Infinity Challenge and 1 Night 2 Days Have Guidelines Too

This was kind of coming after the script for Family Outing was published. Curious netizens managed to discover that there are scripts for Infinity Challenge and 1 Night 2 Days after seeing it in the May 2008 issue of the in-house magazine published by the Korean TV and Radio Writers Association.

1 Night 2 Days and Infinity Challenge

It was the exact same scenario with Family Outing in that each member was assigned specific lines while detailed specific instructions for various segments were written in the script. Some netizens felt betrayed at this latest relevation, “I am very disappointed. They keep emphasizing on the reality part but actually there’s a script. I don’t have the mood to watch anymore.”

But there were sensible netizens who expressed, “There are simply too much details on the show that can be accomodated in the script. If you compare closely, what happens in the broadcast is totally different from the script. The script only serves as a basic guideline to ensure that the program flows smoothly. It’s just not possible to script their reactions and expressions!”

Infinity Challenge Script

Infinity Challenge

1N2D Script


Who really cares if it’s scripted or not if it entertains us weekly? But I wonder if this will affect the ratings this weekend, especially for 1N2D and Family Outing. Infinity Challenge is already on a downward spiral from last week.

Hope not. Only silly people will deprive themselves of entertainment.

69 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge and 1 Night 2 Days Have Guidelines Too

  1. As it is said “the script only serves as a basic guideline to ensure that the program flows smoothly”.
    No big deal !

  2. i remember reading the x-man’s dangyunhaji segment was semi-scripted to. i’m not surprised that these three shows are scripted because it’s hard to think of stuff on the spot. it’s like the script provides structure for what will happen on the show.

    i doubt this will cause an affect in ratings. the netizens shouldn’t be so surprised that these shows are scripted. i think they just overreact too much.

  3. I still love 1N2D
    No matter for me… Cause the bonding between the members is priceless and CAN NOT be scripted!!!

  4. no big deal… reality shows in the us are mostly scripted to if it still entertains then ill keep on watching

  5. i’ll never blame them. cuz i kno this just like in the beginning.

    now, i just wanna give kudos to the pplz who work their brain for the script, cuz it’s pretty detail.
    their ideas sure are genius.

  6. I want to express my opinion on 1N2D. Basic guideline like what games that the PD have in store for the members, places to visit of course it is planned 1st.Its not scripted . If the Pd never plans what they wanted to do ahead of time then what they are going to do when they arrive in the destination? Sitting there doing nothing? I can tell you right now 1n2d is not fake at all~~!!!

  7. LOL~ the script writer for 1n2d won an award on kbs entertainment award for gods sake~ so if ppl are still dellusional about it not scripted at all,is abit…..and their script writer have appeared on the epi before~ well those script are all about guidelines and not about what to say and how to react~ and their suffering has been proved real since real reporters have been on the show while they shoot~ so i wont think it will effect 1n2d that much as it will effect FO~ IMO

  8. Gosh, I’m sure there is a lot of ad-libbing going on. I remember watching High Five where it was sort of like Infinity Challenge where the hosts tried out different jobs. They were at a farm talking to a farmer when all of a sudden they started to break out into song. The Farmer they were talking to was flustered and said, “This wasn’t it in the script.” Their response, “Things like this are never in the script.”

  9. of course there is a script..i mean u have heard them talking to the writers of the show XD..that’s what writers do!!!
    but as u said not everything is on the script !!
    I still love 1N2D so much ❀

  10. “Only silly people will deprive themselves of entertainment”… You said it the best Coolsmurf…

    I don’t understand why its such a big deal… viewers should have learnt to differentiate by now…

    Reality only works on the people on the street, catch them offguard and see what they gotta say…

    But when artistes are involve, even it isnt like drama script’s word for word script, I think it merely serves as a guideline to let the program flow smoothly……there are tonnes of adlib going on all the time…

    And yes props to the sensible netizens to state that reaction and expression cannot be scripted… so damn true…

  11. Most Korea shows have soem scripting.. sometimes whent he main mc says something… to go into the next segmeant and someone nterrupts him he’ll rush into the next part (saying exactly the same thing he said ages ago before someone said something funny) and introduce the next part.

    Doesnt even matter cause these shows rock and are awesome, you need some structure even in reality shows or it’d become very disorganised in how they move on and editting may even become worse if they get stuck on idea for what to do next since they’re filming for hours every week!

  12. waaa…is it the real 1n2d script?? from what i know 1n2d only have a major plan (bcoz, heyyaa you cant run a show without any plan), but just a brief one (like where we will go, what games will be played, and so on, just a major guideline)..then if 1n2d is a real scripted one…OMG the six guys is such a very good actor, and i think it needs to retake many times to get the reaction just like they show in the tv, it’s soo hard to look that natural if you already have line to say, you already know what thing will happen next and so on..btw maybe you can cross-check this source to find another side of the “scripted things”..

  13. well i dont really care if itz scripted
    but i have to say wen people found out that
    WE GOT MARRIED was scripted
    a lot of them stopped watching the show which sorta dropped the ratings
    if people have no problem with these three shows are scripted
    why is there a problem in WE GOT MARRIED being scripted?

  14. i already knew it was somewhat scripted. it doesnt matter. 1n2d is awesome and if it makes us laugh and entertains, then dont matter.

  15. if people start bashing on 1n2d about it being scripted, all i could say is that we should have known. Don’t forget they introduced us to the new writer in one of the episodes??? Was the new writer in 1n2d just suppose to sit around and do nothing? of course not, he probably does the basic outlines and etc.

  16. All this about a show being scripted, it does not really matter, it still makes me laugh and after a hard and long weekend I’m always looking forward to these shows, all are awesome and are very entertaining.

  17. If you get start hating a program just because it’s scripted means you were never a fan of the show even if you say you enjoy it.
    A script is necessary just in case something goes wrong like in 1n2d when they were shipwreck for a few hours. That couldn’t have been scripted. Plus,
    I don’t care. As long as it still makes me laugh till the point I want to pee in my pants, I’m going to keep watching it.

  18. it would be hilarious is a competing television network is making fake scripts and posting it online to make people believe it’s real. But hey, if it’s true, reality isn’t all that funny and entertaining all the time.

  19. But what if a completing television network is to blame? What if they made fake scripts based off a previous episode and uploaded it online to make the show’s ratings fall? O:

  20. well, for every show, there has to be a script…
    Still can’t ignore the fact that 1n2d and infinity challenge are great shows

  21. Oh I’m so biased….I still love 1N2D, scripted or not. Mong cant fake that amount of love he has for his brothers!

  22. from watching Infinity Challenge i knew they were scripted because the MCs would always mention the female writers, like when they do those races the ladies followed Hyun Don and MC Yoo.

    Family Outing already seemed obviously scripted cause how could MC Yoo & Daesang live normal lives if they were really as dumb as they act as Dumb & Dumber? how could they make it to work on time? lol. they should write some better stuff for Hyori, Yeh Jin & Stepmother Kim & Chunderella & the Dumb & Dumber brothers outshine her.

  23. whoops, forgot to mention, the article isn’t biased since 1n2d team brought reporters to the show and the pds talked about having plan or as u call it , guideline. but i dont think its scripted. there’s a lot of things on that show that’s hard to fake

  24. Hmm..I believe that every variety shows have guidelines as foundations for the shows. It the must have thing for every shows to run really well… I have no doubt for that.

    But I still think tht scripts above are hoax, cause since the FO’s script were revealed to the public, probably some unresponsible ppl want to make such a big fuss by posting hoax script…

    Who knows??

  25. did ppl really think that it was all reality?
    Come on it’s like believing The Hills, The City & The Real World was all real. Those shows are scripted too. It may deal with real things that are going on with their lives but it’s so scripted the PD will tell the ppl on the shows what to do & what to say so they can capture “reality” it’s all fake.
    I don’t know why netizens are getting all butt hurt over it. Just be happy you have something funny to watch.

  26. *Cough Cough*

    I would like an apology from all who said I was lying or falsely adding 1n2d into the script drama.

    Nay, just kidding. lol

    If these shows are not scripted they wouldn’t have script writers or guidelines on what to do because that only means that things are not happening normally.

    Yes impromptu things do happen on the show, but that does not mean it’s not scripted.

    As a fan of these shows I will still enough them.

    This really isn’t a big deal.

  27. Uh, duh? I mean these kinds of shows need to have a basic script so things don’t fly everywhere and waste a ton of time filming.

    Even if there are scripts, I doubt the reactions are all acting anyways. If it was entirely scripted they should ALL win acting awards..

  28. lol i dont know why the netizens are so surprised
    even i knew this. i remember they said that xman was semi scripted too

    im not that bother by it
    1n2d still entertains me greatly

  29. I guess these “reality” shows caught a lot of attention a part due to having celebrities showing their “real” personalities, which is different from their public personna and image. So when it is said to be scripted…People might go “they are just playing a role, when it’s supposed to be their real down-to-earth selves.” So it can definitely kill some of that awe factor for certain viewers.

  30. Why is it that on the Family Outing entries their were all these, “Haha 1N2D has no script. It’s all real unlike FO hahahaha. Why do you watch FO when 1N2D is better?”

    But on this one there are hardly any comments like that. Most falling on the lines of, “Well duh I mean a show can’t go on without a script. I mean they should win awards for acting and stuff.”

    There were some of those in the Family Outing but there were also 1N2D fans just putting down FO

  31. those netizens in that country have no fucking life,, seriously get out of ur room and get some fresh air, jesus christ ,, they sound like a bunch of psychotic lunatics..

    what reality show doesnt have a script.. they are freaking stupid if they seriously thought EVERYTHING was all normal.. idiots.

  32. The Family Outing news shocked me way more. But I’m going to stay in my delusions that 1n2d is 100% natural.

  33. I still watch it, but now i question if the funny moments moments are scripted or not every time which takes away from it :/

  34. I think that there must be a “BASE” script for every program to ensure the format is followed .. as a guideline if someone makes mistake .. But, that doesn’t mean its no longer a reality show ..
    The expression and the bond between the program member can’t be faked .. That’s REALITY
    1N2D is a very good entertainment show, are we going to let this matter prevent us from watching this program??
    Think on it ..

  35. every show needs a script.. i can tell when i watch 1n2d.. they do have a script bc khd is doing all the talking so it was pretty obvious.. but the chemistry is deff not scripted lol.

  36. well you should read the article written in it clearly states their that there may be a “script” but it’s just a basic guideline for the flow of the show but all in all nothing is scripted.

  37. yes. i agree with majority here. variety show cant 100% reality but their reaction and personality show by them is genuine. 1n2d still da best!!!

  38. Sigh. How I wish it ain’t scripted. Its all so unatural.

    Makes me think that my idols are not as funny as portrayed in shows.

    Still will watch it.

  39. its not that big a deal
    the thing that counts most is that they give good entertainment
    i already thought they had a script they have to be able to have a direction with the show and not just make it up as they go along like all those games in 1n2d they have to be prepared
    stop making a big deal out of nothing

  40. i think it’s like a guideline to show what to do next… a plan maybe, not seriously a script but if it was scripted what isn’t scripted now a days?! O_o even music show (OKAY, i am just kidding LMFAO)

  41. like i said before
    who cares?
    just as long as we have fun
    no big deal…

    i wish they could post the wgm script so that lots of fans will snapped out of their dream

  42. lol at the 1d2n fans who bash FO for being scripted.
    now all i read is …. all variety shows need guidelines after all.

    that’s for being 2 faced. hahaha

  43. I hope not. I really could care less about a show being scripted or not. I like the show! I hope this doesn’t affect the ratings, ugh. There goes another favorite variety show.

    Thanks viewers,

  44. @ yogi

    totally agree with you haha.

    And there’s no way that everything is completely scripted. Like FO – in the latest ep it’s pretty obvious that they edited out part of KJK’s q&a segment because he was uncomfortable with it. You can script the questions and events/games, but you can’t script the answers and the interactions between the people.

    like everyone else has said, it’s funny either way, so why the big fuss?

  45. God. 1n2d fans shouldn’t put down Fo. However, as someone who watches all four shows, 1n2d is the closest thing to “real” than fo, wgm and ic. Comparing to other shows, 1n2d doesnt seem heavily scripted as the three. Lets just say all shows have some guidelines. No show is really 100% reality. Even the Hills is scripted -.-. So why the big fuss? As long as the show is good, that’s all that matters.

    It seems like there’s some tensions b/w 1n2d fans and FO. 1n2d fans are probably peeved that FO is “inspired” by their concept while being their strongest ratings rival. 1n2d fans, be happy with the show’s stable 30% ratings!The two shows have its similarities and differences so just let it be. It would be great if people would stop comparing the two shows and say which is better and be happy on both the show’s high ratings. In the end, scripted or not, as long as the show’s still good, just enjoy the show and put this all behind.

  46. thats not a big shock for me
    if its scripted or not i would watch it
    do not care about it the shows are funny and you can everytime laugh about something so thats the important thing

  47. I knew that shows like X-man was scripted, especially the dangyunhaji parts but those fantastic lines take some talent to some up with right?

    I didn’t expect FO to be scripted explicitly…you mean they have to memorize lines like actors??? Was what I thought. It doesn’t make sense that Family members have to memorize lines..wouldn’t that be a lot of work?

    With 1N2D, all I have to say is “I wouldn’t be ticked off if KHD had not kept emphasising about how ‘REAL’ 1n2d was’. Maybe that was scripted as well.

    If they had js gone on with their scripted jokes but no emphasis on being REAL, WILD, bla bla bla…it would have been better accepted.

  48. HAHA! i like infinity challenge.. i don’t really care.. as long as i’m entertained and i have a good laugh, i’m happy!

  49. just want to say this:

    All shows are scripted, even those man on the street interview, the host has a list of question to ask, sometimes the person being asked either don’t know the question before hand or sometimes they do and it’s up to them to answer it their way. To believe that this reality shows are not scripted is either being naive or just plain stupid. They need to conceptualize each episode or they would end up spending the day wasting network money going everywhere without direction. Even if it’s just a piece of paper stating what should happen in an episode, that is still considered as being scripted. When you say something is scripted, it does not mean that every word said by each character has to be predetermined by the writer and pd’s it could also mean that everything has been planned ahead of time. They know the beginning and the end.

    And those reality shows like big brother? The moment they start editing, it becomes scripted because the pd/scriptwriter can control what is shown to the audience.

  50. netizens should get a life! Whatever it is, as much as I love all these variety shows, but the fact is, these are paid entertainers..and so there are paid writers it’s all for a show…I dunno why Korean entertainment scene pays so much attention to netizens anyway.

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  52. All reality shows have some sort of basic script. They cannot expect things to just happen naturally all the time… then it would be putting huge stress on the participants of the show. Knowing what is expected of them makes it easier for the show to progress… geeezzz…

  53. “Only silly people will deprive themselves of entertainment”
    haha you said it all

    of course 1N2D is semi-scripted,even kids know that KHD cant memorize all the details about those places they’ve visited. n i doubt the scrip-writer told MC Mong to smell lee seungi foot..they even introduced to us the scrip writer..but iono ’bout other show tho

    thanks for posting

  54. Lol πŸ˜€ lol lol there has to be some guidelines and structure or everything would fall apart and anyways they dont really follow what the script says…almost everything you see on tv is scripted but that doesnt stop you from watching it does it. If you pay close attention to 1n2d i would say the experiences they have on that show are pretty real wouldnt you? Plus people should be happy there are shows like FO &1n2d that bring happiness and joy into our lives why complain and make a big deal out of nothing.

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