Daniel Henney Is Next On Family Outing

You will soon be seeing on tv, Korean-American actor/model Daniel Henney experiencing the culture of celebrating the Korean New Year by making rice cakes, paying respects to the elderly, etc through SBS Family Outing.

Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney will be appearing as the 19th guest on SBS Family Outing New Year special which will be shown on 25th January, the eve of the Korean New Year and the following week. PD Jang Hyuk Jae explained the reason for inviting Daniel Henney, “We wanted to spend the new year in a slightly different manner. During the recording, he (Daniel) was really witty and funny.”

Daniel Henney expressed, “They (Family Outing members) were all very kind-hearted and I had a really fun, enjoyable time.” During the recording, everyone found out that Daniel Henney and Lee Hyori were actually the best of friends with each other after collaborating on a CF together in the past.

Meanwhile, SBS Family Outing which showed the first part with Song Chang Ui yesterday obtained a rating of 27.7%, seemingly unaffected by the news/scandal that it relied on a script/guideline for the reality program.

56 thoughts on “Daniel Henney Is Next On Family Outing

  1. yes! oh finally a delectable eye candy in the family.
    if i were either hyori or yejin. i wouldnt want to be 1st place.
    id rather be 2nd with daniel henney in the number 1 spot sleeping next to me. 🙂

  2. wow it’s like FO is bringing out the big guns to compete for the ratings…not bad. I look forward to watching this episode, to see Daniel interact w/ the family & seeing how he will do being in that kinda setting.
    I really like FO it’s a fun show..

  3. WHAT?! This is awesome!!!! Can’t wait! So unexpected and yet totally awesome.

    So glad the ratings weren’t affected.

  4. hey, coolsmurf! ^^

    i was a regular visitor to your wondergirls website. x)

    may i know how you make only half your post seen and then the “continue reading”?

    sorry, i know this is very random.
    but i am a noob in wordpress. >.<

    thanks in advance for answering!

  5. OMG~ i’m sooo excited!!! it’s, f’sure, going to be good since he’s (like the post says) a witty (& also a charming) guy.

  6. ooh ooh this is good!!! i’m anticipating to see the culture differences if there is any. hahas. and how daniel is going to communicate with the family. woots!!!

  7. hehe thats a good thing to know ^^
    + the ratings for FO is going to go up soo much ^^ hehe

    i cant wait to see it yey

  8. hohohoho….super excited about this.
    I’d be curious to see how he’d interact with the rest of the Family.

  9. Thank you for this piece of great news……

    Daniel Henney roughing it out…
    Daniel Henney getting wet and dirty… I hope they play rough games, hopefully he get topless… Darn!!! I am so excited… Else I will be satisfy with him making rice cake as well…

    He is so gonna get no 1 sleeping position and we are so gonna see the guys jealous… ^o^

  10. WOW !!! nice shoot !!! this is really not all about ‘celebrating new year with a difference manner’ or somting..but, this is also about shooting the rating after the scripted scandal on FM n other famous reality tv shows….

    nwy, whose not going to wait for Daniel in FM….???? im sure everybody is anticipating for this…. so, ths is a GREAT idea to invite him into FM !!!

    n all this way ~~~ FM FIGHTING!!!! ^^

  11. i wonder if he’ll show off his Korean, cause most things even variety shows i’ve seen him in he mainly speaks English. it would be funny to see MC Yoo have a conversation in English with him.

    i love daniel henney and it would be interesting to see him talking to everyone especially mc yoo i can just picture his english and everyone having a hard time communicating

  13. I seriously need to start watching family outing!
    I think I will start watching with the new years special!

  14. hahaha… all the family guys will be jealous!!! Hyori and Yejin are going to have a great time enjoying themselves!!! hahaha… i can’t wait for the episode to air…going to be freaking hilarious!

  15. Now Daniel Henney?

    OMG… This is like the best thing ever. We rarely see him on TV. I can imagine already how the girls will react, how dum and dumber will react… This is super awesome!

    Can’t wait!

    Seriously… can’t wait!

  16. hyori unnie is very CLOSE with Daniel
    good that he comes to the show with hyori,
    can’t wait to see them together

  17. did hyori tape this episode since she hasn’t been in the best of conditions? i hope hyori got better, i really miss her

  18. wow! hoemaegawd! daniel henney..i luv him…sOo…gonna watch it!
    he has a hollywood film coming up! with hugh jackman in wolverine! his gonna be agent zero/maverick. …. ….

  19. wow…. first of all I would like to say, DANIEL HENNEY IS GORGEOUS!!
    Okay, now that I’ve said that, I’m so excited!
    I’m going to try to find this episode~~ ^^

  20. @yipee.

    that’s kinda low point comment dont you think? why would you wishing someone to leave inorder to generate more guests; one has nothing to do with other.

    on topic. totally agree he is one fine specimen.

    keep the blog roll comin. thanks coolsmurf

  21. Can he really speak fluent Korean???!
    In his movies/dramas, I only heard few words of Korean coming from his mouth!! SERIOUSLY…!

  22. Daniel is really sporting….thou he didnt win sometimes. Of course everyone want to be with him…. But this show has make them work together as a team and its fun. Looking forward to another guest Kim Hyun Joong. I hope he will not be bullied…..plse be nice to him.

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