HyunA Will Make Her Comeback in A Girl Group by End-February

It was reported today that Kim HyunA, former member of the Wonder Girls will be making her comeback as part of a new girl group in February 2009.

HyunA Makes Comeback with new Girl Group

Cube Entertainment expressed, “HyunA is a dark horse and will be making her comeback in end February with a new album as part of a new girl group. She is now practising vigorously for her comeback and I believe HyunA will show everyone a more mature and polished image than when she was in the Wonder Girls. HyunA had been suffering from chronic gastroenteritis which was the catalyst for her exit from the Wonder Girls in 2007 but she is now in a very good condition. Many fans are now anticipating for her long-awaited return.”

HyunA will make her comeback as part of a yet unnamed girl group which is expected to consist of 3 and 4 members including her. The other members have yet be decided on. This new girl group will debut under Cube Entertainment which is a subsidary company of JYP Entertainment. Other singers that are signed to Cube Entertainment include Mario and 2AM.

47 thoughts on “HyunA Will Make Her Comeback in A Girl Group by End-February

  1. No way! I’m kinda surprised and happy about this!
    She was my favorite when I first learned of Wonder Girls during their “Irony” days, but I also love Yoobin now too!
    I’m happy for her! All the best to her!

  2. omg that’s awsome!!!!
    i don’t know her really well even after the MTV show
    but she and sohee gets along so well and she seem to bring out the best in sohee, i hope they get to be together some times after she debut!!

  3. wow. thats great news. at least der wnt b much rivalry between em n wg.=] since deyr both in jyp. i heard sandara [d gurl hu kissed top] myt b wun of d members but its unconfirmed=]

  4. Ah, Thats wonderful to hear!
    But I think it’s going to be odd to see her with a different group. I’m still so use to her image with WG.

    Good Luck to her :]

  5. i’m happy to see her back…. Hope she stays healthy, I don’t know if JYPE will be willing to keep her around if she relapses….*stops thinking about the negative*… Hyuna as soon as you release that album, I’ll be the first one buying it!!!

    sunye and sohee in the back, miss them T_T

  6. it’s still weird to hear them say hyuna is something horse.. haha but i guess that is her nick..
    i hope she’s 100% ok before she debut..

  7. I think its funny how some people say “she was suffering from chronic gastroenteritis”, because other people say she got kicked out of Wonder Girls because she had a fight with So Hee and JYP chose So Hee because she will make a lot of money. Well at least she’s coming back she is talented but I think she should come back with long hair.

  8. @…..
    that is a rumour… not true at all! why would JYP kick her out because of that? it has been said that hyun ah left the group because she suffered from chronic gastroenteritis….

  9. Hyun A…is a dark horse? lmfao -_-”

    Aside from that, yaaaaaay! She was my fav WG so I’m glad she’s coming back doing something else.

  10. oh wow, theres going to be some bad competition.
    SISTA (or whatever their name will be) and After School will debut around the same time. D:!

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  12. Wow.
    I’m glad she’s coming back into the limelight.
    She wasn’t my fave WG Ye Eun was that is until Yoo Bin and her mad skills came along. But I do have to admit she has a lot of talent, another great thing to look forward to.


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  14. I hope she does well with her new group. Besides Sohee and maybe SunYe, I thought she stood out a bit more than other members at first. Hope her health problems are past her.

  15. She will always be a Wonder Girl in my opinion. The Wonder Girl that could’ve been the Nation’s Little Sister during the “Tell Me” era. Sounds like a legend: The Wonder Girl that Could’ve Been. Hahahhaa! But really, I wish her all the success.

    I wonder if she’ll be the leader since she’s like a sunbae to the others?

    So many girl groups are coming out now that Wonder Girls are exiting the limelight in Korea. There’s SNSD coming back, then Son Dambi’s Afterschool that’s supposed to be like the Pussycat Dolls, then there’s YG’s female Big Bang nicknamed Sista. The girl group industry is getting HOT HOT!!! (Oh, and let’s not forget KARA.)

    The boy bands better start coming back soon because the girls are out to kick butts!!

  16. I CAN’T WAIT!
    Really anticipating her comeback and the group debut.
    Gina Choi has amazing vocals. Hyunah too!
    Are they still part of JYP? like 2AM?
    Isn’t JYP gonna debut a girl group too? Is this the same group or a diff one?

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  18. I really can’t wait for her comeback!
    I hope the former member in KARA joins the group too, cus they both have talent.
    I hope the group will be unique and not one of the cutesy groups like the new KARA or SNSD( not an anti, dont worry)
    I hope they will have like a tomboy sexy style like the old KARA! I hope they will get success and wish them hugs and kisses:)


    Thatโ€™s why she got kicked out!

    Are you retarded? She left because of her health and if that was a huge issue she wouldnt be in another group, what does someone having sex have to do with them being in a singing group, its private and should have nothing to do with singing at all.

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    this my email, i hope u send mail back to me if u don’t mind..

  21. I liked HyunA a lot! But, now YuBin Kim is my favorite singer on Earth! I hope HyunA is treated nicely, but will move on and not be jealous, because I also read from the WonderGirls “If HyunA ever wants to join us again, we would be happy to make us a six person girl group!” So everyone that’s bashing the Wonder Girl’s: Quit.

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