Rain, Yunho and Taemin Embroiled in Unauthorized Usage of Music for Performances

In the aftermath of the completion of the various Gayo Daejuns in Korea, there was news last Friday that some singers had used some music for their performances without the required permission from copyright holders.

DBSK and Rain Make Headlines Again

According to reports, DBSK leader U-Know Yunho and Rain had used Justin Timberlake Magic as the background music for their performances in the SBS Gayo Daejun and KBS Gayo Daechuk respectively. But the tune was apparently used without any permission being sought from the copyright holders. In addition, Shinee’s Taemin has also met with the same problem, using Usher Dat Girl Right There for his dance performance at the SBS Gayo Daejun.

U-Know Yunho Dance Performance (credit: Joongiefied@Youtube)

Rain Dance Performance (credit: rainjihooncom@Youtube)

Taemin Dance Performance (credit: gracelee88@Youtube)

A SonyBMG who holds the rights for both songs expressed that Magic and Dat Girl Right There had not been released officially through any channels. They thus do not understand how they had gotten their hands on the songs. Although Magic was illegally uploaded in October last year but it wasn’t included in any of Justin Timberlake’s album thus they are left perplexed at this.

DBSK and Shinee’s manager responded by saying that they didn’t know that the song was obtained through illegal means and expressed their regrets. Rain’s management, J. Tunes expressed that they did not use the music illegally on purpose but only knew that it was an American song. Some Korean netizens felt that it was a national insult, “Even though the singers have called on fans not to download music illegally, why are they infringing on copyrights themselves?”

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  1. First too.
    Bad news for BOA and Rain especially if they want to break into the American market. Angering Sony BMG is not the way.

  2. seriously? that’s retarded.
    JT’s Magic had airplay, did it not? even if it was in the states, does that mean people from other countries will not listen to it? pshhh…

    anyways, i’m pretty sure everyone knows those songs are by their respective artists, no one’s gonna think that whoever performed to it is the singer or anything stupid like that…

    this really isn’t a big deal, let’s hope it doesn’t get blown out of proportion

  3. ^Good point, LDJ. This is bad news for BoA and Rain, even Se7en. Angering Sony BMG is definitely one of the worst things to do if you want to break into the American music industry.

    But really. This is irresponsible of the artists to not seek for copyrights to the song. It should be a given that if you’re using a song like this publicly in a televised performance, you should ask for copyrights first, y’know? These performances aren’t some dance recital at school. You gotta know this, being in the music industry, especially Rain!!! Rain even owns his own music company. Gotta know the rules!

    Also, how amusing that they both used Magic for two different Gayo Festival.

    And it’s also quite embarrassing when as an artist, you get caught for downloading music illegally like that. =/ Tsk, tsk.

  4. ouch.

    i feel like the netizens are right for once…i mean, even if they didnt infringe on purpose…if singers are publicly against illegal downloading or whatnot–they should proactively & responsibly use other artists’ music also. they should’ve thought ahead.

    but yeah, i really hope this doesnt turn into a big deal or create hate & problems for BoA and se7en and rain (if he’s still tryna break into the US market) !

  5. OMG!!!!!!!Thank god baby Seungri wasnt involved,dont really care for the rest.This is really embarrassing.

  6. WOW! Those two songs hasn’t been released through record sales yet?? Boy….it is just a shame for Korean music industry now since they’ve always called for not to illegally download stuff cuz they are artists themselves…

    This will really sucks for BoA, Se7en, & Rain (especially) since he’s already having problems with his previously incidents, to debut in America in 2009….

  7. all these clowns can’t dance or sing for shit. Rain just look like an oversize kid doing ballet but i must admit he does it better than the other little dude. All these artists trying to break into the american’s market must be joking. Their skills pretty much = 0. Also American ppl. want something new and original not some lame copy cat hip hop moves. We don’t want men who looks better as girls or midget little girls with no personality. stay in korea and eat kimchi!

  8. Yeah I knew some one was going to get in trouble and we are talking American music industry here. Justin Timberlake’s songs are worth millions worldwide Sony might not let this one slide.

    I’m mean they could of chose any other artist but they chose Usher and Justin two of America’s (and Sony’s) biggest artists… talk about bad choices. What’s next Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey

    I agree with irees above, not seeking a copyright was just totally irresponsible and Rain knows how we do it in the states he was over here for the longest time.

    And sorry to all those BOA and Rain fans but they just won’t break into America. Maybe with the Korean community yes but with other Americans no chance.

  9. Damn,maybe I was too harsh. This sucks for Boa and Rain cause its their companies that did this specially Rain owns his company and danced to JT’s song,but dont really know about Se7en since he wasnt involved at all.

  10. (no wonder i couldn’t find ‘Magic’ even though i have the whole Justin Timberlake discography.)
    i feel bad for them and all but yeah that is kinda hypocritical and irresponsible. >.<
    plus, i thought SBS would have smartened up after all the mess ups in 2008.
    super embarrassing situation for the whole Korean entertainment industry. =( i hope this gets resolved quietly.

  11. @ asianpplcantsingordance

    what the freakin hell are you doing on a korean entertainment based blog.

    as for the rest of it. they’re all stupid arent they.
    artist should be concious of their own actions before they go on about how illegal downloading is wrong.

  12. Another insult to Koreans :\
    I think this is going to have a bigger effect on Rain since he owns J. Tunes and he, himself is trying to break into the American industry.
    Didn’t their management, both SM & J.Tunes check before using it?

    Did they choose the song or did their manager or whoever gave them the song? If they personally chose the songs themselves, I’m disappointed. They make all those commercials, telling fans & viewers to stop illegally downloading their songs, yet it’s ironic because they are doing it.. If they were given the song by their managers, I wouldn’t entirely blame it on them… but their management should have at least checked for the copyrights and such as.

  13. usually a lot of people is behind a decision even if it is small.. if the artist chose a song, i’m sure the management would have checked and made varifications.. after all, they are the ones who always has to make sure that the artist do not get into any sort of trouble..
    i believe if they were unaware that the song wasn’t officially released (i myself was unaware that Magic wan’t in JT’s album, the song has been circulating around the net for some time now)
    being ignorant isn’t a valid excure but people do slip.. but for the netizens to call it a national insult.. they’re just happy that the finger is now pointed to someone else..
    i’m just surprised that it wasn’t thoroughly checked.. i mean sonybmg is huge.. if they decide to sue then.. woah..
    seems to me like dbsk’s time in korea towards the end of the year has gone a bit sour.. with the censorchip and all and now this.. poor guys 😦

  14. – “asianpplcantsingordance”

    why dont you stfu and leave them alone?
    i dont see you singing or dancing.
    i dont see you making millions.
    show some respect.

  15. lol@jk, it’s because some whities are just hardcore racist like that =) the guy up there probably has grandparents and parents who lynched negros

  16. Well, I didn’t get interested in JT’s song until U-Know started to dance to it. Even though this situation looks bad, but it’s great publicity for JT’s music in Korea. I did have an inkling that something like this will happen because the song hasn’t been officially released yet. Any publicity, good or bad, garners a lot of attention so this might not be as bad as people think. U-Know, Rain, and Taemin just danced to the songs. It’s other people’s responsibility (like their management companies) to get permission for them to dance to the songs. I cannot fault the performers for that. They probably didn’t know. Anyways, Asian countries are notorious for breaking international music laws.

  17. Even if they tell me don’t download music illegally I still do it. :X
    But only when I can’t find it on itunes are on respective seller sites.

    So uhm… wow.

    @Jericho you sound like a total ass saying that.

    I feel bad for the parties involved.
    But maybe it was an honest mistake, and even if they did it knowingly they wouldn’t be the first.
    I feel really bad.

  18. LMAO…
    how embarrassing…
    they should PRAY that sonyBMG does not decide to sue them, especially Rain since he owns JTunes *sigh*

  19. oh wow! this may get very very very serious and it may blow up to a big matter.. but then again, it’s not the artists fault isn’t it? it’s their companies fault instead! :O

  20. @iluvhankui,this is getting more publicity for JT? are you kidding me,Justin Timberlake is known across the WORLD.and how is this helping him in korea when the whole country is known for illegial downloading and now even the celebrities actions are saying its okay to do it.

  21. BS excuse.

    Your company is under the parent company and you have no idea how they got the music?

    Those songs were specifically chosen for their performances. Come on!

  22. netizens are blowing it out of proportion to accuse their stars like that i mean yuhno, taemin, rain used the a snippet of a song to perform for their fans and to entertian viewers alike not for their own personal gain
    I mean netizens illegally download like crazy and when these stars take one song to perform netizens go crazy i know that the artist should not have done that they should know better but netizens in this case have no right to be so harsh
    personally its not a big deal since these artist took a song that had already circulated and no one was claiming it to be theirs
    I see no harm but rather gain for sony to recognize so quick showed how popular the performance and song was
    but I understand that sony has to take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again but I hope nothing happens or atleast the punishment is not harsh

  23. hmm. do you ever see any of justin timberlake’s song #1 on Korean charts? No, I don’t think so. Koreans listen to their own music and support their artists locally.

  24. JT could just sue them himself and get a chunk load of money , but if SONYBMG sue them its gonna be SONY VS SM and am pretty sure thats like rock vs egg ? damn am poetic.

  25. To Danggg:
    To say that “it’s not a big deal” tells alot about your character. Let’s just say that you wrote the song (lyrics, tempo, beats, etc.) but someone used it without informing you. Would you be mad?

  26. Yes, I live in my own little world. That’s me. Hehehe! ^_^ At least I’m not any type of anti. Hahaha!

  27. wow..that’s very unprofessional of them. see that’s what happens when they only have a week to prepare this kind of performances. things like this gets over looked.. i think its their management at fault for this.. the talents probably was just given the music and must prepare their performances and since they have the wackiest schedule with so many performances to do they probably did not think twice to use it. hmm i have a feeling someone’s going to get fired! well good luck to them!

  28. welcome to korean music industry (where singers/korean companies could get away by saying their version is a sample or it just sounds like this artist bec they’re influenced or they were just inspired by it abt it despite the fact that it’s pretty obvious it got stolen etc etc)

    thank god some big company complained.
    now they would think twice about using others’ music w/o paying for rights. i hope they have to pay big amount like in the case of ivy when she used a popular concept for her mv years back.

  29. From what I understand, Korean artists does use American songs but they translate them into Korean, however they keep the tempo and beats of the original writers. For example, Eun JI Won with Epic High sang together “where is the love” by the Black Eye Peas’ at SBS Gayo Festival 2008. You can listen to it at 1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com. I just hope they asked permission. Korean artist showing that they know English in Korea is a very very big thing. That’s why most popular artist implement English in their lyrics. It sells!

  30. Them using the clip, although illegal is definitely different from someone downloading whole albums. The netizens are just trying to make what they’re doing less bad. What the performers did was wrong but not as bad as taking whole cd’s instead of buying.

    Anyway maybe the stars didn’t know about the copyright issue? That’s the entertainment companies responsibility right?

  31. Why they want to used Justin’s song? I hate his song. Use your own song to dance and remix it. why want to use American music? Sigh…I hope this work out for Rain i dun think so it’s his fault.

  32. ehh.. people shouldn’t bring in boa & se7en! they weren’t accused of anything….

    the article is about rain, yunho, and taemin…

    good luck to them.. hope it doesn’t become a huge problem..

  33. @ iluvhankui,yes JT and other Big American Artists like Britney Spears are on the korean charts but they put then under foreign music just like Japan.Go to Naver and see what am talking about. JT doesnt speak korean obvioulsy so why would he be under the “korean” songs.and amanda stop being so bias cause we know your a DBSK fan,very delusional of you.It doesnt matter if its a clip or not,its still illegal. Its like saying I stole 30 dollars from the bank but at least it wasnt 300 dollars.You still want to the bank and stole it and its the same with the songs,they have a song that was leaked and not legally released and also didnt pay for it.

  34. I somehow feel its neither the artist fault they might not really know that they are using an illegal music either

    Lets think this way an sbs or a tv channel creating a music dance battle should have check first regarding this whole copyrights or contact the sony bmg first god~ there are so many other justin timberlake songs or usher music

    Onside sony bmg would be sueing them as a fan of kpop its really upsetting that such slides of irresponsibility.
    I hope for the best for all three of them as much as i love yunho i hope sm and Jtune would do something just to make up for their mistakes

    On contrary they did keep saying about do not download illegal music somehow is all a stupid mistake i hope my kpop artist would be more aware from now on and be more alert.

  35. anyway beside that, the new song of Big Bang Sungri is somewhat sound very similar to one of the famous american artist if any of you have listened to it, if not you should try listen to it.

  36. how often have I heard american songs tho? was every single one given permission b4? so many bad things happening around DBSK right now. Hope they’ll be okay. Yunho ❤

  37. It saddens me seeing how much people who like/listens/love Asian’s songs/artists actually look down on them whenever the American complaint/sue etc. are involved. Its as if you are a friend of someone, but when they are bullied you WON’T admit they are your friend.

    Though, it was wrong for the management companies to not check on the copyrights before using it.

  38. I don’t know whether to call this matter a big deal or the netizens are making a big deal out of it…either way it doesn’t seem like a good news to those involved

    p.s. it’s funny how people r blaming on performers rather than their label companies, afterall it’s the company that holds the responsibility of dealing with copyright infringement n all legislative stuffs…nyways way to have fanwar n yeah goodwishes to those involved

  39. well this caught my attention….

    Personally, when i watched this i wasnt really paying attention to the song that much…i mean yeah…its background music for me anyways…

    its a shame though…and it got me thinking if every american song you see the artist perfom are copyrighted…maybe they are…

    Its easy to blame one person when something like this happens…i think all parties involved how some part to be blamed…

    I personally feel bad for Yunho, whether he’s guilty or not, cause-if im not mistaken- at the Golde Disk Awards he ranted for about 5 minutes about the hard work artists go through to make an albumn and how the public should not illegally download songs….

    im just saying its a shame….im not an anti if someone is going to label me as one…

  40. To the ppl that say it’s not a big deal, don’t know shit.

    It’s a VERY BIG deal because SonyBMG is a BIG company. JT & Usher are WAY bigger celebrities then DBSK, Rain & Taemin, better yet they are bigger stars then any of the Korean artists. So it’s a VERY big deal that they got caught.

    & their excuses is a piece a crap. I like Rain, Shinee & yeah I sorta like DBSK but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna defend them if they do something wrong. Like I said their excuses are crap, now I don’t fully blame Yunho or Taemin but I blame SM, because SM will know about these like this. SM is a big music company/agency in S.Korea. They have connections so of course they will have the power to know if JT’s song & Usher’s song was okay to use or not. They can easily use their connections to see if it’s okay to use or not.
    Obviously they didn’t so this is a clear sign of them not doing their job. So they should be at fault.

    I have all of JT’s music been a fan of his since his Nsync days & yes I d/l music illegally but it’s to see if I would like it or not. If I like it, I’ll buy the music if not I’ll delete it. So I have both these songs because I like both & I will buy both of them.

    It’s gonna suck for Rain because he owns J.Tune & his trying to break into the American Music scene. Well using a song that was illegally downloaded/leak to the public is a bad way to go.

    SM & J.Tune better hope they don’t get sue. It’s funny in a way they don’t want fans to illegally download their music yet they use songs that was illegally downloaded as well & songs that they didn’t even get permission to use.

  41. Justin’s leaked song has been in floating around Youtube for sometime now…I will not be surprise if its been floating around Daum, Naver, the Club boxes, etc…that is if the Sony BMG executive is really hard press wondering where it was sourced.

    I’m actually surprise in his admittance that he was caught unaware…or was he feigning being naive? It’s Korea…illegal downloading is so rampant its killing their music industry!

    But looking at how it also hoodwinked SBS , SM and J-Tune, I’ll not be surprise everyone thought it was legit.

  42. ahh this is bad. Hope Sony BMG will forgive them mostly Rain since he`s trying to break through the U.S market.

  43. i agree to marmar, this is going to be a big deal because Sony BMG is a BIG company. They have power around the world. The bad thing is that they use the song that ISNT released yet without any permission from BMG.

    Im a big fan of DBSK, rain and Shinee but they need to accept the truth. Its their fault. And frankly, im sure this will affect BoA, Se7en, and Rain.

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  46. this is so serious! Sony BMG is so huge, they have alot of power compare to SM, J.tunes or any other comapny in S. Korea… I hope everything will be ok…

  47. asianpplcantsingordance is a typical racist. its not singing or dancing he\she has a problem with. an asian must have taken over his\her job.

  48. oh dear.

    i’m clueless about those songs, most american music actually. i was more focused on the person dancing.

  49. wow @asianpplcantsingordance… there are a lot of korean artists who can sing and dance well and they don’t need to be big to be recognized in other countries. don’t make a sweeping generalization just because you’re some westerner if you really are. apl.de.ap of black eyed peas is asian and he is successful in the US. billy crawford is asian too and he was likewise successful in UK and US.

    i agree that it’s JTunes and SM who should be at fault on this and not necessarily the artists (but they should have at least check on the piece they are using but that’s just secondary)

  50. This aint really going well for Rain is it??
    Hope nothing big will come up.
    Hoping no lawsuit will come up in this subject.

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  52. No, no, no.

    The problem is that none of the songs used were actually released through retail channels, thus implying that they were illegally-distributed leaked copies. That’s straightforward copyright infringement.

    Don’t confuse that with performance rights, which are granted automatically on payment of royalties, regardless of the wishes of the copyright holder.

  53. actually if we were all to take a step back and view this situation as a whole, perhaps this is a great wake up call.. since SONYBMG is a huge company and the artists whose songs have been illegally obtained are from overseas, maybe there will be an outside intervention to the downloading problem in korea.. this problem will not completely be eradicated seeing a lot of people from other countries illegally download and distribute too.. (it’s a gone case with technology being so advanced – who’s fault is that?) but hopefully the numbers will lessen and it will help if the company hire super-tech people to crack down the source of distribution and all.. instilling panic and fear may slow down this ever growing problem..

  54. SonyBMG aint just a BIG company its an international one, i know that they have some artists in Taiwan and in Japan, dont know about China, but yeah, not just the US and Latin America….

    dang this is like an uber slap to the artists, they look like hypocrites…. there will probably be more crackdowns in the Korean Music industry…

  55. they constantly use millions of songs on their variety programs I doubt they have all the licences to do so

  56. …I think people should read the posts of miyaka and foobar for their objective comments on this subject before commenting…fanboys/fangirls especially.

    …not because some people uploaded these or downloaded those songs any network can just air it or artistes can use it without asking around if their action/s can cause infringement problems later…especially in this case of an unreleased song.

    ..there are some Korean songs that I’ve listened to where you can recognize some parts…whether it’s just a bar but if they used it, they have to get permission… otherwise it’s stolen property or unauthorized use of property…it seems Korean label companies don’t learn from their experiences with the Japanese copyright suits they’ve been slapped with now they’re messing up again.

  57. woah…don’t know what to say…i am atleast 90% positive they thought it was already out and legit at that since it’s been leaked even before their performances. though i don’t think the netizens have the right to slap them back. as artists, i’m sure they have 0 intention to pirate music since they know exactly what the consequences and effects are…

    i feel so sorry for them though since it’s sony bmg…i just hope that sony bmg will be level-headed about this..

  58. Is it actually copyrighted in Korea or is Sony in it’s vastness enforcing copyrights from one country in another one? Because not only is that stupid, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.

    ‘I own that sound it’s mine if you want to make the same sound you have to pay me!’ kind of ridiculous if you think about it.

    More to the point, have the artists actually said they’re upset about this. That this has forced them to return to the lifestyle the rest of us are forced to endure? Until they do it’s just Sony wanting attention and demanding money before they stfu and sit down. I only mention it because not every artist thinks the way the music industry operates is fine. ie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trent_Reznor#Criticisms_of_the_music_industry

  59. calling it a national insult/disgrace is lame. as uthek said, it’s a complicated issue:

    – korean producers don’t get in habit of rights clearance before they “sample” (they only do it when selling to overseas market?)

    – SONY and others may or may not have korean included in their copyright claims. the legal stuff takes time, money to register.

    and if it’s a disgrace when companies do it, why isn’t it a personal disgrace, reflection of bad character, when an individual downloads illegally? a company saving money is evil, but a poor average person saving money is necessary & noble? can’t you be a better person w/o listening to kpop you didn’t pay for? 😀

  60. p.s. @ Ching, SonyBMG “wonders” where they got MAGIC is more like a soft-cushioned complaint. they don’t want to piss off people when they might do business in korea later.

    doesn’t matter if MAGIC’s officially released or not. if the performances fall under commercial purpose (= earn advertising money), they’re using timberlake song in a for-profit event and need to cough up for the rights to use it.

  61. @yumi-chan: i don’t think you know what i’m talking about. and you know what? i’m being dead serious here.

  62. i think most people are not getting the situation,
    the problem is that the song they used was a leaked/unofficial
    song, so the song was stolen from the studio/company
    and leaked, Sony BMG does have legal rights there
    any other song that has been released officially would
    have been fine and ok, if it had ACTUALLY been downloaded
    by the company or artist, no one would have known or
    cared but that 2 songs in particular had been stolen
    and SonyBMG then knows for a fact that the songs they
    used were the stolen song and therefore were ilegally downloaded,
    since the song did not come from any album….

    so there is two problems there, theft from SonyBMG and piracy…

  63. That’s too bad. Even though I liked all of their performances, SonyBMG have the right to be angry. I understand that they wanted to use those songs to better perform, but unless those songs are hitting the air and was officially announce to be the latest singles, then it would be piracy. 😦

  64. such a disappointment…
    i still love them ❤ and i dont want anything bad to happen. i HATE SONYBMG! lol

  65. i’m just chuckling at how people call these artists hypocrites about the whole illegal download of songs thing, when the commentors themselves are no less innocent of doing the same (illegally downloading songs).

    you know what else you can get sued for? singing the traditional american form of ‘happy birthday’ on television without getting permission from the copyright holders.

    i highly doubt the singers themselves are mainly at fault for this, because i highly doubt they are the ones in charge of seeking copyright permission. even Rain, because he probably hires someone to do the legal stuff when he is already bogged down with other tasks. It’s also possible that these singers themselves did not originally hear these songs by illegal download, but heard them off of someone else (do they even have spare time to search for these songs themselves?). And it may even be that they got someone else to find the song for them to use, unknowing that these songs were not even officially released.

    BUT overall, the fact is that they used music that wasn’t officially released (and thus illgally procured), and even if the artists are somewhat innocent in their actions of picking songs to use for show, they have to face the consequence of their actions as the faces of their labels.

    Anyway, it looks like these artists may or may not get sued. There was a case where a film used a song without rights from SonyBMG, and Sony sued them only after the film maker ignored several notices from them and denied the claim. Then again, Sony is known for screwing over their own artists with debt, and for the songs that weren’t even officially released…

  66. I don’t think the performers are at fault here. Why call them hypocrites? They’re not the ones who stole the song or anything. I’m sure when you want to perform something, you must run it through with the producers and it’s the responsibility of the producer to ensure that the song is okay. The artists don’t have time to do that kind of research.

    If anything, it’s SBS’s fault for playing it. I agree that Sony should seek compensation and an apology, but don’t blame the artists for it.

  67. I noticed that a lot of Korean songs are based off from American songs/beats..If they can’t make up their own beats or have the decency to check up on it/ talk to the company that made it, then don’t be an artist… They shouldn’t say that they didn’t know cause i listened to a lot of American songs when I went to Korea in the shopping centers..

  68. LOL.

    If this involved SONY, then it can turn into a very big thing.

    I have read most of the comments and wouldn’t agree in ANY copyright abuse.

    But in case most of you didn’t know that all of the three dances is aired and performed during SBS dance battle. If two performer i.e Rain and Yunho dance in the same tune I have to say, it was SBS who prepared certain tune for the dancers to choose. I mean its their dance battle program, with two dancers choose the same tune its can easily proven anyway.

    Well, in this case I hope no one will be the black sheep by any parties and may truth be prevail and justice stand for all.

  69. agree @blah
    music industry is a business
    sonybmg wudnt even care to bring it up if it wasnt sbs & those famous korean artists involved

  70. finally! the koreans can get slapped in their faces for their ignorance. they say one thing yet do it anyways. hypocrites. and i mean come on its an AMERICAN SONG. why can’t they dance to their own music that way there wouldnt be any problems -__-

  71. ‘Some Korean netizens felt that it was a national insult, “Even though the singers have called on fans not to download music illegally, why are they infringing on copyrights themselves?”’

    DUH… to give you one hell of a performance? 😛

  72. I think many of you are correct. These artists should have adhered to industry rules. But I disagree with others who claim these artist will never make it in the American music scene. These are well established, well accomplished artist in their own countries and in others. They have the talent, means and where-with-all to make it here.

    I would never have known about artists like Rain, BoA, Fly To The Sky, and others if I hadn’t become so bored out of my skull with the music here. I do tire of listening to the same 5 or so songs on the radio all day, every day. At least they give me something a bit more interesting to listen to.

    Diversity is a good thing!

  73. And One more comment: Y’all need to stop with the prejudicial comments. It’s not good for anyone. That’s what’s wrong with the world—- too much garbage mentality!

  74. Hopefully things will be settled and everything will be forgiven. It’s not really they responsibility of the artists to get the permission it the company they are under responsibility. Same for Rain he has people to do negations for that stuff. He could have told them to ask permission and they didn’t do follow through.

  75. I wonder what really happened, and who really got the songs for them… Because, first off, I highly doubt performers such as these, who value their connections and agencies would want to have a bad rep from SONYBMG.

  76. lol. highly likely its the label’s fault; they should quickly come out with an official statement to respond to the public. im not sure how rain’s own label operate, but for sure, id bet you yunho and taemin has no idea about what copyrights or w/e. especially taemin. thats a fifteen year old boy you are talking about there :S they just do their jobs – which is to perform, and the management’s job is to deal with these kind of nitty-gritty details.

    this aint good for their reps tho, esp for rain’s.

  77. tsk tsk, this is so basic they (their management team and the labels/companies they represent) should be extremely embarassed and hang their heads in shame. isnt it a basic rule to ALWAYS seek permission when using ANY music that is not yours, especially when you are major stars in your countries??? tsk tsk, you know this will turn out huge, there are similar lawsuits floating around and they end up with huge headlines and even bigger payments. this will definitely not be taken lightly. fighting against sony bmg, good luck, that’s gonna be tough.

  78. When reading the warning labels on movies and music, there is always an FBI warning stating that it is a federal offense to illegally download music or movies. On some stuff, I see Interpol warnings about breaking international laws. So it’s not just about payment of royalty and fines. Its about breaking international laws that can result in jail time if SongBMG decides to persue the matter. Do I think it would go as far as jail time? No. However, it seems like SonyBMG may be trying to set an example/send a message to other Korean artist by going after the two largest names in the Korean music industry (Rain and DBSK).


    Rain’s JTune and DBSK’s SM should have know better.

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  80. Good grief.

    This just confirms what I have always thought.
    Rain has a bunch of incompetent fools working for him >< .

  81. “‘I own that sound it’s mine if you want to make the same sound you have to pay me!’ kind of ridiculous if you think about it.

    Ummm, actually, that’s the whole point of a “copyright”. If someone could just “copy” your music in another country without asking permission or compensating you for it, then your “rights” to the song aren’t really being protected are they?

    Also…..why does everyone keep calling Sony an “American” company? I mean, yeah, Sony has a highly successful company company in America, but Sony headquarters is in Japan.

  82. >jk

    as for the rest of it. they’re all stupid arent they.
    artist should be concious of their own actions before they go on about how illegal downloading is wrong.<

    But you’ll just keep on downloading!

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  84. well, i think that taemin is let off, because cmon, hes 15 same as me (16 in korea) and honestly, we’re still young and don’t understand everything not to mention he lives and works in a different country so releases and obtaining songs are different…i’m betting that he was given the music, for rain and yunho, they most likely have picked out their own music, they should have been moremoremoremoremore careful.

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