East of Eden Might Be Extended + Hwang Jung Eum Added

The East of Eden production company were in discussions with MBC higher-ups yesterday over the possible extension of the drama by 8 episodes.

Face-off between Shin Family and Lee Family

According to insiders, the production for the follow-up drama My Love For You to East of Eden has been cancelled recently. If East of Eden ends as scheduled in March, there will be a gap in the lucrative Mon-Tue primetime slot. MBC has thus mooted the idea of an extension to East of Eden. But the production company are not keen for an extension because of budget constraints.

Although no agreement has been reached as yet, history have shown that there is a high possiblity that the extension might happen in the end. MBC Yisan was in the exact same situation months earlier, but in the end, the production company compromised and the extension went ahead.

Hwang Jung Eum was also confirmed to be coming in as a replacement for Lee Da Hye’s character, Min Hye Rin who will be leaving in Episode 40 tonight.

Lee Da Hye Replaced by Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum, formerly with girl group Sugar and now actress will make her entry in Episode 41, starting from next Monday. She will be casted as the daughter of the chief public prosecutor and eventually gets married to Lee Dong Wook (Yun Jung Hoon). Now if you have watched Episode 40, Hye Rin’s father did suggest that if only he had let Hye Rin become a lawyer instead of a reporter (issues with the newspaper being a government propaganda tool). I would like to think that they (production) were implying that if only they had not taken the wrong step with Hye Rin’s character right from the start.

Dong Chul is puzzled too

1 thing that puzzled me in Episode 40 was Young Ran being pregnant. This was totally out of the blue and they better offer a good explanation.

39 thoughts on “East of Eden Might Be Extended + Hwang Jung Eum Added

  1. ridiculous! as in LOL ridiculous… East of Eden is becoming Korea’s biggest joke in television!!! Makes me wanna barf… ehhh lame-oh!

  2. Wow, I didn’t read about Hwang Jung Eum being cast. One out, another in… I guess the script beyond episode 40 must be getting a major overhaul, and potentially “messier” if they were to include her in.

  3. why dont they just go ahead and photoshop hwang jung eum onto the poster they took ldh off of. geez. this show is becoming a joke.

  4. i’m sorry wefsdfds,,i prefer EOE than BOF..i need new plot not new actor with the same plot..actually i’ve watched previous two version BOF before..it’s just same..
    i’m a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong before but after see him kiss 2 girls in one drama i wonder how many girls he would kiss after this..my heart hurt !!

  5. lol that’s just funny to extend the drama because MLFY isn’t ready yet. omg lol. Although people keep saying that EOE sucks but hey they are still watching until now and I bet tonight’s episode will rise in the ratings cause of LDH’s departure.

  6. what

    i’ve lost my interest in this drama.. i thought it was one of my favorites.. but after this holy LDH issue.. it caused me to lose interest in the drama’s boring and dragging storyline.

  7. Young Ran is overrated.

    Whenever I see her, it reminds me of the song, “Cry me a river…cry me a river, cry me river…” but not in a good way.

  8. like someone said.. LDH’s fan called out all their member to monopoly every blogs and forums… i also happend to read that in LDH’s thread too. i saw alot of same name. and i believe they use alot of nicknames too. haha..

    whatever. say as much as u want, it is better to let out ur feelings. everyone knows LDH’s fan is hurt now and they have to eat their own words (alot!!) 😀

  9. korean dramas always pop the pregnancy thing out of nowhere. >.<
    but yeahh this storyline is weird right now. i feel like the original plot got messed up and now they are hurrying to fix up there mistakes.

  10. Grace is pregnant!?!? huh?? wh..howe…huh? lol i better watch this ep..
    confusing..lol :]]
    she gets married to dongwook? whoaaa. ❤

  11. How the heck are they gonna extend this when they are already running out of ideas? They are probably going to try to shock us, in a bad way. Looks like LDH left just in time.

    I don’t understand how YR can be pregnant with Mike’s child if she had not been with Mike for awhile before he died. Now she’s miraculously pregnant.

    About the new girl, at least DW won’t be alone now.

  12. YOUNG RAN IS PREGNANT ? WHATTT …..wtf is the writer thinking ….dong chul needs to get married asap …i thought it was gonna be 100& YR x DC now …but pregnant ? pregnant with mike??? >.< aahhhhhh


  14. a lot of hate for EOE but for the people saying BOF is better thats fucking ridiculous… have u see the japanese version?!?! its millions better

  15. i have seen both the jap and the tw version and i would place the korean one in between meaning…jap…korean…tw…the tw version was my first drama ever but now lookin back it had such poor quality and the storyline got soo messed up esp with the second season….yes the japanese version is better actin wise but i am really likin the domyouji character in this korean version…yess he is still depicted as a jerk but i can actually see a kind heart and how someone can fall in love with him…not mindin the manga i like this chanracter much much more…i was never happy about the fact that makino and domyouji get together esp in the jap one esp since i was fallin in love with rui’s character…but in the korean version i am actually rootin for makino and domyouji to get together…i think that’s definitely a plus point…lol…anyways dats my 2 cents lol

  16. I am sure LDH’s fans are really hurt she is leaving EoE. But some actors leave a show in the midst, because of circumstances that you are not aware of. If you really care about her, you should take into consideration that she has been going on a diet and extreme exercise the past months that may have affected her health, and that she really had health problems and was in fact hospitalized. Please don’t misinterpret any of their actions but let her leave in peace, because she probably needs a break.

    The story plot of this drama is really very good, you have to accept that. The actors and actresses have been playing their characters excellently. You cannot lambast a drama just because your favorite actor is leaving. Why are you complaining about an extension? If MBC wants to extend a show, let them do that. We have to give them the chance to use their resources to their fullest. Other long dramas like You are my Destiny, Terms of Endearment, Be Strong Geum Soon, and many more, have had more than 150 episodes and didn’t have problems, so why are you whining about this EoE extension then?

    I too cannot wait for the ending, but I am also hoping that the extension means more exciting events because there are a lot of characters involved now. And they do have a new writer. You should be happy for the rest of the people in the show b/c an extension means more income for them. Look at the brighter side.

    Please writers, do not have DC marry this new character/new actor.

    I only HOPE and pray that the writer/s will still end up Dong Chul and Grace with a happy ending together. Real life still shows people with happy lives and NOT death or tragedy all the time.

  17. yeah extension please add this too into the Title

    EOE = Special SSH and LYH only , another loser

    MBC kind pathetic for me

  18. who got young ran pregnant? i doubt that she was sleeping with dong chul (i don’t think he’s that type of man), nor her husband???

  19. what is with the extension after extension it getting to a point where they only care about the money and not the plot, this drama is a big joke

  20. What???!! Young Ran is PREGNANT? How can she possibly be pregnant if the SCENE between she and her husband is too little and they have been SEPARATED too long for that to happen, right? Adding Hwang Jung Eun is ok..BUT she won’t have the same impact as Lee Da Hae to the series ..
    Wonder how MBC is going to expand the episodes more .. Just stupid!!!

  21. I was also thinking that the writer may pull another shock surprise to viewers that it is actually DC child that YR is carrying. lol

  22. i just watched ep28, Dong Wook marries the lady with the tattoos? the writer should have stopped when they were ahead.

  23. Mike & Youngran were married for 2 years, I think… she couldn’t have possibly left her husband to sleep by himself all through. Plus, she did tell Dong Chul that she’ll try to be happy. Happiness isn’t avoiding every part of her marriage.

    But I agree, it was totally random and bogus — and this new addition. D:

  24. what?! is tat the onli storyline they cn offer?
    my gdness.
    its getting more uninteresting 2 watch if its lyke dis.

  25. i lost the interest for this drama early!the script is really draggy and nothing good happens.even do i like the actors their characters are too boring!

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