Lee Hong Ki and Yoo Seol Ah Are New Inkigayo Hosts

Eun Ji Won who has been working without a regular partner since Heo Yi Jae departure in November of last year, will soon be hosting SBS Inkigayo with F.T. Island member Lee Hong Ki and newbie actress Yoo Seol Ah added to the hosting team. The new hosting arrangement begins on 18th January.

Lee Hong Ki and Yoo Seol Ah New Inkigayo Hosts

32 thoughts on “Lee Hong Ki and Yoo Seol Ah Are New Inkigayo Hosts

  1. they need to give this kid a break… can’t any other Ft islander do that? they are overworking hongki…seriously

  2. yay (: seriously when it comes to f.tisland its like who are the other memebers ? they only promote hongki

  3. they should’ve given the other hosting job to mcmong and maybe shinji! 😀

    now that would’ve been FUN chemistry…

  4. ya i agree with breezy …

    haha.. n’ hongki kinda does resemble kangin… LOL

    wished another member from ft. island would host…
    i just want hongki to rest more…

    but hopefully hongki & Yoo Seol Ah do a good job…

  5. im unfamiliar with Yoo SeoulAh but i hope she’ll compliment Lee HongKi’s craziness and his bubbly attitude!:D

  6. I think Eun Ji Won is a great MC for inkigayo that’s why they are keeping him as the lead mc…Great job sbs..

  7. HONGKII. i hope he’s feeling a lot better now. T____T
    i hope this couple will be better than the last one. ❤

  8. I love you Lee Hong Ki!!! You are like so awesome!! Yeah ROCK ON F.T. Island! I love you Lee Hong Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Thy Tran~

  9. I soo love them Oh my gosh. I love “You’re Beautiful”!!! I finished watching it last night at 3am. I mean this 3am.haha.Love them both. Saranghae!

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