Lee Jun Ki Resolves Legal Dispute With Mentor Entertainment

The legal dispute between Lee Jun Ki and his former management, Mentor Entertainment has come to an end after both came to an agreement.

Lee Jun Ki All Smiles

Mentor Entertainment has recently withdrawn all lawsuits filed earlier against Lee Jun Ki for breach of contract and embezzlement. Lee Jun Ki has in return dropped his countersuit against them. And so both parties who have been in severe conflict for a few months now, has finally been resolved.

Lee Jun Ki had been accused by Mentor Entertainment in September for breach of contract and asked for 500 million KRW as compensation (later raised to 1.5 billion). Mentor Entertainment also filed an additional charge in October against Lee Jun Ki for money embezzlement and it was said that should Lee Jun Ki lose the court case, he could be frozen until 2013. But Lee Jun Ki is now a free man once again and can save the world again (in the drama of course).

24 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki Resolves Legal Dispute With Mentor Entertainment

  1. So happy for him. Starting out 2009 with no problems and great projects in the works. Can’t wait for his new drama to start.

  2. I’m guessing Mentor Entertainment dropped the case because they knew if they went through with it, even if they had a chance of winning, their future prospects and credibility would be ruined/questioned/doubted. Haha.

  3. I wonder what agreement they came up with..
    But to no offense or whatsoever, I kinda don’t like this situation with money conflict. And whoa, million-billions of Won being asked and things like that? Wow.

  4. ^ return to iljimae is a totally different production with different stars and seems to a be more serious take on the iljimae character (think dark knight vs batman w/ val kilmer) anyway LJK’s will start filiming Unseen War [보이지 μ•ŠλŠ” μ „μŸ] (where he plays…you guessed, an unseen hero) early next year.

  5. yay~~
    gosh im so happy!
    I think they gonna cause more chaos if junki lose the case
    so yay~~~
    Great new year gift

  6. so glad that jun ki finally resolved the lawsuit and then he could focus on his job again … hope he will have a peaceful, joyful and healthy year!! Good luck to Jun Ki! Keep up for your good job but pls take good care of yourself!!

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