Jung Hyung Don Anti-Fans Multiply Overnight

Since the news of Jung Hyung Don pairing up with So Nyeo Shi Dae member Kim Tae Yeon on MBC We Got Married broke yesterday, fans and netizens alike have gone berserk and hyper over the most unlikeliest pairing.


In an interview with the PDs of We Got Married, “Jung Hyung Don and Tae Yeon completed their first recording on the 5th. Despite the on-going media union strike, we were able to complete the filming of their first meeting with the hiring of contract workers.” This will be Hyung Don’s second “marriage” on the show, having gone through a divorce with Saori due to a clash in personality early last year. Hyung Don and Tae Yeon who have a age difference of 11 years will replace the outgoing Ant couple, Crown J and Seo In Young.

Jung Hyung Don who has already quite a number of anti-fans with his obnoxious behavior, will have realized that the number has just multiplied overnight following this. More than 2000 messages were left on the MBC official website, stating their disbelief and horror, with some death threats even.

“It’s almost bordering on teen prostitution. Strongly object to their make-believe marriage”, “Really can’t understand why did they pair them up in the first place where there is such a large age gap between them. They should pair up those who can lead a normal make-believe marriage life”, “Is marriage a plaything to them (production team)? Are they hoping to cash in on the popularity of idol stars for ratings?”, “Going to finish you (Hyung Don) off”, “Make sure there is no skinship”, “Be careful when you walk on the streets at night.”

But there were sensible fans too, “Don’t spoil Tae Yeon’s image by bringing Hyung Don down”, Don’t be a low-grade Tae Yeon fan”, “This is only make-believe variety”, with most hoping that the negativity is toned down.


Tae Yeon also gave her thoughts about recording We Got Married during a SNSD group interview on the 5th. She expressed, “It was a recording with our first meeting in mind so it didn’t felt like a make-believe marriage yet. I am not sure what will happen in the future since it’s a reality program. During the filming, I felt that Hyung Don oppa was a very interesting person.”

Actress Lee Yoon Ji who forms another couple on We Got Married with Super Junior member, Kangin has also been troubled by his fans, who left messages at her Cyworld minihompy, telling her to keep skinship to the minimum.

125 thoughts on “Jung Hyung Don Anti-Fans Multiply Overnight

  1. “…I felt that Hyung Don oppa was a very interesting person.”
    Ahh.. This tells us nothing T_______T

    But I agree with some of the fans. They should pair couples that could actually relate..

  2. Fans need to accept the fact that this is just a reality television show. I highly doubt that the two of them will end up in real life, so they should just chill out and watch the show for fun. If they can’t accept it, then don’t watch it.

    Even if it was not Taeyeon who is stuck with him, I feel sorry for Hyungdon oppa~ Sure, he can be rude and all that, but that is part of his character in the entertainment industry. I highly doubt that he would be hitting on her much because of the age difference and because of SNSD fans (well, at least the crazy ones anyway).

    By the way, if Taeyeon does not have a problem being paired up with Hyungdon, then why should YOU? (This statement is directed to SNSD fans who are planning to go hunt people down again).

  3. WOW… the headline alone made me laugh
    i saw this coming… what do ppl expect, i bet Jung Hyun Dong say it coming to… on the show they always makes fun of all the antis he has and how he should change his ways

    I don’t particularly like Hyun Dong, he annoys me something w/ the stuff he does and says but at times he’s not a bad guy and he’s funny… idk maybe the WGM PDs thought by putting Jung Hyun Dong w/ an idol like TaeYeon might help his image in the long run and it may draw in more viewers

  4. LOL!

    It’s just a show. Stop getting all real with it and if the show’s ratings drop, then blame the PDs. These people are just getting paid to do their part to entertain the people. I really don’t understand why people take it so seriously.


  5. lol if taeyeon did have a problem with hyungdon its not like as if she’s going to shout to the world that she did
    or else the amount of idiot antis out there might increase

    but whatever its entertainment people!

  6. Poor Don-Don… but I find it hard to imagine that they can be compatible with such an age gap… and it will be hard for much to happen then he’s being threatened on a daily basis and being branded a pedophile 😛

  7. wow…wgm is trying really hard to get ratings up using idol stars…kangin then taeyeon….imagine if taeyeon was put with junjin or some hot star, that would have been a mess on fans/ antifans for both stars….

  8. It’s not ONLY Taeyeon’s fans that are protesting..even other netizens think the pairing is stupid. He already gained a lot of anti-fans before from his previous behavior on the show and he’s just gaining more because they think he’ll treat Taeyeon the same way he treated the other girls. JHD needs to leave the show for good.

  9. Jung Hyung Don who has already quite a number of anti-fans with his obnoxious behavior, will have realized that the number has just multiplied overnight following this. More than 2000 messages were left on the MBC official website, stating their disbelief and horror, with some death threats even.


  10. “Interesting Person” you bet he is lmao. I think the reason why netizen not just SNSD’s fan is against this idea is because that guy is 11 years older than her and a divorce ajussi (in the show that is). It’s too ridiculous to pair her with him!!! If they pair her with someone close to her age, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

  11. wow…it’s just a show. Even if HD is rude and obnoxious at times, I’m pretty sure TY can handle herself. LOL it’s probably all the fanboys and ahjussi’s giving death threats to HD >_>

    And it’s not like he chose TY as his “wife”…it was obviously the PD’s choice. So netizens shouldn’t brand him as a pedophile…sheesh, people can be so crazy these days. I don’t even feel sorry for TY, I feel sorry for Hyung Don and all the bs he has to put up with.

  12. I think people need to realize that it’s not only SNSD fans complaining and for the most part SNSD fans (at least not the crazy fanboys) are against this because they’ve seen how JHD have treated girls before on WGM. It’s only the scary fanboys who are possesive and want Taeyeon to themselves. True it’s scripted and all, but it’s still hard to watch him mistreat people. A lot of non-fans are also bringing up the topic of the huge age gap. It didn’t seem to work before with Hyunji’s couple so who knows how it’ll be this time. Then there’s the fact that a lot of people are getting tired of seeing JHD on WGM and they want someone new. If the rest of the cast are fresh faces now then Taeyeon’s partner should be a fresh face too. Either way, I think Taeyeon can handle herself pretty well on the show.

  13. If you think of it in JHD’s point of view, I’m sure he’s going through a lot of stress and worries too having to be paired up with an idol singer like Taeyeon. It’s not like Taeyeon and JHD wanted this to happen, it’s the PDs decisions so I don’t feel the need to bash and threaten JHD like that.

    For myself, being a SNSD fan, the only reason I’m upset is because I don’t want Taeyeon to over work her self -_- (Although it’s not Taeyeon’s choice). With the comeback of SNSD with their song ‘Gee’, they’ll probably be very busy with their promotions. I heard that WGM is only a full day of recording but with ChinChin and other promotions, I’m worried she’ll be exhausted.

    But hey, if you’re a SNSD fan, we should try and support Taeyeon and JHD. Leaving threat messages doesn’t make Taeyeon or anyone else feel any better.

  14. it’s an obvious reaction, not because there is a problem with TY being in WGM, but with her “husband”. worst. choice. ever.

    JHD is supposed to be a gagman but is not funny. at all. Most of his gags are related to how boring, awkard, dirty he is. He was the least popular of the 4 original couples, he was a little better as a MC but still expendable.

    The question is, Why, why he is still in the show?
    Is there a clause in his contract that makes him tied to WGM?
    Is he a personal friend of the producers?

    WG fans, imagine Sunye paired with him…
    Kara fans, imagine Gyuri paired with him…
    (was going to put a boyband example but couldnt find the female counterpart of JHD…)

    the thing is that the pairing and the filming is already done. the only thing TY fans can do for now is cheer for them~

  15. I expect this is gonna be really interesting. I was a bit upset when i first saw this news, more like disappointed becuz Taeyeon got paired up with HD. But hahha thinking about it now, its not that bad. Taeng’s fans should be more happy to see more taengoo’s dorky moments/ or shes being a good wife (obviously) on TV. She will get more famous and prob have more fans afterward. And dont bash HD taeyeon’s fans, hes a comedian for god’s sake, his role is being mean and making ppl laugh. I thought us fans should be happy because with HD, it will never be real or make believe like the ant couple or anbi lol! Good luck to both of them 🙂

  16. Yes not only snsd fans but NETIZENS too ppl in general Dont like the idea of him with Taeyeon esp with the age Gap like that and with his behavior he already gained many antis and now with this he just adding more, why can he just realized and say no, it’s not always must from the girls side no? JHD himself should realized that
    Tbh i am so against MBC pairing Taeyeon with him, they should’ve look for NEW guy for her atleast someone compatible, i know maybe MBC do this to make a chance in JHD side so ppl won’t hate him but still this is just so wrong in many level!

  17. I think it’s just time to kill off WGM. They are clearly out of ideas.

    Sorry but JHD does not deserve any support. He’s been on the show way too long and they should’ve cut him the moment he was “divorced” instead of stringing him along as a MC and then with the Ant couple. He’s simply not funny.

  18. I don’t see anything wrong with it.. I mean her group does sing for his age group so it makes perfect sense to put her with an ajusshi.

    SNSD target age group is Ajusshi, so why not have her marry one?

    There were other pairings on the show that had big age gaps & you don’t see anyone complaining about those ones.. Her fans complaining about it being teen prostitution is too funny. She’s not much of a teen when she’s what 20 now or gonna be 20 which is the legal age in S.Korea. So she’s not much of a “teen”.

    Her being married to someone older than her is her result of being “cute” when she’s pushing adulthood.

    Oh well whatever…Jung Hyung Don HWAITING!!

  19. I think people are making a bigger issue about the age than needed, more than likely just because they don’t like JHD. I mean during the chuseok special there was a pairing like that, given it was not permanent but you still didn’t hear shouts everywhere about craddle robbing or the like.

    It’s a fake marriage on a variaty show, if they put “perfect” couples where would the interesting bits be? If i wanted to watch lots of sappy romance i would be watching dramas lol.

    You don’t have to like JHD is all fine and dandy but making it seem like the world is ending, giving death threats, etc is not the way to go about it.

  20. the age gap btwn the lee hyun ji and cho jin young was much more. hmmm maybe its cos he’s fat.

    if i was a snsd male fan who’s in luv with her, i would be happy at the pairing with jung hyung don cos there is absolutely no room for romance. on the other hand for the snsd female fans, if its not funny, it wud suck.

  21. Allot of old couple are married to each other with big age gap. my grandparents are at least 15 years apart and they were happy with each other. I know this is the 21st century but I don’t really see a problem.

    geez Even though Hyungdon is awful towards female but I do think that he is a fan of SNSD. I don’t think he will be “that” awful towards Taeyeon. If he do that I do think that Taeyeon will brush him up. xD

    @ lobsterclaw:
    I agree if Taeyeon didn’t paired up with Hyungdon, she likely will be paired up with a other ahjussi. a nice one,maybe. I don’t think that they will make a big deal out of it. They just don’t like Hyungdon,

    Just wait for the episode then we’ll see if Hyungdon is really really a bad boy or not. xD or if he treats Taeyeon right or not. ;D

  22. i think they see this coming,but they still go on with it,why? it’s all part of the plan to raise WGM ratings or maybe they just want to attract specific viewers,’ya know older male celebrity marrying a younger college girl…
    but seriously i want to see Tae Yeon act as a wife,dont care who’ll be her “husband”
    n thank you for posting alvin

  23. this is not even an issue of taeyeon fans being angry, it’s the netizens too. Hell, if any 20 year old girl was to be “married” to him, i’ll get mad too. Gawd MBC is so desperate, just cancel the show already!

  24. Fangirls/boys are scary!
    Although I find it funny how they demand that there shouldn’t be an kinship and such. Who the hell do they think they are?? Really annoying.

  25. i gonna pray for don don, i’m afraid if he doesn’t change his way, he will receive death threats at his doorstep and not on the forum.

  26. Am i the only person in the world who likes Don Don?
    Hes cool on other shows and i dont think people realize it.
    WGM gave him a bad name but hes really cool outside of that show.

  27. I’m sure no one complained much when it was Lee Hyun Ji with Choi Jin Young which was an even longer 17year diff! More like irrational fans and the fact the Hyungdon is unfortunately saddled with an unpleasant image for the show. the fanboys/girls shd cool down. It’s so sad to see fans descend to such levels where they demand things. Worse than overprotective parents. Like what right do they have? In the end, they become thorns to the stars they supposedly love & support instead of being encouragement.

    and the whole argument abt being worried that their fave star is too overworked. I mean they chose this job knowing that these are the possible conditions. I agree tt the K-entertainment world is unhealthily overboard on the overwork factor but every job has its tough parts and not only idol stars get overworked, mind you. Just that they are not stars, so no one bothers.

  28. i hope this ajuhssi won’t do anything silly such as be harsh on Taeyeon or scold on her. Although it’s quite surprising to me that Taeyeon agreed to go one the show with him in the first place. However, because of her easy going personalities, I really think everything should go smoothly which means that the uncle be nice to her. It’s almost like father and daughter .. seriously. ahh ~ it annoys me when I was reading his behavior in the past cause he doesn’t have the most pleasant application. Gotta keep an eye on him. lol

  29. LOL that wasn’t surprising! lol His behavior was really ugh.. and he looks kinda like an ahjussi to her.

    Lee Hyun Ji with Choi JIn Young was better, thought the funny surprise between them.

  30. There was alot of complaints too when Lee Hyun Ji was paired with Choi Jin Young. That couple was just strange and completely wrong.
    But then Choi Jin Young is not a devil pig. We alreday know Hyungdon personality is worse than bad. Could’nt they bring a new person, that would more interesting for the show.

  31. The initial WGM couples were all compatible with each other… or rather, their compatibility was socially acceptable to the general audience. But this pairing is really too different for most to accept.

  32. Poor Hyung don. I hope nothing bad happens to him…He shouldn’t get bashed because of this…if anyone is to blame it should be the people who thought of putting them together…

  33. anti-fans????!!!! sounds pathetic UNMATURED !!!! this is juz entertainment….!!! why netizen have so much to bother ????????

  34. LOL, I don’t get why call him a pedophile, she is not a child even with the 11 year old difference that is not as much for him to be her father. Anti-fans are really hardcore and immature. Besides, I find Hyung Don quite interesting and as other mention this is a variety show, its not real!!!.

  35. I don’t get the whole pedophile thing…. Taeyeon is far from being a kid… she’s effing 20 already… and with the way SNSD market themselves anyway, its kind of appropriate in a sense.. LSM himself said SNSD targets 30-40 year old male fans.. so what’s with the hype on this? I would have been sure SNSD fans would have been overjoyed in the “role play”


    I am so supporting this couple XDDDDDDDDD


  36. i saw this coming

    every star has antis but hyung don have the scariest sort of antis… fans can be really mean and scary and this make me sick!
    hyung don and pedophile? HAHAHA thats to much he is older than her, but she i not a child with her 20 years…
    i think they will never have skinship or so something like that. they will only spend one day a week and have fun, so what is the problem?
    the people (antis, fans what ever) wouldn´t accepted any of other partner for tae yeon… so hope hyung don will be okay with 2000 more antis… wish him luck

  37. I think I remember reading some place that the reason SNSD was formed was to cater to men between the 30-40+ range. And if it’s okay for a 15 yr old posing semi nude officially (through legal means), I don’t see any problem with a 20-something pairing up with a 40yr old man in a make-belief show. And watching how the two communicate on a plane beyond the platonic would be interesting, the generation gap would make good tv.

  38. this is the reaction the show creators wanted!!! It’s causing such a stir that people are going to tune into the show just to make sure he doesnt cross the line or act out! The producers know exactly what they are doing!!!

    But I think the pairing is going to be funny…her squeaky clean cute image with his……it’s going to make some good TV……I do feel bad for her though…..she prolly wanted to pair with someone closer to her age and cuter….but that would have been drama too…..

  39. Does anyone actually expect HD to be any different than in his first “marriage”?? His obnoxious behaviour has grown tiresome …. its not so much that I think he’s a bad entertainer. When he joined in as a guest with some of the other couples .. it was ok, and funny at times. As a regular, I just found him irritating.

    I’m not an “anti” … cause I actually find him ok in other variety shows such as Infinity Challenge .. but really not liking his role in WGM.

  40. this kind of feels like a slap in the face
    to Hyung Don’s comedic career, being
    paired up with an idol…

    MBC should have thought better
    than having especially SM artists
    on their show, the idol’s fans are
    pretty rowdy when it comes to their

    i think they should have stuck
    to artists that had been familiar
    with the variety show entertainment
    like celebs from shows like X Man and Loveletter,
    Solbi and Andy, Hwang Bo and Hyung Joong
    were actually in those shows and look at the
    success of their couplings…..

  41. i think the pairing will be hilarious. Regarding the age gap, maybe it’s because people think that she looks too young and that she’s in a cutesy girl idol band? i didn’t like it at first, but then i realized that quite a few of my friends’ parents have big age gaps too (~8 years).

    The show is meant to entertain us and because of these news, i think that people who didn’t know about snsd will now know and start to listen to their songs, so yay for more publicity…especially since they have some new song coming out or something right?

  42. I think more people have a problem with the fact that it’s Hyungdon than the age difference. Because really, if you’ve been watching WGM since the beginning, you would never want anyone to be married to him.

  43. The coupling is ridicules, but the reactions are totally out of proportion! It’s obvious that this will be followed by loads of people anyway.

    More upsetting is all those with no life, telling celebs who they can be close to and not. Wtf, just go and have your ego downsized.

  44. They are just asking for low ratings.. we need NEW couples.. with not as much age difference.. although the lettuce couple was fabulous.. hyung don is better off as a mc..

    Aw, i find Lee Yoon Ji to be cute with Kangin.. Kangin fans are making unnecessary comments on her blog >=(..
    ~ Ajaja fighting unni ~

  45. good lord, what is wrong with the korean public?!?

    korea has come along so far allowing their citizens with freedom of speech, press, etc. but why go and spoil it with such superficial issues, such as the casting of characters on a TV SHOW. it absolutely boggles my mind. the korean public is incredibly intelligent. why can’t they distinguish between reality and entertainment?!?

    yes, jung hyung don is obnoxious. in fact, there are times i want to slap him. but death threats?! seriously?!? this is absolutely, utterly ludicrous.

  46. OMG they need to leave don don alone.
    It’s the PDs idea, cash the PDs. And Tae Yeon agreed to it, so they don’t have the right to bash Don Don and saying he’s a pedophile, wth.

  47. arrgghhh!so this is why run-ons are shown rather than the next epsodes…arrggghh!that seems so stupid of them to get so affected with the pair ups…aahh~~~tssh.

  48. Wow. Even if I find the pairing odd,
    that is just rude. It’s not their
    decision on who they get paired up
    with and the anti-fans should just shut
    up because the pairing is still going
    to go on whether or not they like it.
    Geesh. Maybe being with TaeYeon will
    change the way Hyung Don acts. And
    maybe not. Who knows? Everything he
    does could be scripted and he could
    just be acting it out. I’ve watched WGM
    and I know some at least not most parts
    are scripted.

  49. this coupling just proves that the show is FAKE. but who cares they are here to entertain us because they are ENTERTAINERS. people are taking this too seriously, threatening Hyun Don’s life is beyond stupid. is everyone (anti fans) high? if people really would say they would kill someone just because of a FAKE tv program they must be. Tae Yeon seems smart so she probably won’t have much skinship with him, so it just depends on the writers/script. i like Hyun Don but more as a MC than a fake tv husband. this should be amusing. MBC must be loving this attention good or bad.

  50. I’m a fan of the show and I’m really disappointed with that choice and with the show right now. I don’t care if they have a big age gap but i think that right now what is needed is something new to appeal but again dondon… even if he changes i don’t think it will be interesting to see him. we’ve seen his face for mostly a year now. and i don’t think putting lots of idols would be interesting for the concept. WGm is losing it’s appeal, i don’t think i will be waiting all my sunday afternoon for the sub anymore …….

  51. Hmmm… isn’t divorce or even make-believe divorce or at least short-term-couldn’t-handle-it-anymore divorces also frowned upon? What gives this fellow the right, plus, if Taeyeon or the CEO of SM allowed it, then who are we to interfere?

  52. hey, not all suju fans are scary …. there are really nice korean suju fans out there…

    anyways… they should have paired up some other folks..

    but after all, it is just a show .. n’ the world already has full of unusual marriages…

    so hopefully the show would bring some laughters

  53. The only ones sending death threats are skinny nerds behind their computers obsessed with Kim Tae Yeon.

  54. I don’t know why people are being so fucking dramatic about this. Sure Hyung Don is an annoying git but you have to admit he’s extremely funny and entertaining. Most of the classic moments in WGM had him in it, starting with the whole Saori deal and ending when he sang the twsited version of how a family truly is. This pairing is a bit odd I admit but I know it’ll be extremely funny. Just because she’s an idol doesn’t mean she should get the hottest fucking guy in the universe, in real life sometimes people marry a person twice their age.

    If anything this may be what saves WGM from getting cancelled.

  55. agree with ‘le’ – this is entertainment.. a fake show.- don’t take it too serious
    If you don’t like the pairing, come with good arguments!- don’t shout those nasty (dead)threats…

    Say you don’t like it and stand by your words. – Don’t watch the show.
    By not watching it, you show you don’t support it…

    Verbal attack is not better then physical attack.

  56. i don’t see what the fuss is, my dad is 13yrs older than my mom and they met when my mom was about 20 or 21. They love each other to bits! I think it would be an interesting ‘relationship’ to see for a chnage 🙂

  57. To me the age difference does not matter, is just that the show has gotten boring, they should have pick another guy that has not being on the show.

  58. i don’t really care about their relationship. i just didn’t want to see hyung don again because he appears everywhere… he was married and then divorced saori. he became a mc. he became inyoung’s and crown j’s family member. i want to see someone new just like what angie said.

    the fans are CRAZY. keep the skinship to a minimum regarding kangin and yoon ji’s make-believe marriage, wow, crazy people(fans,netizens, etc.).

  59. Actually.. some of those comments from the fans are kinda true.. to me. I really don’t see anything in this couple.

    Anyways, I feel bad for Lee Yoon Ji.. she shouldn’t deserve all this. Those E.L.F…

  60. hm, i don’t know why ppl are getting so antsy about the hyundon and taeyeon pairing. regardless fan or not, it’s a show, the only thing they’re trying to deliberately do is keep the show alive. we all know wgm ratings have dropped since the lettuce couple left, this is just a ploy to bring more people to watch the show (coz you know even if they gave threats, they’re gonna watch the show anyway!)

    as for me, i don’t really care, i will continue to keep watching this show. couples will come and leave but i love the concept of this show, it’s not just the cuteness factor but it’s a great study piece. yeah, parts are probably scripted to keep the show flowing, but i doubt the emotions can be considered scripted at all.

    and please, who can really not say that even though this pairing is weird and i myself wouldn’t have chosen it, it will not be entertaining? OF COURSE it will be entertaining and we’re all gonna watch it anyway. so everyone can get pissed off, but there’s little that we can do.

    p.s. age gap >> are you kidding me? i met REAL LIFE couples who have larger gaps and they are doing well, some have been together for 20+ years, that is an old old argument that will not win.

    p.p.s. wgm pds, i think you just raised your ratings up haha, good job.

  61. I think the PD’s like him too much… seeing that he didnt do well as a husband but as an uncle / brother living with another couple seems better but seeing him married again is probly torture for the wife o.o…. in my opinion at least.

  62. “Hyung Don oppa was a very interesting person” well…that’s a VERY nice way to put it taeyeon~
    YESS people hyung don IS a nice person but that doesn’t mean he’s the civilize one either!! especially when he’s so caught up with his concept on screen!
    and i bet the PD already knows for sure that there’s gonna be some argument if not a LOT that is
    and they’re probably putting together this pair just because of that reason!
    the ant and couples fight ALOT and so the pair might fill in the need of concept for that kind of couple. and unfortunately, they’ll probably succeed
    also for attention if i may add because well….look at the # of people that are aware of this nightmare already~
    for people who’s saying that the age gap is not a big deal for couples, that is very true indeed~
    but this is NOT gonna be just a “normal couple”! yes, i know it is a REALITY show, but if you hadn’t notice, these are CELEBS that they are putting together, there’s bound to be problems that only celebs would go through and that includes the anti and tolerance level for their image.

  63. Honestly, i’m against this couple
    bcos HyungDon is a pig devil!
    But i can’t lie that this couple will be interesting
    bcos of their fun personality.
    HD is a gagman n TY has an outgoing personality
    so it’s gonna be funny, at least for me.

    Just like Gil n Yuri in kko2 tour…… against it but it’s funny.

  64. going to be THE worse couple.
    personally not a fan of SNSD (esp taeyeon)…and hyung don was only interesting as a counter character (with inyuong) and as a host…
    but then again…

  65. Hopefully the episode won’t air. If it does, it’ll probably be the only one. WGM will get killed in the ratings.. or whatever little ratings they may have left. The Kangin-Yoonji couple is cute though. Kangin is hilarious.

  66. haven’t we had enough of JHD already? I wonder why the PD wants him in the show so bad. He’s officially the longest-staying person in WGM, we get it.

    Feels sorry for Tae Yeon. But it’s not like she’s forced or anything. I’m just glad Ant couple left the show, so I can finally stop watching WGM.

  67. ok….. im REALLY suprised how much people are going after hyung don.

    first i want to say to the people that say that hyung don is not funny…. HE IS FUNNY. he was the huge reason of WGM success. the popularity of the couple with him and saori was why people noticed WGM. ALSO making funny comments while he was the MC there. so please dont say that stupid stuff about him not being funny show .

    Second: WGM is a variety show. think about it. how long do you guys actually think WGM is going to last without a popular gagman like hyungdon? the whole point of this show is to entertain and make us laugh. Jun jin is not funny. yes, jun jin and tae yeon is a better looking couple, but how long is it going to last or entertain? to me the only reason jun jin is popular in the vareity shows is because of infinity challenge. they made him, with that crew hes not funny.

    Third: This isnt hyungdon fault. i dont know why antis are hating on hyung don. its not his fault. but it doesnt matter to him. he has A LOT more fans than antis.

    Finally: Think positive, Visually they may not be the couple you were looking for early. but let it get into your system. i think with the comedy of hyungdon and the cuteness of tae yeon will mix together well.

    You never know, this could be the thing that WGM needed for a rise of viewers

  68. @ katie: Agreed Don Don’s funny as an MC or occasional guest but he doesn’t really have what it takes to be a regular onscreen presence. I don’t know why the PD’s can’t see that.

  69. hyungdon is funny. He has this image on screen of being a rude guy and being not funny (infinity challenge). but still this guy is popular. PD’s know hes funny because they know the hyungdon outside of WGM and infinity challenge. ive seen him in many shows as a guest and never displeased me a bit. these haters just need to realize that he is FUNNY! i mean comon ive seen the audiences chanting “hyungdon” to win awards at the MBC enterntainment awards.

  70. haha am i the only one that thinks the PDs are actually smart in doing this? i mean….it’s all obviously for ratings purposes. look at how many people are already talking about it, i’m sure more will watch just to see what happens.

    think about it. snsd fans will watch for sure if only to curse at hyung don. snsd anti’s will watch too and have a good laugh. snsd fans + snsd anti’s = a lot more people watching wgm.

  71. i dont hate hyung don but like wen is he ever gonna leave the show o_O
    i guess ill give them a chance
    sending him like threats is a bit overboard dont you think?
    its just make believe its not like there gonna get married in real life
    and if they were really fans of tae yeon they would support her in this show not bring down hyung don ==’
    i dont get it how some fans can be so dam protective and all
    like give the celebrities some space
    if they dont like the skin ship then they will say it
    otherwise just leave them alone.

  72. oh pLease ! tae yeon is not even a teen anymore for teen prostitution . and these wgm crews/staffs are just doing this good-for-nothing stunts because their program is in a going down spiral right now . w/c i believe, yeah, that WGM will be ending soon 🙂

    haha . i dont care less . WGM has been boring without the older couples and all . HAH ! :))

  73. Why can’t WGM just pair Kangin and Taeyeon together?
    I thought they already were chill, because they did a radio show together. I was watching a clip of them in the studio and they had great chemistry.

    I call for husband swap.

  74. lol. i just find it funny that snsd fans are the anti fans now. 😡 they may not realize it, but they are. heck, all those pages in soompi dedicated to bashing hyung don–yup, you are the antis now lol. good job. xD

  75. This show sounds fantastic, I’ve never heard of it. It’s gotta be a sham. Anyway the show is called we got married, what else is going to happen? Wheelbarrow races?

  76. I think the age concern is only a bigger issue for taeyeon because she’s young but if she was a little older I dont think it would have been such a big deal.
    And the fans are probably jealous that she’s on thw show and she’s gonna be spending a lot of time with a guy and with Hyung Don because he’s rude. But he’s not actually like that. He’s probably only like that because it’s for the show and make it more interesting. It’s actually quite funny to watch, well for me it is anyway.

  77. sooo no junjin??? heard a rumor that lee jin wanted 2 do the show…it would have been funny if junjin and lee jin did it together lol…jin squared couple lol
    too bad junjin isn’t on it 😦
    and HD is funny person…not in a good way lol
    snsd fans will prob jump him when we walks around on the street
    WGM is getting less and less interesting.

  78. LOL
    omg when i first saw the title of this story, i laughed my ass off
    multiply overnight dangg
    but people got to understand; this is just a variety show..omg..

  79. It’s got nothing to do with age- it’s the fact that that filthy ‘devil pig’ as others so aptly put it, is getting married again. There are loads of cool older guys out there – why the one with a bad rep and hygiene? Even though i don’t like SNSD i wouldn’t Even wish something this bad on Tiffany.

  80. hey how do you know taeyeon doesnt have problem being with him? shes just being polite probably forced by SM!

  81. Man, there are a lot of comments! Whew! I think Hyun Don is hilarious!!! I could care less about the age gage because it is a FAKE marriage people! What is up with these people “Telling” Joon Yi to keep the skinship to a minimum?!!

    I like this show because it is entertaining, but those who give out death threats & demands need to seriously get a life; then they will see it is not a big deal!

    Can’t wait until the strike is over so I can watch!

  82. what hyungdon again?? is he the part creator of wgm or something more conpicous then that all pds cant get over the fact that he’s horrible as a married man and ppl dont wanna see him fart and be rude…keep him as an mc!!! or just let him be

  83. This is the dumbest move by the PD. I mean, come on. HD again? And with TaeYon at that? I am not a fan of SNSD and not even an anti of HD, but i sincerely pity her. HD farted when people are eating! How could she handle that? What a waste of a pretty star. This is a total letdown . I thought it would be interesting having TaeYeon on the show.

  84. There are better couples out there. Although, did anyone notice that the 1st picture of HD is the one they thought was the ancestor’s picture? xDD

  85. I actually prefer the YoonJi-KangIn couple. But TaeYeon .. Pure and innocent TaeYeon, with piggie HyungDon? How will she last?
    It’ll probably be interesting though ^^
    HyungDon’s relationship with anyone on the show is good for at least a few laughs. (Saori, Ant Couple, the random girl .. )

  86. Although this is just a show, the pairing making fans anger. The PD making a bad move. The ratings is gonna tumble down even further this time.

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  89. What I dont understand is out of everyone that has been on the show why do they keep Jung Hyung Don?! I mean I understand they want a couple with some age difference but why Jung Hyung Don? He isnt the greatest catch…and he doesnt seem to like the marriage life…Its depressing because as much as I love to watch WGM I am sick of watching Hyung Don…he is the very reason why I can stand the last couple of episodes of the Ant Couple….but its too late now…there is nothing we fans can do but accept that he is back and hopefully things will turn out better…

  90. Fans can relax. Hyungdon spent 85% of his marriage with Saori napping on the couch or sleeping in bed or eating. I doubt it’d be that much different this time around.
    The only reason he’s not lying down in the Ant couple house now is because CJ and In Young are really active.

  91. WHY do those netizens only keep HATING HATING HATING???

    Do they really want another suicide?

    These kind of people need to learn to get a life outside of the net and realize there are more important things than being so aggressive over a tv-show…

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