YG Entertainment Changes Seung Ri Strong Baby Lyrics for KBS

With regards to the decision to ban Seung Ri’s title song Strong Baby from being played on KBS, YG Entertainment has decided to act by modifying the questionable word in the song and have sent it for review again.

Seung Ri Strong Baby

Strong Baby was the solo song that was included in Big Bang’s 2nd album Remember and is being used by Seung Ri for his solo activities now. Actually, the song was already deemed by KBS to be not suitable for broadcast in November of last year after it reviewed the album. According to them, the crack word in the song can be linked with the drug, cocaine. But it seems to be KBS only since MBC and SBS have passed the song without any problems.

A YG Entertainment representative expressed in a phone interview, “For Seung Ri’s solo activities, we have decided to change the questionable word. We have sent it for another review and have changed the word from crack to clap instead.” Seung Ri first performed the song at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun, showing off a new strong sexy image, a contrast to his maknae image.

48 thoughts on “YG Entertainment Changes Seung Ri Strong Baby Lyrics for KBS

  1. only in kpop can they change song lyrics from “crack” to “clap” and it still makes perfect (non)sense…

  2. Aww man, its not as catchy :/
    Haha even though crack and clap KINDA sound the same, i think it totally changes it :[

  3. : / well, a lot of people thought it was clap anyways. since kbs came up with such lame a excuse for the ban and yg changed it up, they canttt ban him again right. even though the song is pretty suggestive.

  4. its inevitable.. u do know that KBS channel stands KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM. its run by the GOVERNMENt. THEY GET sponsored by government as well..so it makes sense KBS is more strict than SBS or MBC.

    한국 문화 방송.

  5. change it or not.. i just don’t understand why “crack”? its a good song and the crack part is catchy but whats the meaning… clap have more meaning… iono if it will sound better tho..

  6. the WTF??????!!!

    screw KBS, I was proud of YG for defending his artist and not bow down to KBS’s stupid request
    I mean, out of all things, they pick at the word “crack”


  7. Ahh, that is such a shame, I really like crack, it sounds like a stronger word to use with that song. Wish there was less censorship and let the people decide what the lyrics mean.

  8. lol. Ali.
    neither change for dbsk or seungri have the same feel
    “crack” is the main music part of the song.

  9. because of CRACK ?!?!?!?
    omg .. that was one of my favourite parts of the song too .. cause it was something easy to remmeber 😦 also because it was in english so it was easier for me to remember 😛

    “clap” just doesn’t sound as good as “crack” .. it sounds kinda lame compared to “crack” IMO.

  10. @midori: LOL! I totally agree with you 😀

    Seriously though, crack to clap..? If they want a more “appropriate” reason, it should be the sensuallity rather than crack… I didn’t even know they say “crack” in the first place, sounds more like “quack” >.<

  11. So.. this youth thing.. who are they trying to protect?
    Im sure the parents wont mind that one WORD.
    let alone the fans.
    alrd causin drama with so many stars,
    and still wanna fight the VIP.
    i wonder who pay them

  12. No! I can’t believe YG will succumb to KBS’s stupid request.
    I love the “crack crack” thing. It’s really catchy.
    If Baby Ri mispronounces “clap” it’s gonna sound like “crap”.
    Which is exactly the fitting description of KBS’s request. Watta crap. hehehe.
    If Baby sings it on KBS and it sounds like “crap crap” that would surely make me laugh. hehehe.
    But I hope this “clap” won’t apply to SBS and MBC.

  13. out of all things…crack???

    youth association loser really know how to pick the words…

    they’re so useles….one would think it would be the whole song and mv that they think is inappropriate..but no..just crack…they’re jut wasting time…they need to find a real job

  14. @ midori

    lol “CRAP”
    so true they wont be able to pronounce the L

    but what the heck its “crack” but than again when
    i always listen to the song it does make me think
    of ‘drugs’

  15. Crack and clap….I think KBS just look in the different prepective. Crack can also mean by broken or break. Not the the drug crack//?Crazy…

  16. SELL OUT!

    They knew it was a stupid reason so why give in like that? They might as well change the lyrics for YMGA “What” to get them on KBS.

    Such “Crap”

  17. the “crack” part in the original mv was catchy and in my opinion it isn’t that suggestive of anything negative… seriously, the song was good (and awesome), why must they change it?….

  18. bad words issues again?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUH?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    juz go to the same holy shit rule that u’ve done to DBSK then….!!!! the ‘curfew’ time !!!!

    this is the same issue…so go to the same conclusion !!!!

    again….CLOSE PROB !!!!!!!!!! ~

    im getting sick of this issue…WHY NOW????!!!

  19. I knew it. That they would ban this song I mean. Even though it makes no sense at all. They ban the song becus of crack. lmao. I thought it was becus of “it’s time to become one”. Like in making love way. LOL

  20. I saw the video and hear the lyrics, the song was not that great and I did not see anything wrong with it.

  21. and they don’t see the bed scene and the grinding (or whatever they are doing) on each other parts at all.

  22. I wonder if someone puts “crack like thunder.” will they ban that too?

    It’s like they have no freedom of speech AT ALL!

  23. OMFG this is just so friggin overboard
    “CRACK” – the onomatopia for when i break someone’s neck namely the people from KBS

    holy cow, this is just so stupid, i mean i understand rain and his sexy magic stick but good god! CRACK
    maybe they should smoke some and loosen up my goodness -_-

  24. LMFAO, some of the comments truly made me laugh out loud until i cried! you guys are hilarious! especially midori’s comment.

    but seriously, i kinda had a feeling that they were going to say something bad about the song, or someone report something…
    either way it think ‘clap’ is good. when i first heard it live i initially thought he was saying ‘clap’. PLUS they are CLAPPING when they say ‘crack’, so i think it’s just fine 🙂

  25. omg… I LOVED the CRACK part!!! 😦
    Gosh! Just ruined another song….
    The crack part is totally essential…
    lol… the first time I heard it, I was like, “haha… G-dragon’s sex calls…” lol…. 😀

    @ kcnguyen: hahaha… totally agree. Maybe they should smoke some to loosen up~

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  27. yo @ midori u’ve cracked me up man but its true now he is gonna say ‘crap’…what a load of crap hey 😉

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