Seo In Young Will Leave Music Bank on 9th January

Time to say adieus to Seo In Young as she leaves her programs 1-by-1. She will relinquish her emcee position on Music Bank with the 9th January episode.

Seo In Young To Take A Break in America

According to the Music Bank PDs, “After recording the live episode of Music Bank on 9th January, she will then leave the show officially. We have not found a replacement for her yet and we are not going to discount the possibility that her partner, Yoo Se Yun might also leave the show along with her.”

Seo In Young has recently left MBC We Got Married and will also be tendering her resignation for SBS Ya Shim Man Man soon. She will then make her way to America for a 2 months vacation, with all arrangements already finalized.

28 thoughts on “Seo In Young Will Leave Music Bank on 9th January

  1. glad to see stars taking a break! they deserve it and they need it!
    will look forward to her return though of course! πŸ˜€

  2. She certainly brightens up teh show. However with her hard work that past year, she needs a break. I look forwards to her return.

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  4. No she said she’d just go to take a vacation, and c’mon lol Seo In Young’s english skills are TERRIBLE

  5. no her company has been announcing for a while that she would be taking a vacation in january. she has been under lots of stress from so many jobs that she seriously needs a vacation. i hope she gets lots of rest and comes back with even more to offer! =)

  6. i really hope the ant couple will go on a holiday together.
    I will miss her for sure! πŸ™‚


  7. hahahhaha omg i wasnt even thinking about crown j!
    but omg that’d be so cute !
    theyre my favorite WGM couple !!
    aww…but i dont wanna get my hopes up.
    i wonder if crown j will be there….

  8. something is fishy here!!!

    2 months in America? where CrownJ’s family is…. hmmm…. hahaha…

    maybe i’m just losing my mind, but she does need a break… and if she does end up visiting his family there… that’s good too…cuz these two are for real! (in my opinion…^_^)

  9. πŸ˜€ what a way inyoungie.
    hahaha. but respectin that.
    she has been thru thick and thin last yr.
    startin from jewelry promotion to wgm and all that

  10. well it is nice to take a break, hope she can come back with a great album. i wish that she could sing more ballad song as she has a good vocal.

  11. She’s going to have a new album this year if i am not wrong but not sure of the date. μ„œμΈμ˜

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  13. I heard she will be in new york the whole time while in america.. i would love to just walk past her at like saks or something i think i’d just look at her and go “A!!!!!” also doing the symbol with my fingers lol. she’s so cute :3

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