Lee Da Hye Leaving East of Eden in Episode 40

Just 2 more episodes and that’s it for Lee Da Hye in East of Eden. In episode 40 which will be shown on 13th January, her character Min Hye Rin will embark for overseas studies in America and effectively marking the exit of Lee Da Hye in a natural manner. In the 2nd-last week of 2008, Lee Da Hye had shockingly announced her departure from the drama due to health reasons.

Say Good Bye to Lee Da Hye

Lee Da Hye is not the first person to leave a drama while it is being filmed. But because of the nature of her departure and the status of the drama profile (much publicized), her decision drew a lot of flak, with lots of heated discussion among many and also with many fingers pointing here and there.

But the decision had been made and approved. The production team thus had to decide on how to write her character out from the drama. Two commonly used methods were sending the character overseas for studies or killing the character. The character could also be written off from the drama without any reasons. But they decided to send Hye Rin for overseas studies.

As for the reason to send Min Hye Rin for overseas studies, PD Go Mi Young explained, “Min Hye Rin has been sent to America many times as an overseas news correspondent, so we felt that it was quite appropriate to send her off on overseas studies. This scenario will have no impact to the existing storyline at all (she didn’t impact the storyline at all from the start, miss!).”

After her departure, we will have 10 more episodes to go.

66 thoughts on “Lee Da Hye Leaving East of Eden in Episode 40

  1. that’s unfortunate… even though I really couldn’t c how significant her character was, I kept watching in hopes that her storyline will progress and develop. But it never happened and she was kind of just random and all over the place that it didn’t really make any sense at all. I really wanted to see how her and dong chul would end up together. The only reason why I watched it was for lee da hye because I think she’s an excellent actress. I wish she could’ve just finished the project since they’re nearly almost done. Well I hope things work out for her and she receives good health.

  2. I have long stopped watching EOE because of the inconsistent story plot so her departure does not have any impact on me. Her character is a sure miss by the PD team. Could have been a great character but they chose to go elsewhere with their plot and all over the places too. It has since been more and more confusing.It sure leave us viewers having to do a guessing game to piece the bits and pieces together. Am watching BOF which is fun and enjoyable instead.

  3. Wished her all the best and looking forward to seeing her again in the near future soon. EOE and MBC sure sucks so support her decision.

  4. lee da hae was like one of my favourite idols.. and she is actually sso iresponsible.. i was looking forward to east of eden.. will she actually spoil the drama by leaving..?NOOOO… she should at least finish filming before leaving.. This sucks.. but, still i respect her decision.. she must have known the consequences before leaving the drama..

  5. i don’t think her leaving the drama would have an impact.
    nor did she even exist in the drama.
    it’s not EoE’s loss but hers.
    the drama has been going great until now.

    i still wish her the best though.


  6. Well I’m guessing LYH is now the new female lead since she was second to LDH’s character (I’m still going with the info from the very beginning of the show)
    I also assume we are going to get a happy ending for LYH & SSH’s characters.
    I don’t care really..the drama drags too much even though I love LYH & SSH..I lost interest, so I don’t really care what happens as long as DC & YR get their happy ending.

  7. Wait , I thought LDH left EOE because the writers didn’t give her character any depth, and she also didn’t know where her character was heading. So basically she didn’t understand her character *due to the writers*

  8. coolsmurf, i know u are on LDH’s side and u are LDH’s fan from the 1st time i knew this blog.

    why didnt u post about some negative sequence of what happened after her leaving?? all ur posts about this matter is bias. the fact that u use ur authority as the blog owner to back up her without telling the whole truth about the story make me hate this matter even more. i lost my respect to u.

    anyway, she or anyone whoever leave the drama while it is being filmed (why dont u give the name and why he/she leave) is irresponsible and unprofessional. even if it doesnt give much impact on the drama, but it is clear, she has problem with her attitude. what a shame.

  9. Ami, why you hate LDH so much? Don;t worry about her, SSH and LYH will be together on and off screen, they even have shared a suite in HongKong together. Leave her alone, the director said she has no impact on the drama after all.

  10. ami, none of us here knows what was going in on behind the scene, so everyone has the right to voice out their opinion on this matter. I don’t get why you’re attacking the blog owner by saying he did not tell the truth since he just posted the information on his own blog.
    You can choose not to believe it but can not attack people sharing their comments on this matter.

  11. The pd’s last sentence just justified Dae Hee’s departure… HER CHARACTER MADE NO DIFFERENCE IN THE PLOT!!! there you have it….if something as simple as being sent overseas doesn’t change anything, I UNDERSTAND her decision to leave..

  12. i dont care the hell, about WHO is leaving. let it be, YEH or SHK or LYH or SSH or whoever. but WHAT they did is important. the fact that i cant stand now is, when people manipulate things. hide something and tell something. to make it simple: be bias to someone u like, but wont do the same if it wasnt the person u like. frequent surfer will know some negative consequences due to da hae’s leaving.

  13. We not manipulate things, most off it come from korean media not from fans/antifans.
    Anyway good bye EOE, BOF looks more interesting.

  14. not meant as an attack or anything so

    @ami I don’t think it’s really fair to blame smurf for hiding anything mainly because this is a blog and not really a proper source of 100% accurate news. Now if this was cnn or something like that i’d agree with you wholeheartedly. Different venues for different things.

    As to what is posted on the article, i agree that it never seemed like they had made LDH’s character significant in anyway. The character might appear in a decent amount of scenes but the scenes held no real sway over the plot much. If the character was of real value in anyway, it wouldn’t be as easy nor look as natural for it to disappear from the story.

  15. AWW! that is sad!
    how i wish YOUNG RAN dead in EPISODE 39! haha!
    why didn’t the KIDNAP SCENE KILL HER?? haha!
    i’m very against YOUNG RAN!
    and a BIG LOL! for SSH and LYH to happen offscreen! haha!
    that’s gross!

    we better write the WRITERS and PD’s to stop this NONSENSE!

  16. Ichigo-so go cheer up the EOE forums, the threads are dying now, many left to BOF forums, only SSH LYH fans are still loyal there.

  17. SSH+LYH forever. ❤

    as immature as it sounds, I’m just acting at the same level as the die-hard LDH fans out there. ~bye bye HR~~~

  18. looks like some sour loser are mad here. hehe, they cant stand the YR and DC scene. before this, they always hope for HR and DC scene. they talk over and over in dreamy ways how HR and DC look at each other. that was fun when i read it again!!! good LDH has left. she leave like a loser. the PD should just KILL her like, she was raped by a guy and then the guy killed her. hahahaha

  19. it would have been more exciting if she was killed off, maybe something to do with Shin Tae Hwan. sad to see her character sent off like that. i wonder how her departure will affect ratings, i’ve seen Boys Over Flowers without any knowledge of the magna or or other versions. it was quite good, but too much screaming, but the lead girl is good in this comedic role.

  20. yep, BOF is sooo cheesy (in a way that people love) and they really attract viewers. i’m EOE fan, but i cant help myself to watch BOF too! if i were in korea, i would have problems which one to watch. but i’m not, so i just watch whichever sub come first.
    but anyway, i dont care LDH’s leaving. the story itself is already good and addictive. especially when the main plot (birth switch) is progressing now. imo, only those who watch solely for LDH couldnt enjoy the drama.

  21. @nobody.

    u know why EOE thread are ‘dying’? because it was monopolized by LDH’s fan before. it was always the same people who posted and check the thread every 2 mins. most of the posts are from HRDC shippers who bashed whoever talk bad about HR. good that they were all gone to BOF thread.

    and i actually believed LDH’s fan also monopoly some blogs. they call all their member to these blogs to back up for LDH. i’ve read it in LDH’s thread.

  22. @ ami

    Your post made me laugh at how immature it was.. blaming coolsmurf for being bias?.. aren’t blogs used for placing our OWN opinions into posts?.. why are you so negative to other people’s thoughts? your criticism was simply not needed as you could have simply left this blog if you didn’t like what you were reading. I wouldn’t mind if you placed your negative opinion towards the issue being blogged about.. but to the person who offered these news.. pretty immature. I lost my respect for people like you..

  23. Hope she doesn’t leave again like this in another drama.. anyways.. hope she gets healthier and become more mature in her career in the future as many singers/actors/actresses get sick all the time during their work but they carried on with their projects because they were mature enough to not give up and possibly cause difficulties of the whole drama’s story flow.

  24. Man, if only Lee Da Hae can hold on for 10 more episodes but yea, she really didn’t have much impact at all which got me mad.

    I still think it was stress from the schedule and college that was getting to her.

    Best of luck to her in the near future!

  25. Good luck LDH.Hope to see you soon in a much better drama. EOE is really becoming very confusing and draggy. I have lost interest since the middle of 20sep. The YR and DC is the most boring plot.Why don’t they just get married. and end of story instead of dragging to ep50.Their love story is just too common and boring .

    I love BOF. very funny and cute those F4. Just finished ep3 and it is so…….good.cannot say the same for EOE???

  26. I respect LDH decision. Going to miss her in a drama . Good Luck with her studies and come back in the near future as the leading lady for a more deserving drama.

  27. …at least now there would be a subplot less and the writer can concentrate on the birth switch twist, Shin Taewan’s disgrace and Mr. Kook’s evil ways…did Mr Kook plot the shooting of Dongchul?…will Dongchul require a blood transfusion?…will Dongwook feel hurt and confused that his hyung’s match isn’t him but Myunghun?…can Dongwook accept Shin Taewan as his biological dad?…with 10 episodes left who knows what the ending will be…looking forward to the ending.

  28. With a very confusing plot in EOE, best wishes to ldh .My personal view is EOE is not the best Kdrama I have seen. I just do not like the love plots only the birth switch story is interesting. DC character is just not convincing as the leading role. MH is a better character in EOE and the actor outshine SSH in all the scene. I say EOE rating is because of actors like PHY and other veteran actors who are there and not SSH.If it is just SSH, I am sure the rating will suffer

  29. What !LDH is leaving . I am seeing EOE because of HER.. I am very sad now and angry with the writer and PD who promise so much for her character and fails to deliver.Week after week I waited for her to shine but I am now very disappointed with EOE.

    I am also watching BOF. So far it is up to my expectation and I am enjoying the fun and comedy. Not so for EOE and its crazy storyline.It is just getting on my nerve this plot save for JH MH and the baby switch story.The rest is just bad plot.

  30. okay, i understand how you guys are going off on LDH, but dont get mad at coolsmurf for “hiding” stuff.

    thats just inconsiderate.

    its his blog.
    his rules.
    his way.
    if you dont like it.. then just leave

  31. Is this for real??

    Song Seung-heon and Lee Yeon-hee are special

    More “evidence” that Song Seung-heon and co-star Lee Yeon-hee are very much an item, has appeared in a Korean sports/celebrity paper recently. The paper stated that during taping for the drama in Hong Kong, room assignments were the source of complaint among the cast of the hit drama “East of Eden.” Why? Because Song Seung-heon and his lady love, Lee Yeon-hee were assigned a suite room together while the rest of the cast were given regular hotel rooms. Since they were staying together, they should have a bigger room right?

    credits: popseoul

  32. To those whome compare EOE and BOF
    can’t you guys see the differentiation btw DRAMA and COMEDY, if not, please look at dictionary once OK, comedy tend to be funny, and drama that something intense.
    if EOE is not your cup of tea, that fine, respect other ppls, like i respect you love BOF,
    To be frank, teenager like comedy series, and mature ppl like drama, more serious, next time please when you compare two things, please find common factors

  33. Wow! that really,
    he has no wife/girlfriend, and she has no busband/boyfriend, i can not see any strange here!, if they are love each other,
    as long as they made a good drama, i realy don’t care other FACTORS much!

  34. I love how the PD admits the character’s departure will have no impact on the storyline. It shows that there were not intentions for the characters’ involvement in the first place.

  35. To YYTG!
    you are right at the point that EOE is not succefull because of just one actor/acttress, production is a team work, and it succefull base on too many factor, that not just for SSH, i am sure he understand that fact, as you follow what he say after received daesang award, that he having this award on behalf of whole team who put effort on drama, until the day he die,
    big drama sure have some point that here and there not sacrified viewer as a whole, however it doing well,

    For LDH’s fan, i must agree, they are diehard fans, in forums that i visited, post that disagred with immediatly deleted/removed, same as EOE forum, (dien anh net) Vietnamese one, i hand up/white flag

  36. I absolutely love LDH, but I’m glad LYH is getting her exposure. I think I’m going to give EOE another chance. The number of episodes and the beginning just really scared me off. But SSH and LYH look gorgeous together<3

  37. The love story of DC & YR also very childish in EOE, very common type of love story, but the teenagers love it, the ahjumma love the other plots.

  38. I like her, but I think it might end up better without her in the drama — I didn’t think this drama fit her too well. I’m glad she made an appearance this far though, it spiced it up a bit with some of her scenes. Wish her the best this coming year. (;

  39. The PDs and the writers stuff up big time with her character.It is a waste that eoe which started so promising with in the first 10 eps degenerate to a story that is so confusing and doesn’t made sense.Like how on earth did MH son’s know the sign wave. It is the trade secret of the Lee’s family. Coming from him is just wrong and not believable. Mh may saw it from DC and DW but that is still not right coming from him. It should have been from DW or DC instead.It is now treading on ridiculous ground now.Good luck with LDH on her studies.

  40. EOE has stolen the theme song from KSW and LBY upcoming movie Sadder than sadness in their recent ep.Must be really in trouble to do that. The MV is no 1 in the chart featuring KSW and LBY.

  41. I too like many others have quit watching EOE. I am disappointed in how LDH character was writen into this drama. I guess I was expecting more from the EOE PDs and writers on her character.
    For what it’s worth I did enjoy watching her in this drama because she is a great actress. No worreis, she’ll will be back on screen in due time.

  42. Lee Dae Hae you are talented.
    You look cool while playing the drum in youtube

    great inner beauty when you appeared on screnn although with cheap wardrobe.

    Your exit in episode 40, I saww those pictures in the mbc webside

    Best wishes and take care!!.

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  44. i just read that HWANG JUNG EUM will be casted as yun jung hoon’s new love interest and will marry his character!!! WTF-__-

    netizens are calling it 엠넷의동쪽

  45. good now that she leave, she should rest and gain weight! she looks like skeleton now. but sadly, i think she is proud for being thin.. she wears short and sleeveless more often..

  46. Hahahhaha… “This scenario will have no impact to the existing storyline at all”.. Like as if they ever intended to make her an impact to the story since the start. Hah. So much sarcasm. LOL…

    Fake advertising and skewed storyline. The love triangle that was hyped up but never happened, the DC/HR loveline that never happened, the DC/YR loveline that took over everything else, and the birth switch storyline that is still keeping the story going 🙂

  47. Best wishes LDH. BTW today’s EOE ep is just getting more confused? YR pregnancy hpye? How can it be possible if it is mike?? time frame is just not correct. or maybe>….someone else???. Crazy storyline. Dw new love ?? what poor dw ….

  48. ooh, the synopsis of the character is true afterall. Hye Rin have 2 faces, saint and evil. now we see the evil side of her. hehhe..

    anyway, i’m glad they get DW a new person.. i dont want him to end up alone at the end of the drama..

  49. What a new love for DW. The plot is sure getting more messy now. Anyway LDH character is a miss opportunity by the PD tream. Thing could have been different if they had stuck to the original plot. Shame on the writer and the whole pD team and MBC for false advertsing..

  50. @blah, totally agree that the writers made a mess of her character. The whole eoe plot is now in shambles. Even with the extension it is going to get worse not better based on history. Good luck to ldh and waiting for her next drama soon.

  51. LDH’s my favorite actress ever..but yeah~~…her character in EOE’s heading nowhere..it’s best for her to leave….
    I wish she will get better…

  52. Soon you will see young ran bulging or maybe had a miscarriage so that dong chul can have an untainted lover.

    and dong wook, like min hye rin had to be involved with three women, mbc …. no new ideas……

    How would Ha Ga In feel about her husband’s situation?.

  53. its just stupid how her character never showed any sparks in the drama and now she is leaving.. EOE has just been a drag, to tell the truth.. its a not recommended drama…

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