Ryeo Won and Park Min Young Face Off In Princess Ja Myung Go

More news and pictures involving the leading ladies of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go, Jung Ryeo Won and Park Min Young has been revealed. The action scene between the two actresses were filmed between 4th – 6th January, lasting for consecutive 3 days at SBS Ilsan production center before wrapping up.

Park Min Young vs Ryeo Won

This particular fighting scene was about Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young) infiltrating the tower that housed the mystical wardrums (that would sound in advance when rival nations attack them), hoping to destroy it. But she is thwarted by her elder sister, Princess Ja Myung (Ryeo Won).

To re-create a realistic looking model of the Ja Myung Go tower, the production team assembled a big-scale enviroment tower model within the SBS Ilsan production center. To get better moving pictures, 3 ENG (electronic news gathering ) camera sets were placed around the set. Ryeo Won and Park Min Young managed to complete the gruelling take after a few NGs which saw them battling each other with real swords, while dangling in the air on wires.

01_06_20090102Park Myung Young is Princess Nak RangRyeo Won is Princess Ja Myung91i77108_1

After being confirmed for the drama, Ryeo Won and Park Min Young had been dilligently learning martial arts and horse riding skills despite their petite looking bodies. The real swords that they were carrying for their fight scene weighed 3kg (imagine holding that for 3 days). But their hard work came in handy as their gusty performance in the fight scene without breaking into sweat won the praise of director Lee Myung Woo and the rest of the production team.


Princess Ja Myung Go will debut on 16th February through SBS.

27 thoughts on “Ryeo Won and Park Min Young Face Off In Princess Ja Myung Go

  1. wow haha
    Still can’t decided if I want to watch this still.
    Not really into the old days dramas.
    But I like Ryeo Won’s hair in here :]

  2. For love, she was willing to scarify her entire country? Hey I’m all about love, but man, that is just wrong.

    This guy she falls for better be ~AMAZING~

  3. I always thought they looked ALOT like each other. im a ryeo won fan..but when i saw big bangs haru haru..i was like..she kinda looks like ryeo won..but after seeing some of park min youngs photos..they REALLY DO LOOK ALOT alike! Can’t wait to watch it!

  4. wait i’m confused… so is this drama about princess ja myung (jung ryeo won) or princess nak rang?? who is the drama centralized around??

  5. i think the drama’s main actress is ryeo won since her character name is used as the drama’s name.. but i’m sure park min young plays a big role in the drama as well, but mostly centralized on ryeo won : )

    Princess Ja Myung Go and Park Min Young LOOKS so gorgeouss! both very pretty! can’t wait to watch this.

  6. i’m still confuse though.the title states princess ja myung go, but why is princess nak rang gets the love story first. it’s so not fair! T_T

  7. The last pic is not very flattering for Park Min Young: The combed double hairline on the top of her forehead plus the evil eyes look gives her the illusion of horns…. 😦

  8. hai ..
    park min young
    now ur my idol
    bec i beieve that
    u are a perfect acterss
    for mie in
    korea ..
    but song hye kyo, kim so eun
    yoo hana
    jung il woo and kim bum i still love
    from the heart ..
    sometimes i will
    visit the korea,s country and
    i,ll see u there ..ok ..

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