Say Gee With So Nyeo Shi Dae

Girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae finally announced their return to the Korean music industry with the release of their 30s MV teaser for their title track Gee. Their mini-album will be available for download next Monday, 5th January.

Say Gee With So Nyeo Shi Dae

Before their mini-album release, the teaser for their title track Gee was released through video streaming sites today. In contrast to their past image, the song is a dance tune and talks about the cute image of a young girl who is caught offguard about her first love. Some critics have pointed out that the unique rhythmic lyrics and the lightbeat chorus makes the tune very addictive.

(credit: soshisubs2 for video)

So Nyeo Shi Dae will start their comeback at Music Bank on 9th January, performing Gee and followed by consecutive performances on Music Core and Inkigayo. They will be showing their fans an even more mature stage presence and better dance ability. Their mini-album will drop on 7th January.

85 thoughts on “Say Gee With So Nyeo Shi Dae

  1. I really HATE SNSD but the preview isnt that bad.
    Ill probably give the song a try when it comes out.
    It sounds a lot better than the cutesy bubbly girly stuff they usually have.

  2. Man I’m happy about this.
    I really love this girl group and I’m even happier with the fact that they are sticking to their cute image.

    GG ♥!

  3. the song sounds catchy… dunno if i’ll love it. too early to tell.

    the outfits remind me of Shinee’s outfits…

    someone pray tell, why is Yoona always in the middle? is she the most popular?

  4. .. while wondergirls are gone.. I’ll be tuning on SNSD… and other artist.. now that im into kpop i should learn more about other artists as well..

    dududududu kissin you baby..always gives me laughs.. kkk

  5. There is absolutely no reasonable reasons for ANY body to hate these girls. And I’m not even their fan to be defending them but the anti’s are freaking ridiculous.

    This only proves SNSD must be really good. Usually girls get so jealous. You don’t hear guys saying they hate SNSD. It’s always the girls.

    BTW, I think the teaser sounds so wonderful. Hope all the best for the girls!

  6. @Aestas
    i dont know if its 100% true but i believe yoona is usually in the middle to add balance to a photograph. shes one of the tallest members and by standing in the middle, it catches the eyes of the viewers whereas if all tall members were to stand on one side, it’d probably draw attention more towards one end – visversa for shorter members. and plus yoona is a member whose been gaining popularity due to her drama so people who are somewhat new to snsd and perhaps only watched YAMD, then they’d tune into the album. y`know, its perhaps a marketing tactic.
    i always enjoyed SNSD’s songs like ooh lala and baby baby alongside their promoted songs so it’d be something if they topped their previous songs with this “Gee”

  7. i dont know… i dont really like the teaser. maybe ill like the full mv. all i hear is gee gee gee and not enough of the chorus. kinda hope they can step out of the box a bit more. the songs kinda safe.

  8. Aestas
    It’s like that with all SM groups, they always have same person in the middle. Yoona has more pre-debut experience so she started in the middle. Although if you watch the teaser, it seems like they’re changing it up since I see Yuri and Hyoyeon in the middle.

  9. this song will be surely number 1..
    cause they are the only idol group that will be having a comeback..
    and that sucks.. hahahahahaha…
    the song also kinda sucks.. but i can’t wait for the full MV..

  10. owh,i cant wait for this. it’s been soo long! yay~ their comeback will be on Music Bank, i can watch it on TV.
    thanks coolsmurf for the news

  11. hmm, i m pretty neutral about SNSD as well. dont hate them, dont like them. i like the fact that theyre sticking to their cute image and not trying to imitate others. i think “cute” fits them best. cool ‘awekening’ concept. the best of luck for you girls. thanks coolsmurf!

  12. hmm, well i had some expectation after reading all the positive comments.
    guess i shouldn’t have.
    oh well, maybe the full song will sound better? iono.
    anyway, thanks for the preview.

    ps: i hope snsd freaks won’t come storming calling ppl antis/jealous/whatever for not being into them. LOL.

  13. YEAAAA!!!!!! i gotta jump on the bandwagon and be a hater with no life wooooohooooo!!!!



  14. @nofreak,

    SNSD fans are pretty immune to baseless hate comments, so usually we’ll just ignore trolls ^^ we really don’t care if anyone doesn’t like SNSD. bcos honestly, it’s not the end of the world.

    and in coolsmurf’s another blog which has now RIP, i was “blah” and i said, “remember to not treat others the way you don’t want to be treated. ”

    this is a brand new year, so do make do with less hate. it will do you good in the long run. ^^

    S♥NEs will always welcome new fans with open arms into our fandom. if one day your heart opens up to SNSD, remember you’ll always be welcomed. ^^

  15. i hope snsd succeed! antis get on my nerves too… they talk like they are perfect… I’m a fan of snsd, and all of the other kpop stars… All the best!

    @5millionwon, what are you trying to say? i hope its nothing against wonderfuls or wonder girls…

  16. ^ he/she’s trying to say dont’ bash other artists as you wouldn’t like it either if your favourite artists are bashed. treat others the way you want to be treated and all that jazz. nothing against wg. also, it would be showing some respect to coolsmurf’s blog too, we don’t want this blog to end.

  17. Their music is always catchy, they all sing very well live and their concept is cool. I can’t deny that i’m excited to hear the full song but I can also say, i’m not a fan of some of the members of the group.

  18. Wow!!!I was hear their teaser, that’s so cool. Maybe their new image can give a new look, and show they’re strong and not always include by man idol. So FIGHTING!! Give All the girls in this world fighting spirit to fighting ha5x

    I like it. And im liking the concept. Cant wait to see them to perform.
    And i must confess from an Anti to a Fan ^^
    PS: i liked their song from ITNW till GEE =)

  20. LOL at “Their mini-album will be available for download next Monday, 5th January.” oh no~~~ must buy the original

  21. i’m not an anti i just never paid a lot of attention to them
    but this preview sounds pretty good!
    hmm will give them a try….again lol ^_^

  22. well obviously im sure this song will be number one since there will be no other ‘good’ songs out
    hope they do well on their comeback

  23. and also antis will always be welcome in STAND..
    if you open your hearts and mind to the real SNSD..
    and once you get to know there real colors..
    you will surely be welcome in our club..
    bye bye insanes.. ha ha ha

  24. All I have to say about the antis are… You spend so much time focusing on trying to find things to hate about a particular person or group that you (will EVENTUALLY) start to discover something you thought you wouldn’t have. And then before you know it, you try to deny that you actually like it. Then even more shocking is that the “one thing” multiplies. Not necessarily saying that you will like the particular person or group but eventually IT WILL become hard to deny that you don’t “hate them as much”.
    And honestly, isn’t hate such a strong word for a person or people you don’t even know? So how exactly are you basing your hate on these girls?

    I’m just saying. Because for example, I still strongly dislike Bi and Super Junior for many reasons. However, I’ll admit now that I do like some songs from them and that once in a while they’ll shock me with a little talent. Less than a year ago, I would have taped my mouth shut and cut off my fingers before I could admit this. And then again, I was the furthest thing from an anti- I was just a person who gave legit opinions with strong bases on why I disliked them.

    And if you don’t like SNSD after actually GIVING them a try, then fine. But I shouldn’t have to tell you to cease your hate based on something trivial like the way they dress (which by the way they don’t dress themselves and like all other entertainers, their managers and stylists do because that’s what is said on the contract… yeah) or on a rumor that any other mindless anti formed just to follow the hate trend.


  25. I agree with sLaVe. International anti’s are just a whole lot of hot air. They don’t really know how the real Korean fans are and how they felt . My best bet is almost 70% of Soshi Anti’s ” hate ” them for the most trivial of matters.

  26. All I got to say is that Korean fans grew up. They stopped hating on SNSD. It’s just that the international fans are still hating SNSD and haven’t learned anything about it. Grow up.

    But I’m loving the teaser & the concept.

  27. Doesn’t sound as cutesy/bubbly as their old songs. It’s pretty catchy, maybe I’ll actually have a SNSD song on my mp3 player for once (:

  28. “S♥NEs will always welcome new fans with open arms into our fandom. if one day your heart opens up to SNSD, remember you’ll always be welcomed. ^^”

    why does that sound so creepy lol
    it’s almost like a cult or religious pitch to convert others lol.

    jesus loves you 😛

  29. i find it really funny that the STAND agenda says they’re helping the “National fans in their quest to regain a more peaceful fan culture”. that’s a joke. most of Korea has already forgiven them. get over yourselves. and yes, i DO visit STAND. it gives me more LOLs than any other website on the net. the pure idiocy and ignorance of those on STAND is amazing.

  30. gee gee gee gee baby baby…~ seriously, i can’t stop listening to it that even though it’s just a freaking teaser!

    been listening to them alot lately, so i’m looking forward to the mini album. i’ve read who wrote the songs… and i’m kinda excited!!!

    thank you for the link. that blogger has a point and i agree. 🙂

  31. “Their mini-album will be available for download next Monday, 5th January.”

    way to go coolsmurf…

    you do that with wondergirls albums too?

  32. i love the song, i replayed the preview for like a thousand times already, its so damn catchy.

    Antis~ are soooooooooooo low lifes.

    whatever hurts them(SNSD) will only make them stronger.


  33. Honestly, if you have so much time on your hands to read stuff about artists you don’t like then take the time to comment on post, you seriously need to find a new hobby. And go figure, no WG/SNSD post can go without morons expressing their hate needlessly.

    I hope this helps those of you who are mentally ill-prepared and need help letting go of their hate…

    -Yes— Post supportive/constructive
    | comments.
    SNSD- Like them?
    -No— Move on. Go read/do things you
    DO like.

    And finally, I hope SNSD has a great comeback and good luck to them.

  34. So, retro concepts are still reigning? They look cute.

    The clothes style and “gee” are very feminine fifties.
    Though I guess the shoulder jiggle is…. so Korean. lol

    Looking forward to seeing how they will promote this song. The song concept isn’t really new, but it is unique for a mainstream group.

  35. everytime there is news about SNSD…trolls (aka ugly antis) will show up and whip out their double standards. It’s pretty disgusting to be honest.
    All the other girls groups can flaunt sexy, abuse the color pink, wear skirts and extremely short pants singing “I’m pretty girl” “I’m so hot hot hot” but SNSD CAN’T be cute and bubbly?

    Now they have jeans on ppl still won’t shut up. It’s like where the hell did all these brainless people came from? Don’t they have a life?


    “Grr, I hate SNSD! I hate them so much that I’m gonna create a forum dedicated to them so we can talk about how awful they are… we’re gonna keep updated with SNSD news, so we can talk about them some more… grr, I hate those plastics… Did you listen to their new songs? Did you watch their new MVs? I did like 10x, and eww it was so bad… Yuck, did you see their new pictures? I did, I’m gonna save it and upload to put up on our special STAND site so we can keep looking at it and continue to hate on them! Grr!… What’s the latest SNSD news? Is there new news? Grr… Did you watch that show they were on? Eww, I watched it and it was gross and stupid… I hate them, eww… I want to read about their latest news…
    Strong Til All Nine Disappear!! We’re such strong SNSD followers, grr… I must continue to visit the STAND forum to keep updated with the group I hate.. grr…”

    SNSD has the dumbest anti’s… ever!!!

  37. omg. im not really a big fan of them but gahh. i just had to buy the album :X the teaser was really good and i’m really anticipating for it to come.

  38. ok im not really a fan of SNSD but ive got to say that all the girls looked pretty & the teaser sounds pretty good

  39. i can’t wait..haha…catchy…
    but anyways
    whether your a fan or not a fan just try to keep the comments in here clean please…like someone said before we don’t want a helpful site that provides news for us korean entertainment fans to close down….

    but w/e let’s just say 2009 will be the girl group’s year again!

  40. After watching their teaser i am looking forward to their comeback. It sounded nice. But when the teaser almost ends, i think it was tiffany who said “my face looks good”, i burst out laughing!! LOL

  41. Good luck to them~ LOL one of their members [Tiffany] made me their anti, but idc’s now, they didn’t hurt me, and WGs like them too, so yeah. xD Being an anti is useless~ They look pretty, but good luck trying to steal Wondergirl’s retro queen title! xD [ I saw the Retro Queen title on M!Countdown o_O]

  42. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~

    kyaaa! finally, after months of waiting in anticipation, they’ve finally came!

    to tsk, haha! that is fckin’ hilarious. its true though. i mean, these people seem so free that they update themselves with SNSD stuffs despite disliking them. gawd..soshi shouldnt be afraid of those stupid petitions wanting them to disband coz, them disbanding is gonna take a very very long..period of time.. ^^

    btw, i preordered a copy of the album! xDD

  43. Great teaser~ I can’t wait til they comeback. ^__^
    But is it “My first love story” or “My first love song”?
    Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~

  44. As much as i love Wondergirls and not really liking snsd.
    The only reason why i started to hate them not because of the scandal but because of tiffany being so bitchy here and there and not as humble as most of them.

    Besides that i like their songs although it too girly hopefully this year they are going to prove ppl they are better singers and atittude wise hope they will take a big scotch tape to tape tiffany mouth..

  45. @ ann
    I don’t care for Tiffany either, but you have to realize it’s not fair to dislike the whole group if you just have a problem with only 1/9th of them. 😉

  46. ooo…but i don’t really like snsd…Big bang is way more better..snsd is like a leftover by the wave of modern music.

  47. hahaha.. can’t wait for this!!

    * i dont have any reason to hate those girls.. i love them, but i’m not real fan of them

  48. Eh, the song doesn’t seem to carry any originality. Seems kind of dull to me… Even though I’m no fan (I actually don’t like them, but I’ll keep my comment at that), I hope they do well.

  49. Eh, I’m not so sure I like it. Every single time I see those pants though, I think SHINee and it’s really annoying -__-

  50. @rawr – I believe its “my first love story”, don’t hear a “song” there, cuz the ending word sounds like 2 syllables.

  51. Hehe… And SNSD fans use to say Wonder Girls songs are too repetitive.. looks like the penny pincher SM is taking JYP’s advice…

  52. I’m neutral with SNSD. I think they’re alright, but I’m not that into their cutesy image. I like their songs though.

    And the teaser is so catchy!! It sounds like it’s going to be really good. =]


  53. Ow wow SNSD brings a lot of shit but i am kinda an anti i must say…ok well not really. i’m not really into any of their music but this preview did sound really catchy!

  54. The bitches are back.
    The song seems good.
    If only Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeun, werent in SNSD… then id be a fan…

  55. I don’t like this song o_o… though I liked kissing you…but overall I don’t like the group anyway haha
    I’m not hating them but I just don’t like them lol

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  57. I totally learned something new about Kpop today. It’s pretty awesome to see how the Kpop industry can be so widespread and venturing off to other sections other than
    music. It’s so weird to see these people start off as just Kpop rookies and
    seeing them reach this point. Completely amazed.

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