MBC Drama Awards = East of Eden Awards?

Even though I am a regular viewer of MBC East of Eden, the results of the 2008 MBC Drama Awards has just left me feeling weird. Following the Lee Da Hae debacle, East of Eden has created even more headlines in the aftermath of the 2008 MBC Drama Awards after it swept 14 awards on the night. The icing on the cake must be Song Seung Hun sharing the Daesang with Kim Myung Min.

Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Hun Daesang Winners

The 2008 MBC Drama Awards has however been slammed by the Korean public and media for being the Worst Drama Awards ever in history as most of the awards had double winners, including the most prestigious Daesang.

Full List of Winners

Internet forums were flooded immediately with many angry viewers almost in full agreement with one another and criticised MBC’s decision for allocating 2 winners to most awards and with East of Eden winning almost everything. Netizens vented their anger, “Is the MBC Drama Awards a ‘charity show’ or ‘attendance show’, why do they have 2 winners for every award?”, “Why do they even need to invite other TV drama actors? Just the cast of East of Eden’ will do.”, “This is ridiculous, even the Daesang has two winners. They might as well cancel next year’s drama awards as this is totally meaningless.”

Song Seung Hun and Lee Yeon HeeEast of Eden Swept 14 Awards

An industry expert explained that, as MBC is pushing for the export of East of Eden to Japan, awarding the Daesang to Song Seung Hun who enjoys high popularity in Japan will put MBC in a more favourable position during negotiations. Others expressed, in order to achieve higher TV ratings and gain more advertising revenue, MBC has to satisfy the cast of East of Eden.

This was the first time since 1985 that the Daesang has been shared by 2 since the drama awards was first held. Kim Myung Min had been widely regarded by many as the Best Actor of the year for his exceptional performance in Beethoven Virus and was deemed to be the best candidate for the Daesang. In contrast, Song Seung Hun’s performance was okay but not exceptional enough. The plot of East of Eden has been at times messy and confusing.

credit: hanfever (source)

57 thoughts on “MBC Drama Awards = East of Eden Awards?

  1. Congratulations to Kim Myung Min! I thought his performance in BV was really thumbs up.

    Happy New Year everyone 🙂

  2. Its a joke that KMM has to share the daesung with SHH. KMM is one of the best, possibly the best, actor in Korea (I bow before his talent) whereas SHH is one of the hottest, possibly the hottest, actor in Korea (I bow before his hotness) &, yea, move over Yonsama (it’s time u take up residence in Madame Tussaud’s). My point is KMM is a brilliant actor & SHH is, well, not. For those incensed idolaters out there, you can’t deny the truth that SHH’s acting is only passable for now. It’s his physical hotness that made him a star in the 1st place

  3. saying SSH doesn’t deserve to win that award is depending on your own opinion, but to say that EoE sucks is just pure jealousy isn’t it? 😉

    people are making a big fuss about EoE being bad and all.
    I wonder if those who complained really, or should I say, honestly watched the show.

    SSH & KMM sharing the daesang is quite controversial though.
    It would have been less scandalous if they made SSH win Top Excellent instead.

    but I guess MBC just wants everyone to win the award.

  4. I would be totally offended if I did a drama other than East of Eden because the awards are obviously rigged. I thought Moon Geun Young did very well in Painter of the Wind (I don’t know if she won anything though. I haven’t looked at the winner’s list yet).

    Are these awards given solely based on what the tv station wants or can the fans vote too? I’m assuming not.

    I haven’t watched East of Eden yet, but I never think only one film or drama is enough to surpass the works of other great films or dramas produced. Easy of Eden may be good, but there were plenty of other dramas that had amazing actors that portrayed their characters perfectly. I can’t name any at the moment because I’m exhausted, but I can list a few: Painter of the Wind, Beethoven Virus, HGD (Does that count?).

    I’m glad people are voicing out their opinions and scaring MBC about not having one next year because it’s meaningless. After all, it is the viewers who give them money. They have a say in what they want to see.

  5. Is it me or does SBS and MBC only cares about money?
    It seems KBS is only one not being slam with anything this year.

  6. WTF?!

    KMM was the fucking best in BV and you’re telling me a melodramatic man who fucking cries every 5 seconds shares the DAESANG with him?

    EOE is at time entertaining but it’s messy and it’s fucking running on. BV wasn’t exactly amazing but KMM knew how to capture viewers attention. When that man waved that baton with passion you couldn’t help but to stare at him in awe and admiration. Shit I’ll go as far as to say HE MADE ME CRY AT ONE POINT! -_______________-

    MBC daesangs should rot.

    Sorry for the cursing but ugh!

  7. Yea i watched one episode of East of Eden and all I thought was…”WTF is this shit?”

    Even SSH’s hot bod wasn’t enough to keep me watching… >.<

  8. T__T.. i tried watching the show since it got my korean friend talking…
    for me i wasnt in to it.. but the story is kind of interesting..
    i go for KBS.

  9. I think SBS and KBS 2008 award are much more meaningful and do justice to the actor and actresses and their works.

    As for MBC, it didn’t do justice tat all.

    I wonder what is the meaning of Daesang ??

  10. kkkk, You deserved to Get that SSH , someone with short Cut, use his Face and Body only. no talent at all.
    So picky in Projects ~ we all know he is such mediocre.
    Karma For Your Selfishness SSH. korean not idiot know who can act or not.!!!

    i wonder SSH know this or not..
    You deserved to get Backlash From media
    Karma You!!
    Has someone ever Called him “actor”
    I hope Kmm won baeksang Prove Who real “Actor”

    his Flopped movie ” fate” , and this Public & media Backlash
    he must try to humble not act as “Superstar”!!.

  11. MBC had turned the annual award event into a money making business scheme.

    Totally disregard to their artists hard work & contributions in their dramas, especially thoses that did not secure high rating nor investor interest.

    Total insult to the acting profession.

    Imagine Oscar had gone the same direction.

  12. hi everybody….dont ‘blame’ MBC or those who involved with this ‘worst’ awards…


  13. KMM definitely deserved the Daesang, SSH was okay but no offensive his character was weak compared to his other cast members. MBC always gives 2 awards every year except Daesang, so it seems like EVERY category SSH was nominated in he HAD to win. WTH. also LYH & SSH basically ran sacked the place.

    they should’ve just had the whole EOE cast host the night so they wouldn’t have to leave the stage & save us some time.

    i’m not a big fan of Lee Da Hae, but i did like her EOE character a lot, too bad the writer screwed it up but they edited her out of the promotional poster & the video about the drama, that was kind of messed up, like she was never part of it. she was the ONLY main EOE cast member who won nothing.

  14. I agree with Coolsmurf’s observation..anyway, this is only an end of the year appreciation awards night…”consuelo de bobo” translated as ” a fool’s consolation or consolation for fools” as Filipinos say it…maybe for agreeing to cut back on their salaries?…whatever!
    Seriously, there are better dramas in other stations and we can see if MBC can hold a candle to those when the real awards season kicks in.

  15. at least SBS Award has more meaning compared to this MBC Drama Award. KBS Award awarded the Dae Sang to only one person and SBS Awarded the Dae Sang to a young actress who did a wonderful performance in her series which received basically below 15% rating…MOON GEUN YOUNG…while MBC turned out to be a joke. last year they snubbed KMM despite KMM having won 2007 Baek Sang Awards Best Actor in April. they chose BYJ instead even if BYJ’s acting was just okay…but then again he is a major Hallyu Star who has a huge market in Japan…do these stations only think of Japan, Japan and Japan? why not only that even in the awards they have to think of Japan.

  16. i’ve always said that the daesangs given out by each of the broadcasting corporations were farces. i mean who the hell cares whether SBS awards an actor that WORKED for freaking SBS and vice versa with all the other broadcasting networks… its freaking retarded…. award merit not freaking money, ratings, popularity. god… it’s soo wierd in that i enjoy a lot of korean entertainment but soo much of it pisses me off too.. in how superficial everything is… nothing but FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE. every now and then they’ll get it right an give credit where credit is due.. but dammit so stupid sometimes.. lol sorry for my rant.. i seem to do that a lot these days

  17. ongjaemin, i totally feel the same way! this love/hate is getting me pissed off at myself. i keep wondering “tell me why am i a fan again?” every time i read news like this. *sighs*

    i didn’t watch EOE but am a fan of SSH. i admit that i do think his acting is good, but is not mind-blowing enough (yet?) to make him win that supposedly-prestigious Daesang. he still has a lot of room to improve, and i believe he said something similar as well.

    the cable/TV stations seem to only care about their overseas marketing now, which totally mess up everything. =.=

  18. as an aside…
    KMM’s very impressive in B’s Virus, because that’s his intended impact. but you can tell he doesn’t know music as a “genius” would. he imitates a conductor in dramatic body language of acting, but his conducting is very tense, doesn’t know the flow and rhythm of the music like his second nature. a real conductor interprets the music in real time to his musicians. KMM emphasizes the “i’m a barking general, you do what i tell you” part – not the musical art.

    the closest i think of is a kung fu PERFORMER who looks good onscreen with “fancy moves” (usually someone w/ sports/dancing background to have enough athleticism), but doesn’t really know/do kung fu in real life, has had no training.

  19. Yup..it’s a REAL joke to share the Daesang ..
    Man, its the most prestigious award given to ACTOR/ACTRESS who really deserve IT ..
    SSH didn’t come close to KMM .. Objective comment..
    In SBS awards, we can see that Moon Geun Young REALLY deserve the Daesang award for her excellent performance in Painter of the Wind .. But, EOE? Come on guys ..

  20. that was stupid. as much as i love ssh, he wasnt as good as kim myung min. but ssh’s fans would have gone all psycho if mbc didn’t give that award.

    js overall, i think its dumb that there’s two winners. i was watching all the award shows with my parents and they were like “yeah…everyone js gets an award cause the station wants to satisfy all including fans….”

  21. Well, it looks like this is MBC’s “downfall” for creating the “biggest” budget Korean TV series. It happens all the time – like when cities create the “tallest skyscrapers” – their economy starts to go into an economic slump. I had a feeling this would happen after MBC announced a $25 million USD “East of Eden” project. It’s like a “curse.”

    Now this backlash from the public against EOE is going to turn really ugly and MBC will likely go into chaos soon.

  22. i havent watched enough episodes of EOE or BV to actually voice an opinion about the 2 daesang, but wow >.>

  23. hello E.had you continued watching the EOE even up to the 3rd eps, where the 2 babies were switched by the nurse just to get revenge, for sure you’ll gonna be curious on what’s going to be the future of the 2 when they grow up.its very interesting .i assure you.so how about going back to it.:) 🙂 🙂

  24. You know the MBC award show is a joke when Writer Na received the 2008 best writing award. The EOE script is not the worst, but certainly not the best. Also, is there an award for WORST singing performance in an award show? Lee Yeon Hee needs to improve her acting and singing skills.

  25. ha ha ha ha Kwonsangwho, I love your cm, especially THE WORST SINGING PERFORMANCE . Geezzzzzzzz what’s MBC thinking? they promoted EOD and even LYH ‘s singing . I really want to know all the actors at the MBC award show think about EOD casts and SSH-LYH ‘s award . SHAME OF MBC
    Actually I think MBC did a good job to make people hating SSH and LYH more for overpromoting EOD and their love onscreen (or off screen may be )

  26. Moon Geun Yoong won a Daesang. Painter Of The Wind is on SBS.

    @ 2: aeiou: Don’t be offended. People don’t get jealous, they are only being objective and critical. To you to like or admire EOA, entitle to your own preference.

    But SSH won Daesang is obviously unfair. He dont deserve it. Maybe in the future, he will improve and will won on day. But now, he dont. Dont get me wrong, he is my first crush. He is hot but he dont reach the level yet.

  27. lee yeon hee new actress award come on ??? that girl cant act .. she’s soo stiff and makes me cringe everytime she opens her mouth maybe they shouldnt just let her say her lines and just stay pretty …. mbc is defintely ssh bias … i’m glad of the backlash they are getting after this award show .. the only notable performance in eoe is han ji hye and park hae jin and i cannot believe they snubbed kim bum which pulled me into watching eoe earlier on .. ssh acting is not daesang material he’s okay but like lyh he just needs to look hot on screen i dont see his substance as an actor transcending in the characters he portrays …

  28. hmm…, wonder how many actually compared without watching both beethoven & eoe? sounds like some just followed what others have said, blindly.

    beethoven is good but just a typical korean drama. after watching so many korean dramas by now, i have crave for changes and somehow it just failed to capture my heart.

    i feel that eoe may not be as good as expected, it is not as bad as what some have claimed either. years later, guess it would be eoe that i will remember.

  29. Why is MBC working so hard to sell it to Japan? Enough to disgrace the entire show and the whole network? Their effort is not enough to challenge the ratings and popularity of the current dramas, especially Taigas, produced by Japan. So why insult fellow Koreans and risk their very name for the few Japanese (out of 90M) who actually enjoy Korean entertainment? The way I see it, there must be some other reasons behind all this.

  30. Mmm… I don’t watch EOE, but this sounds sketchy. There’s no way such drama should receive so many awards like this. It’s quite ridiculous that they are using their own awards show to promote the EOE to Japan. Really ridiculous. =/

  31. Beethoven Virus is not a typical Korean drama. It was great & I watched the whole series in one weekend! KMM’s performance was excellent & he deserved an award! I haven’t watched EOE so I won’t comment on that. I may watch it in the future sometime….

  32. ye i bet most people havent watched both dramas, i am actually finished Beethoven’s virus and currently watching EoE maybe its jsut me but i found beethoven virus boring at times but i gotta say kmm’s performence like a lot people ahve said was great. however after watching EoE even though first 3 episodes were boring the rest was great, its a great drama and i cant wait till they resume filming due to recent actress quiting. after watching it ssh did deserve the award just as much as kmm

  33. Pingback: Slam on East of Eden « Twisted Stars

  34. Sorry for everybody who’s don’ t like EOE !! i think EOE is 100% better than Beethoven Virus include Song Seun Hun is a 100 % good actor than Kim Myung Min. EOE is the BEST drama for 2008 – 2009 !!!
    LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE SO MUCH East Of Eden , hope DC & YR end up together. if you don’t watch this drama , you are very very stupid, you’re not doing for watching the Korean series !!!

  35. Thanks for MBC Drama Awards 2008 to EOE , Lee Yeon Hee performance is very good , she ‘s very cute and sing very well !!and Ssh is very handsome .The best couple !!!

  36. LoveKoreanDrama, sorry, but I think Beethoven Virus is better than East of Eden. Have you watched Beethoven Virus already? I hope you did. And God knows if you have watched it or not. Or I think you’re just a big fan of Song Seung Heon. :))

    Let’s be realistic, of course, no fan would turn away against his/her idol. 🙂 But in whatever angle I put it, Kim Myung-Min really deserves the award. I’m sad whenever I remember this tragedy. But you should now be happy that SSH won an award with Kim Myung-Min. And Lee Yeon Hee? I don’t know what you mean by singing.

  37. It was totally ridiculous for them to do something like that. I mean, OK, let’s face it. Song Seung Heon’s OKAY, no doubt about that. But hey! You can’t compare him to Kim Myung-Min. As for me, only Kim Myung-Min deserves the DaeSang (Grand Prize) and a lot of viewers agree with me. MBC totally lost my respect for them because of this one. (And if you know me, MBC earned my full respect since they make the dramas I really really love like BEETHOVEN VIRUS, Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, Jumong, Last Scandal, etc.) MBC sucks. 😐 They can’t have two people winning the DaeSang, only Kim Myung-Min deserves it. At least SBS and KBS give the DaeSang to only one person. And SBS gave the DaeSang to a drama which had low ratings (Moon Geun Young – Painter of the Wind) OKAY! SSH’s acting was good? FINE! But it’s not satisfying and everytime I think of this I just get disappointed! Song Seung-Heon still has a lot to improve on. He’s not like KIM MYUNG-MIN, a true-born actor! Don’t wanna believe me that a lot of fans hate the MBC DaeSang? GOOGLE IT! SSH can’t come close to KMM! IN YOUR DREAMS, SEUNG-HEON! As much as the fans love SSH, he wasn’t as good as KMM. 🙂 But the fans will go crazy if SSH didn’t get it. OHGOSH.

  38. I don’t even understand what LoveKoreanDrama means. 🙂 Why are we stupid for not watching East of Eden?

  39. No matter what…
    I like both of them and i love Beethoven Virus and east of eden too…
    i only enjoy the Good drama and the Award is Just award…

  40. I am from S’pore and i do watch EOE, and SSH did very good job in r show… from that i became his fan… and youre shall know why??? becos of DC at EOE…i chase r drama…
    And for Kim,very funny so many he got r awards…1Q??? korea so many actors not only him…why he everyears always get….not let i dont agree his acting… must give some to other actors..right?

  41. LOL.. coconut and BVislove
    KMM did such a good job in bv and was the drama’s main core
    he totally deserved the daesung :]
    in my heart, he is the only one who won the daesung

  42. I just finished watching this drama on the North American version DVDs. The funny thing is that the cover arts of this 2-volume DVDs gives a viewer impression that Lee Da Hae is an important character – especially the second volume which cover art only shows 4 characters and Lee Da Hae is one of them. Even the title screen of the DVDs gives an impression that Lee Da Hae’s character is important in this show.

    In my opinion, the flow of the script had made Lee Da Hae ‘s role less and less significant and that was why Lee Da Hae left the show instead of her health reason.

    By the way, what is the meaning of that glowing background behind Song Seung Hun of the last scene? It confused me whether the charater was really dead or not.

    By far, I have only wathced 18 Korean dramas and in my opinion, the best script is still Dae Jang Geum. I picked EOE because of its production cost; however, it disappointed me.

  43. i was very disapointed with EOE script cuz LDH supposely be the main role but NOT LYH…i hup SSH and LDH will betogether in the end of this drama ..what used of poster EOE shows LDH and SSH …its very mess…LDH was victim…i hup MBC Ripley will brought her too much popularity on the MBC SCREEN …

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