15-Year Old Park Seo Jin Semi-Nude Photoshoot Draws Controvesy

A 15-year old female student who was allowed to pose semi-nude on Mnet I Am A Model reality show has drawn huge controversy among netizens.


The search for the next top model in Mnet I Am A Model is already into its 4th season. The winner from this edition was 15-year old student Park Seo Jin who was the youngest-ever winner from the series. But the organizers never thought that her win would bring them much trouble in the aftermath.


In one of the segments as part of the competition, Park Seo Jin had to film a sexy photoshoot with another male model. It was at this point where Park Seo Jin only donned a pair of jeans, wearing nothing on top and using only her long hair to block her sensitive parts. This caused an uproar among Korean viewers who pointed out that Mnet shouldn’t have allowed the underaged Park Seo Jin to film such a sexy photoshoot just for the sake of high ratings.

There are also criticism that Park Seo Jin had already been signed by XING Entertainment as an artiste before the competition had begun and thus it deviated from the competition’s initial aim of discovering new talent.


But some netizens also defended Park Seo Jin, remarking that despite her tender age, she was able to film the semi-nude photoshoot with style and panache, aptly displaying the charisma of a professional model.

An Mnet representative expressed, “Park Seo Jin photoshoot was only a mission. Our participants were mostly models aged 20 and above. We never thought that Park Seo Jin would have picked this mission. But we hope that everyone can look from another perspective because this is only a segment within the program, and is totally different from the usual nude photoshoots.”


Since winning I Am A Model competition, her status has rocketed and she has already signed on with many cosmetic firms to endorse their products. In addition, she will be debuting as a singer soon with her new solo album.

196 thoughts on “15-Year Old Park Seo Jin Semi-Nude Photoshoot Draws Controvesy

  1. It’s a little too much.

    And debuting as a singer? Wow, it seems like everyone in Korea can debut as a singer.

  2. oh dear to me this isnt rite. like come on she`s only 15 and already doing these kind of photoshoot ==. Well wish her luck in her future career.

  3. forget the girl, if i were the male model i’d be scared as hell that i have to hold onto a half naked 15 year old <_<

  4. For those who said shes underaged , yea so what ? View things from an artists’ point of view. It isnt encouraging porn or sex , its showing artwork and emotions. Ya she’s a bit young but hello there are alot younger models here in North America. They look like freaking twenty year olds, its because they can PULL IT OFF. If nobody stated her age i would have thought she was at least 20.

  5. she’s gorgeous imo. i think we really shouldn’t give malice over this since it is her chosen job. we can’t really do anything about it.

  6. what a bitch. I mean, common. she may look mature, she may THINK she’s mature because of her precoce sexuality, but she’s only FIFTEEN. all I’ve got to say is – WHAT THE F*CK??

    so now being a singer = being sexy, having big boobs??
    sometimes I hate koreans, being half korean myself. sometimes they focus waaaaaaaayy too much on looking good.

  7. from the picture she looks mature for a fifteen year old…

    Let’s see….. she’s in a modelling competition….. and debuting as a singer? .. nice logic…

  8. i really can’t look at this from another perspective, if the girl wasn’t so young, i wouldn’t have find the pictures disturbing, but the girl is only 15, mnet shouldn’t even allow this to happen.
    this is korea we are talking about, they are fairly conservative compared to the US. i hope the girl doesn’t get bashed by the netizens, and she’s trying to debute as a singer??? good luck….

  9. I have to add something.

    she’s not even 15.

    she’s 14.


    Park Seo Jin
    Birthdate: 11th March, 1994
    Height: 167cm
    She has appeared in XING’s Eojjeodaga M/V and Singing In The Rain’s M/V. Participated in HelloStar APM’s dance competition with two XING members and also won the ulzzang momjjang award. Modeling, photoshoots and stuff too.

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  11. looking tender~ – She is 15 years-old (Korean age)

    But 15 or 14 she is still young!

    If you talking about art pov, this is alright. But I think the competition shouldnt allow a 15 years old to participate if they know there will be a nude photoshoot mission. Plus where is her parents, guadians…. -.-

    In US, you have to be at least 18 to participate in most of the competition.

    A model does not exactly need a pretty face, it about how to work it! I do think she look alot older than her age, it might be the make-up and the photoshop.

    If her parents approved this and the child is argee to it, then let them be. They are doing profession work, not “that” of stuffs.

    A 15 years old doing this kind of art or an adult do “that” is worse?

    I do think neither…. It’s their profession! The child should have the same oppurtunities as an adult. As long as it is ok with their parents and not something corruptive of their young mind.

    Sighs, sound like Im ranting ~

  12. OMFG, she looks more mature than me!!.. Seems like they copied ANTM’s concept here.. Ugh, that kid is being exploited right there! >.<

  13. this need more attention n explanation from many who concern…

    DBSK – holy crap shit bad(????!!!!) word ‘SKIN’ is only allowed at ‘curfew time’ 10pm n above ……

    SOOO…., this can go with the same rule ……


    hahhahaahahaa….so what???!!! if the word of ‘SKIN’ is only allowed when clock shows at 10pm…, then the ‘REAL SKIN’ which really show publically now can also be grouped in this ‘curfew time’ ………………………….
    SO WHAT???!!! go with the same rule !!!! CLOSE PROB !!!!!

  14. I think everyone is scandalized because of her age.
    But then, models from other countries were also discovered at such an early age, like Gemma Ward and other known supermodels.
    She’s got a good look. She knows how to pose and she really didn’t look like a 14 yr old to me in those pictures, me being Asian too.
    I just don’t like the fact she’ll record a solo album. I prefer her focusing on her modeling career.
    Personally I don’t think everyone should be scandalized by those pictures, it’s not even porn or erotic, just a sexy photo.
    She might even have nipple stickers aside from that very long hair.

  15. Im confused.. is she 15 or 11 in US age system?.. because.. according to this other blog, she’s 11..

    if shes 15.. its sorta understandable because there’s altho 14 year olds entering the music industry..

    but 11?.. umm… it does sorta promote a child unappropriate-ness view.. especially since its like a sexual view.. =/

  16. DUDE.. she’s a kid.. A KID. Yes.. she does look gorgeous what not.. it’s because she’s a model.. but i find it REALLY unappropriate for a girl at such a young age to be exposing her body in such a way.. Yes.. her hair is covering her private parts.. but do remember that she went in with NOTHING on her top section.

    It might seem like i’m disciminating her age.. but seriously.. you see young models all the time.. but it’s just wrong for them to shoot NUDE photoshoots! Mnet has to becareful with what they are doing.. there’s a limit to their viewer’s thoughts as it may set an controversy on the unappropriateness to conservative viewers.

    You just don’t normally see these 14 year olds flashing their body parts on television/pictures doing sexual poses with a male.. It’s totally setting a wrong image in my mind.. you got to consider her age! its not always about the looks.

  17. Only 15?! Wow. I was gonna say at least she has a “nice body” but then again she’s still going through puberty. LOL.

  18. i thought korea is a conservative country ..
    when is it happen that the korean now is that open mind ???

  19. Male model is hawwwttt

    “But some netizens also defended Park Seo Jin, remarking that despite her tender age, she was able to film the semi-nude photoshoot with style and panache, aptly displaying the charisma of a professional model.” I agree! annoying complaining netizens~.~

  20. This reminds me of the scandal regarding the underage topless female model for Calvin Klein years ago. Remember the Calvin Klein underwear ads? Children are now all trying to be more adult/mature than they should be. It’s sad and unfortunate. The entertainment/modeling industry such as this one is also encouraging such actions. I hope, in the future, we won’t have to hear her whine about not being able to experience what kids her age get to experience bc of what she chose. Fame can be a dangerous thing. Where are her parents?

  21. a singer, are you kidding me? They should have putted a age limit, 18 and over. But then again, think about all the 15 year old models who do do that and how they’re on the big cat walk. It all depends if they understand it fully and that the parents sign a contract saying they let their daughter do this.

  22. Wuz up with everyone in Korea wanting to debut as a singer, even if they are actors they want to also debut as singers, come on. This girl does not even look like she is 14, she looks older than that, but hey its her choice to pose semi-nude, and sooner or later she’ll be posing completely nude. That’s how it starts.

  23. I want to burn my eyes out after seeing this. I can’t believe she’s 14-15.

    M-Net is a perverted channel?

  24. This has got nothing to do with open-mindness or art. If people want to see this kind of ‘art’ than they can go and find it on illegal websites. This is not something that should be allowed never mind aired on T.V.

    At the age of 15 no person can truly know what they want in life – where is this child’s parents? The law? The ever-ready-to-ban government?

    What was the point of this photoshoot anyways? Sex education?

    While Korea and its inhabitants continue to strive for a more american lifestyle As soon as the next premature american star strips then even the netizens will be quiet.

    Sheesh, Grow a brain stripper girl

  25. I agree with Layla..
    Even though she doesn’t look 14..it’s just wrong..
    Posing half nude??? C’mon…even with parent’s consent I do believe this is wrong. She’s underaged..doesn’t matter whether it’s for being artistic and all.
    What does this say to the public? Other 14 year olds can go and do this just because they look old enough? WTF.

  26. models usually start at an early age, so it is no biggie as long as she has parents/guardians to protect her as she is a minor.

  27. wow! this remind me of that girl Miley Cirus (however her name and last name is spell) when she did her photo shoot! Anyway, I agree no matter what or how good of a model or what so ever underage should not do this. This girl and Miley are too young to be doing something like this! They only have a couple year before they can turn 18 so after that if they want to flash it off go ahead. But they are idols and they are underage. Mostly the adults should haven’t have allow it. hopefully this doesn’t bring her down and hopefully she wont do this until she is old enough.

  28. I wonder what kind of audience she was aiming for – pervy teenage boys and lecherous old men, wow. She should feel soooo proud.


  29. first pic is sexy but she is only 14… thats not good… in korea they are big stars as teenagers, that must be hard have a normal life
    so young and dogged (?) to be famed…
    taemin (shinee) and jiyoung (kara) are young too but they are only singer but this girl is nude and its public… at such young age, what the hell think their parents???
    is that the future, nude little girls in the tv industry what comes next?

  30. Thats fucking dumb. 15 year old posing nude. How retarded did the producers have to be to allow that one. for once netizens have something valid to critique.

  31. Well what do people expect models to do?

    It’s not that racy compared to American modeling, but yea the photographer and show should have taken better precaution when dealing with a teen or child models.

  32. she needs to stay in school, complete her hs degree, and then become a model. once you’re in the entertainment industry at this age, it’s easy to learn the wrong way. even if she wants to be a model, there should be limits as well since she’s so young. it’s admirable that she’s so courageous at her age, but it’s still far to early to do these kinds of photoshoots.

  33. DON’T BLAME it on the producers of the shows. Obviously, there are many missions for her to choose from. But due to her horny.ness / horse.ness, she WANT to pick this one.

  34. omg korea, stop!
    i’m already sick of the miley cyruses in america, so i’m always looking to korea which has a lesser degree of that kind of scandalous thing.
    i mean, yeah i can see how it’s supposed to be tasteful & artsy or whatever, but still.
    PLUS. she’s aiming to be a singer. so, i feel sorry for those other competitors who really truly wanted to be a professional model.
    but i guess..good for her. she’s multitalented i guess

  35. plus it’s retarded how SHE’s the one who CHOSE to do that particular photoshoot. ugh, children these days!

  36. LOL! I agree that the guy is pretty hot =D

    & umm.. they view Mirotic and Seung Ri’s Strong Baby as inappropriate but this is okay?
    I think Korea needs to.. do something about themselves.. lol. & err.. singer? Is everyone debuting as a singer these days?!

    Besides that, she looks super sexy and hot in the first pic, think of what she will be like when she’s actually matured more.

  37. If u guys look properly at the screen

    The girl hasnt actually not a pretty nice natural look o.O i dunoo. esp the one in the water. i wodnt cal tht hot nor wod i cal her pretty at al. she looks quite ugly tbh dont no how she won.
    The first pic i can understand wy peple mite think she looks good but really its just the way shes posing, so u cnt see her ahem ugly face.

    Shes a disgrace to herself. What kinda example is she tryin to show young kids? that its ok to do topless scenes wen ur 14.
    when wil tht girl ever learn, its obvi she did it for fame. she sod hv some dignity. She didnt get far in the singing group pink heart so she was desprte.

  38. i would understand why people are outrage by the picture because she’s underage (because they did the same thing with the miley cyrus vogue photo shoot), but the pictures are rather classy, not trashy !

  39. DUDE… 15?! But c’mon, guys. It’s not like it’s pornographic here. I’m going to stand with the art world. Modeling like this is purely artistic and NOT pornographic!!

  40. lol to whoever say modeling is pure artistic, when you look at those picture, where do you look at the most??! -.-

  41. my god what is with models thinking they can just debut as a singer now that they have contract offers. and debuting soon??? she’s gonna have to train further if she’s gonna sing.

  42. Singing, no. Not the smartest choice. Modeling contract does NOT mean you can sing, love.

    But seriously, a lot of girls do this. It’s not new. Just look at myspace.

    At least these are ARTISTICALLY done, instead of the skanky shit some girls post there.

  43. ……..she’s 15?!
    Why didn’t I have her height when I was 15 T_T
    I don’t have it now either.
    Korea’s conservatism is slowly fading.
    I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  44. To be honest, I thought there would of been an age cap for the contestants.. because at 15 taking pictures like that isnt it considered to be child porn?

  45. makup can make anyone look much older than they actually are.
    Covering up the age doesn’t change it..
    this is not right at all..artistic reasons or otherwise…there are plenty of models out there of the more apporopriate age that can do this. I doubt not having her do it will make it any less “artistic” …
    if it is about “artistic” I’m pretty certain there are other ways to portray whatever she’s trying to portray with some covering…the “artist” could have and should have found a way… one of he beautiful aspects of art is that art is flexible and constantly changing. One emotion can be shown in over 100 different ways … so don’t use “art” as an excuse to defend exploitation…

  46. I don’t know what seems to be the problem here. Yes she is 14/15 but on the pictures is nothing to see what you can’t see when she is wearing a Bikini on the beach or is going to the swimming pool.

    I mean for koreans might this be already far too much, but lets face it, koreans are very conservative.

    And who ever talked here about child porn…excuse me? Then every manager or photographer in the fashion world should be in jail, cause they use 15 year old girls on a daily basis and let them walk half naked on the runways or make photos like that up there.

    The whole thing getting far to much in the press. If nobody would talk about nobody would considering doing photos like this. But everybody has to admit it works excellent.

  47. 15 in Korean age system or in American age system?

    Either way, she is still YOUNG. If she is 14 in American age, this is like seeing a student my brother’s age post semi-nude on some website. This is rather disturbing.

    What is up with models becoming singers? Some have the looks, but most don’t. Even then, their vocals is what is important.

  48. We need HER to tell us what motivates her.

    IF she is NOT exploited, but simply impatient to get on with her career, and IF she has genuinely good parents who are protecting her interests, fine.

    Mother Nature decides when a person becomes adult, not Mrs Grundy.

    Cy Quick at


  49. What is the legal age of adulthood in Korea? Here, an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog of underage males was criticized as near pornography.

    Also @J32: the images are clearly sexually charged, especially considering the presence of a male and the fact that she’s not “selling” anything except her own body.

    But on the other hand, how far would any of us be willing to go for massive wealth at a young age if we looked like that? Seems like another form of the modern child star.

  50. wow, i cant believe that people would actually see this as bad, and sexual, obviously you people are being incompetent, judgmental, rude, and have no creative minds, and if you get dirty thoughts from these, i think your sanity is to be questioned. being “semi nude” or just naked is not wrong, this is portrayed in art, even if it wasn’t, you people are acting like its abnormal, and no one has a penis or vagina basically under their clothing, and sex is wrong and immoral, well hello? it is called reproduction, stop being immature.

  51. Korean entertainment industry has gone crazy. Worst thing is that it seems like kids from everywhere it reaches love it…what’s good with those slit eyes and fake plastic faces they wear 😦

  52. iambianca if I had a 15 year old daughter I would not want her to expose her body in such ways. I think women should be admired for the brains even if they look good naked.

  53. This is uncalled for if her parents gave her consent then its okay. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the shows and don’t buy the publications. Besides aren’t there more important things to worry about in the world then a girl getting paid very well to pose simi-nude?


    ~ Echo

  54. I am just wondering why the mentality of many remained conservative despite the many changes in the lifestyle…..the photo is perfect and very artistic

  55. it is not appropriate for 15 year old girl to do this post. she’s not 18 yet, and age does matter. that’s the reason why there’s age barrier for alcohol, cigarettes, porno movie, etc..
    they can start modeling young but not necessary nude model. people dont have to agree on everything just to show how broad their mind are. .

  56. Less is shown on these photos than what young people wear at the beach. The fact that everyone gets uptight about it is what creates the whole fetish for some that want whats not available to them. Drop it, she has curves and males start looking when the female body starts to take shape, so what? Have you all been hit so hard on the head by the bible that you’ve lost all sense of whats really natural? The main point is, its a model shoot, not a sex tape or publication. Stop making it so damn “BAD” and we can just look at it as an artistic expression. It’s only SEXUAL to those looking at it that way, and that doesn’t stop girls wearing thongs or tiny bikini’s at the beach, or for that matter being topless at thousands of beaches around the world.

  57. she did the photoshoot nice and very much for a fifteen-year-old student.
    she appeals, although not of a beauty, but she still appeals regardles of her posings. and she even look older than her age.

    though, that photoshoot is an art, yes, if the model’s someone older.

  58. Wow, she’s only 14?? I think she might hvn finished middle-school yet. Only she looked much more matured than real ages or most of korean gals r like that??
    Aniway , which part of these pics tell that she has a hot body? True tat she’s naked but c’mon!! her long hair hides those part alr. I didn see any probs if teenagers wanna take photoshoots like this, it’s pure art and I dont think it has any thing refer to pornography, not wearing clothes hv no thing to do wif from porn, only ppl wif dirty minds wanna imagine sth behind those long hair ……….

  59. She’s….15? After all of this commotion,I don’t think debuting as a singer will help her at all.

  60. This is like Miley cyrus thingie all over again.

    I don’t like it – the fact that a 15 year old is posing topless or whatever.
    but can’t deny it looks good.

  61. I could care less. People can do what they want with their body. It’s not like it’s traumatizing or something.

  62. The male model & every dicks involved on the photoshoot (photgrapher, her manager, make-up, lighting crew, Mnet guys etc) are lucky bastard!!! 😈
    This reminds me of Saaya Irie’s case in Japan on 2005. 🙄

    OK, whatever. The photoshoot above is absolutely artistic, & her full frontal nude is worth waiting, I guess… :mrgreen:

  63. I think, the controversy is a little overrated, we tend to judge people without knowing the whole story. It’s her life, why does it matter if she’s 14/15?

    People watch things like, thirteen and cause problems. We forget sometimes how we influence children in the first place, for instance those ‘dolls’ we sell to children aged 5 wearing skimpy almost-nothing clothes, we constantly flash those less than great celebrity role models, they take drugs, have sex, do underage things. It’s the ‘norm’ in Hollywood is it not?

    I see girls in my area exploit themselves worse than she has (they are roughly around 13 by the way). I’m 16, and I can’t see a great deal of concern in this particular topic, though it is a tad bit disturbing.

    We have prostitutes, people who sell themselves short of dignity. They choose where they go, what they do, some people have different morals. Perhaps hers is a little altered from our own morals and beliefs.

    Like I said before, it IS her life. She can do what she may, it’s her life. A semi-nude photograph is nothing, I have a 14 year old friend who has already herself a child.

    There is no judgement. There should be no judgement – for all of us, every one of us writing/expressing or thinking an opinion. We aren’t her.

  64. I think, the controversy is a little overrated, we tend to judge people without knowing the whole story. It’s her life, why does it matter if she’s 14/15?

    People watch things like, thirteen and cause problems. We forget sometimes how we influence children in the first place, for instance those ‘dolls’ we sell to children aged 5 wearing skimpy almost-nothing clothes, we constantly flash those less than great celebrity role models, they take drugs, have sex, do underage things. It’s the ‘norm’ in Hollywood is it not?

    I see girls in my area exploit themselves worse than she has (they are roughly around 13 by the way). I’m 16, and I can’t see a great deal of concern in this particular topic, though it is a tad bit disturbing.

    We have prostitutes, people who sell themselves short of dignity. They choose where they go, what they do, some people have different morals. Perhaps hers is a little altered from our own morals and beliefs.

    Like I said before, it IS her life. She can do what she may, it’s her life. A semi-nude photograph is nothing, I have a 14 year old friend who has already herself a child.

    There is no judgement. There should be no judgement – for all of us, every one of us writing/expressing or thinking an opinion. We aren’t her

  65. oops, the boy with her looks so cute and gorgeous 😡 love him, wish had sex with him hah hah :X 😡 😡

  66. she’s very pretty…a perfect face for a model!
    but…posing half nude at 15?!?
    i can say…she’s just desperate to impress the judges…to win!

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  68. She looks like the actress who acted in Princess Hours in the photoshoot. But..OMG. It’s not even legal to have sex at 15 so I think it’s not apt for her to pose like this. If you want to talk about artistic value, it should be done with someone at least 18 years old I feel. Actually, I don’t see any artistic value in the photo. :X.
    hmm…anyway, sex sure sells in the Korean industry.

  69. ok that is really nasty that kid should have put away for that.No wants to see a nude picture of a nude kid.He should thought about hes actions before taken place.I hopes he regrtes it.

  70. Why is it that people blindly accept that naked bodies and human sexuality are such horrible, degenerative and immoral things?

    Our sexual morals are nothing more than the result of a normal balancing mechanism in human society. Overpopulation, ground/resource shortage,… Abundance or lack of a combination of such factors are what influences a society to restict or loosen sexual behaviour. Religious and moral dogma’s are just tools to promote these changes. They certainly aren’t absolutes.

    At the age of 15 a large amount of people are already sexually active and perfectly capable of making such decisions for themselves. She’s not even showing anything in the first place.

  71. I am not sure I have a problem with it, I mean in the context of cultural prejudices I see the problem. I am just not sure it is appropriate to deny the sexuality of young people. I guess it boils down to exploitation and we dont know the context of these photos, although neither looks like they were coerced or exploited. This is just not a black and white issue especially since her privates are not exposed.

  72. come on guys we have seen a lot worse in the past years of art.
    Some of the old school art has pictures and paintings of 10 to 12 year olds in it and we don’t blow up about that. Because its art, and so is this. Plus she isn’t even showing anything .

    and i agree with le

    “this post has lured in a lot of pervs.”

  73. She looks fantastic XD

    She isn’t showing anything =) and they aren’t perverse pictures XD They are classy and artistic ~

    IMO it’s fine ~

  74. Now all the 14 year olds will be like..
    ” mommy, can i be a model too? i want to take off my shirt just like her ”

    this is not art.. this is unappropriate. you can call it art when she reaches puberty.

    this is attracting/luring old men viewers’s interest on young females.. disgusting.

    you’re simply a pervert if you find this okay to look at. what’s the difference from staring at child porn?.. porn offers the same stuff.. they cover their assets with their hair as well sometimes on those magazines.. cept the models are past their puberty.


  75. Im curious of why they included a male in the photo.. is it promoting a sexy image for the girl herself? or SEX between a male and female?

    What a great way to promote an image for children to have sex. Just take your shirt and bra off and wrap yourself around a guy, KID.. oh.. and add a couple of sexual facial expression to express intercourse feelings too would ya? oh.. get on top of him while you’re at it and have him staring at your private parts!


    Why does child porn exist?.. because they are simply UNDERAGED.. if 14 year olds aren’t underaged.. then what age is considered to be child porn?.. 2 year olds? um no.. more like ages 1-17.

  76. *yawn*

    Americans in an uproar about sexually suggestive material? Say it ain’t so.

    I’m not sure if there’s a more sexually delusional or confused culture on earth than that right smack dab below my country. Photos like this are considered “child porn?” Really? On what planet?

    Like Jordan above me says, there are American magazine covers and commercials more explicit than this and many of them involve young girls like the one photographed. Americans put these young people on a pedestal and ask them to ignore their sexuality until they reach a certain age, all the while tempting them with ridiculous entertainment choices filled with more bumping and grinding than a private sex club. Sure, Girlicious is no problem…schoolgirl obsessions are no problem…booty shorts on toddlers are not problem…

    But THIS? This is an outrage!

    C’mon people. Grow up.

  77. And by the way, have none of you visited MySpace? Facebook? Stickam?

    Young girls and guys are doing worse than this on a daily basis, stupidly sending “erotic” pictures to friends and anyone else with internet access without a clue. And yet people are naive enough to imagine that a Korean girl nobody’s ever heard of (until this massive fuss was made, of course) is going to influence the sexuality of young girls?

    Like THIS is going to be the one thing that pushes them over the edge?

    We’re already over the edge, ladies and gentlemen. And there’s no going back.

  78. It’s fine. It’s semi-nude and I’m sure both the girl and her parents are aware of the implications…..

    It’s about her economic situation and what she wants her modeling career to be like… It’s not like she’s a hooker or something.

  79. i can see how the shoot was meant to be artistic & show off the model’s maturity & modeling skills. but models are supposed to create an image when they model and what exactly is she trying to convey in her shoot? i’m-so-sexy-but-i’m-15/14? the first picture could pass as artistic, but the other ones where she’s facing the male model & on top of him, i don’t think so.

    what was mnet thinking allowing this to happen? stupids. sure, 15 year olds in korea probably already are openly sexual or whatever, but having something like this on tv just encourages it.

    whatever. let’s see her debut in pink heart. i’m curious if she can sing.

  80. And her parents ? What are they saying about this ?

    It’s not our problem if she half-naked or not, she has parents to allow it. If they agree to this, well, what are you arguing about ?

  81. I find the whole semi-nude underage thing disturbing. Sure you can take it as artistic as you want but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an underage kid half naked. No matter how you sugar coat things it doesn’t change the underlying facts. You can make a kid wear anything you want, put them anywhere but no matter what they’re are still kids.

  82. What she’s 14 O___O
    and do this kind of photoshoot –___–
    what should i say just she’s an icon of bitch ..
    realy i’m not kidding or somthing ..
    when i read that her age 14 i remember Sohee & Sunmi
    from WG and compared them with her ,,
    no no their more Beautiful than her …
    she’s just want to become famous ..
    as one of you say Mnet it’s channel of prevent nothing all…

  83. To all the people who are saying things like ‘so what, myspace has far worse stuff’. That is completely besides the point. The differences between the internet and t.v. is so vast that you can’t even compare such a thing. t.v is aimed, generally, at families while the internet comfortably accomodates perverts and illegal activities. Please don’t use this to justify something so wrong.

    To all those people who say things like ‘come on – america is much more open about this sort of thing.’ Well so what? We’re not talking about america, we’re talking about Korea. Different countries have different levels of sensitivity. If america and its inhabitants find this justified than they’re welcome to do what they want in their countries, however, this is korea, this is not acceptable here so we will not be cool with it like some sort of parrot that bases the reason of its existence on america.

    To all the people who say that those of us that find this offensive and immoral find sex offensive and immoral.. Please stop being ridiculous. This sort of photoshoot offends our very deeply rooted sexuality. We don’t care if Park Seo Jin needs it so bad – she is most welcome to get pregnant behind closed doors, there is no need for her to assault us with images of it.

    Also, those that find these border-line suggestive pictures as art – well I suppose you’ll not mature enough to understand the true meaning of ‘erotic’ so that’s okay.

    This is exploitation. Whether she has parental approval, whether it is her own choice or whether she is mature enough to be making such decisions. This is just another way for those old perverted liziards who run the entertainment industry to get more perverse enjoyment in forcing young girls to do this sort of things.

    Get some standards dammit.

  84. while i think the pictures came out great, she should’ve waited until she was of legal age. even though she’s 15, i think that she looks mature enough pose for these pics, but i dont know if she is mentally mature enough to handle this. just because a child looks old for her age doesnt mean that you can trust them to handle responsibilities like an adult would.

  85. didnt think she’s 15 with all that make-up on. dont like younger girls and i dont think i ever will. i’ll admit though: she looks good in the 1st picture.

  86. watched america’s next top model? the same subject came up and a model said no, and she was already an adult at that time. does she have the same capacity as an adult? maybe not, but irregardless, this should have been explained to her thoroughly. don’t underestimate kids for not understanding a situation. pfft, and underaged my ass. look for Ford’s international supermodel search, there are YOUNGER girls and these YOUNGER girls have probably shot similar pictures. and p.s., if you haven’t noticed, this is an INTERNATIONAL model search, so don’t give me crap about sensitivity. people, just remind yourselves this is a model’s job, it DOESNT MATTER if its in korea or in america, the fact is THIS is what models do. they have the RIGHT to say no to any job, she could have said no. if she says yes and has parental consent, who are WE to say what is right and wrong? we don’t have that right, only the parents do.

    anyway, this isnt a big deal. whats a big deal is debuting as a singer? she’s a model -_-“

  87. @OMG… well explained… though i’m not a korean we have the same sentiments since I’m an Asian too and we have a bit similarity in traditions and beliefs regarding sensitivity.
    Opinions are opinions but a MINOR IS A MINOR… tsk tsk tsk… This is merely UNACCEPTABLE and outrageous,
    these things can be controlled if only the majority will condemn such kind of existence in the society. That is why we(humankind) have to start the change within us. Rebuff the offender.
    Don’t patronize piracy, simple as that…

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  89. Whoa!!

    There is always a limit of everything. Otherwise, people will go naked in the street and say. Hey ya! It my right to do what I want to do.

    In this case, not the matter of sex, sexiness or what ever the heck @ KIRBY : comment was saying. she is

    Its against the law for underage to pose like that virtually or not. Furthermore, it is for a commercial viewing. Forget all the porns or whatsoever in the net. That is not legal and its wrong too.

    The same goes with this case, what it make more absurd wrong is it is an acknowledge photoshoot and it involved underage girl, whether she is a model or not. Whether she is prety or not. Whether it is for artistic reason or not. It was a very different issue here.

    Use your mind, soul and intelligent to think people!

  90. omg!!!
    too much.. whooo… she gotta put some shirt back on, dang can’t believe she under 16 and doing all this posing…

  91. Poor girl…. T T. she still 14 years old!! oh come on, who’s idea to threat a little girl to be naked!! Go to hell …

  92. why do we care how old she is? 15, 14 whatever, It doesn’t look to me like she’s being raped or coerced. Because your twisted moral beliefs teach you that the human body is some sort of abomination to be hidden; that any glimpse of the flesh is some perverse sex act. In my mind it is YOU who are raping this girl with your /beliefs/. What makes you so uncomfortable looking at these pics is your inability to separate the image of nudity from your sexual desire. You wouldn’t think twice seeing a dog’s penis hanging out as it walks down the street, why is it so different when it concerns your fellow human beings? clothes are a tool, to be worn for a valid purpose, such as warmth or utility. Modesty is a make believe social construct, much like your bible. Personally, I could care less if every one walked around naked in the streets. I really doubt it would lead to anarchy and rape. If a person cannot control themself and their emotions at the sight of a naked man or woman, then they have a mental problem which is nothing to do with wether or not the other person is wearing clothes. Seeing naked animals does not apparently lead to bestiality; why should naked people be any different? So when you find yourself reacting with revulsion to a picture of a girl who does not even look underage, simply because you were told that she was, you need to realize that your reaction is due entirely to your own attraction to her; the pictures themselves are not to blame. You are like the date rapist who says “she was begging for it” just because a girl at the bar dared to wear a low cut blouse. This is not porn; there is a difference.

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  94. okay so i’m the same age as this chick and WHAT THE HELL? all i did when i was 14 was write songs. not go around naked. and besides you could soooo tell that dude is trying to look past her hair. along with all these other nasty ass perverts out in the world. i mean seriously, look past the fact that she is hot. she is still a little girl. so you nasty pervs are disgusting pedifiles! eeewww man can she even sing?

  95. She’s 14 in the U.S. System. In Korea, you’re 1 from the moment you’re born, so when you’re 1 in the U.S System, you’re 2 in the Korean system. If her birthday’s in 1994, that means she’s 16 as of NOW (it’s October 6th 2009, btw) in the Korean system and 15 as of NOW in the U.S. System.

  96. What’s with that? I think none of us are qualified to say anythg about that girl. That’s her choice isn’t it. Put urself in her shoes. Du u like ppl to criticize u?? ofcoz not rite… but this kind of picture should not be spread on the net… wat if children see it?? anyone gonna be responsible?? thnx…

  97. I am appalled that there is controversy about her
    posing nude. If it was a man this would not even
    happen. Why is it that if a woman is topless the
    critics bring out the big guns swinging but if a man
    is topless they couldn’t care less about it and not
    even blink an eye. What a double standard society
    has when it comes to woman posing topless and
    men posing topless. I see a man that is topless in this
    photo he is even showing more skin then her. For god sakes her boobs aren’t even showing and they are making a lot about nothing. He is showing his whole chest topless and no one says anything about it.
    This is such a double standard. It disgusts me.

  98. Oh man you americans are so stupid. ” Oh she is 15, oh nooo”. And whats wrong with that? You should watch the old Color Climax Teenage Bestsellers films 😀

  99. A Controversy?
    Why on earth???? This is so lame and boring. Do you really consider those photos sexy? ;-)) There is something weird in the whole case. It is difficult for me to imagine anything more dull and boring than this news … hah hah

  100. I honestly don’t see a problem as long as she’s ok. It’s her body and she can do with it whatever the fuck she wants. I’m pretty sure everyone else has done at least one twisted thing in their lives… albeit not as publicly. Plus, she looks at least 16 in those photos. I had a hard time figuring out if it was the boy that was underage or the girl until I actually READ the article once it loaded. :/

  101. Stop the hysteria already.There is nothing wrong with posing nude.And nobody wants to look at 30+ year old hags.She is pretty.

  102. She’s sexy!I really feel sorry for all the poor retarded sickos who think that there is anything wrong with posing nude at any age.Grow up you infants!

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  104. hav no problem with 15 year old going topless wudnt mind if she was nude her body is fully developed legal age is 16 in most places some girls ar there much younger

  105. First, these photos can be defined as the model photo with erotic overtones, but none as erotic photo, because the intimate parts of the body were not shown, was not causing the body provisions or provisions that would hinted at the sexual act, the views of girl and guy are detached, and do not demonstrate an open sexuality. If a simple, these photos are not in the style of Playboy or Penthouse. Secondly, the model mainly begin their career at an early age. 14-15 years is the normal age for a full model activity. Such photos we can often see in various commercials, photo shoots placed in magazines and even on big boards in the streets. If these photos are not qualified as erotic, but only as a model, the age of the girl here don’t matter. Thirdly, in these photos girl doesn’t look like a kid. If you do not talk about her age, you would think that a girl is 18-20 years. So this does not erotic photo of a teenage girl, but a stylish and charming photo aspiring models made on the highest artistic level. They do not have trace of vulgarity. They demonstrate beautiful bodes of models, adorable images and delightful staging photo made in the high traditions of a model esthetics. Park Seo Jin fighting!

    P.S. In Japan, the practice of using models teenagers a much more common than in South Korea and recognized at the state level. For example, the most popular female idol group in Japan AKB48 involves girls of different ages for photo shoots in bathing suits. And I think these photoset often much more candid and sexy than chaste model photo presented here.

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