KBS Banking On Boys Before Flowers To Make An Impact

After months of hype followed by expectation, the Korean version of popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers finally makes its debut tonight on KBS2TV. The story revolves around an average girl, Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) who makes her way into a prestigious school by chance and her encounters with the school’s notorious F4 following a chance meeting.


The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango will seek to fill in the gaps that had been missing in the original manga and give a detailed account of exactly how Jandi made her way into the prestigious school. The focus of the first episode which will be shown tonight will be what was mentioned earlier in this article.

Goo Hye Sun had a really hard time filming the below-mentioned scene (see photo below). Besides being doused with eggs, flour from F4 supporters and having to change 10 outfits (for different takes), she also developed a serious bout of flu from the long filming hours of this particular scene.


KBS is banking heavily on this drama to turn the tables on the competing dramas (MBC East of Eden, SBS Terroir) from the other tv stations in terms of ratings, having been on the losing end for nearly 2 years. But it’s certainly not going to be easy, having to go against the two who have an established viewership base already. Another thing to look out for is whether the Korean version can equal or surpass the Taiwanese and Japanese versions.


It’s going to be a long-shot with the ratings. But there will be many teen and overseas viewers for this definitely. Will this be a Goong or a Goong S? Everything will be revealed tonight (reviews) and tomorrow (ratings).

59 thoughts on “KBS Banking On Boys Before Flowers To Make An Impact

  1. I like the sets and the clothes. They look very colorful.
    this is absolutely the drama for people who are looking for something funny, light and not melodramatic.

  2. i will definitely watch this. i have seen both Japanese and Taiwanese version of the manga. i have stopped watching East of Eden halfway…maybe i can put that aside for a while and watch something entertaining and not serious. Goo Hye Soo fits San Cai or Makino…i am happy she is in the cast.

  3. Weee!! I can’t wait and see the Korean version!… We all can’t help but compare to the previous versions but this one looks very promising! I LOOOOOVE the cars!! And Kim Hyun Joong ftw!!…Teeheee…

  4. This is the shit 🙂 Not even interested in the other dramas mentioned. It’s just not what you really need in the end of a day.

  5. I watched this earlier in KBS2TV…thought the time slot was as same as Worlds within (i.e. 9:45 p.m. KST) but it was shown at 10:00 p.m. KST..oh well nvm…

    the first episode was somehow hilarious for me in a sense that Jandi’s angry/confused facial expression was rather amusing(and the part where she comes to the rooftop with her cloth delivery to the guy who was about to jump off the building *rofl*<– this was spoiler by the way) & hyunjoong’s face seem to be reactionless ( *spoiler again* though i got to see his bare chest for a while there)….neverthless I’ll watch tomorrow again since i find the episode quite interesting..

    *spoiler alert*
    oh btw the korean version seem a bit same as the jap. version..hyunjoong also seem to have a secret corridor of his own somewhere in the school building like that of rui in the jap. version…n like makino was caught by rui while she was trying to vent her anger towards F4 by shouting from one end of the corridor…same thing was done by jandi n hyunjoong caught her doing so…n it was quite awkward seeing hyunjoong rubbing off the flour from jandi’s face(she was bullied) by his handkerchief..ahh hwang-bo unnie i greatly missed u there while watching that part…ok my blabbering mouth/hand just doen’t seem to know when to stop..sorry for all the spoilers…I’m off…

  6. @jjanjang…it’s ok, your spoilers are welcome…they can do variations of the manga but the essence remains so it doesn’t make any difference at all to us.

    …HanaDan addicts are different from the drama ones…we just can’t get enough of this Makino-Domyoji love story…and there are millions still waiting to watch this Korean version.

    …Thank you for the pix Coolsmurf.

  7. LOL @ 4th pic with the yawning guy XD

    and nicely said… a goong or goong s
    i think previous hana yori dango lovers will criticize it at any chance, but i’m hoping they’ll ball park it
    … although the previews kinda gave me a sorta cheezy feeling to it -_-

  8. surpass the japanese version will be difficult, especially for the one who plays tsukasa ‘cos matsumoto jun totally owns that character.

    so said, the fangirl in me cannot avoid to shout ‘hyun joong fighting!!’ ^^

  9. in one of the photos the boys look a little *too* grown up, ya know? and they’re supposedly still in ‘high school’ and they’re already wearing business clothes and looking immaculate. so I hope this drama will be able to express the more immature side of young life without compromising the coolness factor.

  10. i was really disappointed but then again i was warned i could be.

    just too exaggerated acting from GHS. it didnt match up with the rest of the drama cast where the costume and setting are all high class serious.

    and its pretty obvious HJ is still raw as this is his first major acting job. he just kinda looked sleepy all the time.

    minho is pretty good tho! he has the cocky thing going on but a bit of adorkable-ness.

    overall i almost fell asleep even if im not comparing it to the other 2 versions.

    so hopefully episode 2 will be soooooo much better

  11. The first episode doesn’t really catch my attention but hope it will change my mind for all the other upcoming episodes….HJ acting is a little stiff there but cant blame him as this is his first major drama…well anyway its a good try for him as an actor…Hwaiting!!

  12. I think school has already started so ask your parents to TiVo it for you. Sorry kids it’s not healthy to stay up that late. What was KBS thinking?

  13. without a doubt—
    theyre startin it with much elegance and gradieur(?)

    cant wait for people to sub this!!!

    i really have high expectations for this…


  14. i just finished watchg and feel like they are missing something.. i guess it’s the acting which still needs to get improved…

  15. surpassing them?
    that’ll be very hard to do, but then again,
    theres going to be 24 episodes? =/

    the most i can expect is that the kr version will be equally as good as the jap one =D

  16. ah
    cant wait
    off to c it rite now
    i think the twaiwan version is going to be hard to beat
    cuz the main actors were so good!!!
    and there wuz so much chemistry going on between everyone…
    but the japanese one wuz bad
    so i just hope that it beats that one…

  17. shouldn’t her skirt be longer. I think it would look better for the type of character she is trying to portray. I really hope the drama lives up to everyone’s expectations.

  18. =O i hope it’s good! all the past versions of boys over flowers have been hits! it would be a shame if the korean version flops.

    on a side note… OHMYGOSH! SHILLANG LOOKS SO HOTTT!!!! XD

  19. i really liked the japanese version so even though i’m korean & i love korean stuff…i’m not sure how i’ll receive this.
    the korean version looks so flashy.
    plus, goo hye sun looks too cute & pretty to play the poor normal student makino. oh well.
    looking forward to it.

    PS. man, what the heck is the tsukasa-guy doing in that top picture?? some sport? tsukasa never plays sports!

  20. setting…clothes….the people!! omg…everything looks PERFECT!!! hellz even the cars look hella nice!!! i don’t even care much for the lead roles anymore…i just wann see kim bum!!! he looks so freaking HOT and grown up in here!!! and the other guy…KIM JOON…very very very HANDSOME!! omg!!!

  21. im not looking forward to it i watched the japanese and taiwanese version and this one doesnt look promising i have a feeling that it isnt going to surpass the other two version even though i do want to see how it is compared to the other two

  22. GHS has a nice spirit, but they shouldn’t give her so many close-ups for so long. it only exposes her very raw acting — she has hard time controlling emotions within character’s means. everything blurts out all at once, kinda like a 12-year-old gets drunk, then behind the wheels of her parents cars while everyone’s away. her recklessness is exciting, and may get tiring after 10+ eps.

  23. i would LOVE to watch this with sub but i gotta wait for mysoju to upload it or in other words, find it from somewhere

  24. ooh, lotus! NICE! ^^
    Anyways, so excited! Can’t wait to watch this drama!
    I hope Mysoju will sub it~ I’ve been submitting requests for this drama since last month! 😛
    The guys look absolutely awesome! I hope it’ll get good reviews~ 🙂

  25. i want to see this so badly. been anticipating since the news broke about the fact that they were going to turn this into a korean drama. hahaha, i hope they get good ratingssss *prays*

  26. i watched the raw version and it was great and the rating is also great.its 14.6 (6th place)………….this is a great start

  27. aw if only i understood korean and had the chl i would watch it D=
    but can’t wait for it when the eng subs come out!!!
    so excited looks really good too~

    ❤ LOVE HIM.
    🙂 WOOT.
    <333 even thou i’m some ordinary filipino, but I LOVE KOREANS AND OTHER TYPE OF COUNTRY DRAMAS. XD HELLA AZN AND ALL BUT LIKE,

  29. Frankly Guy This drama sucks, Bad actress (so annoying), Bad soundtrack, Zero chemisry between the actors especially the F4 (at least The guys of Big Bang had), overracting. No offence but it’s bad

  30. i am really looking forward to watch ep3 CAN’T WAITTTTTTTT………………
    but you know what i am looking forward for this drama is that i only hope that they could change a bit from the storyline that the Japanese writer wrote, i wish that Jan Di lost her memory then Goo Joon Pyo losing his because it might make the drama more interesting and more people will enjoy it the way i think well it my saying though i don’t know if you would like that way but i do :]

    oh and you know what i already wrote the line for that -Jan Di lost her memory and Goo Joon Pyo felt really hurt inside of his heart and at the hospital Goo Joon Pyo talk with the doctor that when will Jan Di will be back to her normal self but the doctor said that it will be hard for her to be back then he really angry and start screaming at the doctor and told him to find the best doctor around but at that time Jan Di already get out of the hospital and with the hospital clothes on because at that time Jan Di was kinda crazy on her head so when Goo Joon Pyo entre Jan Di already left he search all around the hospital to find her but she was gonna we was mad at his self that he didn’t look after Jan Di well.
    Jan Di was walk at the street but at the same time there was this guy this really rich guy trying to escape form his dad home because his dream is to live alone on his own, so when he was running he accidently pushed Jan Di, and
    Jan Di faint because she lost lots of blood, then the guy didn’t have any idea what to do exapt bring her to his house.
    later Jan Di wake up and ask him where she was so he told her that does thing happen so he bring her to his house, and Jan di could go to her own parent’s home because they were in other country and she was in other country so she has to stay.

  31. looks like KBS made the right decision to bank on BOF- the drama and its stars, as well everything that goes with them are selling like hotcakes!

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