Boys Before Flowers Slammed For Absurd CG

Even as Boys Before Flowers obtained its highest rating last night, the amount of absurd looking CG (computer graphics) used were slammed by viewers.

Bad CG seen in Boys Before Flowers

In Episode 3 shown last night, the amount of absurd CG used were at its highest level. The fake ducks swimming in the pool, the fake snowflakes falling while Ji Ho (Kim Hyun Joong) was playing the violin, etc, it could be seen easily at first glance that it was created using CG of the lowest quality.

Viewers flooded the message board of the official website, slamming the use of the absurd looking CG effects. Some expressed, “I thought I was watching a drama in the 90s. If the use of a model helicopter instead of a real helicopter in the opening episode was to save on budget, I understand. But there was actually no real purpose in applying CG effects to the scenes for yesterday’s episode. It really spoiled the overall scene. I really can’t understand what the director is thinking of doing by applying CG effects to those scenes.”

Some also said, “Can’t believe that those CG effects were actually created using video techniques in this HD (high definition) era. Although the storyline and acting were excellent, but the crude CG effects really spoiled the overall viewing experience. It will really be a joke when this is viewed in other countries.”

On the ratings front though, KBS must be really pleased that Boys Before Flowers has already cleared the 20% mark in Episode 3, achieving 20.8% according to TNS Media. Most pointed out that because it’s vacation time for students in Korea, so more student fans are turning in to Boys Before Flowers on tv. Although MBC East of Eden still leads with 25.7%, the gap between them is gradually narrowing which was quite unthinkable from the start.

59 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers Slammed For Absurd CG

  1. lol @ the fake ducks. but i thinks the snow is not so bad XD i’m waiting to watch this episode. the previous episodes were amazing in my opinion.

  2. It was pretty weak CG’s, thought they were pointless at times but come on ppl gotta think about the cost for the production. They did fly the cast & crew overseas several times & that ain’t cheap.

    I swear netizens these days don’t know how to just watch or listen to anything w/o nitpicking at every lil’thing. They should learn to just watch & listen. Stop being such losers & nitpick at every little details.

  3. well ill be anticipating for the fake ducks! hahaha….
    im really happy BOF is achieving good ratings!….
    HJ left WGM because of this!… hahaha sorry… my JOONGBO withdrawal syndrome is at its peak…..

  4. i thought the snow is real… lol but the ducks really look fake when i was watching at first sight. Overall, the show still not so bad.

  5. lol the show is okay
    but i never knew they’d stoop so low to using horrible CG

    AWESOME new banner btw
    snsd ftw!

  6. i knew the ducks looked funny. but i thought maybe it was the video quality. makes total sense now. but yea the snow wasn’t that bad. the ducks on the other hand do indeed look fake. hope they maybe learn from their mistakes..? the awesome story & kimhyungjoon make up for it<3 🙂

  7. the ducks and the snow was a bit weird for me
    but the 3rd episode was just OH EM GEE.
    I was sad when it’s over not when I saw the bad CG
    can’t wait for episode 4!!!!!

  8. Wow….am I the only one who actually don’t care about the CGs? I thought they work just fine for me… It’s quite unfair to slam this show so much. The Taiwanese version didn’t use anything and looked “cheaper” but nobody said anything…

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  10. haha.. Interesting. Shall watch!!!

    I’ve wanted to watch east of eden but I am daunted by the no of episodes- too many= draggy, boring..*yawn*

    Think Boys over flowers korean version is more worth my time. 😀

  11. i aslo tot d snow was real… didnt it dropped on HJ’s head or something n melted?
    anyway, yeah, the casts and all effects me more than the CGs… i mean, i take it as a comedy show which wa adapted from mangas, so the funny CGs is no big deal…

    HOT casts, like HJ is more important… hahha

  12. Just finish watch it!!!! the duck really spoil the show and i though the snow is real.. dunno… min ho and jandi have great chemistry, the park, bar and his room scene really interesting!!! KHJ need to improve his acting. His angry face is cute and funny. ya, i know he try his best. overall i enjoy this ep =)

  13. huhuu…d CG looks a bit absurd…the flying cocroach is the one that really ubsurd eye-catching to me…n 2nd is the duck scene….the snow scene….im not really focus on it….~ girls fans should know….~hehhee.. anyway…i CANT WAIT EP 4..(definately with the eng sub..hehhe..)

    if..there is any subbers who read this..i really wana thank u for ur time n effort in subbing this drama…

    p/s: its already 2 kiss scenes from wondering if he calls Buin for those scenes….hahhahaa…(the memories of joongBo really hit me..^^)

  14. The computer effect were really stupid,and the acting? ch everyone did great except HJ,I mean com’on even if you are his fan don’t be blind.

  15. i like BOF.. but i think the story is too fast.. and i cant understand y JP did this, why JD did that.. because i still cannot feel the chemistry yet. i hope they slow it down a little..

  16. that sure was a joke!! i didnt read this entry at first, so i thought it was a (lazy)fan made for a joke until i watched it just now. the ducks was the worst! i remember the 1st episode it was the CG helicopter. lets hope there wont be any absurd CG anymore. they should hire someone new.

  17. who cares?!?! what’s important are the story line and chemistries between the actors. among the 3 versions, i’m enjoying this the best. too many critics i tell you…

  18. …can’t beat the Japanese HanaDan but this is better than EoE…enjoying it so far even with the CGs and everything…I do hope they get better with the editing and the storylines though.

  19. Why are there even ducks? If they poop in a pool, then you can’t swim in it for a long time because it takes so freakin’ long to clean it all up. -.-; Gosh, it makes me feel like they’re so stupid. If they wanted to show off how rich someone was or something, have peacocks running around or crap like that. Ducks in the pool is dumb.

    The CG is pretty :\ and pathetic. I’m sure even fans (the talented ones of course) could do a better job.

  20. im a big judgmental person when it comes to graphics. and from the pics it looks so LQ. if they wanted those ducks or snows there, they should’ve made it realistic enough that it won’t kill the aura of the show. you can’t really blame the viewers cuz they expect a lot from this show.

  21. Upsets over a few seconds fake CG? Oh c’mon! At least complain over the awkwardness of Jihoo, that makes better sense. If I hadn’t read this article, I wouldn’t have noticed. It wasn’t even that big of a deal.

  22. lol people it’s ducks and snow!!!!
    but yeh know….if you think REALLY hard about it then i guess it does matter since people are so used to high level tech these days

  23. Tsk tsk… what are they doing? It’s like baking a perfectly good chocolate cake and then sitting on it 😛

    And if they plan to conquer the internation market with this, they should do a better job… tsk tsk…

  24. WTH?????
    the ducks are completely a turn off!!!
    it brings down the mood, and spoil the story…can’t they just put the real ducks??
    and cockroach??

  25. Man, the CG for ep 3 was horrible. It looked like they used a bunch of ducks in a bathtub and the snow was entirely half-cotton/half-random white specks on screen. But I still enjoyed the rest of the episode. Minho has so much potential as an actor ❤

    BOF is definitely going to out-rate EOE though. Not because BOF has eye-candy, but because EOE is getting REALLY boring. I haven’t been so addicted to a drama in awhile~

  26. i couldn’t even tell lol. maybe bc it wasn’t high quality vids. but it was good…. i don’t know why you’re complaining lol

  27. lol, i didn’t notice the fake ducks or fake snow
    perhaps it’s because the versions i saw weren’t very HQ 😛
    now i’m kind of compelled to watch a HQ version just to see how the bad CG’s look Lol

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  29. dont really care bout the CG. though the helicopter one was too obvious. the snow looked fake but ive seen loads of korean dramas and mot of their snow are fake anyways so no big deal.

    i hope bof will beat the ratings of eoe. i love eoe but its too long (love jdramas coz they r shorter).. way longer than normal.

    LOVE the chemistry between joon pyo and jandi. first time that i want the ORIGINAL couple to be together. i dunno why but domyoji (not jun) always irritated me (but that may also be due to jun. hahaha) always been a rui-makino shipper. but now im a joon pyo-jandi shipper.

  30. The CGs aren’t that bad compared to the other dramas I’ve seen…also if they did put real ducks then i think the duckies would have freaked out and would have harmed themselves trying to get out of there and that would be harming animals which is not cool 😡

  31. Maybe they spent all the money on those out of border shooting already lol.

    But I don’t blame them for using fake ducks though (however should be in BETTER quality), they’re sayings in my country that you don’t mess with ‘animals, kids, and special effects’ since these are hard to control.

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  33. The fake ducks and helicopter were funny. This drama is turning more and more into a comedy. And yeah…as much as I love Hyun Joong Kim, his acting isn’t that great.

  34. Well it’s not like the CG ruined the drama. The ducks gave me a god laugh, but other than that it didn’t interfere too much with the overall quality of the drama. haha idk, I could really care less about CG.

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