So Nyeo Shi Dae Gee Single Released Digitally

Korean girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae title track Gee from their new 1st mini-album of the same name which will drop on 7th January, was released digitally for download on various Korean music portal sites this morning.

A total of 5 songs with varying styles will be included in their first-ever mini-album. Besides their title track Gee which has been released first this morning, other songs in their Gee mini-album include a reworked rock version of Haptic Motion, a ballad Let’s Talk about Love plus Dear Mom and My Destiny.

And that’s not all for their long-suffering fans who have waited for a long time. So Nyeo Shi Dae has also specially prepared a 44 page pictorial for their mini-album which will be sold together. So Nyeo Shi Dae will kick off their promotions this week starting with Music Bank followed by Music Core and Inkigayo.

(credit: soshisubs2 for audio)

115 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Gee Single Released Digitally

  1. Sounds like a blend of KARA and Hyori (which is to be expected, considering the producer is the same, right?).

    It’s not what I expected from the teaser, but it still sounds good. I’m not that into it, yet, but maybe they have a catchy dance move to go along with this, so I’ll be looking forward to the live performances.

    I kindof wish it was a full album though, considering they were on hiatus for a long time. I don’t care so much about a 44-page pictorial. I care more about their music.

  2. I like it.
    It’s cute like they promised.
    I’m looking forward to seeing them perform.

    gee gee gee gee gee baby baby! ^_^

  3. It’s quite catchy… I love it.
    I hope the other songs on the mini-album are promising & shows off their vocals.

  4. “SNSD had already recorded a few songs and was supposed to put out a full album for their comeback. However, one of the producers did a sampling for one of their songs and they eventually didn’t obtain the full rights to it, thus had to trash out everything they had done, which includes recordings, photo shoots and even the music video.

    So the poor girls’ hard work was all trashed no thanks to the sloppiness of SM Entertainment.”

    i’m not really into the song,
    but wish these girls the best luck πŸ™‚

  5. honestly there are some girl groups / boy bands in korea that no matter what their songs will be liked . for instance wg , snds , bb , dbsk . even if their song sucksed people will still like them but i like this song from snds its good i think its better than all there other hit singles although i think this song was fixed a lil too much and i wish it wasnt but cant wait for there album ^_^

  6. @amy: you’re right. For instance ppl worship dbsk’s songs cos they’re are gods despite the songs’ quality ^^

  7. @ lam: I dont think you should have used dbsk as an example. all of their “song’s quality” are great. seriously.

  8. It’s cute~ But I was hoping for a new concept. Even though the pictures look oldyish, it still has the original thing from SNSD… Cute. I’m not a big fan, but good luckkkkk.

  9. Disappointed, I expected something better, specially since I fell in love with the teaser. Best of luck to the girls though. (:

  10. Totally agree with Amy on the DBSK part, I mean how can you win the best album award if your album is released a month before the award show. And half of the songs on that album were not that good.

    But he, it’s shows us that you need an entertainment factor in Korean music more than good quality songs.

    Personally I think that Big Bang certainly got that factor. They do not stick to one music style anymore. Just love G-dragon fashion outfits.

    Back to SNSD …………………….

  11. i was hoping more of the into the new world feel. this song is following the bokgo theme a little too much. i was hoping snsd would bring something fresh the other girls havent done yet. anyways with WG out of the way i will expect much comparison between kara and snsd; whether we like it or not =)

  12. not really what i expected from the teaser… Quite disappointed at first but it’s kind of follow trend of other songs out there. Anw, good luck to them.

    @lam & gidi: well, not everyone think that dbsk’s album is bad. To me, it’s like one of the best album ever. lolz (should not bring up all the award issue in this though)

  13. @kiwi.
    “Gee” is an english word for maybe a shocked or “omona” expression.

    I love it ^^ With biasness put aside, I think the song is quite catchy and lovable [:

  14. sounds like what kara would do.
    i would prefer not to compare them but kara just popped out of nowhere when i heard the song.

    i thought they’re gonna bring something new to kpop with their comeback. it sounded like babies or gays singing GEE GEE GEE GEE GEE. LOL.
    (whew~~ but i think this and the dance steps are gonna get stuck in my head. i don’t really like their past releases but somehow the dances and repetitive lyrics get me)

    btw, can someone count how many times GEE was sung. it could actually beat nobody with the most number of times a word was used. :DD

  15. some parts are catchy.. but overall i think the song itself is chaotic? it’s like u throw a whole bunch of random beats from all directions and it doesn’t flow very well.
    im no music expert; just judging it by my ears.. maybe someone can explain it better than i do. :/

  16. I so agree with fallen 8)

    This song is…. messy. And they all sound the same. *Yawn*
    Obviously, E-Tribe hates them πŸ˜‰

  17. I am a HUGE fan of SNSD but not a big fan of this song.. Honestly, after all the waiting can’t they do better.. I am pretty dissapointed actually after the awesome preview. I just have to agree with fallen and razzledazzle, the song sounds chaotic in arrangement.. Maybe Gee is the kind of songs that grow on you. I seriously hope the other songs are better. Wish them all the best luck in 2009!

  18. uhm.. i had high hopes for ds song..
    for d gee gee part it sounds liek
    the mic was hoard by jessica.. or maybe they all
    sound a like..

  19. @gelatin

    Gee has 51 “gee” while Nobody had 62 “nobody”, if i remember correctly.

    So WG still holds the title for the most repetitive word in a song. ^^

  20. regardless of sales, the song itself is not good..
    they could do better..
    i mean the song sounds so kara-ish..
    they are known for their bugglegum pop but with this song it’s all.. eeck!! the mv might compensate for it but i doubt this song will grow on people with the exception of their own fans..

  21. @gidi: Err. Why are you dragging DBSK in your comment? And FYI the album was released 2 months before they won Best Album.


    Anyways. I like Gee, it’s an addictive song. It’s going to be a huge hit this year. Wish the girls’ luck!

  22. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ 이게 λ…Έλž˜μ•Ό?? μš”μ¦˜ κ°œλ‚˜μ†Œλ‚˜ μŒλ°˜λ‚Έλ‹€λ‹ˆκΉŒ -0-

  23. I’m still not into the song after listening to it twice.
    However, it might grow in me….

    I like the teaser more….

    But i think this will still succeed.
    U know it’s SNSD!!!

    And the fact that popular idol groups sell anything!


  24. the song is okay. i got annoyed at the voice. i got used to loving the gee gee gee gee baby baby baby part in the teaser, but after listening to the song in whole, i could only think of those high annoying voices. i was trying to figure if this is a wonder girl’s hit, but no. more like a kara hit type of song. i’ll have to see their dance moves too. but, it’ll still be a hit song because they’re snsd.

  25. hmm i expected something different.
    it`s alrite.
    Well hope they will do well ^^.

    Ok why in the world is dbsk dragged in this? People have different taste in music.

  26. It’s extremely unoriginal to me
    The attempt to take Wonder Girls place with their hits after hits is a HUGE failure
    not even close.

  27. alaaahh, just give them a chance..
    i find the song really catchy..
    it’ll grow into people..

    all the best soshi!

  28. Reminds me of Tell me a lot. No originality at all.
    It’s not catchy for me to remember that long.

  29. I was expecting a LOT more since I really liked the teaser. Not a huge fan of SNSD, but they sort of grew on me as time went on. Same goes for a lot of their songs – so maybe I’ll like this song more as time goes on?

    It’s definitely catchy, but it’s not particularly memorable. For their sake I hope it gets to be a big hit, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like “hit” material to me.

    But maybe I’ll be proven wrong, who knows?

  30. the teaser sounded better.

    this is too much of a chinese style of feeling. I got the feeling that it’s stolen from somewhere

  31. I don’t know…. like Saella said, it’s not particularly memorable and it sounds REALLY a lot like Kara’s Bedspread.

    But for their sake (and cos I know it’s gonna happen) I hope it’ll be met with wonderful reviews and they’ll do just fine. πŸ™‚

    I really really REALLY tried to like it but I have to say I’m not quite sure I do. :/

  32. LMAO @ the comments..
    and delusionals are so funny..
    and btw.. the song was eeewww..


  33. just wanted to say that Nobody does not hold record for most repetitiveness. its actually banana girl’s michyeo. which repeats michyeo 130 times or sumthing in the song.

  34. I love it too much so suck it antis!!!! Download this song off BestFiction!!!!

    Gee Gee Gee baby

    I’m sorry if everything SNSD do pisses you off because you’re all sadistic!!!! very unhealthy, and so annoying. Total HIT!

  35. It’s insanely catchy, but in SNSD style. Pop pop pop gee gee gee gee no no numoyeppbo!

    It’s not bleep blooop Bang like WG’s at all!!!

  36. “Cute” song. But after listening, it kind of got on my nerves. The repetitive parts were especially annoying. No offence.

  37. It’s pretty cute so far. I’m just waiting for the dance! Like “nobody” I didn’t care much for it until I saw the cute dance!

  38. I don’t think it’a sll that bad I’n not a huge snsd fan but I like them, I think they should have put out a better song. Bigbang and Wondergirls won’t be hear for the first half of 2009. If they want to make a splash it now before that chance is taken away. (Suju 09 by the way)

  39. Hehe I just realized I had so many spelling errors sorry!
    Anyways don’t wanna waste a post

    I’m looking forward to the dancing I wanna know if it will be cutesy or something else, the whole cute thing to me is way over done not my style.

  40. the beginning is catchy but after that it really gets boring…
    and really it reminds me of Yodelehoo (Bedspread) by Kara….
    and a little of Tell Me. I think SNSD should have done something sexier or different from their previous image :/

  41. wow when i vote it evened the score 50/50 haha so there are mixed feelings with this eh.

    i’m putting aside i’m a die hard WG fan
    and was sorta anti snsd for a while (until wg’s did kissing you haha)

    i think it’s quite catchy and i think the perf. will be fun
    i’m anticipating how the whut 9 girls? will pull this off haha

    its pretty catchy imo, i bet there’s a better song on that mini album tho

  42. I had really high expectations for the girls’ comeback and i was left dissapointed…

    Sure the song is HELLA catchy but it’s not all about the song…their concept just doesn’t leave me the impression that they’ve “matured”. To be honset, the only thing i noticed differently are their coloured jeans! SNSD has the potential to show a more different side than just portraying happy, cute, vibrant etc etc..i guess Girls’ Generation has a long way to go if they want to mature through this song and concept.

    I’m sure that they’ll be better songs on the mini-album..hopefully!

  43. i think the first half of the song is good but like some comments up there^^^ the song gets kinda messy in the end. the most catchy part would have to be the part where they sing gee gee gee gee baby baby baby lol i liked that part….

    hopefully i don’t hate this song by the end of the week. never really got into snsd hopefully they’ll be better!

  44. OMG this song is beastt~ love it.
    KYAA~ the haptic motion song is awesome! well the commericial version i heard lol

  45. i love soshi
    and im one of their biggest fans
    they look absolutely gorgous
    but this song SUCKS
    its something that i would expect from knockoffs like kara
    but im still looking forward for themto come and perfrom lives…

  46. This song is too happy-sounding for my liking. xD I like the “Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby” but everything else sounds really high pitched and just……too happy.

    Ah well. Good luck to them!

  47. U shouldn’t have put a poll. I think that was uncalled for. You know how many anti’s there are. I bet they’ll have fun with this =_____=

    Anyways SNSD Hwaiting!

  48. …Not an anti… but… I just heard the news that Wonder Girls will be releasing a remix album of Nobody (as they should with so many remixes!!). ALVIN! You have GOT to post this!

  49. I like this song! It make me happy!! I bet they had alot of fun making this song too ^_^

  50. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
    this songs is catchy and i love it so much so i listen the whole day to it…
    i think snsd will have a success with their comeback
    i wish them luck
    gee gee gee gee baby baby baby!

  51. hhhmmmm…. I’m a bit disappointed…
    When I heard the teaser, I thought it was going to so good. I mean, I was like singing the “gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~” part since saturday.
    It’s not as catchy as I thought it’d be.
    I’m sorry, but this is a bit of a MISS for me…. -_-;

  52. It sounds better than a lot of the other repetitive songs that came out before it. Like Nobody for instance and not to mention their stupid untrained vocals. Shakes head… I’d say Wonder Girls only LOOKS pretty and sincere… gotta admit they can’t sing, considering that their job is to sing and all.

  53. Sorry in my eyes Mirotic was a miss for me, it wasn’t catchy, it wasn’t bedazzling, it wasn’t a lot of things I expected for their comeback. Their dancing wasn’t always in sync for all the Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core, and M.Net M! Countdown. It was like they didn’t have enough time to practice or just too lazy to even practice because they know the fans are gonna love them anyway. There wasn’t any pizazz or anything remotely entertaining, except Jae’s exposed abs and Micky’s trademark hair. I love all their other songs. Well, some more than others. Bolero is awesome. Hope they top Oricon this month!

    I’m seriously not an anti, I’m just doing what WhattheBuck inspired me to do, be myself. I’m telling it like it is because… I’m a social.

  54. The Wonder Girls will be releasing a ‘Nobody’ remix album, which will feature the hit remix, ‘Nobody Disco Version’. There will be several other versions of ‘Nobody’ released with the album on January 10th.

    Park Jin Yong (JYP) will of course be the main producer for all the remixes. JYP and the Wonder Girls plan to release this album to thank all the fans for their support with their hit ‘Nobody’.

    And to think we were almost done with this song… talk about beating a dead horse.

    Credit the wonderful ALLKPOP.COM

  55. ermm, i’m not loving it…yet. i like it but not love it. maybe i need to see their perf first. thank you for posting^_^

  56. ^^
    HAHA what does that have to do with SNSD?
    Thanks though, i LOVE thier remixes.

    Anyways, the only part i like is “gee gee gee gee” the first 3 seconds before they start singing and when the song ended.

    But i dont understand what gees supposed to mean haha.

    Is it supposed to me like “Ohh gee whiz”
    Or is it supposed to mean the letter G? since its Girls Generation?

    Anyways, my first reaction was “wtf?”. I voted miss…

    And question to anyone who wants to answer it….do you think SM delayed their comeback cause he wanted to wait till WG ended promotions for Nobody so theres less competition?

    I think its a little obvious that he did…its a smart move…but its no fun when theres no competition.

  57. Gee gee gee gee baby baby.


    Its not very memorable but is something that is catchy and makes you hyped up : )

  58. no offense… but it sounds… okay im gonna just try to be nicer. but anyways, kind of a disappointment. the teaser made it sound nicer. it sounds really really bubbly, and not in a good way. almost as bad as kara’s latest “hit.” maybe these bubbly songs just aren’t for me. looking at some of the comments, it seems half of the ppl here like it and the other half are just disappointed.

  59. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! Absolutely despicable!
    What the hell is this? This is a disgrace to music.

    Looks like SNSD tried to hard trying to copy WG’s highly sucessful “Tell Me”.

    They sound like chipmunks and this song has no musicality to it whatsoever. Girls’ Generation = Good Game.

  60. Poor KPop. 2009 is sure gonna be a sucky year. And what’s with this “gee gee gee gee gee gee” nonsense? =__=

    Its hella annoying. Tsk tsk. Even the fans admitted it sucks, and well, doesn’t that tell you smtg? πŸ˜›

    Different year, same ol shit.

    They themselves know this song is sucky, so they try to bring Minho into the picture. Wtf?


  61. ^ lmao, right?
    it’s like getting all the SHINee fans to watch it and (hopefully) recruiting some fans in the process.

    but their voices are so HIGH.
    i don’t see if they can pull off great debut performances with that song… but hey. they’ve been off for 8 months, right?

    8 months to practice,
    8 months to get better,
    8 months to prepare to wow the crowd.

    except the last performance I watched, their vocals were still disappointing. you’d think there’d be improvement after almost a full year. lmao.

    gosh. “gee gee gee gee baby baby.”

    it sounds. so. ridiculous.

  62. I’m disappointed, well i wasn’t expecting much from SNSD in the first place but w/ all the awesome comebacks from recent months this just doesn’t match up…

    the whole time they were saying “gee gee gee…” i was thinking “rat rat rat…” if i’m not mistaken gee sounds a lot like rat in korean

  63. Monotony & overwhelming sound effects/beats prevails as the girls singing get drowned. This song will only make neutrals wonder whether snsd can really sing as even the group’s best singers’ voice get lost in the hard beats and superfluous ‘geegeegee’ being looped on infinity. Sounded very pokemon-ish. It’s just an ‘alright’ song, not something they should use as a comeback though… Despite listening to it twice consecutively, it failed to leave an imprint in my head. Hmm, wish them all the best.

  64. I just LOVE this pauses in this song. And drums, I like the beat. Perfect for dancing! My sister will become an anti soon, coz I can’t stop listen to “Gee” XDDD

  65. I was disappointed when I heard the song.
    Sorry, but a miss for me.
    The over-all impact was OKAY.
    But I kinda got annoyed after.
    I agree with those who have said that it isn’t really a memorable song or one that can leave an imprint on your mind.

    So, good luck snsd.

  66. it doesn’t remind me of “tell me” at all..
    dear antis are just finding senseless things to attack snsd =_=””

  67. ^ it doesnt remind me of ‘tell me’ at all either
    it definitely sounds like a faster version of KARA’s μš”λ₯Όλ ˆμ΄ (track 3 of their newest mini album)

  68. oh geez.

    there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many gee in this.
    this is what they came out with? dissapointed.

  69. the gee gee part is addicting, that’s for sure. i haven’t listened to the song for awhile already and i can still play gee gee part in my head. the rest of the song, however, is extremely annoying … hence, why i haven’t played the song twice since i downloaded it…

    if they didn’t edit the other parts beside the gee to make them so high pitched, i think the song would be okay or who knows, a really good catchy song. them making the whole song high pitched is a bad decision. it irritates the ears instead of giving it a break after the gee gee part.

    i don’t know how they’re going to perform this song. but i think maybe the performances will be better since they won’t sound so high pitched. i hope, for their sake, they’re not planning on stocking on those helium gas lol.

  70. Haha I agree that the song is a bit of a disappointment – especially for those who only heard the “Gee” part in the preview and had high expectations, like me. The song takes some getting used to, and although the high-pitched voices did annoy me at first, I found the repetitiveness to be quite charming – especially when they go “Gee, gee, gee, gee baby, baby, baby,” and “doogun, doogun, doogun” (the Korean equivalent to “ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump!” The sound of a heartbeat basically) and “molah, molah, molah” (“I don’t know” in Korean). Those parts especially attracted me to the song for some reason.

  71. The only reason why im gonna watch the MV is for Minho…

    And with that said….SM is smart…
    Thats probably what he planned -.-

    By the way, i listened to Kara’s song cause someone said this sounded like a faster version of it and youre right, some parts sound the same.

  72. to say the truth… haizz… too much edit! too much digital!

    it’s not their natural voices, so… boring songs…

  73. the song is pretty good! πŸ˜€
    but their voices are REALLY high!..which kinda bugs me a little, I mean it’s fine that their voices are high but i’m kinda suspect that they did something to their voice…?

    well catchy song!

  74. seriously they sound like bunch of chipmunks!! I only recognize Tae Young’s voice among the high-pitched (nearly unbearable) chorus!!

  75. okay i’ve just watched their Gee MV. it’s pretty cute, and the choreography as well. song’s just started to grow on me, i think i might like it… but still not as much as i liked the teaser.

    bwahahaha couldn’t tell who was singing what part until i saw the MV though. come to think of it, it’s a pretty good song for sunny, she’s always had a higher-pitched singing voice πŸ™‚

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