What to Expect From Hyung Don and Tae Yeon on We Got Married

After 2 consecutive weeks of re-runs, MBC We Got Married will finally resume broadcast starting this Sunday with Episode 41. This follows a temporary halt to the strike by the media workers’ union over the passing of a new legislation to allow firms to own both newspapers and broadcast news outlets.

Besides being finally able to catch up with the love stories of the 3 existing couples on the show, we will also get our first look at the newly-matched couple of Jung Hyung Don and the leader of So Nyeo Shi Dae, Kim Tae Yeon.

Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon

More was also revealed about the setting that Hyung Don and Tae Yeon will be in. Just like Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji at the beginning, they will start off by being unattached to each other. Hyung Don will make a surprise visit at So Nyeo Shi Dae’s dormitory in the first episode to meet up with Tae Yeon.

The production team expressed that they will not be interfering with their decisions on whether they will start their make-believe marriage or not, “In order to show that this is not a foregone conclusion, we will let them meet first. Whatever the outcome is, it’s entirely up to Hyung Don and Tae Yeon.”

Hyung Don who has a failed “marriage” with Saori last year, will be getting married for the 2nd time if everything goes well. But the 11-year age difference, the expected Hyung Don behavior plus strong opposition from Tae Yeon’s idol fans have led to a public outcry for this to end before it has even started.

Tae Yeon also expressed her thoughts, “Hyung Don oppa might appear to be pretty lazy in his earlier “marriage” on the show. But with this new dating mission handed to him, he will be showing a totally different image.”

Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon

Will Hyung Don and Tae Yeon get “married”? Stay tuned this Sunday.

Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon

80 thoughts on “What to Expect From Hyung Don and Tae Yeon on We Got Married

  1. i don’t get why fans are being so immature and ridiculous about this – to the extent of threatening the poor guy just because he gets to get married to “precious taeyeon”. we all know it’s just for show and a trick to get high ratings. what’s so bad about him anyway? it’s rather his bad luck to get taeyeon πŸ˜›

  2. yea…. this show has gotten even more exciting with these two paring together. cant wait to see what happens, hopefully he will treat her well…. now why wont he ? Tae Yeon is so sweet and cute !!

  3. of cuz he will be much better in this now cuz he must had signed some contract w the show tt makes him bonded to the show for a period of time. plus… taeyeon is so PRETTy… Dondon is so lusty sure wants to ‘hook’ her in one! i am disgusted!

  4. whatever … Tae Yeon’s handlers know that the show has done wonders for the exposure for each individual in every couple. There’s no way she’s going to say no, even if she wants to.

    HD … his antics are boring .. but who knows, the episode with his “fan” was pretty funny. But I can’t suppose he’ll act like that every show ……..

    bleh … I’m only following the MarcoDambi and the new couple these days anyways.

  5. The episode featuring Jung Hyung Don and TaeYeon will air on 25th January.
    (esta eso correcto? o es este fin de semana?)

  6. i think some inside ppl really hates Hyung Don and wants to eliminate him. He’s really gonna get alot of haters by pairing up with Tae Yeon on WGM…not to mentioned that this pairing is really…ODD…

  7. Obviously they’ll say yes.. or else they’ll look bad on television.. it’s gross how they pair this couple.. she can call him daddy.. =/..

  8. i dont like him, but i think TY will say yes

    hopefully he’ll try to treat her better…i have this slight hope that maybe this whole time he was just “acting” a jerk for the show…hopefully he’ll change

  9. can u imagine the horror if you put your favourite idol (for example, Min Sunye) and Jung Hyung Don? and can you imagine if they were to last till their 100th day anniversary wedding photoshoot, how creepy it will get?

    i’m not an extreme fan to a point where i wanna murder jung hyung don but i think i can understand why the mania fans reacted that way.

    because just the thought of hyungdon and taeyeon at their 100th day wedding photoshoot makes me sick.

  10. and if jung hyung don tries anything funny with taeyeon, for example doing skinship or whatever, i don’t think it will be the mania fans who will kill him.

    i think the one who will kill him will be TAEYEON’S FATHER. bcos taeyeon’s father love her to bits. i can’t imagine any father not getting pissed at an obnoxious guy who tries to be funny with his daughter.

  11. We Got Married can’t get anyone else…

    So Hyun Don?

    More forwarding to do… first Marco and Son Dambi and now this couple.

    Tae Yeon will probably stay on the show to gain her own popularity outside of her more than enough members and group, Snsd.

  12. its obvious that taeyeon is going to say “yes”. I mean come on..the show does wonder, look at the first season couples! they all are popular now…not as low key as they use to be, they get drama deals, etc. thats a good thing!

    Taeyeon knows that since their second album is out, they are going to need every little publicity they can grab hold of, and they aren’t going to let this one go that easily.

    I don’t know why people are being immature threatening hyungdon for being coupled up with her. It’s not his fault! He’s been in the show since the start of it! It’s most likely that they’ll keep him on the show cuz he’s funny and an arrogant jerk who brings laughter. Yes, he has lots of anti since ant couple and saori couple thingy, but still, he doesn’t give a F what they say! Come on, its taeyeon decision to be on the show, its not like they all know who their partner is before the show so give it a rest!

    If the one who should be getting the criticize for being on the show it should be her! not hyungdon! She’s the one who accepted to be on the show, even if its a 50/50 chance of not knowing who her partner is, she is still going to deal with it no matter what! She needs this opportunity to promote her comeback! Duh!


  13. This new pairing is quite funny, interesting, and really unexpected. ^.^ Looking forward to them, personally, Hyung Don is such a cutie (or it’s just me?), hahaha!

  14. i think its a publicity stunt.. if they are going to show their first meet after two weeks of reruns of course their ratings will boost because people are going to tune in to see what will happen! i dont think theyll get married i think they are just there to attract people back to the show and hope that theyll retain some of the audience.. well good luck to them.. i think somebody got fired in their staff because in the past theyve paired up good people like andy and solbi the ant couple and the lettuce couple.. im keeping an open mind to the new college couple.. .. my thing with the new couples are they need to find theyre own signature instead of copying the old couples.. if they do that i might actually get interested again..

  15. UHM, it’s either a trick and if it isn’t.. it’s going to be a NO. I’m sorry but with the current behavior of HyungDon.. I DO NOT THINK HE’S READY. He acts like an 8 year old at times and it gets annoying. EVEN though I’m not a fan of SNSD.. I still think something very bad will be the outcome!

  16. I’m not a fan of either but I still feel … disgusted cos now it’s all about the ratings and not the reality beside the notion that Taeyeon’s doing it for publicity. Did Saori’s divorce even do her any good? (O right… it did. At least now i know her name and still no clue what she does)

    And I don’t think fans will get excited at the aftermath like the Joongbo couple since it’s just so….fake. Ain’t there a 3 month limit in the new concept? Or does that not apply to current couples? It took much longer for Joongbo to get to where they are now so I’m not hoping for any transformation in the guy. And it’s not Hyung Don’s age gap thats getting to me, it’s just HIM. I only watched the first few episodes when he invaded the Ant couple’s marriage and you do see him being deep and trying to tame In Young now and then. But it’s kind of expected of him anyway for someone his age.

    Who knows, maybe this is suppose to bring hope to those the likes of Hyung-don.

  17. Wow… So much blabbing. XDD
    Even though it’s not a match
    made in heaven, and I don’t
    really favor it. But after watching
    a couple of few things I’m willing
    to give Don Don a try. ^^ Let’s
    all hope TaeYeon brings out a
    new side to him.

  18. I am pretty sure that the two of them will say, “yes”.

    Hyungdon will probably do it since he does not want to be bricked for rejecting Taeyeon if she agrees to go on with their marriage. Then again, not rejecting her will still cause more Soshis fans to hate him and send him life threatening threats.

    As for Taeyeon, if she says, “yes”, it will be a smart choice of hers since it will only increase her popularity. Those who have appeared on the show usually gained more fans after becoming one of the couples. I am not really happy with the fact that Taeyeon is on this show, but from a person’s point of view, anyone will be quite silly to reject this offer.

  19. They’ll say yes.

    TaeYeon needs like all the PR she can get and there’s no denial that WGM has increased people’s popularity (except for Hyung Don perhaps).

    I agree with damyoungji, I’m not that pleased with the WGM-staffs’ decision adding TaeYeon on the show but I’m willing to give her a chance.

  20. I’ll agree Taeyeon needs publicity because of Gee (SNSD), but idk. Not all PR is good PR, whether or not this is a good decision or not is yet to be seen.

    I feel bad for HD cuz he really has no choice in this matter right now… He says no, SNSD fanatics will chew him up. He says yes, he’ll have to be almost unlike his previous self or he will, once again, get chewed up. So, he either changes his personality or hopes Taeyeon says no. Poor guy, though sometimes ill-mannered I do not think he deserves to get tongue-lashed by SNSD/Taeyeon fans. They should really leave HD alone, hes not unlike many celebrities, they all just wanna entertain and they all have different ways of doing so.

    But yeah, I’m hoping its a one and done. Say no please, TY. you really don’t need this kind of publicity.

  21. β€œIn order to show that this is not a foregone conclusion, we will let them meet first. Whatever the outcome is, it’s entirely up to Hyung Don and Tae Yeon.”

    what a load of __.

    -_- we all know that they are going to say yes I wish the production team was just honest with the viewers. News of this wouldn’t have even been released if both parties declined the offer.

  22. I think they’ll say yes. Probably everyone else has but this time it is a bit different because the antis.
    But its stupid! I know the PDs are stupid for choosing someone who’s 11 years younger because its not as if he knew I dont think. And I dont think thats how is usually its just for the camera. I’m sure in a few weeks he’ll change how he is. They all change after being together for a while.

  23. Honestly, Taeyeon does NOT need this kind of publicity. Taeyeon is already popular outside of SNSD due to her highly successful OSTs. Her and Yoona have already somewhat established themselves outside from the group. Too bad they couldn’t get some member to do it because Taeyeon is seriously over-worked.

  24. I still think it’s gross.
    But I wish the PD would bring a new face to the screen instead of someone we always see and who is already hella famous.

    I hope they fail.

  25. Honestly there’s nothing much that the PD can do to save the show.. Can another public trick brings up the rating again? I doubt it. Maybe MBC should stop from ruining WGM completely and start thinking about new project already. I hate it when the show is getting worse to worst.

  26. Quoting Adam, “because just the thought of hyungdon and taeyeon at their 100th day wedding photoshoot makes me sick.”

    You just read my mind Adam.

  27. Taeyeon doesn’t need more publicity, she’s popular for her “If” and “Can you hear me” and her dj job on chin chin…I don’t think the couple will last long anyways..

    I think this is more of MBC trying to create hype so that ppl will tune in (cause we all know that MBC needs the ratings so bad)

  28. I swear everytime I read about their marriage, omg it just completely grosses me out! >_< like seriously it’s such a publicity stunt…or even if it isn’t and they do both say yes, they look more like father and daughter than husband and wife..=X

  29. Oh puhleezzz… they’re so gonna say YES… they’re PAID! πŸ˜›

    Agree that Hyung Don will need to be on his best behaviour… or he may die a horrible death at the hands of Tae Yeon’s fans… tee hee! ^_^

  30. Of course they’ll say yes! They’re paid to say that~~
    No show unless they do!!
    I won’t be surprised if Tae yeon’s fans go berserk over this.
    Like I said, I felt a disturbance coming!

  31. At least Hyungdon isn’t the ‘pedophile’ type of guy. We Got Married is going down the drain if they’re adding this type of couple on. Man I miss the originals.

  32. this couple is very oddly matched.. yet very interestingly anticipating…

    HD is a very irritating guy so he got a lotta antis.. can’t blame anyone -*- but it’s his job (may be to act in that concept as well)

    TY is just doing her job too.. she’s naturally adorable… let’s see how this hard-to-believe make-belief couple will turn out.. lol ^^

    hope it’s got higher ratings ^^ i still cheer for the show…

    btw, i like snsd banner.. hehe.. i know many don’t like it but it’s refreshing to see cute girls.. colorful ones.. πŸ™‚

  33. Come on MBC, you’re not fooling anyone. We already know Taeng is going to say yes, unfortunately. I know it’s way too late, but I STILL wish this was a horrible horrible joke.

  34. @iris
    No offense, but Joongbo is NOT an original wgm couple….. yes i was a huge fan of that couple as well, but the 4 original couples are the ant, anbi, alsin, and Don couple……. Joongbo is like…… an addition to the family…..

    just saying!

    and no offense but i think that people tend to forget that this is a make believe marriage and will most likely not turn into a real marriage…. its nice to be a fan of a couple, but i think people tend to get overly possessive…. i mean, when people were freaking out about bof kiss saying how the girl can’t do that because he’s not hers…they’re the joongbo couple…i was like, come on, they have lifes too…maybe they want to be w/ other people, etc

    have you ever thought that maybe fans do more harm then good?

    sorry….didn’t mean to offend anyone! just sharing my thoughts…and please don’t freak out on me.
    thanks coolsmurf for sharing!

  35. lmao @shul.
    i dont like TY that much…she seems kinda fake, no offense to you snsd-mania-fans.
    yes, i’d be kinda sad too if my super idol was paired up with some older person…but hey, you never know. didny hwanbo get hated on from being paired up with hyunjoong…look how amazing the joongbo couple is!! πŸ™‚

    and i think HD is real…while TY isn’t.
    so maybe it’ll balance out.
    HD is a jerk…but at least he’s entertaining and realistic!
    i don’t think he should get a million anti- fans for MBC to pair him up with a younger girl.
    plus i think TY could’ve said no. but she’ll say yes. it’s publicity and obvious she needs all the publicity she can get (being in a group of 9 girls might be the motivation?)
    i’m not an anti, just don’t like SNSD for their lack of individuality, i mean, at least suju (13members) stand out, all I recognize from snsd is TY, jessica and Tiffany and Yoona (from the haptic commercials)
    …and plus from the thing they’ve said…
    not a hater. but def. not a lover.

    cant wait to see her with HD
    she’ll either become a bitch from being unable to stand him; or SUPER fake by pretending to like him…
    but then again
    everyone might just pity her ..
    “AWWW poor pretty taeyeon-baby!!”

  36. i feel sorry for hyungdon ’cause of all the hate.
    but it’s so weird! right?! haha oh well, whatever they decide. i dont even really watch WGM anymore so whatever.

  37. Of course both of them will say yes! All these havoc and chaos, I doubt they’ll only stay for a 2-week episode just to leave the show.

  38. @jj – There are stereotypes in society where younger guy marrying older women doesn’t look too bad, while this pairing is between older (also less appealing for that matter, Hwangbo at her age is still very attractive) and young women is though to be more perverted. That’s what is troubling to some people, but let’s see what happens first. I don’t like it much and it smells like a last ditch maneuver to save the show, but I’ll give it a chance.

    As for Taeyeon being fake, not sure what you see, but its your opinion. But for individuality, I don’t see every member of Super Junior standing out, only some right now who are doing dramas or hosting radio, etc. I think you seem to know what all the members are doing because you are their fan, but that’s not what the definition of individuality is. Being seen on TV, radio, CF’s doesn’t make someone more of an individual. And it seems you don’t watch enough korean entertainment to notice SNSD out there since you reference you know Yoona from the haptic CF when she just recently finished a super long KBS You Are My Destiny drama that was a major hit in korea. That and SNSD had their Factory Girl show as well, just like WG had the Wonder Bakery show.

  39. i dnt like tae to be paired with him..he is old!!!

    mbc just need sumone to put higher ratings on the show..
    darn SM for agreeing with mbc to put tae yeon on that show..even if taeyeon wants to say no..she cant say it..her PDs or managers are the ones deciding!

  40. jj, near the end of your comment, you don’t seem like you’re not an anti O_o and yeah all 13 members of super junior really stands out.

    anyway. i think fans go overboard sometimes, hyungdon doesn’t deserve antis, he just does what he does, am i the only one who finds him entertaining? yeah i admit i think he’s annoying sometimes but the ant couple and him have had many many funny moments.

  41. Just makes me think that there wasn’t this much hype when Choi Jin Young (38) and Lee Hyun Ji (21) partnered up. And that was a bigger age gap.

    I don’t think it has to do with the age gap this time but the fact that Hyung Don speaks to be dirty, unhygenic, and inconsiderate and not the picture of a great husband that fans want.

  42. no matter how much i may like Tae Yeon or Jung Hyung Don in their own ways… i seriously can’t support their pairing!!!

    MBC must be losing it’s mind… seriously…i feel like they have nothing left to offer…except cause obsured uproars from viewers and netizens!!!

  43. finally nxt ep of wgm is gonna air!

    i find tt don don brings laughter when he’s with the Ant couple and brings out the family atmosphere with the catfights and giving in to each other. & with tt improved image of don don, i really hope don don won’t treat tae yeon like he did to saori. if not, the producer is gonna make the worst unforgivable mistake again! & i’ll never forgive the producer for making e wgm viewership rate down if tt happens.

  44. obviously they are going to get married :X so fake of the broadcast company to set them up and just comment “we’re not sure if they gonna..”

    i dont even like ty to begin with.. but this pairing *sigh* i feel bad for her too

    kinda funny how far publicity stunts can go. seriously, there has GOT to be a more glamorous way to gain publicity than going on WGM for a doomed-for-failure and guaranteed-for-haters campaign….

    & why is everyone getting so worked up?
    this whole “we-hate-snsd” and “we-hate-on-snsd-haters” seems to be everywhere these days…9 girls = a ton of drama? haa…

    i actually feel bad for hyung don…tae yeon’s getting sympathy while hyung don’s anti-fans multiply like rabbits…
    dont worry dondon, i like you!

  46. I want to see them ‘get married’!

    I don’t get why netizens and antis/whatever are so against the couple. Since their personalities seem to clash, I’m rather curious to see how things will end out, especially with their meeting. Can’t wait to see the ep. on Sunday ^^

  47. @ dee, it’s what haters do. As soon as snsd is even remotely mentioned on this blog.

    im a snsd fan but i also realise its just a friggin show, besides isn’t WGM a sinking ship anyway?

    So maybe all this worry/hate will be short lived.

  48. If they won’t join, why would MBC released the news?
    Just to attract viewers to tune in and see whether they would ‘Married’ after the news leaked for weeks?


  49. Why the hell can’t they pair Tae Yeon with a more attractive, younger guy? And didn’t Hyung Don already get a chance? Why does he have to be on the show again? They should find someone else! I feel bad for Tae Yeon, if she accepts- she’ll have to put up with a lot just for publicity!

  50. ahh i’ve been waiting for the next WGM!!!! ^_^

    i’d like to see what’s up for this couple lol, either way i think it’ll be entertaining.

    hyung don anti-fans because of this, get bent. obviously you’re living in la-la land if you can’t get the difference between the real world and the fake world (ie. wgm). either way, this is all for publicity (wgm, snsd, hyung don, every single one of them) so just shut it and watch the show, jeezus, does everyone HAVE to keep talking about how they feel with this couple? we get it, you can stop now.

  51. i actually dunno how to react…taeyeon is the only one i like from snsd and if hyung don acts like before then i pity taeyeon but if he changes then it might look totally fake…i dunno im still confused i think i better watch it first

  52. urm… idk… can’t they make it tae yeon n junsu instead? hehe… lolz~ sorry~ random… ^^
    but yeah, i’ll give wgm another chance n watch don don n tae yeon 1st episode…
    gah~ i just hope i’ll hook up to dis show again, after kangin failed to interest me~ huhu

  53. Hi! is this marriage real and authentic (meaning that they will get official marriage certificates for this marriage if they agree which apparently both agreed on the marriage already. Kinda curious whether the whole thing is actually REAL marriage or just a entertainment thingy which the marriage is not recongnised officially.

  54. then how come there will be divorce? if its a make-believe? which happens to HD a year ago? hhas…so wad does make believe means? not real? w/o certificates?

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