Park Min Young @ 2008 KBS Drama Awards

Park Min Young was at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards last night and managed to get a Best Actress in a Special Drama/One-Act Drama for her role in Hometown Legends: Return of the Gumiho. She looked stunning in her black dress.


Sitting at her table.


Receiving her award.


Presenting New Actor/Actress Award with Kim Ji Suk. Jung Kyeo Woon (Women in the Sun) and YoonA (You’re My Destiny) were the winners respectively.


Refer to for full list of winners.

27 thoughts on “Park Min Young @ 2008 KBS Drama Awards

  1. LOL I just finished watching it on KBS World earlier.
    But she looked stunning in that dress!

    I couldn’t help but notice, her and Sung Yuri look very similar that night 0.0

  2. ^bwahahah!
    i was looking at it too!
    noticed some rashes/moles? around that area too?
    her shoulders are beautiful too! kkk!

  3. must have been not so nice for her and Sung Yuri who turned up in nearly the same thing with the same style & look.

    but one question: what’s this One-Act award all abt? something I’ve always wondered. thks in advance for the info

  4. @steezy

    I really hope you’re not a man because if you are one I think you need to check your sexual orientation lol

  5. I’m sorry…i can’t like a woman who wears fur even though it’s synthetic…it gives people the impression that wearing fur is cool. If humans could wear fur, shouldn’t animals be cloth in human skin too?

  6. I think she’s very pretty and elegant, but I don’t understand why is she posing like that if she’s just sitting at the table? It looks really weird.

  7. girls..please..that is so pushed up boobs…
    i can just tell b/c my sister is a stylist…100% positive push up bra..
    sorry i’m not an antifan..i do like her NOW…but dont forget that she has a surgery b4.u sud look at her b4 when she was in middle school…

  8. @hey

    I don’t give a f**k. She had surgery? Ok, now she looks better than before, smart neh? And if you didn’t know, even common people have plastic surgery nowadays. Lots of them (at least where I live).

  9. @hey…you are correct in your statement. People should not forget that she is NOT a natural beauty but someone who has had her beauty created by a knife. Too often young girls look up to these actresses/models/singers, etc. wishing they can look like them and these girls eventually start looking down on themselves. They often do not realize that the models/actresses, etc. were not born with that beauty. She is beautiful now. But honestly, she looked beautiful back then too.

    Her dress and earrings are gorgeous in the photos. She looks very elegant.

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous woman! She showed lots of hot stuff. Her cleavage, let’s say. People said she’s got her eyes and nose done. How about her boobs. Are they real? I hope they are.
    I can’t believe my eyes that my cute Eun Byul back then in “I Am Sam” drama is soooo hoooooot like this. But they, those bouncing, are the same as in drama. I did notice.
    Anyway, she’s still my first in my top 5 cutest Korean girls.
    ‘Wfighting, Min-yeong! 🙂 Love U even more……..’
    A bit dissappointed that she seems so mature unnaturally.
    Thanks for updated Park Min-yeong.

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