Lee Hyori Will Resume Work On 12th January

Singer Lee Hyori will resume her activities on 12th January.

Lee Hyori Back To Work on 12th January

Lee Hyori had spent the new year in hospital after being admitted for pneumonia and fatique last weekend, having fainted at home on 26th December. She will be discharged tomorrow and then recuperate further at home. She will then resume work on 12th January for Family Outing.

Lee Hyori accumulated fatique after going through her packed schedule consisting of her solo concerts on 19th and 20th December plus filming for Family Outing. She was scheduled to appear at the year-end gayo festivals and awards ceremony but it wasn’t to be. And it was a big loss for fans.

A Mnet Media representative expressed today, “Hyori’s health has improved greatly over the past few days and she will be discharged from the hospital very soon. Most of the filming for Family Outing had already been done beforehand so there will be no interruptions to the filming schedule at all.”

18 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Will Resume Work On 12th January

  1. Good, I hope she never gives us a scare again. She should really put her health before her work and fans. No matter how much we would like to see her perform.

    I hope to see a healthier Hyori on screen again! 😀

  2. wow…. finally! good for her. But i hope before she continues her work she had a nice break.
    yay.. she’s back.

  3. Madam Lee looks cute in that picture.
    Good choice coolsmurf && I’m glad she’s feeling better.
    as corny as this sounds my boyfriend prayed for her, he was all like I hope she doesn’t die I need sexy in my life.

  4. yipee, hope Hyori & Rain resume their joint perf. together – best hottest cpl in dancing, a must watch!!!!

  5. we all know that celebs go in and out of hospitals often, but for her to stay, even though it was just a couple of days and maybe she should have stayed longer, was longer than what usual celeb, so she must have been pretty sick. i hope she gets all better

  6. HOORAY!! Hyori we are all worried and concerned for you, please take care and don’t ruin your health, we love you!!

    Hyori Fighting!

  7. Why so early?

    I think she should get more rest. Pnemonia is pretty serious!

    I hope she feels 120% better soon!!! 😀

  8. It’s such a shame that she couldn’t participate in the 3-day Gayo Festivals, considering she’s THE QUEEN, but I’m glad she’s alright, now. =D

  9. I was so dissapointed when I didn’t see her at any of the year-end awards shows! At I won’t be missing her in Family Outing! It just wouldn’t be the same without her!

  10. Oh my gosh, she needs more rest. A lot more rest. That’s what I love and hate about her, she works so hard that she might die because of it. I hope she gets better soon! Hyori fighting!

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