1 Night 2 Days With Park Chan Ho Over 30% Again

The addition of Park Chan Ho to the cast of 1 Night 2 Days seems to have a galvanising effect as the ratings for the already popular show went past 30% once again for the 2nd week running. SBS Family Outing obtained 27.4% while MBC We Got Married did not air due to the on-going media strike.

1 Night 2 Days With Park Chan Ho

According to TNS Media Korea, KBS Happy Sunday segment, 1N2D single-episode rating clocked 30.96%. Although this represented a drop from last week rating (32.51%), the fact that it went over 30% for 2 weeks in a row showed that it is still the choice of many viewers on a Sunday evening.

And thus the 80 minutes episode yesterday once again came out on top against competing programs. The peak rating for the episode was 43.5% where Park Chan Ho and the other 6 members of 1N2D competed in the Bokboolbok game where they had to pick a bun that did not contain spicy fillings.

The high ratings posted by 1N2D also enabled the average rating of KBS Happy Sunday (including Immortal Music Classics) to go over 20%, achieving a total of 20.7%. Despite 1N2D posting high ratings weekly, the average rating of KBS Happy Sunday is usually below 20%. So another milestone for them.

The episode shown yesterday was part 2 of the Gongju trip where famous Korean baseball player Park Chan Ho came back to his hometown and served as their local guide (but he was actually equally clueless like them about many things, having been away for a long period). Despite his lofty star status, Park Chan Ho was able to mix around with the cast of 1N2D with relative ease and comfort, which entertained viewers. A good start to 2009 for 1N2D.

23 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days With Park Chan Ho Over 30% Again

  1. yeah..this episode is sooo funny..the bond is really something..and i love how the staff put some footage from kbs entertainment award at the begining of the show..il bak i il..fighting!

  2. i just finished watching it in YT and it was so hilarious..
    i love 1n2d soooo much ^___^

    Park Chan Ho is a funny and nice guy ^^
    i would totally recommand everyone to watch this show !!!!!

  3. hai, where can i watch 1N2D with the eng subs? coz i love the show so so much but i can’t get all the show that is shown on the tv with subs..

  4. 1N2D is getting crazier and funnier each week. Plus, it’s getting higher ratings each week. It’s a positive way to start the year.~!

  5. @topspin…
    hopefully not…
    The 6 Brothers are enough. i dont want this program to be like family outing

  6. babykongmk you can watch the sub version on ahboo.wordpress.com. However, this would be up in one or two weeks time.

  7. i’m sure they’ll have special guests once in a while, but hopefully that doesn’t ruin the 6 guys. I loved the show and the story was interesting to listen to.

  8. Omygosh! They had to pick a bun that did not contain spicey fillings! How much more exciting can TV get?

    No kidding, I love these guys. They can pick a bun with no fillings at all as far as I’m concerned. Figh-ting!

  9. awww i love my six namjas they have the best bond!!!! way to go 1n2d!!!! way to start the new year!!!!

  10. i swear i heard KHD said park jerry. Bokboolbok game always the funniest moment in 1N2D. thanks for posting^_^

  11. park chan ho the pitcher?
    i remember when i was little
    i saw him play for the dodgers
    but man.. that wgm thing..

  12. i haven’t been waching 1N2D for a while now, no one is subbing the new episodes anymore. the last episode i saw was the soccer tournament they had against the female team.

  13. Absolutely ❤ this “special.” The cast are complete fanboys around PCH. So cute. I can’t wait for the last(?) part next week when they visit the school/camp full of kids no knowing that they were not only meeting the members of 1n2d, but the legend PCH ^_^

  14. go to

    it is one of the saddest things ever. kang ho dong is so nice, he is the best.

  15. @ zaza. thanks a lot. now i can continue to watch my most favourite show on9. really thank u.. I LOVE 1N 2D very very much…

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