Seung Ri Cleared to Perform Strong Baby on Music Bank

It was revealed that Seung Ri solo song Strong Baby which was deemed inappropriate earlier by KBS, has passed their re-examination following the change of a questionable word in the song lyrics by YG Entertainment.

Seung Ri Strong Baby

In a statement from YG Entertainment, “After changing the questionable word in the lyrics, we then sent it back to them for re-examination and got a notice from them yesterday that it has been approved. Seung Ri will thus be able to perform Strong Baby for the first time on Music Bank with effect from 9th January.”

KBS had deemed that the crack word used in Strong Baby was referring to the drug, cocaine and proceeded to ban it from airing. YG Entertainment thus decided to change crack to clap instead and the song is now approved for playing on KBS now. There was however no such problems with MBC, SBS or Mnet where Seung Ri performed the original version of Strong Baby.

28 thoughts on “Seung Ri Cleared to Perform Strong Baby on Music Bank

  1. YES ofcourse….OFCOURSE crack stands for the drug…”duh”…

    god KBS sounds so dumb here….like i guess they dont wanna have ‘vulgar’ language on their channel but crack most definetly isn’t reffering to drugs…UGH…ANYWAYS..

    whatev…whatever floats their boat..

  2. it definitely says something when every other station in korea feels that the original version of strong baby is acceptable and kbs doesn’t. haha.

  3. I don’t understand why they are buckling down on lyrics so hard right now. Their little lyric changes don’t really make that much of a difference to the content of the song.

    It seems like they are just changing English words like the whole DBSK “under your sky” thing. Like it isn’t that big of a deal.

  4. Did SR perform with the “clap” version on MCountdown on the 8th? Cuz it just sounded like “crack” to me…. or are they only going to perform the “clap” version on KBS?

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  6. Hope Baby mispronounces “clap” into “crap”.
    It’s like “KBS is crap.” haha.
    The whole idea of crack being cocaine is such crap anyway. never ever thought of it.

  7. i thought YG is not changing the lyrics. very random. really one of the most stupid thing this year — and the song lyrics got nailed with just the ‘crack’ as evidence.

  8. lmfao, so he performed and it stillll sounds like crack. did kbs only change the lyrics on the screen? wtf is up with kbs. going through all this and it still sounds the same, plus fans are screaming ‘crack’ too, hah.

  9. Seriously, KBS needs to shove it.
    There are freaking toddlers running around with curse words on their tees and they’re bitching about “crack?” Give me a break. A would worry more about the KOREAN in the song than the English, as that’s all the teeny-boppers can understand

  10. Pathetic.. does KBS call a crack in the ground cocaine as well?.. and even the sound “crack”?..

    I guess the pop coke is also drugs too?

    Seriously.. it’s not like they are doing crack in the video..

    Amazing how these industries are so strict on language.. yet they don’t care about this 14 year old child posing half naked with a topless guy. YA OKAY THERE.

  11. Damn.
    What is wrong with that company. Lately, it seems like they have become the Kim Il-Sung of South Korea’s network companies.
    Next stop, MASS KILLINGS!

  12. i am glad they changed it because clap sounds so much better than crack because what does crack even means in the song?! O____________o……

  13. I agree with Alyson -as much as I ahhdore SeungRi, I find it humorous that the only problem they find in the song is the word ‘crack’. Go figure.

  14. Even though KBS changed it to ‘clap’, all the fan’s shout out ‘crack’ anyway. KBS is just making things difficult for themselves =_=

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