Tae Yeon and Jung Hyun Dong Confirmed for We Got Married

Kim Tae Yeon will join MBC We Got Married variety. And from the headline and picture, you can see that it’s not with JunJin. Never saw this coming!

Hyung Don and Tae Yeon

On the 7th, a staff from the show confirmed that Tae Yeon has joined We Got Married as a regular and will partner Jung Hyung Don. Tae Yeon and Jung Hyung Don have already filmed their first episode together on the 5th. The shooting took place despite the on-going MBC workers union strike.

Hyung Don has a checkered history on the show. He started off being a couple with Saori, got “divorced” and then became the host on the show. Then he was later arranged to live in with Crown J and Seo In Young for a family concept. And just when it seems like he was at a crossroad with their impending departure, he will continue on the show in this new setup with Tae Yeon.

Tae Yeon who is the leader of So Nyeo Shi Dae, one of the nation’s top girl groups, has bright and cute charms. There is thus a lot of interest to see just how her and Jung Hyung Don, who has developed a everyone- hates-me personality on the show, will mesh together as a couple. The first episode with Tae Yeon and Jung Hyung Don will air towards the end of this month.

Will Tae Yeon mesh with Hyung Don?

Tae Yeon – Jung Hyung Don joins the present cast members on We Got Married with Son Dambi – Marco, Hwayobi – Hwanhee and Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji.

credits: StarNews + boxclub@soshified.com/forums

277 thoughts on “Tae Yeon and Jung Hyun Dong Confirmed for We Got Married

  1. Hahaha what a strange pairing? I can’t imagine the two of them getting together, but it has happened, and I can’t wait to see how their first episode turns out XD

  2. i have the same reaction. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

    but then i want to see how will he manage this time since the last time we saw her trying to “impress” the fan xD

    hehehe, first time commenting =DD

  3. This will let us see a change to HyungDon, since he’ll worship the ground she walk on unlike what he did with SaoRi and the Ant Couple, I doubt he want anymore antis

    too bad I won’t be watching this,
    give up on this show long ago

  4. this makes me lol so hard
    kinda like a beauty and the beast theme?
    i dunno what they were thinking but this is sure to turn heads and u know what they say, bad publicity is better than no publicity

  5. well HyunDong was always a challenge, so the top girl band’s leader might “tame” him?
    IDK, it is strange
    but … it’ll be interesting

  6. wgm is really really going downhill! wtf
    just to attract the fans?!
    i stopped watching ever since alshin left.
    because wgm people totally lost the concept
    now we’re having an idol show instead.
    taeyeon’s barely 20
    does she even know the full responsibility and concept oof marriage?

    wgm producers, you’re totally killing the show.

  7. I think This is purely for entertainment only. Not like the original concept where they really try to think who will be better for the other one. The original PD was pretty good in pairing the celeb. Personally I think Doneon couple is only to draw some laugh. Will watch it for fun but I won’t be waiting for it like I used to wait for Joongbo, Alshin, Ansol and Ant couple. WGM is just not “that” anymore.

  8. I don’t see how they could make it, sorry.Tae Yeon’s too good for him xD, but their irreconcilable differences might be good to see? O_O

  9. all i will say is, POOR GIRL! i know the show made hyun dong out to be a bad guy but really, i don’t see him the type for TAE YEON! this’ll be a reeeeally interesting couple to watch : /

  10. that’s kind of gross 😦

    i have nothing against dondon, but that’s like robbing the cradle!!!

  11. Wow/// WTF is all I have to say..
    They’re definitely ruining WGM now…WHY THE F would you pair Taeyeon with him??? Does he have to stay on this show? lol seriously? Hahaha.
    I’m just feeling so sorry for her..I probably won’t even take a look at their footages..
    I’m just watching KangIn’s but man..maybe Taeyeon should’ve paired up with KangIn haha. Might’ve been hilarious and can show they go to work together doing the radio lmao.
    But whatever..the PDs are making it even worse.

  12. Ew, WHAT?! SERIOUSLY??! This is just gross. Really. Like LadyIgraine said, “I have nothing against DonDon, but that’s like robbing the cradle!!!” And I think TaeYeon deserves so much better!!

    But now, both Chin Chin Radio hosts are married!!!

  13. Tae Yeon and Don Don?? wow…@_@…he can expect to get more antis…

    this looks weird but well…who knows….it might work, somehow

  14. i dunno how should i react to this.. i’m glad to see taeyeon at variety show since she has that personality which suit in the variety show, but why WGM and why JHD ?
    perhaps i should give a try watching then see..

  15. this is totally gross. they should partner tae yeon with someone else. and the show has become a idol show…

  16. ROFMLAOO omg i feel bad for her. she’s going to have a hard time. don don better treat her well ! this will be interesting..

  17. dang.WHAT!?
    this seriously doesnt make sense.
    no offense to hyungdon`s fans but y do they keep him in the show..
    i was fine with him wid saori & him being an MC..
    but since he started livin` wid the ant couple..
    he just became annoying.
    why couldnt they find someone who will fit taeyeon?
    i mean… the older couples…
    had at least little possibility of gettin` together in real life..
    which attracted fans..
    but this couple has no chance at all.. i mean seriously.
    i gotta agree…
    wgm`s goin` downhill..
    & it does seem like its an idol show…

  18. No!!!!!
    It’s totally gross!!
    How can TaeYeon is paired with DOn??
    Why not JunJin?
    HyungDon has failed the 1st marriage,
    he should’ve been kicked out in the 1st place.

    I hope there will be no skinship…cos he’ll be terrorized by SNSD fans if it happens and i won’t be able to watch.
    Just can’t take it!

  19. worst idea ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ugh, i can’t believe Taeyeon would agree to this!

    i’m so disappointed. i hope this is just a really bad rumor.


  20. thats…. one weird pairing!!!!!!!!!!

    but, is SNSD really a top girl group -.-
    Almost everthing about them isnt really positive -_-;;

  21. ROFLMAO!!!

    It’s like “Beauty & the Beast”… but which one is the beast? *snickers* (Taeyeon?) *kekeke*

    I guess SM and SNSD are desperate for any type of promotion. >,<

  22. that’s it. lol.. this show’s so over hahahaha. i was honestly hoping for something better for the last couple. hahaa don don’s favoured on this show somehow… there’s just too much of him on this show now…a rgh. sighs, i can’t believe they’ve ruined such an awesome show… ._.

  23. omg i cant believe this
    this cant be hyung don remarried with taeyeon
    the first thing that i said when i saw this was WHAT!?

  24. umm…ew.
    i dont see the chemistry n i doubt they’ll ever have any.
    i dont get the concept neither. i think instead of eliciting a “wow-i-wna-watch-this” response, they succeded in getting a lot of “wth?” look from viewers =/

  25. Ew. I feel sorry for Don Don.
    I personally think she’s a big bitch. Besides being a very good singer, she has a really ugly personality :/

  26. 1st reaction, “say wha??~~~~~~~~~!”
    2nd reaction, “nice promo for snsd.”
    3rd reaction, “interesting…”

  27. i want to die. my taengoo….T_T i hate don don..he’s sooooo annoying in WGM. Taeng’s too young for him. UGHHH..

  28. OMG, I almost puke a little when I saw this.
    WTF, this is SO WRONG, CREEPY AND GROSS. JHD is soo annoying.. Taeyeon deserves someone wayy better. WGM is seriously losing it.

  29. they should have paired her up with an idol . there only gonna be funny no chemistry maybee as a dad and daugther or brother and sister . shes tooo gooddd for him !
    he better treat her better than saori or else people are really gonna hate him i feel so bad for him cant they get him off the show geez so many boybands i dont care if that guy wasnt big anywho would be better than him ! jeeez there so desperate for high ratings if i was taeyeon i dont think i would accept it . odd her and kangin would have been better ! and the other girl with junghongdong . her and kangin now are on the same show haha . they wouldve been better

  30. WHAT?!
    this is like the biggest shock. im not kidding!!!
    what is taeyeon thinking?!
    AND why is hyun dong FOREVER IN THE SHOW?!
    i mean his persona in the show might be scripted but wtf!!!
    time for hyun don to leave the show!!!
    how how can you put someone who has been in the show twice for different purposes be in it AGAIN?!

  31. they should have paired her up with an idol . there only gonna be funny no chemistry maybee as a dad and daugther or brother and sister . shes tooo gooddd for him !
    he better treat her better than saori or else people are really gonna hate him i feel so bad for him cant they get him off the show geez so many boybands i dont care if that guy wasnt big anywho would be better than him ! jeeez there so desperate for high ratings if i was taeyeon i dont think i would accept it . odd her and kangin would have been better ! and the other girl with junghongdong . her and kangin now are on the same show haha . they wouldve been better . 20 vs. a 30 woah pedofile .

  32. Lame pairing !!!

    Haha, WTF ? Totally did not see that coming. The show is so over. I’m glad my fav couples are left already.

  33. btw, do we really need another idol in the show?!
    its time to have diff types of ppl in the show!
    but i guess taeyeon might have agreed to be in it in time for the release of SNSD’s new album/single/whateveritis

  34. Shocking news to me. Since Taeyeon didn’t know her partner is JHD, she probably just accepted it. I hope for the better… hopefully he’ll treat her better than what he did with Saori.
    It’s funny how both the ChinChin radio DJs are on WGM now.

  35. lol this is a “crime”, isn’t that what celebrity always joke when they ask if you want to date person who is WAY younger than you.

  36. this has to be the lamest attempt the wgm PDs have done to gather ratings. i really hope it gets canceled now. wgm is going down the drain. wgm was never a place for idols. hyunjoong was never an idol to begin with too because ss501 was always underrated and they made music instead of trying to make hits. i hate this. i have no reason to watch wgm anymore. this just kill any reasoning i would have with myself to watch it again.

    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS…truly..I hope this couple won’t last long. I mean it.
    And when I had hope that wgm would be somewhat watchable when kangin and yoonji joined, this news just ruined it. fuck now I really hate the people who select the couple pairings.



    when i saw this… i thought i was just crazy and seeing things…went to asianfanatics and it is true there too… gosh… this has got to be one of the worst pairing ever!!! no romantic possibility at all!!! the possibility of romance between the couple is the factor that makes them most appealing to the viewers.. that’s why: ANBI, ALSHIN, JOONGBO, and ANT-WITCH couples are so popular!!!

    WGM is going down the drain faster than i thought….

  39. WTHH theres gonna be absolutely no chemistry! wut were they thinkng?! Did they see how he treated that fangirl who visited 4 a day…he kept on calling her a kid &how itll never work &how stupid crown j &inyoung were 2 try &hook them up. ughh the shows deff dying=/

  40. i’m just very glad it’s not Junjin.
    he’s got enough on his plate. don’t want him to overwork himself and/or get hospitalized. ._.

    i don’t see this pairing coming too. lol.

    i guess i made a good decision to stop watching after alshin left. ;P

  41. i agree with keke -.-
    actually i’ve wished tae yeon can be paired up with junsu.
    both are so dorky and really knows each other so the chemistry would be WOW right.
    LOL ok i know its impossible with dbsk being the top idol group in asia
    HAHA ^^ antis and other couple fans pls dont bash me 😦

  42. Wtf….
    Are they trying to commit suicide or something?
    This is literally impossible!
    Not only is Taeyeon way too good for him,
    but she is the SNSD leader!
    And they’re gonna be doing a comeback and
    she must be insanely busy!
    This is SO SHOCKING.

  43. Are you kidding me? I am so disappointed now and WGM is over. I really miss Alsin,Ansol, Ant,lettuce couples.

  44. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is the WORST PAIRING EVER!!!!*exclamation point to infinity*
    what the heck were they thinking?? “three times the charm” or something? hasn’t hyundong been meddling ENOUGH???
    and taeyeon! i really love her as an artist and everything but WHAT WERE SHE THINKING agreeing to be on WGM with HYUNDONG?????????
    don’t get me wrong, i know he’s a really nice person underneath but to be soo utterly annoying sometimes is NOT gonna show any marriage example because seriously, what kind of concept can they POSSIBLY have that will be better than the already almost horrible pairing/concept of sondambi/marco????
    of all the celebs in korea……goodness gracious……..on the bright side, maybe there’ll be a kangin/taeyeon interaction going on so…yeahhhhh **roll eyes**

  45. i feel sooooooooooooooooo bad for her! seriously she is young and pretty! goshh, i guess WGM PDs are super desperate for some attention.
    WHy is this guy still in WGM anyways, i also feel bad for him too, he has to act this way and become hatred just to make money. gosh.

  46. WHAT THE HELL. OK. im not goign to watch WGM ANYMORE. not like this. THEY SHOULD”VE put KANGIN with TAEYEON!!! and that other chick with hyun don. damn. someone protest. hwo the hell they gonna put taeyeon with hyun DON. nOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tell me this is a nightmare….. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  47. hahaha omg… Jung Hyun Dong is going to get soooo many more antis from this.. people are going to hate him even more, i actually feel bad for him not Tae..

  48. are the producers doing drug or something? or do they just want to totally destroy this show! cmon.. of all pairings why would you put that guy back! man i feel sorry for her already! goodluck to them! im trying to find interest on this show since all of my fave couples left, but after this hmm if their goal is to lower their rating even more then this would be the right move.. hmm .. good luck to the girl!

  49. Oh does that mean that there will be no Jun Jin??
    Thats good, dun really wanna him to overwork himself!~

    As for Hyun Dong & Tae Yeon, hmmm!~ Definately an interesting pairup!~ Looking forward to it!~

  50. iono know why u keep saying poor her. I mean she chose to do the show didnt she? I mean yah it goes through lsm and her manager and all but still she accepts it. So wat is the prob?! Hyungdon is a decent guy…just misunderstood…hes acting out cuz he wants attention. And apparently people gives him negative publicity and he acts off on it. Duh! But yay for TAEHYUNG couple! Totally waiting to see the pairing on sigs and everything! XD

  51. actually i think taeyeon merely agreed to be on the show but she didnt know that her husband would be don? why else would she agree on such a sick pairing

  52. ahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah

    never saw this coming lol
    taeyeon will have an awful time lol

    this is just wierd!

  53. my first reaction was… this is a joke, right? fake news, right? now all i can say is WTF??!!! i am in total shock!

  54. wtffff T______________T
    i thought hyung don can pass as TY’s dad cuz he looks like it. but i checked wiki and he’s 11 years older than her. can be considered as her own “ahjussi” . mbc must’ve been drunk. but im supporting the show because of TY =D

  55. of course she didnt know who her partner is…i mean she has a 50/50 chance…but of course since snsd is coming back…they need all the promotions they need. like accepting the show not knowing who her partner is. So since she accepts, wouldn’t it be okay that her partner is hyungdon? I mean she needs promotion for snsd, and she can’t back out now since she already sign the contract. I mean…all of them don’t even know who their partner is until that faithful day….

  56. Poor Taengggg T_________T
    This is going to be disastrous.
    Is it too much to ask for for Taeng to be paired up with someone a little nicer.. and younger?

  57. best part of this news is:

    Soshisubs will sub this


  58. I have a feeling that WGM PDs just want to keep Don Don on the show even when there’s no MC part. As gross as it sounds I’m still checking this out (hopefully it’s not another ‘marriage’ like Saori’s, I still feel bad for her)

  59. When I saw Tae Yeon’s name, I couldn’t help but screaming “NOO!”.

    Not really a fan of Hyundong because he can be annoying at times, but he can be funny if he is not so rude. Call me a SNSD hater. I am just stating my opinion.

    Poor Hyundong for me! Especially with the crazy SNSD fans. Who knows? They will probably attack him.


    i super duper-lllliiiiii
    HATE hyundon!!

    i mean he has totally no respect for women in general!
    acts like a mean-bean.. so much so that if i would partner with him, i would bash him up!

    pooorrrr tae yeon…
    manz.. she is so cute! but to be paired with him!

  61. that is just wrong!!!!!!
    she is so pretty and young for hyun dong
    wgm is going down fast
    i was looking forward to junjin too

  62. my only reaction….

    woaahhh…hyun dong must be really happy to have 8 sister in law….hahahaha…..

  63. what the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP is wrong with WE GOT MARRIED? at least set up her with someone up to par with her…

    WHY HER?!
    And DON DON again?!
    I bet she can hold up to his hell better than InJa…
    but dang, wth never saw this coming.

  65. do people in korea actually enjoy seeing this guy on camera? he annoys me. but maybe something will change. unless they really want taeyeon to quit the show sooner than later

  66. desperate much? this coming from all sides..
    MBC, WGM PDs, SM etc..
    regardless of the pairing, the show has gones utterly insane.. this is a program to showcase marriage life.. taeyeon is an 89er.. even if she turns legal in korean terms of age, her image does not suit the show.. this is completely irrelevant.. bad choice for all parties.. i mean she could turn it down.. even if she was ‘encourage’ by others, she still has a choice since this isn’t an ordinary reality show.. if this is seen as an upside to snsd’s promotions then they are definitely taking more of the entertainer route rather than a singer route.. don’t really care about the outcome for TY and JHD.. the entertainment & music industry has started off 2009 badly..

  67. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!………………………can’t………….process…………correctly…………………
    I hate that man SO much. 😦

  68. haha wow. maybe they really are going for the beauty & the beast theme. but seriously…wtf. poor taeyeon. i understand that hyundong is acting like that for the show, but seriously his personality in the show is so irritating …X_X; anyway, yeah, the show got boring so i stopped watching it after trying to keep up.

  69. great now all the previous couple are all gone after “ant” couple left. haizz….. i felt the show is becoming a little boring now. seems only marbi couple are interesting. haha sry if offending anyone. Anyway i read somewhere Son dam bi is only staying with WGM for 2 month only is it ?
    can someone confirm pls. thanks

  70. Seriously???
    Taeyeon looks like her daughter already. LOL. And Hyungdon is known to have bad manners/habits (perhaps that’s why he got divorced with Saori).

    It would be interesting to see how Taeyeon will deal with him.

    But still…


    poor taeyeon.. haha
    but its kind of strange, that taeyeon and kangin were casted for wgm nearly in the same time..
    if this pair doesnt work.. then hyundong should get an older woman.. like wonhee haha

  72. seriously? wow. this show is getting worse and worse. once the ant couple leave i’m only watching hwanhee and yobi. fuck this. ruined the whole damn show.

  73. looks like DON DON owns MBC! hahaha they cannot let him go! poor girl…. she’s too young to even think of marriage yet! I was really looking forward to Junjin’s participation… does that mean he will not join WGM?…..


    Poor Hyungdon 😦

    Does this mean WGM now supports gay marriage?

    Dondon with MR. TAE?!

    Sigh. Oh well.

    Again, Poor Hyungdon 😦

  75. freaking hell. i bet the theme for this couple is father/daughter incest. never thought of hyun dong as a phedophile but thisis just too disgusting.

  76. too many member of boy group out there but MBC pick
    this man..
    tae yeon aah.. why did you still sign that agreement

  77. this is really creepy. I know it’s fake and all, but pretending to be in love and married still means you have to go through the motions. I’m sorry if this makes me a prude, but I find their age difference, especially since she’s so young, really, really disturbing. I feel bad for both of them, especially, Taeyeon, because that’s like really, really awkward.

  78. with ever dropping like flies the couplies I really only care for now are
    Crown J – Seo In Young = WHO ARE LEAVING
    Hwayobi – Hwanee
    Kangin – Lee Yujin (?) = new interest

    but this definitely shows how desperate they are getting to put a SNSD member on with Don Don
    it’s really gross but then again they DID debut to attract ahjussi’s

    I’ll miss We Got Married when it’s gone.
    Now that there is a new couple meaning less air time for the rest I don’t think it’s worth watching anymore

  79. are they really trying to make this show into krap now? i really cant stand watching hyun dong sometimes. the part where his fan came was funny but his getting all romantic… just doesn’t happen. i wish they’d pair her w/someone else!

  80. of all the possible choices out there, why this man?
    He looks (and IS) way too old for her.

    what were they thinking?


    i am so surprised!!!!!!!!!!


  82. okay i have calm myself down.


    i think that the PDs are not looking for the romance factor in this couple but entertainment factor.TOTALLY DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE SHOW.DAMMMMMMM!!!!

    i cant imagine how would taeyeon be like with HIM.

    My cute angel…….T^T

  83. everyone’s been negative about this. and honestly, i don’t think this is a good idea. taeyeon is busy [with her individual schedule and upcoming album activities] and jhd? don’t they ever think a lot of netizens have been enraged by his actions towards saori and other couple such as crown j and seo in young? he’s better off as an mc of the show [so wgm, put back the MCs of your show] if they wanted popularity…choose another snsd member or idol member. god taeyeon is like a kid. a dongseng to the nation. jhd is as good as his father/uncle. i just think these won’t be a good idea.

    but since i’m bias…
    i’m hoping that taeyeon is in wgm :)) or another snsd member. poor taeyeon with all the schedule she has 😦 oh i want her to be with jiyong!!! that’ll be great. but its better if its not her.

  84. Jung Hyung Don doesnt deserve tae yeon D:!!!

    this is lame, should have been paired with that Super Junior guy instead psh

  85. Jung Hyundong needs to leave WGM PRONTO. He’s been on the show way too long and is completely useless! He already has enough anti fans from his previous behavior and now that he’s paired with Taeyeon?! Does he have connections with the PD or something because honestly, they couldn’t find someone else? I think out of all the SNSD girls he could be paired up with, Taeyeon would bring him the most antis just because a lot of people do like Taeyeon even if they’re a non-fan of SNSD.

  86. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t feed Taeyeonie to Hyun Dong! T_T PROTEST NOW! OMGAQUHS:LHDK. This just ruined my life. Seriously.

  87. is hyung don their “lucky charm” in WGM???… i mean they could just not let him go…. as husband of saori then MC then “RELATIVE”of the ant couple and now this…

    maybe he has strong connection ties with WGM PD’s…..

  88. seriously, i don’t understand why the PDs would keep reusing the same guy that EVERYONE seems to hate.

    you’d think that if they wanted to partner Taeyeon with a gagman, they’d get a new gagman to bring some fresh air into the show.

  89. errr…
    why are they doing this..
    :@ likeee its hyun dong
    give tae yeon to some one else man
    welll hopefullly he will better then he was with saori
    im not a fan of girl generation but tae yeon is a great singer so shes an exception (:
    hope he treats her right
    mann i miss the season one couples ! specially joongbos 😦

  90. hes nothing but a luaghing stock, no manners in short hes not helping anything about the show.. i tried to revived my eagerness to watch the show but sad to say its a hopeless case unless theres interesting couple to join.. i want another more like lettuce couple. its a sad thing and very much dissapointed about the concept about the new mention couple.. i really the love show so badly..

  91. wow… just when i thought hyun dong will go back to be a mc after crown j and in young leaves, he gets married AGAIN… wow…. i’m speechless…

  92. i feel that this time, it’s jung hyung don’s luck n he will stay in for a long long time.
    cuz his partner is Taeyeon…..n ‘ya know….even if people hate to admit, WGM’s current fans are now all up for idols in the show….remind me of how nasty hate comments were all over places when hyunjoong was to enter this show.
    wow..with the departures of old couples……the not-so-well-received two new couples…..
    now they put in super junior member…..n then…snsd….
    wonder what’s next….
    big bang? wonder girls? dbsk?
    boy……..WGM is turning into a totally idol show.
    i wish they’d put more actors/actresses into it instead of piling up singers n idolgroups.
    well, not that i’m currently interested to watch any part of it anyway.
    hmm, thanks for the info.

  93. It’ll be more like a test couple but we all know it’s not gonna work out.. unless they script it. Hopefully, this will be behind us as fast as the Choi Jin Young & Lee Hyun Ji couple that last for one episode. They met and that was it. haha.

  94. wow
    at first, WHAT?
    second HAHAHAHAHA
    omo really??? why? i like tae yeon but hyun dong??? he can be her dad!!!
    but it will be funny i want watch it

  95. when i read the headline, all i could do was laugh…this is beyond stupid…she’s like 20 right?? and he’s like …umm…37???…isnt he…this is gross…the only thing i can figure out why they did it was because anyone else would have been harassed hard core…like if it was jun jin and her…there would be a lot of hate mail going both ways…im not a SNSD anti, but im just saying that it seems that any guy that they get into cantact with their fans start hating SNSD..so with him…its not like their gonna get any hate mail…pssh…i dunno…completely useless…it would have been better if they werent so young…to make it believable and have someone who isnt really popular so we can get to more other stars other than the main idols…its like Lee Hong Ki being a day on that show..i mean seriously…he’s 19

  96. OH for fucks sake PLEASE dont do this taeyeon. PLEASE. He is, for entertainment purposes, funny and alright, but he DEFINITELY isn’t someone you wanna get overfriendly with, ie. BRING MARRIED TO…

    Even if they have a new album out and wanna promote themselves as much as they can.. this… has got to be one of the worst promotion/faggotry ratio i have ever seen. damn, coolsmurf, you need to put like big bold letters: WARNING!!! this, by far, surprised me so hard i actually lol’d.. in disbelief.

  97. danggg u’r so funny….

    can’t believe what i read, what does Taeyeon had in mind by doing this??

    Or maybe this is just an annoucement that Tae Yeon and Hyung Don will join WGM but they will not be there as couple. That’s what i hope.

  98. as much as i freakin hate this obviously joke of a couple WGM did on purpose i think its gonna be funny to see how tae yeon reacts to hyung dong’s wierd odd stupid ways

  99. Fatty Mc-annoying has got to go.. He’s lasted longer than any of the other couples on the show!! Do they really think people actually like him?? Gosh, he’s so annoying, and irritating, and NOT funny. Your 15 minutes of fame is up dude.. kick him off already!!

  100. They’ve gone nuts. They’re crazy. The whole WGM production has lost it. How did THIS go through?

    I’m already smelling their split~

    This reflects on the status of the show.

    Enuff said.

  101. Hyung Don is actually only around 30 but he has the personality and appearance of an old man. xD

    Oh man, this is going too far. I’m pretty sure it’ll be great publicity for SNSD and Taeyeon, which I’m pretty sure will gain her alot of fans, but come on!!! A marriage??!?! To DonDon of all people?!?! It must be like one of those olden-days forced arranged marriages where the girl is like a servant to the husband. -_- It would’ve been awesome if the groom was Junjin. I had always imagined he’d be paired up with either a SNSD member or a Wonder Girl.

    I see nothing coming for this couple.

  102. OMG. it should be tae yeon and kang in instead that would be a better couple. what is wrong with the pairings now?!

  103. WAITT… this is so unbelievable.. GOSH. i so cant wait man.. -.-
    the pairing is super weird! plus. whats the point in having JHD still on the show when everyone jus have this bad impression on him..
    one divorce not enough meh… -.-

  104. I don’t know why the producers of WGM can’t seem to be able to let go Hyun Dong. His ‘marriage’ didn’t work and I think everyone saw that he’s not exactly husband material in any way. I eman I like him as a PD, but as a husband he just frustrates me. It would help if he was cute but I mean c’mon, why don’t give the chance to someone different

  105. Pingback: Today is… « Bomisshi’s Weblog

  106. * jaw drops
    really? is that really true?
    how come DonDon is so lucky? Taeyeon is his second wifey!!
    well, fun things are coming in packages I guess!

  107. WHAAA?

    i’ll give them a chance…
    since i like tae teon… ^^
    but still… jung hyung don? OMG~ I still hope it wont be like when hyung don wif saori…
    hoho… besides, hyung don will probably be nicer..
    haha… considering that tae yeon is snsd n is a lot cuter than saori~
    YAY! for tae yeon! ^^

  108. OMG~!! i cant believe it~~
    hyun dong get the sec marriage??!?! >.<

    wonder how will it be like~~ lol~~

  109. Seriously, I think HD paid a sum of money to the producer (or maybe he agreed to be in WGM for free) to keep him in the show.
    He’s been in the show since beginning and didn’t do much for the rating. So why bother to pair him up with other girl? He already ruined Ant Couple, now he wants to ruined the entire show? I’m not Ant Couple supporter but look at what he had done to ant couple. Since he’s been living with them, Crown J looks like the side kick, not the main couple anymore. Check on the latest christmas episode, you’ll understand what i mean. Crown J backroom interview was shown only once, whereas HD interview was shown like 3-4 times? Why he got more airtime than Crown J, does his opinion matters?

  110. It’s a suicide for the show.

    If they really want to make HyungDon stay.. thy should have gotten SAORI back for paired him up with a comedian to make it interesting..

  111. SERIOUS???
    WTF! I loved for her to be in this show, but with him? After all this time, he should be OUT of there! wtf!

    This just shows they don’t dare to give TY a partner who have any potential whatsoever to move her.

  112. Although i like dondon, but i think that the PD is too much. Seriously, dondon is like everywhere. They should get a fresh face.

    I really feel sorry for taeyeon, poor girl she is so young and has to face someone like dondon. I think that he will get 10x more antis. I don’t think that he will behave any better cuz that is how he really is. I think it would be a better idea to get saori back.

    The show is going down the drain with really low ratings. However they make and interesting couple. I wish both of them luck and i hope that wgm will survive. I liked it better the old way with the studio recording and the mcs.

  113. Hahahaha maybe she can sing to him Kissing u tumboh! tuturu tututu Kissing u tumboh XD!!! This gonna be a real λ¬΄ν•œλ„μ „! for both of them

  114. LOL…..

    n yet its not about JoongBo updated !!! soo……….. WHO CARES !!!! not interested at all !!!!

    any JoongBo update will do….. hehhe..^^

  115. idk whether to laugh or to cry. srsly, WTF?! I HAVE ENOUGH OF DONDON ALREADY. ew so gross! then again, there’s a part of me anticipating their entrance haha. it’ll surely be interesting.

  116. wtf wtf wtf

    i cant accept it!

    such a girl with this crappy fat man??


    i wanna kill the PD

    poor Taeyeon 😦

  117. WTF? x zillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was really anticipating Junjin…

    I really don’t understand why does DonDon keep on gets cast in WGM… is there no one else in K-ent?!

    As much as the new couple has got a lot to prove Marbi, Hwanyobi and Kangji couple, after the void left by the 4 original couples, they at least are shaping up, even the new Kangji couple…

    I don’t know if the PDs or MBC “owe” DonDon a favour?

    Or as much as SNSD needs all the publicity they need for their new album and this year activity, seriously Tae Yeon can do so much better… I feel so bad so bad for her…

    IDK, I adore DonDon in Infinity Challenge but I just don’t adore him in WGM anymore… no more DonDon+ Saori, no more hustling MC to Alex…

    Fail, this is so fail… my hearts bleed…

  118. I simply can’t believe they could ever be married, or be romantic partners. Friends, definitely. But romance…no.

  119. @bahaha

    desperate for any type of promotion????
    wth you know nothing about SNSD and esp Taeyeon’s fame

    wish somehow they would cancel the show

  120. Tae Yeon is so kind & sweet, it would be interesting to see her with Hyun Don, hopefully he will be nicer & a better husband this time around or he’ll have SNSD fans to hate him. i can imagine he’ll be hated even more now. but Hyun Don is funny, so i can’t wait to see his reaction.

  121. the thing with HD is that I don’t like the tv personality he’s created for WGM: being obstinate, lazy, and overall selfish when it comes to consideration for others.

    No doubt he’ll be like this when he and that new girl get together during the first couple of episodes, and I know that it’ll make a ton of people frustrated with him. Eventually he’ll “change,” but I wish they wouldn’t recycle his character like this, because it gets really old fast.

    Maybe it’s just cheaper to have HD on set than another male celebrity.

    sigh…I wish they had an elderly couple on the show. and by elderly i mean 60s-70s…possibly even late 50s.

  122. on the good side, if TungTung drops out of subbing for some reason, SoshiSubs would probably pick it up & sub the entire ep too.

  123. Is he old enough to be his father???? What is MBC thinking??? Where is Junjin????? You got it right coolsmurf… I never saw it coming too :PPPP

  124. Well this sucks, I like Jung Hyung Don in Infinity Challenge, but seeing him pair up with someone again in We Got Married is annoying. I was looking forward to seeing Junjin, hopefully he will still be in WGM later on, who knows.

  125. hope that it will be a “divorced girl with new guy” couple concept and taeyeon will be with someone else later on.

  126. I don’t know why people are trippin out with a new couple for reals it took time for people to get used to couples the 1st time around it’s not like everyone LOVED every couple the 1st time just watch it and see if you’ll like it

  127. gosh… why?! T.T
    Hyung Don is irritating me, really… and Tae Yeon… she’s quite boring for me. I do not have anything to SNSD… but Tae Yeon is just not interesting for me…………………….

  128. I see that this will be the second out of all the SM artists that joins this show, coincidentally, she’s also hosting ChinChin with Kangin. But that aside…

    Yes, it is hard to get used to a couple but at least I could see them as a couple. The age difference in the Lettuce couple did not bother me because their spirits were alike, but in this case…

    Not only am I worried because of Hyun-don’s ..erm…should I call it past (?). I can’t see them going around calling each other “yeobo, buin, nampyeong, seobang”. It will be more like “KIDDO!!!” to which she will reply “YES AHJUSSIIIIII” and NOT in a sweet way.

    Oh dear, good luck with this one!

  129. The only way they can win me over with this concept/pairing is if he really does play her “father” and he is trying to find marriage material, I mean, guy for her.

  130. ahhh!
    taeyeon and junjin would have been so cute
    at least we have the chinchin couple???

  131. Who did she piss off to get this assignment??? Why all the hating on the poor girl? LOL. At this rate Hyun Dong will be lynched the moment he leaves the house in Korea as he is bound to annoy everyone when he bullies the poor wee girl.

  132. This sounds seriously interesting o_____________o
    I kind of can’t wait, haha.

    I’m honestly starting to get a little bored and annoyed with all the mushy-ness and I’d rather see ridiculous fighting, awkwardness, and and generally just something different 😐

    They already have cute couples. It’s just going to get boring, in my opinion, if they add more.

  133. Don Dong AGAIN ? Not Junjin ???
    Noooo ! I’m sick and tired of him ! I was looking foward to Junjin… 😦

  134. I love tae yeon.. but i was looking forward to a new guy for this show.. i’ve seen Jung Hyun Dong too much and he’s sorta boring me.. i won’t be watching this couple.. sorry.. i just prefer him being a MC.

  135. I can’t stop lmao at this..this is gonna so funny to watch. I look forward to seeing how JHD acts with her. He betta not act differently w/ her. I hope he acts the same w/ her that he does w/ everyone else.
    I feel bad for him though you know he is gonna gain some hate from her fans.


  136. “The only way they can win me over with this concept/pairing is if he really does play her β€œfather” and he is trying to find marriage material, I mean, guy for her ”

    I really really pray for this…
    dondon is a bad pig

  137. OMG! I NEVER SAW THIS COMING. ah. wow. FINALLY HE PAIRED UP WITH SOMEONE ELSE πŸ™‚ ah. i want to see how it goes. I hope he respects her & i wonder how she going to be a couple with him, like her feelings and all that πŸ™‚ aha.

  138. i believe she deserve better than that, dont know y but i felt a lil disappoint in dis show for some reason

  139. Why would the MBC PDs want to drag a sheep into a lion’s den ????? Have she done anything bad or offensive to the PD??? This is madness even mature Kind Saori can’t take up with him !!

  140. O_O
    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the headline was “ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” What a really ODD ODD ODD coupling…he’s practically her uncle!!! (or young dad)
    I think the wgm PDs are out of their minds cuz they can’t come up w/ orig. couplings that suit each other anymore instead they go for shocker. Ugh….I feel bad for Taeyeon now!

    Also when i saw the headline I looked @ the amt of comments….lol

  141. Heh who said the whole anti or crazy netizen only applies in korea? I see lots of examples on some of the comments here. You guys make it sound like it’s the end of the world, it’s entertainment… entertainment isn’t very entertaining if it isn’t interesting. Given it’s not what some of you might find interesting but that doesn’t mean it won’t hold appeal to a lot of other people.

    I don’t like JHD but i don’t think this is the end of the world nor do i call him pig just because i dislike him.

  142. Oh gosh. I saw this and LOL’d at first, but now I feel bad. xD Poooorrrrr girl.

    This is horrible. -.- Could have at least given her a younger guy.

  143. I think they are begging for the show to get anti-fans on the least. the ratings must be really low for them to have taken counter-productive measures.

  144. JHD will soon be TWICE DIVORCED!!!!!!!!

    The shock value of seeing JHD’s loser attitude will wear off real quick …….

  145. @ the people calling Taeng ‘ugly.’ etc.

    When you look even SLIGHTLY as good as she does ..
    When you can sing A FOURTH as good as she does ..
    When you can dance even HALF as good as she does ..

    ..then talk. Otherwise your comments are trashy and unappreciated.

  146. Oh please dear God anyone tell me that this is just a mean and awfull joke. Anyone? No?

    Dammit i knew it! This is all JunJINS DAM FAULT. I just knew that he wasn’t going to show! Argh. Where is he…

  147. WGM Get a clue! I thought they had it right after Kangin and Yoonji, but they’re just moving faster down the slope. I mean really, Don Don was boring with Saori and really changed the dynamics between Ant couple. Why do you keep bringing this guy back?!?!

    … or maybe I’m just bitter b/c this means Junjin’s not going to be on.

  148. LOL…really!? gawd poor taeyon! hehe
    fatherly-image! heheheh…………..
    eww..i cannot picture it out…..golly..
    he’s to old….for her..what kind of concept is this..

    this cannot happen! lol
    tae yeon is the only one i like from snsd
    much i watch her suffer under the likes off hyun dong!
    gah! i don’t know what to expect

    i hope tae yeon shows a spunky side and breaks hyun dong down! πŸ˜€

  150. isn’t it too early to pass judgement? besides age differences doesn’t really matter -.- , its just like a student having a crush on her teacher, why not? anything can happen. lol. cant wait to see the results. =D

  151. taeyeon has no aegyo so she wont irritate hyungdon with uneccessary aegyo-ness.

    plus taeyeon is weird herself, she might pose a challenge for hyungdon.

    and taeyeon can definitely stand up to him. she may be short but she is a leader for a reason.





  152. wow, don’t they have any sympathy towards taeyeon? Dude, whoever came up with this pairing must be put to a mental hospital or something. I bet taeyeon’s regretting ever joining WGM now that she’s partnered up with him. Poor girl…

  153. shocked, but satisfied that it’s not jj…shinhwa fans would have killed her…(esp since snsd-shinhwa thing)…Don’t just blame don…its actually the pds, the script and the show itself that made ppl hate on him. WGM was getting boring anyways…this will def. be the final factor for me to stop watching….I Seriously Miss the OG couples: Alshin, Ansol, Ant, and Lettuce Couples…..

    i dont really like taeyeon but I find it ANNOYING that ppl are saying shes stupid for deciding…SHE DIDN’T. She doesn’t get to chose her own schedule….She’s a newbie in ent. and SM owns her….

    And to the antifans of DON/ Fans of SNSD: dont worry about skinship or taeyeon suffering to death…the show prob wont even go on for long anyways….

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  155. D: I don’t know about any of you, but ever since the duet she did with Shin Hyesung, it’s always been in the back of my mind that I’d want her to be paired up with him on this show.

    Hyun Dong might not be the best person when it comes to manners and.. treating women right, but I’m pretty sure that’s just an image he has on the show.

    He’s pretty cool on Infinity Challenge… D: But maybe I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    However, I’d rather Taeyeon be on the show with him, rather than her not being on the show at all.

  156. WHAT???!!!!
    OMG… I can just feel the disturbances coming….
    The PDs really hates Hyungdon, don’t they?? lol… πŸ˜›
    I have to admit, this was totally and completely unexpected!! Um, I can’t say I’m excited, but I guess I’m still sort of looking forward to it… *sighs*

    Gosh, what will the PDs think of next??

  157. is everyone’s underpants in a bunch – –
    if taeyon herself was sickened by this pairing i believe she would’ve said something, the fact that she went to work and filmed the first episode means she understands the meaning of being an ACTRESS… it’s fictional… she’s just WORKING

    if you want to support her financially, you’re free to send her money. but if you’re just hallucinating and thinking you’re her and you don’t want to work with him, then shut the hell up. it’s just WORK for her. don’t make her lose income opportunity by making it difficult for her to work with others.

  158. im not going 2 say she is too gud for him or stuff like that eventho im a big fan of taeyeon…
    its just this show is just seeking high ratings with this weird pairing [plus taeyeon is an idol!!]
    the PDs should think about portraying a real life marriage not trying 2 be funny by doing this.
    maybe there will be chemistry between the ‘couple’ but its hard 2 say that its going to be chemistry of ‘husband n wife’ .
    really disappointed in WGM.

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  160. omggggg noooo wayyyyyy! i feel so bad for taeyeon! they should match her up with someone better looking and kinder.

  161. Muahahahaha…
    I think WGM Pd is in love with Hyungdon thats why they keep tryin to find wayz to keep him in the show…..

    what are they thinking and what are they trying to do?
    Act funny?!
    NO WAY!!!
    Not even in hell that this should happen…
    Die liau…

  163. its not that bad….just watch it….i think its a pretty good pair up and a good chance for JHD to change his personality/image.

  164. why not taeyeon paired up with Junsu from dbsk??? they both very cute, innocents, bright and charming.. why must hyun don…






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