Viewers Sad To See Lee Da Hae Leave East of Eden

In Episode 40 shown last night, Min Hye Rin who was supposed to have romantic entanglements with the two brothers, Lee Dong Wook and Dong Chul, leaves for America where she will be stationed as an overseas news correspondent. This effectively marks the departure of Lee Da Hae.

Lee Da Hae Says her Good Bye

Before leaving for America, Hye Rin bidded farewell to her ex-boyfriend, Lee Dong Wook and also her parents (she doesn’t even get a airport farewell scene). Hye Rin felt that she had lost her way as a reporter after being caught in the sticky cobweb of government politics and wanted a new enviroment to rediscover herself. She decides to leave Korea for America, becoming an overseas news correspondent while furthering her studies too.

Hye Rin tells Dong Wook, once her boyfriend and now her best friend, that there was something she had to say before leaving, “When I think of Korea, the person that I miss the most is still public prosecutor, Lee Dong Wook.”

Lee Da Hye expressed her thoughts about leaving, “When I first took on East of Eden, I really wanted to do my best. But it’s with regrets that it has turned out to be like this. But I have really deep feelings for East of Eden so I find it very sad that today is going to be my last appearance in the drama.”

Viewers left messages after the episode expressing their regrets upon seeing Lee Da Hye’s departure from East of Eden, “It’s a pity that we can’t see anymore of Lee Da Hye right up till the final episode. But still, she has showed us her outstanding acting”, “It must be really hard on her during this period of time, hope that we can see an even better Lee Da Hye in future.”

Hwang Jung Eum, former member of girl group Sugar will make her entry next Monday as Lee Da Hye’s replacement. She will be casted as the daughter of the chief public prosecutor and eventually gets married to Lee Dong Wook.

In other storyline developments, the baby that Young Ran is pregnant with was revealed to be Mike’s. But it’s kind of weird considering the lack of scenes that they have together. And there seems to be an recurring theme every week. Every week, over 2 episodes, we have someone finding out the truth about the switched identities of Myung Hoon and Dong Wook. This week, it was Myung Hoon’s mother, from the previews for next week, it’s Dong Chul’s mother turn. And it’s funny how they love to use the kidnap move every now and then as a threat, I have lost count on how many times they have used this.

Shin Myung Hoon's Mother Experiences and Rages Hell

There was a spike in ratings for MBC East of Eden though as it registered an impressive 28.4%, an increase of 2.7 percentage points from Monday’s episode of 25.7%. KBS Boys Before Flowers continued its impressive run with a rating of 21.4%, its highest rating thus far and its 4th consecutive increase.

37 thoughts on “Viewers Sad To See Lee Da Hae Leave East of Eden

  1. well, i’m glad that viewers still appreciate lee dahae after all of the hateful & disappointed messages that so many had left when the news of her departure first came out.

    i hope she’s going away with valuable experiences as an actress & she’ll show us her great skills in a more meaningful character later on.

  2. i will really miss lee dahae on EOE. although her character was kinda of boring and didnt really go anywhere, i thought she did a great job. i hope ppl would stop all the hateful and rude messages. she was so great and i hope to see more of her work in the future.

    p.s. i really hope that she and LDC would have got involve in EOE. those writers. i am kind of tired of LDC and YR’s relationship. its not really going anywhere.

  3. im worried about where yeonhee’s pregnancy puts dong chul? now it’ll be kind of weird for those two to be together….

  4. It’s really too bad that Lee Dae Hee is leaving East of Eden.

    I was really looking forward to her finally have more romantic scenes with Song Seung Hoon. Young Ran is annoying…

  5. I cried.
    They gave her a crappy good bye, fucked up her role, and seriously dissapointed viewers.


    They are so lucky they got a Sugar member coming on if not I would have stopped watching.

  6. I am really sad to see the last scene of lDH.Wished her all the best. To me EOE story is becoming very silly and not believable anymore. The latest is the girl pregnancy. How can it be mike when he is so far away for most of the time. Just show the mentality of the writer. Who does he want to trick this time. Are we kinder kids watching the show??

  7. WTF!?!
    How is YR pregnant w/ Mike’s baby when they hardly had any scenes? I think that was really stupid of the writers. I think they should’ve never had her pregnant to begin with.
    The addition of the new member I hope she doesn’t get involved w/ SSH & I hope she doesn’t become the new female lead.
    I want YR & DC together in the end.

  8. i think the story can be better if LDH is not leaving. just before her leaving, the storyline is great: DC has shown interest on her, she fall for DC, DW felt a bit jealous, and YR is letting DC go. rite? everyone remembers that.

    i guess the storyline should be like this if she didnt leave:

    DC has try to accept HR, and DW realize he loves HR. We all saw YR is letting DC go, and secretly cheat her dad, so DC can be successful without her dad, so they dont have to bump into each other everyday. with this, it is easier to let DC go. then mike is dead, but that doesnt change anythg since DC already leave Guk. the love triangle begin. after a while DC started to like HR, he suddenly learnt that all his success was actually with YR’s help. YR is in danger that her dad knew she cheated him. He had a hard time choosing between2. meanwhile DW also try to win HR’s heart again. HR also has a hard time choosing between 2. at the end, DC will be with YR, his 1st love. and HR be with DW, her 1st love.

    thats what most of the viewers think, because they wont make DW end up alone in the end. but with LDH’s departure, the story turned out like a mess…

  9. WHOA WHOA WHOA, i just realized thats the actress from My Girl.
    I dont watch this drama so i only noticed cause of the caps.
    She REALLY pretty here. A lot more mature and sophisticated lookign compared to the character she played in My Girl :]

  10. @myreview,

    yes, u had explained what i thought the story would be if LDH is not leaving quite well. this is the prediction from most of the viewers.

    i guess she just cant stand the fact that she will not be the with the main character in the end (just a second fiddle, because she will be with DW). and now that she leaves because of her ego, she makes more trouble and mess. it is undeniable it was a selfish act..

  11. Its very sad .. she’s finally leaving ..
    Its a good news for her .. so that she can focus on other things BETTER than this drama ..
    Good luck Lee Da Hae .. Wishes for you .. You’ll have better drama .. Believe in your abilities ..

  12. my review, i also predict that kind of storyline. it was indeed beautifully made. but now everything is a mess since she left. i had no choice but to blame her because her excuse are not strong/valid at all.

  13. gnr, why u want to blame her, the PD already mentioned she has no impact on the story line, so the messy story is not because of her.

  14. Who makes it messy?.
    the actor, the writer and mbc ?
    plus real romance on screen while acting the drama?……..
    that’s why it is a flop!!!

    Best Wishes Lee Dae Hae,
    you look elegant and sweet in episode 40.

    Hope to watch your movie or drama again in the future,

    Sayonara eoe!!!

  15. i really like LDH’s character, i’m kind of new to kdramas, so this was the 1st time i saw her in a different more serious role, she did a good job, too bad she left.

  16. Why do you say Lee Dong Wook ex-boyfriend? I’ve seen all the episodes but they’ve never mentioned being together?!

  17. funny how certain people are expressing their sadness for lee da hae by saying stuff such as ” ohhhh I will stop watching it after ep 40″

    it’s really quite stupid , if you watcha drama only for 1 person and not for the storyline and acting , it’s really shallow…

  18. So sad to see LDH leaves but surely support her in her decision. The writers made a big mistake changing all the scripts making her character very insignificant. just change her love line by a whim. making her fall for DC and then make her fall for DW. Is she a football??? Why don’t they kick YR instead… this show is getting more and more ridiculous. DW does not need a new love. He is also insignificant till now . what a joke…

  19. i also think those who said “i’ll stop watching eoe after eps40”, “good bye eoe” or “no more reason to watch this drama anymore” sounds stupid. i understand if the reason is tehy dont like the storyline. but those who said my only reason is da hae is really one of the dumbest person ever exist. like, they dont know how to enjoy something without being attached to someone. these people sounds pathetic, they should find their life instead of being a blind stalker of their idol.

  20. @joe

    Viewers watch EOE mostly for their idols or for good script/storyline of the drama. If they don’t find neither of these things in EOE so it’s quite normal that they lost interest in watching them.
    You may find EOE is good drama and worth watching but it does not mean others do.
    The disrespectful tone of your comments just shows how immature and thoughtless person you are, don’t you forget different people, different opinion, why bother with people if they watch it or not? Just respect people choice as they wish.

  21. lol.. me too.. io care.. at first I watched this was because of the chemistry that will be shown between “song seung hun and lee da hae”.. but after hearing about her departure is just so lame.. if i were her, I would have done the same thing too, because WTF.. I watched EOE and none of the sweet encounter scenes that I wanted to see of lee da hae and song seung hun are not shown up yeap and they have like how many episodes left now.. he might as well just end up with that other chick that I don’t like for which she should have end up with Mike(also a hottie) because he’s her husband right… and she should have at least fallen for him but its so lame, what I was hoping for went down the drain and out onto the sea… UGH so annoying.. besides I don’t blame Lee da hae, I actually blame the “WRITTEN SCRIPT” because everything was going good but then it got too draggy and going no where and slow.. now I’ve completely have come to a stop of watching this drama, because I’m watching and now HOOK ON supporting the drama KR version of “Boys Over Flowers”.. <—this drama is so way better and interesting.. OKS well bye lee da hae and bye EOE forever, you won’t see me touch, hear or see it anymore.. I just had to express my thought before I end it with EOE FOREVER…

  22. The original screenwriter had well-thought transition from one storyline to the next. Now, every new development looked like an after-thought addition. After LDH’s decision to depart this drama, EOE just lost what was supposed to be the intended plotline. I gave up watching already. Hope those keep on watching can enjoy more than I did.

  23. Yes I stopped watching EOE episode 40 when she left the drama. Best wishes Lee Da Hae.You have fans overseas. Hope to c u in a new and better drama soon.

  24. hi…just want to ask if lee da hae and lee dong wook are couple?????pls response a.s.a.p…..thnk’szzzzzzzzzzz

  25. i love to see lee da hae n lee dong wook together, i wonder if they still dated for each other, they really perfect couple, just lika in their fenomenal movie, My Girl… i love them so much

  26. Yah i oso felt sad that ldh left the show. she is so different from the role in my girl yet she did a good job. really like her acting skills. she is lovely to look at.

  27. plezz director pleez produce new EOE 2 drama..continue the scene …pity to lee da hae..she was innocent at all.. now ..EOE 2 must be exist…reveal that lee dong chul not died …assume that he just ran….anyway he see min hye rin at America..they fall in love……and when they come back to korean…it could be triangle love that is between SSH , LYH, LDH, and in the same time more gangster problem that came from MIke…….

    But Baby of Lee yeon hee not lee dong chul baby but its mikes baby…

    so……lee yeon hee must kick out from ths drama…..
    so lee dong chul would tell that he just pretend fall in love with young ran…fior the sake of young ran safety….BUT Lee dong chul actually like Lee Da Hae in actually……

    And lee dong wook want take Han ji hye back….triangle love

    so Triangle love have two..

    2 story will be on one drama

    best cast!!!!

  28. To be honest i didn’t really like Lee da hee in here, her acting was good, but i hated her character. And ewww that chick is going to be Lee Dong Wook’s wife?

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