Family Outing Is Not Reality But Scripted?

Is it reality or scripted? Well, it appears to be the latter to an extent after some of the scripts for SBS Good Sunday Family Outing reality program was uploaded to the internet by netizens and becoming a hot topic of discussion.

Family Outing Scripted?

The December issue of the in-house magazine for the Korean TV and Radio Writers Association had apparently published the scripts for Family Outing episode which had Park Hae Jin as guest. The scripts were highly detailed to the point that it not only had lines for each cast member, but also included the specific game settings, how each member address each other, their reactions, expressions, positioning, etc. The detailed script seems to be making a mockery of the reality setting that the program was set out to be from the beginning.

Netizens were split at this latest finding. Some though that this was a reality program. But they were really disappointed to know that it was actually going according to script. But others felt that even if its a reality program, a base script is needed for things to flow, so it’s not really important.

When quizzed, the Family Outing PD expressed, “The scripts are just basic guidelines for the members and also for the program to flow smoothly. Whatever happens in the process is purely up to their own imagination.”

87 thoughts on “Family Outing Is Not Reality But Scripted?

  1. im a devoted watcher of f.o and i really couldnt care less xD
    netizens always make a big deal out of everything 😛

  2. who cares?

    did we laugh our butt off when we watch its? YES
    did it help us release stress? YES
    do we look forward to watch it every week? YES
    can we feel the family love and bond there? DUH!!

    so……… again, who cares?

  3. I have always loved the show from the beginning and I don’t think it matters if it is really scripted or not. Viewers can see that they are having fun and so are we. I don’t think it is really hurting anyone right? Scripts are there to make filming process flow better. Wasn’t that the same for XMAN?

  4. All reality shows, no, every single show on TV has a basic script because there is always accountability from the PDs and they need to cover themselves by having a basic outline of what they think will make the show funny or certain interactions or situations can be “pushed” in the right direction so the show looks good. Its entertainment, and as long as I laugh and enjoy myself, then its fine with me. I still feel a real bond and chemistry between the members from what I see, although I think when they added Kim Jong Kook, the family chemistry got out of balance a little bit and everyone needed to adjust to KJK’s style.
    Also, I think KJK, like on X-Man, needs to be around the family cast more to feel more comfortable and at ease, so as more episodes go by, I think he will become more active on the show.

  5. well of course variety are stripted at some time rite?
    I dont really care. as long as i get a laugh at it i`m happy ^^Plus the chemistry is great witht he family i`m sure that`s not fake!

  6. scripted or not .. its still funny as hell !!!!!! if they script it so its even funnier …. then damn, they should all get best actor/actress awards!!!!!

  7. well the episode mentioned was one of the early episodes (the 3rd outing actually) so i would actually be surprised if there wasnt a script. i definitely belive that in the beginning, the scripts were needed to create some chmeistry but now i think most of the the stuff is natural by now. i think coolsmurf is turning into a netizen and trying to stir up controversy

  8. My definition of script in variety shows is that they are told what they will be doing, when, who, where, etc. The basics that’s needed to make a show.

    This is reality as in, they are probably saying whatever they like most of the time without remembering lines like actors do.

  9. Even if this is a real script and even if family outing is scripted, the above pictured one isn’t a family outing script. The first line in the script says

    Yoo Jae Suk: “Goguma special, muhandojun!”

    Muhandojun = infinity challenge, guys. And if this is a real muhandojun script, they did a goguma special more than two years ago and i have never seen any of the scripted part in the actual episode (it could have been edited out, i guess)

    Point two, there are really almost no lines for anyone but yjs in the picture of the script above; how is that scripting for every possible situation of the show? of course yjs would have a script, he is supposed to mc. the lines for other members are grouped into one line, and it only really says “yes” “no” “i agree” “it looks tasty” “lets eat”.

  10. chemistry can’t be scripted and the fo family have amazing chemistry together, you can’t expect a reality show to be all real or else there’d be tons of awkward silence~

  11. All variety shows are scripted, like xman disappointed me when I found out it was scripted.

    But, what I don’t want is their relationships with each other to be fake ): I like how they’re all close and funny. If it’s all just an act, that’d be really depressing.

  12. i’m actually really sad to find out that it’s scripted 😦
    I mean if it was just a simple outline of what should happen, for example ..
    1. go to the house, greet the elderly .. and send them off
    2. read the to do list and choose what to do first ..
    etc etc .. like telling them what game their playing and stuff ..

    But a ” highly detailed to the point that it not only had lines for each cast member, but also included the specific game settings, how each member address each other, their reactions, expressions, positioning, etc. ” ?? 😦

    I’m still going to watch family outing .. it’s just that i’m really sadden by hearing this news.

    I also have to say that if it is scripted, then the script writer did a good job .. because i fell in love with each characters personality and how they suited each other .. just i wish everything was reality and not ” highly detailed” scripted 😦

  13. @ Andrea: The producers of 1N2D have said that the show is not scripted. The games are planned, but what happens is not scripted at all. The PD had a long interview with the newspaper or something, and it was pretty interesting stuff since he talked about how the show is not scripted, and about the behaviors of the six men behind scenes =)

    It is a shame that it is scripted. I will still watch it though.

  14. Netizens are really gullible. If it’s not an hidden camera type program don’t assume that it’s real.

    It’s still a good show anyways.

  15. whether it’s a variety show or not. Scripts will always be present. How will you go on a show without any directions, even other professionals use scripts (as detailed as possible so as not to forget important events) ..

    FO make me enjoy my sunday night (a day before school) that’s what matter most.

  16. in that case… FO has some REALLY good script writers. =)
    (i doubt that they actually follow those ‘highly detailed scripts’ exactly anyways.)
    even though the PD’s have given them a character. i do believe that they have actually become them (the guests are almost always really awkward and much quieter than the regulars). anyways, it is honestly a good show. super funny. i have a fun time watching it.

  17. that script could of been made by the netizen who uploaded i can make one and upload in online and say i wrote the script for indiana jones and ppl would believe me..??

  18. i do believe that it’s just a GUIDE for the cast. Come’on, all reality programmes ain’t real. Be it America, Taiwan, Japan or any countries in the world.

    i would still continue watchin FO. this issue is no biggie.

  19. 1n2d is wayyy better than family outing.. the guys exude much more chemistry and it just goes to show how they dont have to follow a script, vis-a-vis family outing

  20. Basically i dun think that matters me lots, as long as the variety show entertained me… So far i enjoyed F.O, who cares whether it’s scripted or not =D

  21. I’ve always thought it was fake. i didnt like how jongshin’s always putting in ramen or stuff into the food, the whole dumb and dumber concept everytime, i dont know, i find stuff too repetitive on FO. The only thing i watch it for is daesung and sometimes the guests or when im realllllly bored.

  22. Heavenly: PLs 1N2D is not scripted at all. So pls dun label every k-variety show is scripted. I think this news is way way too old coz i’ve already known that FO is scripted. But from the names that they labelled each other is being scripted is way way too far. Anyways if they fans dun care so they don’t really need to worry. I feel that the members of FO need to show their real character instead of acting it out of script. This like lying to their fans about their real personality.

  23. haha I guess that explains the dumb and dumber thing right? I honestly cant believe two guys can be that indecisive! but it’s still pretty hilarious. I guess it’s okay to have scripts but not to the point where you tell the cast WHAT to say exactly. I hope they dont actually tell them how to rank the guys during sleeping time. That would be really….sucky.

    Anyways 1N2D recently allowed a group of reporters along on one of their trips right, and had interviews and it is true that they have a script….like one A4 sized paper with really basic instructions but not shown to the cast I think. Haha I still love 1N2D the most!

    hey….this means WGM is scripted too right? probably more scripted than the rest.

  24. I’m quite disappointed that it’s soo scripted till every line they nid 2 say..its like sayin the characters of the members of FO is scripted too..
    Luckily,my fav 1N2D is nt scripted hehe it really shows the interesting & funny side of each member..
    Newae,I tink I’ll still watch FO if there’s interestin guest on the episode..I juz dun like the way they called each other family bt yet the bullying is quite severe esp to Chun Hee 😦

  25. i think alot of korean varieties are scripted. but i think as for family outing, the “detailed” script, such as how they shd address each other, where to stand and what to do is more of an exaggeration..

    even if its real, as long as the show is entertaining and can make us laugh till our tears flow, who cares?? haha! 🙂

    anw im sure even shows like WE GOT MARRIED are scripted alot.. seeing the couples (besides anbi) in other shows/events, they dont look close at all.

    sorry to break the bubble, but all those loving moments btw most couples are highly likely to be scripted..

  26. WE GOT MARRIED IS NOT SCRIPTED PEOPLE!! Don’t drag all other shows into this. And for the stupid person above who says that all couples except Anbi is fake, I’m sorry but who the hell wants to expose their relationship to the public on entertainment shows. Only fake couple (Anbi perhaps) wants to do so. So shut up. If there is no proof then don’t drag other shows into this mess.

  27. bleh, i don’t care much for the show since i stay true to 1n2d. if people find fo enjoyable even if it is scripted to the extent where it’s written about how every character should act, then let them be. besides, it has good ratings so it means that the writers are pretty good and i bet bloody rich.

  28. I really enjoyed watching FO and still gonna watch it as long as it makes me laughing ^^ doesn’t really care about the script 😛

  29. i think all the variety show! is really scripted! it’s hard to the management, cast and staff if something went wrong!
    I DONT CARE as long we are entertain is doesnt matter if it’s scripted or not!

    how about the XMAN? it’s the same right!

    so what’s wrong about that!?


    stress remover so what if scripted!

    WE all enjoy the variety show!

    cast and viewer!

  30. @jjjjj
    Where the heck to you see Infinity Challenge written on the script page that’s posted here???
    The scene is between Jae Suk and Dae Sung…..

  31. hey skywatcher 123
    wake up from your dream. do you think solbi REALLY lost the ring Andy got her???

  32. honestly, i don’t think it would’ve flowed that well without a bit of guidance in terms of being scripted. i love the show, we love the show, it doesn’t matter haha.

  33. Hmm, 1N2D is my addiction. I couldn’t careless about this show. LOL. If it is scripted, then that would suck. 1N2D Fighting!

  34. im a huge FO fan, but i gotta say im pretty gutted to hear about the scripting…
    of course not EVERYTHING was improvised, such as setting up games or whatever, but to hear that even REACTIONS were set up?!
    that sucks ass.
    i dont know, i just thought that the spontaneity of the conversation (like MCs etc) was what made the show even funnier… that i know that it was prepared beforehand, FO kinda loses its spark to me
    yeah ill keep watching still, but the scripting just puts a damping on the viewing

  35. if it is alresdy scripted, why do they call it a “reality show”. Do their reactions are “scripted” too. That would be weird!. If so, call it” Robot show”~

  36. i dun think the script really matters. if there’s no script, how do they actually film it? as long as it’s entertaining, who cares?

  37. i voted ‘Who Cares??’ n hav same opinion on my ‘Who Cares??’ with #2;Vicky ….~ nwy, Who cares right…???!! hahhahahaaaha ^^ ~ whateva

  38. it’s entertainment. scripted or not, the show gives me good a laugh. aren’t most ‘reality’ shows scripted now? kind of inevitable if they want high viewing rates.

  39. Haha… duh… of course there are scripts/guidelines, if they weren’t, how could all the camera people get the good shots?

  40. I love watching this show and I don’t really care if its scripted or not I will continue watching, it makes me laugh.

  41. i can’t believe it!!! i think the chemistry between the cast is real but now i tink the characters are fake 😦 sad for such a good rating show …. but 1n2d fighting!!!!!

  42. of course its scripted could MC Yoo & Daesung be that dumb? i like the show, its called variety for a reason to entertain just like WGM.

    otherwise like the MCs on Kko Kko Singles Tour said why don’t they legally get married or become a family? lol.

  43. wow..
    im seriously dissapointed hearing that..its messed up.
    i might still watch it.. ugh i hate it when this stuff happens..

  44. Scripted? Isn’t every korean variety show “supposedly” scripted? At this point, I don’t care anymore cause it’s not like the stars act differently in different shows! I believe the feelings and expressions that they show are real and that’s all that matters! Still LOVIN’ Family Outing!

  45. I don’t think there is a script. I think it’s more likely that there’s an outline that they follow. IE: Games, chores, make food, etc. It’s a reality show. Not a documentary.

  46. Pfft who cares?

    Seriously I could care less.
    F.O makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and my mood is istantly better after watching. So let it be scripted, if so the writers are extremely funny so kudos to them



    Pshh~~ who cares if it’s scripted or not?
    I mean come on, and even if they were I doubt
    that it was 100%.
    If it was some agency should really pick
    up those people because they are some fine actors.
    Or check if they’re robots. I know I wouldn’t be able
    to memorize my lines and cues, with like 8 other people, in a couple of days and film it in just a mere 36 hours.
    And only like 3~4 people are actors, but even for them it’s
    a hard task to complete.
    I can’t say anything about what goes on BTS but
    from what I DO see on camera, that’s real chemistry and I can feel the bond between them.
    But if it happens to be acting, seriously somebody cast them in a drama or something.

  48. haha, i already expected it to be somewhat scripted…
    same goes to 1n2d…

    you could actually tell they were following the script outline when they were so happily chatting and then suddenly hyori says lets start the game~
    lol, so obvious la…

    but i’ll still continue to follow the show every week~

  49. f.o made us laugh before, f.o will make us laugh now.. scripted or not-scripted it’s still the same show we love and cherish 🙂

  50. this is showbiz; they can’t afford flaws or the unexpected.

    So I don’t see how this is a big deal. People enjoys drama and they’re scripted. What’s the different?

  51. little disappointed! but will still watch it!
    so this means soro’s abuse to chunhee was just the script! ( i really hated soro for that) lol

    this only means that the jokes is not the family members creation, which the reason im disappointed. but wateva!
    the show is still funny

  52. i’m disappointed its scripted. i watch this show purely for the interaction between the cast, and to find out its scripted.. doesn’t really make me as interested in the show.. >.< i sure hope it isn’t

  53. i believed every variety show has their own script. Of course for the episode guidelines!

    They are not the experts in variety show for god sake!They(even the guests) are MC,singers,actors,even idols pooled together and not some perfect,award-winner entertainers that can naturally make people laugh for an hour show.Of course they have to have a guideline for that, and thats why they have scripts.(Duhhh~the point of variety show is to make us laugh anyway.I dont really care how many/long the scripts are…they did a really good job!)

    Btw, i don’t think the show is fully scripted(it’ll be awkward, i bet..for a family to spend time together based on scripts and merely that). There are some parts where the casts themselves made the scene to be xtremely funny.
    And from what i can see, it seems that they(the casts) were having fun with each other and i believe their bonds as a family are not fake (try watch from 1st ep till latest and see how they’re getting closer each ep–it can’t be scripted too, can it?)

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  55. You can’t believe all this shit. If they publish a detailed script for episodes that are not aired but had been filmed then i’ll believe half heartedly. Who knows there’s a spy in the company who leaked out the video before it was aired?

    The way I see it, it looks like a scandal created to tarnish the show’s reputation. Some people here are just too gullible. Episode 3? That was like months ago. I can go watch one of the FO videos online and write a detailed scripted to it in English. Duh~~~

    Seriously, as long as the show’s entertaining, who the effin cares.

  56. i’m a netizen, therefore, i say i will still watch and enjoy the show.. they only blow up and magnify those negative comments by netizens but not the positive ones.. we did enjoy the show didn’t we?

  57. like many people already said: all shows are scripted.
    the show needs a format and some order, or else it’s impossible to show it on tv.

    though like most already said: it’s just the basic outlines that are scripted. the script doesn’t say, what they have to say or do. that’s what they do by themselves.

    it’s just like:

    first day:
    – greet the elders
    – fullfill the dutys
    – play games
    – derermine the order
    – go to sleep

    second day:
    – play games
    – make breakfast
    – fullfill dutys
    – play games
    – go home

    if they were just doing whatever, ther would be no point to the show, right? plus, if you join a holiday camp, there’s a schedule as well. (as in have breakfast together, visit places, play games etc.) so it’s not that different.

  58. i dont think its completely scripted. the basic stuff is put out for them so that the show is interesting to watch, there’s only so much humor a person can give on the spot. i think the members get these roles that tell them how to react to another person but eventually they get used to treating one another in this manner and it just comes naturally (like chunderella and stepmother kim) 🙂 anyhow, i couldnt care less cuz the show’s hilarious. I’d rather watch something scripted and hilarious than boring and real.

  59. who cares if it were scripted…….
    i enjoy watching it and i believe we, the audience, could feel the comaraderie of each family members….
    the cast can’t hide ackwardness in certain situations……..
    they show when they are happy, sad, angry, or being rebelious at times……..
    the only thing that matters is that they do there job well and entertain us…….
    becoz man i really love this show…..
    can’t wait for the next episode………

  60. it doesn’t matter to me….as long as the shows can make me laugh and happy..i’m fine with it…i love most korean variety shows esp.. 1n2d and FO…hope the shows will be aired for a long…long time

  61. I allready know that….its impossible doing all that without script. but I don’t care….coz its really funny….

  62. Who cares if it’s scripted or not?
    People still watch it and its entertaining
    1) We laugh at the funny parts, and are sad at the sad parts
    2) We’re all eager to know what’s next and can’t wait for the next show
    3) We never know what would happen next, or who the guest stars are
    So does anyone really care? Nope, (in my opinion). Family Outing is making me want to find more variety shows to watch later on in the future.

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