KBS Appoints Announcer Park Eun Young as Music Bank Host

Looks like KBS is trying to save on budget after announcing yesterday that their announcer, Park Eun Young will become the new female host of KBS Music Bank . She replaces Seo In Young who left the show last Friday for a vacation and will partner existing MC, Yoo Se Yun starting this week.

Park Eun Young

According to a Music Bank PD, “Park Eun Young has a very cute appearance and bubbly character. So we believe that she will be well-liked by everyone. We decided to have her as our host for Music Bank after seeing her outstanding performance in Happy Sunday – Immortal Music Classics (Kim Jong Kook episode) last year. She is entirely different from Seo In Young (personality) and we believe that she will be able to capture the hearts of viewers.”

To celebrate her new appointment, Park Eun Young will be performing Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl while Yoo Se Yun will also perform as well. Park Eun Young joined KBS in 2007 as an announcer and has swiftly become a rising star. She is now hosting Golden Bell Challenge and weekend sports programs.

12 thoughts on “KBS Appoints Announcer Park Eun Young as Music Bank Host

  1. Aww that’s great.
    She was hella funny with Kim Jong Kook especially when she tried to sing ham namja (at least I think that was her).

  2. there were rumours that it was supposed to be either B.E.G’s Ga-In or SNSD’s Taeyeon who would replace Seo In Young.

    Guess the PD suck balls to pick someone more known.

  3. i like her because she is a big KJK fan! hahaha
    love the way she danced the TURBO songs in Immortal Music Classics!…..

  4. uwa….. SNSD as your banner…
    you’re still wonderfuls right?!

    anyway, i like it, even though i secretly wish that you use boys over flower as your banner. hahaha

    sorry,, i know it’s wrong place to post but i can’t resist

    the color scheme seems pretty out of the blue… or red in this case but it looks all the better with snsd in it

  6. Good luck to Park Eun Young..
    btw, I really love your new banner ^^
    SNSD rocks!
    (donde esta yuri???)
    Gracias Alvin.

  7. she’s cute!!! Alvin, i think many wonderful will felt betray by you. i mean yo hv stop updating WG wonderland and lately you updating news about SNSD and now banner?? To SNSD fan, im not anti and im not enough to be claim as wonderful. im just typical kpop fan.

  8. I think Park Eun Young is pretty and she seems to have a sweet personality so hopefully she’ll bring something new to KBS Music Bank.
    I love her guesting on KJK’s Immortal Music Classics episode last month.

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