isn’t Gu Jun-pyo(or Jeon Ji-ho)—> he is an actor—-> you’ll never know who is Lee Min-ho.
    Now you’re thinking that i’m a….who knows….
    Reasons why I like him:
    When he has a role in a drama it’s sure my stomach will hurt for too many laughs!
    This means he is quite(because all actors have to improve their skills) good at acting…and i like this
    He sings…and quite well
    He is handsome(but in all the world there are so many handsome guys so this comes last to me)

    Let’s say I like Min-ho while acting, singing…the rest are his business…

    Live your life as well as u can! Pick some nice girl, marry and have a lot of children! Because…”fans are girls/boys who love you but then they always marry other men/women”!
    And you’ll grow old like everyone…talent, choose talent!
    Be smart and talented!

    Sorry if some of you don’t agree with me. Reply on my Facebook if you want. Bye,bye.


  46. wow i really like da way he comment………….he explained so we……….okay honey lets meet in korea okay………..luv u…………i’ll be waiting for u ……….muuahhh…..

  47. ah…..ah……..i forgot one thing…………ummm………where were we suppose to meet………i mean shall we meet in Nam San Tower………..Wow dats superb………….yahoooo……..

  48. hello!!!!!!!!!!!i love you lee min hoo i wish that i saw you in personal……hehehe i love you so much i’m your no.1 fun…..
    take care of your self…love you so much…

  49. Lee Min ho is MY DREAM
    That i always aim
    pretending near at him
    And saying my feelings will never fade and always be the same

    4 you Lee Min ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i feel empty because i can’t even see lee min ho in personal and it makes my heart broken into pieces.ILY LEE MIN HO forever until the the last beat of my heart♥♥♥

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