KBS Boys Before Flowers Makes Desired Impact on Opening

Boys Before Flowers certainly did not disappoint as it delighted KBS authorities with a strong showing of 14.3% for its opening episode last night.


KBS had been on the losing end in the Mon-Tue timeslot against competing dramas from SBS and MBC for almost 2 years now and it had been banking on Boys Before Flowers to reverse the situation. And it certainly did not disappoint as they finally succeeded on their 13th attempt, coming close to the opening episode rating of 14.6% set by Hello Miss on 19th March, 2007.

But what was the first impression after the first episode? “Although not close to the original, but it was passable” was the general remark given by those who were familar with the manga. Granted that most of the acting were quite stiff but its only the beginning so it should be better as we go along.

65 thoughts on “KBS Boys Before Flowers Makes Desired Impact on Opening

  1. I watched it last night. It was OK but still have to see how the show will go on. I’m probably still under the spell of the Japanese version up to now. I’m looking forward to the chemistry to be developed…

  2. Although quite different from its popular Japanese counter-part, the first episode was much enjoyable and satisfying. Episode 1 definitely filled in the gaps of the original manga, which give the drama a more logical and meaningful introduction to fans and viewers. Not to mention, it also develops a Korean-ness to the drama, making the story and its characters stand as wholly Korean, and not a continuation of the Japanese or Taiwanese version. I have to agree that the acting was a bit stiff and there is room for improvement, but it was still impressive to see that it retained the fun and exagerrated, over-the-top quality while looking refined. And besides, this drama is about a poor, courageous girl and Jandi (played by Goo Hye Sun) truly carries the drama, just as Makino Tsukushi (played by Inoue Mao) did. I look forward to watching the rest of this drama.

    And I hope the script writer doesn’t overwhelm us with fantasy but also infuses reality, including Korean culture and social issues (in short, I hope it’s not a shallow drama). The genius of Hana Yori Dango (Jap. ver.) was precisely that it was outrageous, yet with a human touch.

  3. It’s the first episode so the rating doesn’t really tell anything yet. The rating for episode 4 and later on would mean more significant.

  4. I was LOLing at the company name “Shinhwa” keke
    watching it right now as we speak
    gotta finish it now 😀

    and just one thing.. damn I love their cafeteria…

  5. I’ve seen both Japanese and Taiwanese version and personally, I thought this was still enjoyable to watch. I just hope people would open up their minds and not be overly critical. Give it a chance and just simply enjoy.

  6. the lead guy is mighty cool.
    done justice to the role of Dao Ming Su.
    he is so cool playing the bad guy,
    i like him already.


  7. there’s really high expectations for this version…b/c with the successful Tawainese and Japanese versions… this one will be compared to those two a lot…

    i will watch it like any other Korean drama and hopefully..it’ll make a lasting impression…

  8. How’d you all watch it yesterday? From where? I don’t see it on Youtube…

    I’m glad it still received a positive review and of course there’s room for development as these actors are still relatively new to acting (especially HJ).

  9. even though i’m korean, i have to say i like the japanese version better.
    it’s cool that they tried to come up with a reason for jandi to go to the prestigious school, but they didnt really need to. i thought tsukushi was an ambitious girl who wanted to make something of herself just like shizuka so even though her family is poor they supported her decision.
    i dont like how jandi overreacts and is overly bright and so cute. she’s not really supposed to be like that…
    AND ugh, the mother is supposed to be very cold & cruel, but the mother here is too fiery and stuff.

    ah, whatever.
    i’m gonna keep watching ’cause i wanna see how it develops.
    hopefully it’ll get better & less over dramatic

  10. going through the first ep was a torture. acting was totally horrendous. will not watch any more of this show.

  11. I havnt watched it yet, but personally im afraid to. Maybe im just a hard critic…i liked HYD, and Meteor Garden was tolerable at best…Meteor Garden II, didnt even bother…so my expectations are kinda high…but then again…maybe the fact tha i watched two versions im not quick to watch this one…i’ll wait for the first 6 or so to be out b4 i watch it…its like its the thing to watch right now…in my opinion anyways…im more obssessed with My precious Child/You…

  12. it’s not sub yet, but you can go to youtube and type “kkotboda namja”. hope somebody will help us to sub this, but for today. i think i am happy with what i watch. hehe.

  13. it’s funny how all of the people who don’t like this drama always complain how different it is from the manga, or the Japanese version, or the Taiwanese version. Seriously, I hate those kinds of comments. So what if the main girl is not what you expect of her. You guys just love the previous versions and idealize the characters to the point that you don’t accept any new modifications. If you are that into the old versions then no matter how the story will develop, I suggest you stop watching it. RIGHT NOW! Since I want to hear criticism, not bitching and complaining. If you want to compare, fine, do it after watching the whole series. For now please stop your unkind comparison and watch the story unfolds (if you are still watching). I’m sorry but I really hate to see repetitive nonsense bitching.

  14. I don’t like how it’s 24 episodes! That’s in my standard is too long. I hope it doesn’t drag ..but then again, I haven’t watched the 1st episode yet.

    Heck, even the JP version with only around 10 episodes ..bored me to tears.

  15. Yeah, I agree with skywatcher123.

    I’m getting really fed up with people comparing Boys Before Flowers to the other versions.
    You can criticize all you want AFTER you finish the entire drama. Jeez, stop with the whining already (especially on youtube).

  16. what?? this is kbs 1st success (14%) after hello miss?? that was so long ago. and hello miss is not even good.. well, i hope BBF will succeed. it is a promising drama after all. but.. i still wanna watch eoe badly. y do they have to air 3 good dramas at the same time slot???

  17. i watched cut video from youtube with sub and yeah, their acting look stiff, hope it get better next episode

  18. gosh!!! everybody around me here n there r talkin about the first episode… n unfortuanetly i got no time to watch it as i spare all my time in my work load….. ~ WTH !!! i need my life back !!! crazy working life endurance ….!!! ~ ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The main girl’s acting is HORRENDOUS!!!

    I hope she improves on later episodes because watching her annoyed me. Had it not been for Lee Min Ho, I would’nt have continued on watching cause the overacting of the girl made my viewing experience painful

  20. yeah, GHS overacted here. i normally like her but not here. i also cant watch My Girl for the same reason=overacting. i still remember LDH’s popped eyes and giggles, it was so annoying!!

  21. The first episode was not that bad, well see what happens later on, I have to agree that it does show the Korean style and it differs from the Japanese and the Taiwanese Version.

  22. also have to agree that the main girl’s acting is annoying. but honestly, her acting is just … like all the other main girls in kdrama anyway. she needs to tone it down a little bit. but i’m not that annoyed lol. she’s okay. but i don’t think she’ll make an impact as makino. oh well.

    tsukasa here isn’t as scary either. he looks the best out of all the tsukasas so far but hmm, i need him to be a little more scary lol. rui is hmm, a little boring. oh well, that’s rui. the others ….feel like extras to the story. lol.

    i do like the setting though. it fits the story well. and 24 episodes isn’t that long compared to the other versions. will look forward to the rest~

  23. This is a really bizzare thing for be to say, given the plot of the manga is already pretty far fetched…but I thought the first episode wasn’t exaggerated enough. lol.

  24. Wasn’t as great as I had hoped, but wasn’t bad at all. The acting was … pretty horrific (no offense) haha but it reminded me of those old, cheesy Korean dramas which were just the best. 😉
    Omg… Kimbum’s so lovable. Loving the cast so far, though I wish jandi was more makino-style (as in tough.. this one’s a bit more cutesy) ^^; I guess it’s a Korean-version makino. I can deal with it.
    Can’t wait until the next episode!

  25. i haven’t seen the 1st episode, mysoju hasn’t post anything yet. i know it already aired in korea, so hopefully we here in california finally get to see it 🙂

    i also am a fan “terroir” and i know they are in the competing end in their respective timeslot, so i don’t know how will that go.

  26. I was a little bit disturbed with the opening. I felt the attack on the “red tagged” student was a little bit to much.

    In the Chinese and Japanese versions students didn’t ruff each other up that badly like in the Korean version(very bloody), and the rooftop scene where the guy was going to jump was also to much.

    I am like where are all the teachers when that was going on.

    Also I am not liking the lead actress’ acting.

    But I will give it a couple of more episodes before I make my decision if I like it or not.

  27. I haven’t seen it yet except for maybe a glimpse or two while I talked on the phone. It looks good and I’m looking forward to it, I don’t expect it to be like the old versions (I’m a hardcore Hana Yori Dango Japan fan). I hope it’s as refreshing as everyone says it is.

  28. just watched some parts of it…skimmed through the episode and OMG the girl is not good! before it got released, people were complimenting her like no other saying she’s a good actress, but i’m sorry, i’m not seeing it.

    i’m a pretty harsh critic, but i’m a little more lenient on less known actors because i know it isn’t exactly the easiest profession, but she was absolutely horrible! hyun joong, who has never has prior experience, did a much better job than her.

    i’m pretty disappointed…and the dude that plays domyouji needs to work on his facial expression more. isn’t he supposedly the one who has had the most experience in acting of f4?

    since there are so many more episodes coming up, i’m sure the characters will be more well played, but for now, it’s a major thumbs down.

  29. I’m kind of dissapointed, the production feels kind of cheap and the korean F4 isn’t that big as the Japanese F4 (if you look at the houses, jewelry and other luxeries).

    The acting isn’t that great either. I will still follow it though, I hope the future of GBN will be better.

    People shouldn’t exagerate, it isn’t that great.

  30. <3..

    Episode 1 didn’t dissapointed me, even after watch all the other versions of Boys before flowers.

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  32. The first episode was Ok I suppose. I didnt like it that much but I didn’t hate it either……but I do wanna watch the rest of it. The first episode is up in mysoju.com…..but does anyone know any other sites that has put it up….wid eng subs pls…..??? ^_^

  33. i just watched the first two episodes and i must say that it’s not bad at all. i really like how lee min ha portrayed joon pyo. 😀

    the first two episodes are up at viikii.com

    cant wait for next weeks episodes.:)

  34. wow, I had my doubts, but I truly liked the first episode.
    Lee Minho is definitely the right person to play Domyouji Tsukasa. The rest of F4 were also good.
    Hyunjoong was a little stiff, but it was the first episode. So, I can understand. He was so dreamy… *melts*
    Kim Bum was cute!! His smile is just so… *giggles*
    Anyways, Goo Hyesun!! OMG! I truly had my doubts about this girl!! She fits!! 🙂 I wouldn’t say she’s perfect for the role, but she did a really good job!!! I’m satified… for now that is. ^^

    @sOyAnG: I’m watching the episodes on veoh.

  35. comparing to meteor garden that has a part two when you add all the episodes of season 1 and season 2 this is shorter…. yet again if this is just season 1 this is too long… can anyone give me a link, where I could watch the first episode?

  36. i am definitely loving this drama, esp after ep.2, which really got me hooked. lee min ho is perfect in his character, and i was impressed by hyun joong’s first attempt at acting. he was actually good. ku hyesun is amazing in the geum jandi role, as in nonstop and pure 19, she really pulls off the cute yet feisty character and i love the faces and expressions she makes. if anyone knows of her, she is actually a quiet person in real life, so for her to portray an agressive character requires a bit of acting skill which she has proven she does have. i enjoyed the taiwanese version and the japanese version and will enjoy this one too. they did try to come as close to the manga as possible but if they miss the mark, who cares? just enjoy. the music is fantastic too!!!

  37. #cx3, # meamie, #rawr, # Mel, # 꽃보다 남자, # LadyIgraine
    # Heavenly, #ddalgi.

    AGREED WITH ALL OF YOU!! You guys rocks!!

    Being fair and objective, let things straight. I didn’t and wouldn’t compared it to manga or any other versions. Everyone waited this version as they are.

    What disturbed me very much is GYS acting. I waited anxiously for her but she keep annoyed me. Not only annoyed but her acting is unbelievable and overacting. Not the kind of overacting that is common but try toooo hard to be cutesy and feitsy. I mean, she is just didn’t have to be not natural. I hope she can make a believable acting in later episode. Yes, Sanchai, makino has an annoyed character BUT it is the character and not the acting.

    Oh, man! It getting on my nerves. I even try very hard to like the acting but meh, failed.

    Just hope it will getting better. I really longing Go Ara for this role. I’m watching Who Are You? and she did brilliantly in her role which is surprising me when I have a doubt about her before.

    By the way kiddies, its not bashing it point an opinion.

  38. Still, I still have a little hope for this drama. Believe me, I try my best to be optimistic and like this drama.

  39. yeah eventhough i feel nothing that big of impression

    but i think korean has made a very great drama

    the setting and the casts

    still love it and gonna watch it ^^

  40. The girl is so Ugly in The boys before flowers , korean version of hana yori dango..why they didn’t take the girl who play in coffee prince??????
    I don t want to see more because , even if she has a make up.. she still so ugly

  41. i’m not comparing this to other versions. HanaYori Dango” is such lovely and unique manga, whatever version it is, i love watching it. what i’m gonna say now is what i feel after watching 4 eps .
    1. i dn’t like the lead actress. she’s just can’t act naturally. so overacting or trying way too hard to be cute. why cn’t she talk normally without pouting her mouth 😦 u can see the she pout her mouth so many time in every eps . i dn’t find it cute at all. it’s annoying to me. Hope she’ll become better in the coming eps ( or..may b it’s us who become used to her over acting 😛 )
    2.i’m sorry to say thi, fans. but Hyun Joong can’t play Rui character as good as Japanese and Taiwanese actors.
    3.Red notice is one main point of HanaYoriDango. but we can’t see about that 😦
    well..that’s all that i dn’t like about this drama. other characters, storyline are good,though.
    Kim bum is uber cute and charming!!!<3 ❤
    he is one main reason i keep on watching this 😀

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