Gook Ji Yun Gaining Attention From Boys Before Flowers

It’s highly likely that we are going to get more breakout stars once Boys Before Flowers is done. Lee Min Ho (Goo Jun Pyo) and Kim So Eun (Ga Eul) have been in the headlines recently, now it’s the turn of Gook Ji Yun, leader of the JinSunMi gang (the trio who heaps misery on Goo Hye Sun’s character, Jandi).

Future is Bright for Gook Ji Yun

Gook Ji Yun graduated from Dongduk Woman’s University with a Broadcasting & Entertainment Major and has been a CF model for KT1541 calling card service, Toshiba, Koreana, Starbucks, etc. Boys Before Flowers is the 24-year old first drama under Olive9 and marks her entry in the entertainment world.

Before the drama, she had taken extensive acting classes to prepare herself for the role. Her good looks and figure have won her many fans since her drama appearance, with many visiting her Cyworld to leave her messages.


In summary, the JinSunMi gang led by Gook Ji Yun (Choi Jin Hee/Ginger), Jang Ja Yun (Park Sun Ja/Sunny) and Min Young Won (Lee Mi Sook/Miranda) are probably the prettiest trio compared to the Japan and Taiwan versions.

68 thoughts on “Gook Ji Yun Gaining Attention From Boys Before Flowers

  1. haha you chose a bad picture for the taiwan version
    her eyes look scary there >.<
    i don’t think she’s thattttt pretty
    and i know it’s part of the script, but her random outbursts of english words is really weird………… and makes me cringe
    i like jandi’s friend better! i want to see her more!

  2. first time? but her acting is quite good!
    good luck to her!
    lol. I agree with that.
    this is the beatiful trio-gang among the three version.

  3. I got to say Gook Ji Yun is SUPER pretty, its hard to hate her. Haha, like honestly… The girls from the other dramas were easy to hate but this one she’s SO pretty. Hahaha..

  4. LOL i agree
    the taiwan one left me with the “why……. oh never mind” look on my face
    glad someone agrees with me

  5. i agree that they are the prettiest (korean version) but the best introduction of these characters is still the ladies from meteor garden (they play college students instead of HS students)… the part where they were comparing the new expensive things they have and then winning in their bragging contest by having julia roberts nose was cleverly done…. one of my favorite scene in the show

  6. she’s pretty… of course the Korean trio are prettier considering how many “work they had done” (plastic surgery)… i haven’t seen the other versions though, but i like Kor ver..

  7. i never saw the taiwan version…but wow! lol
    the jap version wasnt bad if i remember correctly
    but kor version definatley the prettiest 🙂

  8. Sometimes she look like Ha Ji won. She’s pretty. and pretty girl are allowed to be cruel and nasty. ^_^

  9. PLASTIC FANTASTIC. Of course people will think they look better in some way. You can not look into the face of those girls and tell me that they did not get a nose job or an eye job.

  10. I guess you can say that they are prettiest compared to the Japanese and Taiwanese “TRIO” versions….

    Although ppl are critisizing the series here and there, I think it is pretty entertaining……I look forward to watching it every week. Hopefully the upcoming episodes do not dissapoint……..! Hwaiting!! ^_^

  11. yeah i tot so too

    Korean casts were much more prettier

    that is wat i think…

    dont know why…korean has the best genetic


    thanks for sharing

  12. Yess… they are definitely prettier than the Taiwan and Jap version.

    This girl doesn’t look very Korean though… love her English accent. Haha! Winning fans from playing a nasty girl… that’s a first 😀 But I like her… she’s funny…

  13. yeah i miss her “oh my god” too.
    i just thought about this before seeing this article, the korean version of the mean girls are the prettiest!

  14. she’s very pretty
    when I saw her first, I thought it’d be good if she became one of the female lead 🙂

  15. I actually like the japanese trio better they look like the charries in the manga.
    The Korean version trio kind of scare well the other two (not GJY) they look as if they’ve been under the knife far too many times.

  16. meteor garden was made awhile ago, so I don’t understand why would people want to compare them. And plus, the two villians in TW’s version never really appeared much.

  17. korean version: eye candy and brain crack
    taiwan version: emotional candy and great acting (though it gets draggy at the end)
    japanese version: better-than-good acting (lead male was awesome) and brain crack, with a hint of eye candy and just enough entertainment to spark ongoing interest

    that’s my summary.

    i think the PD for BBF tried to make the most visually appealing drama he could. everyone in that drama is hot. even the extras (‘common’ students). that makes the drama interesting enough to watch even if the acting isn’t perfect.

  18. ^WOW i completely agree with everything you said!
    expect for the japanese version…cause i never watched it…i’m sorry i’m shallow but i really couldn’t get past ep 3 having to stare at domyoji’s face

    eye candy and brain crack….ha
    *sighs* if the acting and screenplay were better…the korean version would be awesome

  19. lol i kinda like the japanese trio better
    but im starting to like this one too..
    cept that they really overexaggerate the english words >.

  20. lol shee soooo pretttttty !
    LOL i love her random english” OH MY GAWD”
    haha to bad she had to act like she evil !
    but yahh she really goood since it her first drama

  21. indeed the girls are more prettier than the japanese/taiwanese versions. particularly gook ji yun & park sunja (she reminds me of old hollywood movie stars with her sleepy eyes) 🙂

  22. wasnt this girl on that dating variety show. it was a show after love letter got canceled. the guests were yunho, mc mong, sung shi kyung, junjin, kangin, and some others. i just forgot the title of the show but I know she was on it! it was called love choice or something. the mc was kim yong man

  23. The Taiwanese and the Korean girls are way older than the Japanese actresses who acted in HanaDan…but this girl is about the age of Goo Hyesun so it doesn’t matter much…
    And for the addicts of the manga any version is good enough and as long as they have Makino Tsukushi and the F4, the story can go on forever…I just hope the acting and the editing in this version improve in the next episodes.

  24. haha even though she is a total B in the movie but i really like her!!! she so pretty and love it when she talks in english and is so dramatic with like OH MY GOSH hahah love it hope to see her more in dramas or movies….and playing better roles 🙂

  25. Is she mix or something? She doesn’t look like a korean and has no korean accent in english!
    Really pretty too 🙂
    I love her line “OH MY GOD,TERRIBLE!” XD

  26. she’s 24? O_O Can’t believe it xDD
    She’s a good actress, I’m hating her character so much.. and she’s very pretty! ^^
    thanks for the info/news ^^

  27. of course they’re the prettiest trio out of taiwan’s and japanese version of this drama… in fact, even the F4 korean version is the most good looking F4(which evry1 already know… hehe)

    the 3 version of makino really make a good impression to me. altho i still couldn’t get used to jandi dat looks quite old for this character.

    n i think korean version of this drama might actually top japanese’s HYD. n to tell the truth, meteor garden is far behind these two version, altho it’s only up till episode 4 for BBF.
    but wat funny is, meteor garden is the 1st version of HDY i watched and got me hooked, even when the acting of F4 in the taiwan’s version is really crappy~

    the original manga writer is really a genius! haha~
    n i think her(the mangaka) is the person who sets the drama n comics trends of poor girl with cold, rich badboy. which many drama n mange follows nowadays~
    YAY for the mangaka! ^^

  28. that one pic of her facing the camera with her hair dangling makes her look like the lady from 200 Pounds of Beauty… Kim Young Ah?…i can’t remember her name…but she kinda look like that actress….

    so far…she looks better than the Tawainese and Japanese versions of her character….

  29. This girl doesn’t look Korean. Especially with her skin color, she can pass easily for a Latino. I think Plastic Fantastic describes the 3 very well….

  30. Jiyoon won me over! She really caught my attention even from the beginning. Even though I normally ignore the mean/evil/third wheel antagonists, I find Jiyoon real pretty.

  31. Hah! I love her english too! Is she fluent? lool she totally have the accent (not asian accent if that’s what you are thinking of.)

    Lol I think the Korean cast is the most beautiful out of the three vers. Heh. I don’t think the korean cast are the only ones who used plastic extensively.

  32. i love Gook Ji Yun very much coz she is beautiful..

    and she is beautiful the Kho Hey Sun or JANDI

    Gook Ji Yun is the first actress that atrack me when i first saw her i feel something different from her

    i think its Love! ^_^ i love u Gook Ji Yun!

  33. waw…
    That is a nice photos…
    i am amel,
    i love boys before flowar and you too…
    i live it!
    do you want to come to Indonesia sometimes…?

  34. Mmm…..
    For a secret boy,
    do you realy realy love her or jandi…?
    me too…
    i love u…!

  35. I actually find Min Young Won (Miranda), the prettiest/cutest out of the trio. She’s definitely the one that stood out for me, she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  36. kpn sih ad lanjutannya BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!!!!!! ng sbr lg ntn lanjutan ksh cintnya GAEUL and YI JUNG!!!!!!! sm dgn anggota F4 lainnya……..

  37. hehehehehe….. of all the hana yori dango live version the cast of kkotboda namja has the most handsome and most beautiful characters, and it is a fact of what ginger says in the 1st episode of kkotboda namja, that they’re are the beauties of shinhwa and of all the f4 the korean has the most handsome and the friend of geum jan di has the prettiest and cuttiest loyal friend of geum jan di

  38. ,,,excuse me,,,the trio(korean version) are natural beauty except to gook ji yun(ginger) her nose,eyebrows,eyes,and another part from her face is plastic(surgery),,,jang ja yun(sunny) and min young won(miranda) is real pretty,,,gook ji yun is artificial beauty,,,she is UGLY…
    but its ok,,,she’s nice,,but she’s not smart in personal,,jang ja yun(sunny)is the smartties in trio,,but min young won(miranda)is the second,,i think gook ji yun is not belong to the smart people like miranda and sunny,,,she belongs to he pretty girl,,,but i like the trio(korean version)….
    so much….

  39. i hope boys over flowers have part 2,,,but the trio is only 2,,bcoz jang ja yun(sunny)is dead,,i hope jang ja yun (sunny) is i the heaven…

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