Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 Goes For Complete Overhaul

There were originally 7 MCs but only 3 will remain after a complete overhaul of SBS Monday night talkshow, Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 announced today. The trio who will be leaving are Kim Jae Dong, Seo In Young and JunJin.

Kim Jae Dong, Seo In Young, JunJun Says Goodbye

JunJin will now be left with MBC variety Infinity Challenge, MBC sitcom That Person Is Coming and also start the recording for his new album which will see daylight in March. JF Story Entertainment representing JunJin expressed, “Due to JunJin’s overseas commitments, it has led to scheduling conflicts with Ya Shim Man Man recording. So we are very sorry to the production team. JunJin’s departure is for him to concentrate on his new album recording.”

Seo In Young had already asked to leave the program beforehand and will be in America soon for a vacation. Although somewhat insignificant, Nic Khun was actually the first to leave the show last year. It’s however rumored that the main reason for their departure was because of budget constraints.

But the complete overhaul of the program even with their limited budget also see the entry of 2 new faces joining the existing MC team of Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin and MC Mong. Actress Im Jung Eun and comedian Choi Yang Rak are the new additions to the team having cleared the show auditions. The existing segments on the show will also be changed with new ones.

Im Jung Eun and Choi Yang Rak

The new program format with the new MC team will make their debut on 19th January. So next Monday, 12th January will be the last time you will see Kim Jae Dong, Seo In Young and JunJin as MCs on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2.

23 thoughts on “Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 Goes For Complete Overhaul

  1. i don’t know if the new people will be ok cause I don’t really know them but having these three leaving is not so bad cause lately there were’nt very active in the show . anyway i prefer the first season concept i don’t like when there are so much MCs

  2. I’m already missing Jun Jin and Seo In Young.
    SIY’s spunky personality and Jun Jin’s funny smooth qualities make me laugh throughout the whole show.

  3. i actually haven’t watched any of the episodes from the new season :S i haven’t bothered watching it cuz there weren’t any subbed ones XD i’m getting really lazy with my korean..lol

  4. Just bring back the old YSMM, it’s way better than the recent one. There is no need for a bunch of hosts. Junjin was actually a good and funny host but I guess he actually fine with Infinity Challenge.

  5. Those 3 were actually redandunt in the show. I mean kudos to JunJin because he actually talks, but Jedong & In Young was sideline most of the time. So it really doesn’t make a difference in the end its for the better šŸ™‚

  6. sigh, season 1 of YSMM was better…but i guess the current format was good too.
    good luck to them šŸ™‚

  7. ooo…i like jae dongshi…..he’s hilarious even though he usually gets hen-pecked by Kang Ho Dong. I will miss him! Jae Dong shi…fighting!

  8. They should’ve kept to the season 1 concept… I miss the original show… They came up with really fun questions in the past… Also, I loved the season 1 episodes because they tend to have really fun guests… My fav would have to be Kim SunAh, Kim HeeChul, Kim JongKook and Shinhwa… They were so fun to watch… But now, the show is just getting a bit dull…

  9. Its too bad the ppl who added flavor to the show are leaving. I think JJ tries really hard in this show, and he is really funny.

  10. Nic Khun leaving had nothing to do with budget. It was because it’s a talk show and he wasn’t fluent enough in Korean.

  11. It sucks that Junjin is leaving cause he’s so funny and adorable on that show! But thank god Seo IN Young is leaving! She was so annoying and I hated her ulgy faces at the female guests! Anyway, YSMM isn’t that much fun to watch anymore…..the first season was the best!

  12. question about we got married…. wasn’t the episode that should’ve aired today supposed to be the last for SIY and crown j? i haven’t seen wgm in 2 weeks! does anyone know what happening with the show?

    also…a lot of the shows are either re-runs or have not aired new episodes. is this how it is usually at the beginning of the year?

  13. I’m sad that Junjin is leaving…could care less about SIY.
    Hopefully the new season will be as good as the old one!

  14. The episode with Choi Yang Rak (one with the nipple incident) was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. šŸ˜€

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