Eun Ji Won Hospitalized After Working Through Illness

Update: Eun Ji Won has been discharged from hospital on 15th January and resumed his normal schedule on 16th January, filming 1N2D.

It was reported that Eun Ji Won had been sent to hospital for treatment on 13th January after contracting high fever. The high fever was an escalation from the flu that he contracted after recording KBS 1N2D on 9th January.

Eun Ji Won

According to sources, Eun Ji Won had actually planned to visit a doctor after recording 1N2D for his flu. But because of his packed schedule, he couldn’t find the time to do so and decided to work through his schedule while being ill.

Besides promoting Dangerous on music shows, Eun Ji Won is currently active on MBC Come To Play, KBS 1N2D and SBS Inkigayo plus miscellanous appearances on other programs. The overlap in schedules plus not getting his illness treated resulted in Eun Ji Won fainting from fatique and having to be hospitalized. His schedules for 13th and 14th January have been cancelled with doctors recommending that Eun Ji Won should take a break now.

Meanwhile, due to an overwhelming response in applications from viewers to tour around Korea with the members of 1N2D, the production team have no choice but to delay their original plans which had been scheduled for early January. They expressed, “We are still finalizing the details. It’s quite a task to look through all the applications. But we are happy with the response.”

Touring with 1N2D

The 1N2D production team have been accepting applications from fans since 30th November of last year, and up till now, around 9,276 applications have been received, with more than 150,000 people (an application form can include more than 1 person) interested in touring Korea with the members of 1N2D. The majority of applicants were teenagers below the age of 20.

36 thoughts on “Eun Ji Won Hospitalized After Working Through Illness

  1. Man guess Korean celebrities have it hard. So many of them are being overworked and fainting from fatique. So crazy….

  2. I hope Eun Ji Won will get well soon. Out of all the 1N2D members, he gets sick the most. I remember the times where he will mention that he is not feeling well T.T

  3. poor celebrities when they are in demand, their health gets affected..but ooh, the viewers will probably be younger, so yay

  4. poor ji won. i wonder why so many korean artistes seems to be fainted from fatigue and end up in hospital.. i hope they can take good care of themselves.

  5. Eun Ji ONE!! Poor boy; yeah he’s always the one to fall sick. Stop putting him out in the cold! Haha working so hard. Get well soon Choding!

  6. Noooooo Doolie can’t get sick. T____________T Get well soon Jiwon-ah~

    Man I wish I could be on the viewers episode. TT_TT Can’t wait to see that one.

  7. Hope Jiwon gets better, I like his lazy, crazy character. I also wish I could be one of the viewers who could tour with the cast, they are crazy and fun. This is one of my favorite shows, it makes me laugh non stop. πŸ™‚

  8. AH my lovely Jiwon! I hope you feel better dear! It’s good youre taking some time out. Reminds me of an episode when he was sick on 1n2d and he had to go to the hospital. [It was the one after the ping pong tournament.]

  9. I really enjoyed 1N2D but the stars’ tasks usually revolve around hunger and sleeping in the cold. No wonder he got sick.

  10. It’s no surprise…..Pretty soon all the members will get sick! I’m surprised the “Family” isn’t sick yet either!
    I love these shows so I hope they don’t all get sick at the same time! Get well soon!

  11. celebs should know when to take a break. i’m not familiar with the show at all, is 1D2N just guys? are there ever girls on?

  12. the flu is getting to so many celebs lately. well not flu entirely..but fatigue..basically, so many celebs are sent to the hospital lately.

  13. Aigoo….
    uri choding…
    get well soon…
    Now the 1N2D PD must watch themselves!!Look what you have done to the members!!!shame on you’s freezing cold out there and the PDs keep making the members cold and hungry all the time..

  14. Wow. I’m not surprise. They do crazy things on that show, but it is so entertaining! lol Get well soon EJW!

  15. i like you very very much because you,re very handsome,intelligent.i,m at 5th grade 11 years old.conggrulation for married i hope you will get son.i very very like watching 2day1night.fighting eun choding. good luck. take care.

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