Min Hyo Rin Training Hard To Be Like Kim Yu-Na

It was revealed that newbie actress, Min Hyo Rin has been training vigorously in skating on ice for at least 10 hours and above daily since being confirmed as the female lead in MBC Triple as a figure skater which will air this summer.

Min Hyo Rin Hoping for Success like Kim Yu-Na

Triple will be the first Korean drama that revolves around figure skating and is directed by Lee Yoon Jung whose previous work was Coffee Shop 1st Prince. The surpise naming of Min Hyo Rin as the female lead came under heavy scrutiny. Many wondered if it was the right move since she was a rookie and her role was an important one. But Min Hyo Rin has been working herself hard in learning figure skating since May 2008 in order to look like a pro on ice.

Min Hyo Rin’s agency, Xtown Entertainment said, “Although she doesn’t have any ice skating experience to begin with, her ice skating ability has improved tremendously over the past few months after some intense practise.”

Min Hyo Rin herself expressed, “I got some bruises here and there while learning ice skating. There were times when I felt tired and sick of it. But I am still very enthusiastic about this because it’s my first drama. Just like Kim Yu-Na (famous korean figure skater) who is loved by the whole nation, I hope that this figure skating drama would be loved by everyone too. I will give my all.” Besides Min Hyo Rin, her other co-stars include Kang Ji Hwa, Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Sun Gyun. Triple is estimated to greet viewers in June 2009 through MBC.

21 thoughts on “Min Hyo Rin Training Hard To Be Like Kim Yu-Na

  1. Wow…she’s beautiful!!! hmm…that twitches my interest to watch Triple. Hope she can act well in the drama…

  2. wow. if everyone’s only gonna say sarcasm such as can she act simply cuz she has no experience…..then how bout just close the door for any new actors at all, and let the existing ones only act till they get old, dead n rotten, cuz inexperienced actors don’t deserve a first time, isn’t that what u ppl mean? LOLZ. scary.

  3. @ luckyk87

    i haven’t watch yoona’s drama but i heard her acting is pretty bad.

    people are too quick to judge.

  4. I don’t think I’m being too critical if she can ok I was proven wrong hooray for her even if she can’t act it’s not like I haven’t watched dramas with a lead that can’t act but has a pretty face before

    I’ll watch the drama for two reasons

    1. The guys: Kang ji hwan, yoon kye sang, and lee seon kyun for these men I will watch
    2. The director was the one who directed coffee my favorite drama of 07

  5. I’m excited for the drama but indifferent about her. I hope she can actually act and not ruin the drama for me.
    The male cast MAKES this drama. How they even managed to sign these seriously good-looking and super talented rising stars to a drama with a newbie female lead is a mystery to me.
    I hope it turns out good!

    Kang Ji Hwan <333

  6. at nofreak: I think the issue here is that they chose a newbie to portray a national heroine, in a movie that has the potential to generate worldwide appeal. The studio execs are taking a gamble on Ms. Min, and they know it. So, it stands to reason that people are curious to know if she can even act.
    It’s like giving Daniel Henney the starring role in a movie about Michael Phelps.
    OR NOT, if Ms. Min can actually act. =)

  7. i think so nam gyu ri’s name was included but not a role yet.
    the picture of min somehow reminded me of a young hyori
    maybe its just her hair style

  8. oh! really?? thats so awesome!! I’m definitely one of Min Hyo Rin’s fans! I can’t wait for this to come out! I hope she does well

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