Son Dambi Will Stop Singing For Hollywood Movie

Son Dambi will be aiming to achieve something in both acting and singing for the earlier half of 2009 after her schedule was revealed to the public recently.

Son Dambi Crazy Chair Routine

Son Dambi who got the whole nation crazy with her Crazy song and sexy chair routine, will be putting her singing career on the backburner for now. After performing at all 3 year-end gayo shows last year, Son Dambi will start filming for her debut Hollywood movie Hype Nation in the middle of this month. But her filming schedule for MBC We Got Married is expected to go on as usual. ”

According to Pledis Entertainment, “Filming for the movie will last for about 2 months. Towards the end of 2008, Son Dambi has been immersing herself in acting and English classes. American hip-hop group B2K who will be her co-stars is now on their concert tour. After that ends, filming will commence.”

Son Dambi also plans to release an album in the earlier half of 2009. The songs have already been collected and Son Dambi will record the songs after her movie filming ends. The earliest possible album release date is end-March.

No We Got Married was shown on MBC yesterday due to the strike.

27 thoughts on “Son Dambi Will Stop Singing For Hollywood Movie

  1. I think that’s the most risque picture I’ve seen of her Crazy chair dance. o.o

    Anyway, she’s resuming to film WGM? That’s what they said when Hyun Joong accepted his role for Boys Over Flowers… although Dambi’s is only for two months.

    Well, I wish her the best. I’m no fan of hers, but it’s always nice to hear when an Asian gets a role in Hollywood movies, and they’re not playing in the sketchy places, as a martial artist, or someone who serves ramen.

  2. really? B2K has been gone since forever so unless they’re getting together again i don’t see how B2K is possible. maybe OMARION? but B2K had a bad falling out. they were good but doomed when they put too much emphasis on 1 member. but whatever. i can’t really say i have high hopes for the movie. dance movies are SO outplayed right now and the only member of B2K who could act was J Boog. and unfortunately for us there is way too much love for omarion.

    there IS a grand chance that a B2K reunion could propel the movie in the boxoffice (as well as a hot single tie in) B2K never had any trouble dishing out hit after hit. we’ll just have to wait and see…

  3. i lied. it’s happening. and the soundtrack will rock. and a B2K reunion will make this a boxoffice hit and critics bash happy. good for dambi—this could be her big break!

  4. I know I have said that it would be really difficult for a Korean to break into United States but if she does well in this movie (considering that the movie does well) she might be the first one to get popularity amongst non-Korean-American citizens. She just has to play her cards right because like Sade said B2K coming back will be big (or might be you never know).

  5. whoah.. korean singers are really into breaking to the hollywood scene. i just hope they remain the same. lol i dont what is the word. but i hope they wont change into something. im lost

  6. @irees, skywatcher123, took me a while to find this representative picture of her chair dance routine.

    @Sade, I remembered it mentioned Omarion the last I wrote about it but now they mention B2K only. I don’t know which is right. but they often get it mixed up, the korean reporters.

  7. she has no acting experience plus also having language barrier but go to hollywood directly ??? it seems ridiculous though…

  8. What about her schedule with After School? I thought she’s part of that new female group…

    Thanks coolsmurf for the info 🙂

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  10. @ coolsmurf

    Kudos to you for finding that pic. WOW! A perfect way to start the day here in cold Ohio, USA!

  11. i wonder what kind of movie it is.. i hope its not a horror movie.. thats all they ever really let asian stars star in..

  12. wonder if she can act. i’m surprised that crazy song/dance got her so popular, maybe WGM helped too. it is a dance movie with Dennis Oh as her bro. sounds funny already, maybe its a comedy too.

  13. Wow… that picture is HOT!!! But honestly, would she have lasted this long if she didn’t show something a little extra now and then?

  14. b2k died long time ago, just the typical You Got Served cast + Son Dambi. I doubt she will have a large roll in that movie.
    Probably a small part where she has to teach a sort of dance and during the dancing where they show her face watching the dance offs.

  15. agreed with lolmalol.
    it only makes sense that her role wont be that big…it probably will be a lot of just dancing and little minor lines…(if she has any?)
    and plus, putting your singing career behind for a hollywood movie?
    overachiever much?
    i like dambi…but asian sexy dancers/singer in hollywood? To put it bluntly, I don’t think it’ll be a hit.
    Esp. if she can’t speak english well…(she started taking lessons towards the end of 08?…erm..)…
    Example? BoA – great singer and dancer… i don’t think my “non-asian” friends are going to start talking about her and her new MV…

    Plus B2K is not exactly hugely anticipated for a big comeback.

  16. wow…b2k??…thats something new…i havnt heard of them..since…well…2005??..was it…its too far back to remember…if they are coming back….good for them?..Dennis Oh…wow…havnt seen him in a while, im not saying i have high hopes…but im not saying it’ll be a waste..i’ll just wait and see…i agree with the english thing…its a bit too close to thefilming date to just start learning english…im not saying that its bad that Korean artists want to break into the hollywood scene…but i would to see the korean-american artists that moved to korea for their korea in hollywood…it would make more sense to me for the beginning…you know like FTTS Brian, Tablo(wait he was already in a movie), or other ppl…

    why not Jaybeom from 2PM(i know im being biased)..but when i read the article i thought he would be perfect for the part of being in a DANCE movie…im not saying SDB cant dance, but…

  17. Is she not going to be seen with Marco ever again?

    I, certaintly hope so because her co-star (that plays her brother) is H O T T and much hotter than Marco!

    Sorry. Good luck, Son Dambi!

  18. Why do all the websites use that picture whenever something about Son Dambi comes up? And can we even call it a ‘routine’? It lasts all of five seconds… Didn’t even go with the song anyways..

    I always thought that Son Dambi was half-american. Arer we sure that this is a hollywood movie?

  19. no offence, but hearing that B2K (talk about a blast from the past) is involved basically shoves the movie to C-grade or straight-to-dvd.

  20. the storyline sucks.. i wonder if they adapted gambler crew from the gamblerz.. its just insulting.. and the police and bboy? i wish hollywood should stop mixing up strange elements together..

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