44 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 40 Pictures

  1. eeeee~
    the almond-jelly couple seems soo interesting!
    hopefully they can bring the rates back up!
    Still misses the lettuce couple.. 😦
    Does anyone know if there’s a fully subbed ep 39?

  2. hmm…i don’t know what to think now about the show… it would have been best to have started a whole new season with new couples… it would make the entire thing much more exciting to see all new couples develop….

  3. i meant acornjellyy**
    and i agree with ss!!!
    i wish they started out completely..but it’s kinda impossible i guess – cos mabuin and hwanyobi couple is still “fresh”.
    but you know what else i miss besides joongbo..?
    THE MCS 😦

  4. not that interested in the hwayobi and marbi couple.. however.. still watching the other 2 couples.. the new one and the old one hehe. : )

  5. omg i thought i would abandon this show after the lettuce couple left … but my goodness i fell in love with
    acorn-jelly couple in one episode

    they are just too sweet and really really really do suit eachother! I like they’re romance so far too cause i can relate to it, doing random things late at night and asking for free stuff like that haha

    kangin and yunji are my new fave couple, they’ve totally stolen my heart haha, i’m so glad to see they got the couple hoodies!

    also a note about yunji, is that she’s so laid back and down to earth kinda like hwangbo but younger and closer in age to me so i’ve grown affection for her character, all i can see is sweetness radiating from her.

    I Love this couple sooo much, can’t wait for subs to be released for the new episode ^^

  6. even though i had some BIG doubts about kangin being a good husband
    not that he’s not good or anything, i love him! but i know he can get a little carried away sometimes!
    but if to say that i didn’t know him as part of SUJU then he might seem like a perfect dude for the girl (very sorry i don’t even know her name) because she seem like she can deal with his hyper-ness
    i really wanna see if he has a “husband” side to him~

  7. i think that the kangin-yujin couple is adorable, but i just sort of wish that the PDs would back off. what’s with giving out all these mission cards during one ep? it seemed more real when the mission cards didn’t come popping out of nowhere…

  8. O.k. was about say farewell after Ant couple’s retirement from the show…but looks like I’ve got myself stuck once again with the new couple…Jesus…yoon ji is the sweetest…cutest…most down to earth…(n what else is there) girl in the show…of course our challenge-loving hwangbo was too…but yoonji seems a bit different in a sense that she has a sweet aura within her yet at the same time despite her fragile looks..she seems as reliable as our Mrs. lettuce.

    And Kangin…hahahaha…aigoo..Not really a fan of SuJu…but have to say this guy is way too adorkable…N the way he goes around.”she’s my wife” almost all the time…everywhere…lmao..I’d have felt embarrased if I were in yoonji’s shoe..but at the same time I think I’d have felt happy n all smiley too like yoonji…His first entrance to the show itself was funny…the way he went aorund like “buin”..”manura” etc (*note: they all mean wife) as soon as he landed the university premises..lol…

    Oh my..I’ve lot more to say..but I guess I’ll just stop…too much spamming is not good…^^;; either way thanks for the piture post alvin^^…hope u’ll love the new couple as well…

  9. i like the new couple so much
    kangin is a good husband and his “buin” is pretty and i love her laught (so funny that kangin goes around and tell everybody, thatΒ΄s his buin)

  10. I thought entertainment went out of the show. Dambi and Marco are super boring. Thank god they are good to look at, other wise, I would stop watching them. I love yoonji & kangin couple. They some how fit together… I was wondering why you did not include summary along with pictures ? it would be great to have summary, as subtitles are taking too long now a days.. ( after muish)..

  11. Isn’t episode 40 the last episode for Ant couple.
    I have to watch this but I feel asleep haha.

    This week looks a bit good.

  12. I don’t know what to say about the show, its gotten a little boring, the new couple, there cute but not that interesting, I only watch the hwanyobi couple but there always inside that house they need to start doing some outside activities. Hopefully they will have more interesting couples, I really wish to see Junjin that would be the best. πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t think there will a fully subbed episode 39 coming out yet because no one has subbed the Marco couple parts…They seem really interesting but a lot of people are dissing them lately… so unless their parts are subbed we may have to watch it in bits & pieces.

  14. Yea, right.
    Marbi couple is getting closer and no one wants to sub it.
    I’m still waiting for someone to sub it πŸ™‚

  15. its been a while since i watched WGM

    now i hardly turn on the show.

    but will watch it soon

    just watch the MBC awards that WGM couple won

    their first reunion together after a long time

    love it

  16. was wondering who is subbing episode 39 …. any ideas ?
    i cant watch WGM fro epi 38 cause i don’t understand korean:(

    i browse around and found some info…. seems there is two fan team are trying to pick up WGM for us hardcore fans since QUEEN Muish has stop subbing. They are cjwtown and tungtung fansub is I am not mistaken. Hope they can sub it…..still waiting for epi 39 eng subs ^^

  17. Alvin… you’re still posting! Aren’t you on ‘holiday’? πŸ˜›

    Haha… we had the lettuce couple, and now the acorn jelly couple… hahaha…

  18. i saw tungtung fansubs[[wikipedia]] and theres list that their subbing we got married 40…subbing is 80%done[[pending]]…the timing yesterday was 30% & now its 80%[[pending]]&& soon a lil bit more its gonna be out..yey..thanks to them

  19. actually im giving the new couples a chance! especially kangin’s! but im starting to love marco-dambi couple really & acorn-jelly couple

  20. Guys did u were WGM news? New Couple coming..

    It’s Tae Yeon of SNSD! with Jung Hyun Don!!!!! They said they’ll replace Ants couple.

  21. I watch WGM again because of Kangin and Yoojin in it =D, they are so cute,

    I really miss joongbo ;(! Gosh I want them to come back like really baddd!!!

  22. thanks for this..well i wanna ask r u still gonna put summar/pictres for the foloowing episodes cause ur a big help for that

  23. I really miss Joongbo!!!
    Although starting fresh with all new couples is great… there’s also the option of just watching the clips of couples I like, and since Joongbo is gone, I decided to give the acorn jelly couple a try, and….
    Aaaaah~! What a relief! I like them! XD! The pairing is great and they seem to fit really well. X)
    Hope they’ll continue on like this! X)

  24. I love the new couple kangin and sonji but I am forever fan of hwanhee and hwayobi they’re very cute and adorable couple. It makes watching more interesting but unpredectable a real life relationship.

  25. guys,did u know that jeanyganda channel n other that upload WGM vid on youtube hv got suspended,waa…i didnt manage watching ep 40 yet..n no one continue upload ep 41..i heard that was because MBC america claiming those copyright videos from ep 40..before SBS,n now MBC channel…

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