Kim Heechul and Wonder Moms Does Nobody

Kim Heechul becoming part of Wonder Moms and performing Nobody became a hot topic after it was shown on television yesterday afternoon.

In SBS Good Daddy shown on 3rd December, Kim Heechul and the mothers’ of the kids took on the challenge of performing Nobody. Upon the production team request, Kim Heechul had to prepare special dance stage for Jung Eun’s student talent show together with the moms of Jung Eun’s classmates in the same class. Heechul decided on performing Wonder Girls Nobody.

According to a staff on Good Daddy, “Heechul who always brings his own special flavor to any dance, did not know that the moms had practiced really hard beforehand and started to guide them. But he was left shocked by their near flawless performance.” Kim Heechul said, “I was really shocked that they could dance so well after practise.” In the end, Heechul who has 5 years of dance experience had to be guided by the moms instead.

Heechul still is the Wonder Girls No.1 fan.

(credit: sushimadness for videos)

38 thoughts on “Kim Heechul and Wonder Moms Does Nobody

  1. aissh~ heechul’s just being heechul!!!lol
    he’s ALWAYS doing WG dances, it’s about time it gets a little bit more public~

  2. Heechul a proud WonderFUL. He is indeed Wonder Girls number 1 fan & he ain’t ashame to let ppl know about it.

    I love Heechul, he’s so funny!
    I love watching 좋아서.
    Especially with Heechul & Hongki fooling around.

  4. ROTFL!
    Man Heechul is a riot.

    Quick question: have they taken the iron rods out of his leg yet?

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  6. woww..
    heechul is like obsess with wonder girls…
    if he can join the woder girls i think he would ditch super junior and join them.. lolz..
    or super junior and wonder girls combine

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