Se7en and Park Han Byul Sighted Together Again

Korean singer Se7en (25) and actress Park Han Byul (25) have been spotted spending the new year together in America. To break into the American music industry, Se7en had been based there since the beginning of last year in Los Angeles. As for Park Han Byul, she had went to America in mid-December.

Se7en and Park Han Byul

Many overseas Koreans have spotted Se7en and Park Han Byul shopping together for groceries at Koreantown Galleria, behaving much like a couple. They also shopped for clothes, not minding about being recognized. Actually, since 20th December to 2nd January, there has been many news of people spotting them together on the streets on Korean-American websites.

According to an eye-witness from the website, “Se7en was wearing a baseball cap while Park Han Byul wore a scarf, trying to look less noticeable. But with one looking suave and the other pretty, it was too striking. They held hands with each other and walked around the streets, behaving like a couple.”

(below pictures of them being seen in Kangnam, Seoul)


Rumors of Se7en and Park Han Byul dating have never stopped. Both were schoolmates at Anyangae High School and were close friends during their school years. They were also YG Entertainment trainees and spent a lot of hard times together over the period of 6 – 7 years and maintained close relations.

But both parties have always maintained that they were only best friends and have never acknowledged their dating rumors. Rumors surfaced again during Kim Hee Sun’s wedding dinner last year where both appeared together, behaving very much like a couple and they have been linked since.


Se7en has been based in America, biding his time and looking for opportunities to break into the American music industry while Park Han Byul has been in resting mode since filming her movie Destiny in March 2008. YG Entertainment expressed, “We aren’t sure if they are together but they have been close friends since they were teens. Se7en has been pretty lonely living by himself in America and Park Han Byul was probably visiting him to encourage him.”

Park Han Byul’s management, Barunson Entertainment expressed today with regards to this, “According to our knowledge, Park Han Byul was in America for personal reasons. But we aren’t sure when she will be back in Korea.”

This is the same tabloid that is famous for their paparazzi pictures and reports. Last week, it was Ivy and her composer boyfriend, Kim Tae Song.

50 thoughts on “Se7en and Park Han Byul Sighted Together Again

  1. Aww how cute!! They probably are dating..if not, a girl and guy can be best friends, act coupley, and still only be JUST friends.

  2. sorry, as this is gonna be a lil of topic…
    but i hope this same tabloid paparazzi will catch
    Ssangchu, AnSol, AlShin n Ant couple secretly dating too…

    haha, so im a lil obsessed with WGM old couples…

    well, sorry bout that hehe…
    ignore me ^^”

    but this couple is cute too… Se7en n Han Byul

  3. Uhhh, if she was dating him, she’d have to leave ‘We Got Married’, right? I’d chose Marco’s looks over Se7en’s but Se7en is likely the calmer one.

    Anyway, there’s as much possibility of them just hanging out AS friends. Unless there’s actually a picture of them holding hand and kissing at the same time, then I’d say they’re dating but until then, don’t read too much into it.

    I know they say that a pictures speaks a million words but sometimes we get over ourselves too much to see that there were nothing to actually ‘see’.

  4. Wow, finally news about Se7en. Been so long since I’ve heard about him!

    So he’s stationed in sunny LA? (stalks)

  5. To SP:
    I think you got the wrong person. Your talking about Son Dam Bi while the girl that the article is talking about is Park Han Byul. They are TWO DIFFERENT people.

    Wow she has gotten prettier. I remember seeing her pictures in the past & she wasn’t all that but those were some ol’skool pictures..
    They look cute. I wouldn’t be surprise if they are dating. They knew each other for years. I think it’s cute though. They are BFFs that are in love with one another.
    If they are together than ppl should be happy because they are with ppl they have known for so long.

  6. i’m sad but i don’t mind if the girl is just visiting se7en and encouraged him on his debut. He is seriously lonely.

  7. One gorgeous and the other amazingly talent renders a perfect couple. Judging by people seeing them holding hands, the tabloid pictures and fact that they’ve been old friends, I am convinced that they are dating. I’m happy that SE7EN found a companion. Cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. They look good together for sure though!

    I’ve actually heard from my friends that they saw them in Korean Town, but I guess it’s true now…

    oo…Se7en drives in US? With his US license? coolie!

    But I don’t get why would they hang out a place like K-Town cuz almost everybody knows them…should’ve hang out elsewhere…

  9. ‘lil jealous… but i gotta admit that they are a lovely couple…
    as lovely as it is…

    singing *lucky i’m in love with my best friend.. lucky to have been where i’ve been*

  10. when is he going to release his next albun. I don;t know, I don’t want to be pessimistic but I think so far most of the Asian artists who have tried to make it big here (U.S.) have failed. I mean even Rain. Yes he was part of a big-budget hollywood film, but to the people who know nothing and are not interested in the Korean show bis, Rain was just part of the cast as many of the other actors who aren’t well known.

    Still good luck to Seven, and all of those who are giving it their best to make it big outside of Korea.

  11. Now, I like this couple! i hope they are a real couple. if not its alright! I still like both of them. Good luck to them in their singing and acting! thanks for the new!

  12. i support them too !

    they’ve known eachother for pretty long .. so it’s not that shocking if they are really together.. : )

    they look cute togetherrr.. everyone would eventually find their love =D

  13. wow stalker pics! haha. it’s good to here some news on Se7en, it’s been a long time.

    but yeah I agree with everyone, they do look cute together 😀
    I wouldn’t mind at all if they were actually dating, even though I’m like a HUGE fan of Se7en, hehe. He’s at that age where he can date, so yeah…

    thanks for sharing ^^

  14. @ SP: what are you talking about??
    Marco’s wife on WGM is Son Dam Bi. A completely different person….

    aww, I wouldn’t mind if these two dated!
    They look cute together~ ^^
    If they’re really dating, I’m really just happy for them!!

  15. OMG,

    Oops, it was really early in the morning (I think) when I commented. I must have confused the two!

    Anyway, both are cute! It’s still possible for the two to only be friends!

  16. Aaww that’s cute. It seems like shes pointing to her lips and saying Kiss Me! hahas.

    It’s great news if it’s true.

  17. i don’t believe it…
    it’s not that i’m jealous or anything…
    it’s just that i don’t believe it since there is no proof at all…
    pictures…of them together in the the US…
    that’s what i need…

  18. If it’s true I’m happy for them! They look very cute together! And it’s nice that Se7en dates a girl he knows since high school. If they’re dating since they met, it’s been 7 years that they’re together… isn’t that sweet? I think so! 🙂

    Someone mistaken Park Han Byul with Son Dambi… Now that i think about it… they do look alike. 😛

  19. im just happy to see these celebrities having a personal life!
    they look good together….
    they deserve to live as normal as they can!

  20. ya..I’m happy for them. I heard that Se7en suffered from depression during his first few mths in America so i guess he must be really lonely back then. I’m glad that there is a someone by his side to encourage and care for him.. SOo Park Han byul is probably still in the US with Se7en? sweet, they make a cute couple.

    However, I wondered why they seem so open abt hanging around with each other? Coz celebrities usually try to disguise themselves abit at public places but apparently, these two didn’t..Mayb they r just friend, really close they don’t see the need to hide away from people. However, judging from the pics, you can kinda tell there’s something going on between the two of them. I mean PHB not wearing any make-up and this kinda shows that they’re probably so used to seeing the clean face of each other. ya we girls (at least for me & some girls i know) usually don’t wear make-up when we go out with our bfs..XD

    BTW is PHB the girl people spotted holding hands with Se7en @ Knott’s berry farm?! I want to see photos.~:)

  21. ….wow. she is really mediocre looking in her downtime.

    i sort of thought se7en might have higher physical standards. it looks like she’s showing him a zit or something.

  22. they’re a perfect couple…though am a little bit sad-huhuhu-8s ok…as long as they’re happy!!!!aja

  23. God bless for both of them!
    Specially Se7en has an amazing talent of dancing and singing.May he find the desires of his heart.
    All the glory belongs to God alone the giver of talent!

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