Ryeo Won is Princess Ja Myung

Ryeo Won who has been kept busy with her movie Wandering Mr. Kim, has finally joined the film set of her first period drama Princess Ja Myung Go.


Her Princess Ja Myung image concept was revealed on the official website recently after a long while. She will be “fighting” with her sister, Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young) for the love of Prince Ho Dong (Jung Kyung Ho).


Princess Ja Myung Go will debut on 16th February on SBS.

28 thoughts on “Ryeo Won is Princess Ja Myung

  1. hopefully she gained some weight for the drama…the last time i saw her…she looked…deathly skinny. but i guess that was for another role.

  2. woww~ jung ryeo won looks so pretty! i like her look best. she looks both classy and regal at the same time. kinda reminds me of final fantasy.

    park min young reminds me of guanyin with her hair style and red color lol

  3. @smilingdumpling & OMG:
    HAHA, I totally agree! That picture of him makes him look.. bad.. lol kinda not hot enough for the two girls to fight over πŸ˜›

    P.S. The color of their er.. dress doesn’t mean anything right? Like cus Ryeo Won wears white = good, & Min Young wears red = evil?

  4. wah i have been waiting for news like this…
    yay im a fan of the upcoming show.. even if its not out yet..
    cant wait//

  5. ahh!! ryeo won.. i always found her to be the most beautiful korean actress ! glad she’s back in dramas =D

    2 beautiful sisters for this drama : )

  6. Rin,
    red is not always symbolic of evil and white is not always symbolic of good. look at the film kill bill for example when the main girl fought the chinese lady in the snow. (the bad person was the one wearing white in that scene) (white may be symbolic of the coldness and emptiness of a person’s soul)
    well anywayz, i really hope min young is the good person because she is my favorite actress πŸ™‚

  7. Ryeo Won looks beautiful! I like how the stylist lets her hair down; makes her look more youthful! BTW, i read that this scene is not a fight btw the sisters for the prince’s love but princess ja myung (JRW) is preventing her sister from sounding the drums of their country.

  8. Like I said before, this guy better ~amazing~ or else it’s just depressing seeing sisters fighting over him ..and one even betrays her country for him. Tsk.

    I’m really interested in this, but somehow, I know there will lots of heart pain and frustration ahead.

  9. i am a big big fan of historical dramas. i’m sure i will fall in love with this drama as well. i’m excited, looking forward to watch it. i’ve seen my favorite Jumong, now watching Kindom of the Winds, also saw Emperor or the Sea. Maybe I’m just a big fan of Song Il Gook, he’s so heroic doing these kind of dramas. i will def. watch this one too because now it’s about Moo Hyul’s son. I’m so happy. Thanks for the pics.

  10. hey, guys. don’t say bad things or evil about my Lovely Park Min-yeong. Thanks.
    I agreed with GagaGirl’s view.

  11. I really love this drama
    And I wish all the best for the cast
    They were amazing
    I can’t even describe

  12. i love princess jamyoung drama..
    it is too beautiful..and have a great role
    especially it have the best actor and actress like..
    ryo & kyung ho..
    oh ..really i like the historical drama
    and i love their fantastic….and ryo’s voice
    it isn’t compare….
    so i cant describe (jamyungo & hodong)
    amazing..and loving…!

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