Lee Hyori Skips The Year-End Gayo Daejuns

Lee Hyori had been hospitalized on 26th December after fainting at home.

Get well soon Hyori

Lee Hyori’s management, Mnet Media expressed, “We tried contacting her at her home at around 11pm on 26th December but no one answered the phone. So her manager went up to her place and found her unconscious at home. She was immediately sent to Gangnam Samsung hospital for treatment.”

It’s believed that Lee Hyori is suffering from pneumonia and dehydration. Mnet Media also revealed that Hyori had lost about 7kg in the last 10 days and her health condition wasn’t very good. She had her first-ever solo concert on the 19th and 20th December and will take part in the year-end music festivals from 29th to 31st December. She had in fact been making trips to the hospital in the period between her last Family Outing recording and her concert to treat her fatique and flu picked up from the harsh winter outdoor variety filming.

Doctors has advised Lee Hyori to be warded in hospital for rest and recuperation for 10 or more days and will be undergoing a detailed checkup tomorrow. Mnet Media expressed that it would be cancelling all the scheduled CF shoots and broadcast programs for Hyori and are still deciding on her involvement in the year-end gayo daejuns from 29th to 31st December.

credit: sookyeong@wordpress.com


Dae Sung of Big Bang has now been confirmed as her replacement as MC while her joint stage with Rain will now become a solo Rain perfomance instead. Hyori had originally been scheduled for a series of dance battle stages with Rain and Son Dambi over the next 3 days. But it looks like it’s not going to happen.


Hyori who has been in a coma since fainting at home on the 26th, has finally awoken today. But she is likely to miss the year-end gayo daejuns as her health isn’t very good and she needs a lot of rest at the moment. It was uncertain earlier whether Hyori will skip the gayo daejuns as they couldn’t speak to her while she was in a coma. But Mnet Media has confirmed after discussions that Hyori will skip the gayo daejuns and SBS drama award for which she was scheduled for. She has cried over it but it can’t be helped, “I really want to show even more thrilling performances after my concert. But it’s a pity I can’t and I am very sad about it. I will do my best to recover as soon as possible and meet everyone again on Family Outing, etc as a healthy Hyori once more.”

60 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Skips The Year-End Gayo Daejuns

  1. …she has nobody living with her?…not even a maid…not that she can’t afford it…but when things like this happens…oh well, I just hope she doesn’t suffer electrolyte imbalance from dehydation…that would really be bad.

  2. as selfish as i may sound, i was really looking forward to hyori’s events in the gayo daejuns… -sigh-

    hope she gets better soon and gives us a miracle or something…

  3. 7kg in 10 days? wtf…that’s a lot .__________.
    im worried for her.

    unnie fighting! please don’t overwork yourself

  4. 7kg in 10 days! i’ve heard of 7LB in 10 days but 7KG is beyond unhealthy.
    i hope she gets better. maybe she shouldn’t perform but just MC (maybe not as physically demanding). but if she just drops everything i would understand. it’s probably a better idea to be hospitalized and come back in the new year healthy.
    =( i was really looking forward to hyori’s performances at the gayos. *hits self for being unsympathetic*
    i hope in 2009 her schedule will be cleared up so she won’t have so much work and be so busy.

  5. I was really hoping to see her dance with Rain again….

    It would suck if Son Dambi takes her place but oh well! I’ve had my share of sickness and Hyori’s condition sounds really serious. Her health should be priority and I truly hope she gets healthy soon!

    Losing 7 lbs in 10 days doesn’t sound too bad as long as the person is doing it healthy but lose weight due to sickness is serious. I lost over 15-25 lbs within weeks and the doctors is still trying to figure out what happened…

    They had me tested for leukemia and pnemonia but thankfully, it wasn’t any of those two except I still think that I had pnemonia…I just have a high tolerance for pain!

    Aja aja fighting, Lee hyori!!!

  6. Wow! 7 kgs! Thats equal to ~15lbs in 10 days! She better be careful! I’d rather her watch her health than do all these things! Hyori fighting!

  7. wow 7kg = 15.4 pounds…. thats a lot in 10 days omg. i want to see her battle with son dam bi I actually think she’ll win but health is the most important. she must be sad she has to miss all of those events herself.

  8. 7KG?!?!??!?! OHMYGOODNESS! It’s not even healthy to lose that much in a month, and she lost that much in 10 days?! WAH! I don’t want her to miss the year-end shows, but I really wish she’d take a break a bit and EAT!! Just chillax at home!!

  9. wow! lee hyori !! get better girl ! <3, the dance battle is nothing without you! get well soon please : ( take care of your health.


  10. oh my goodnesss.. this is bad.. i hope she picks up her health soon for her own goodness.
    health first before anything else..
    every artist is a well being too..
    God bless her

  11. No doubt that she’ll get pneumonia after series of events that she wore revealing clothes. I really like Hyori so much but it was a bothersome for me to see her outfits for the past events to be so much for a winter season. I wish that she’ll recuperate soon.

  12. Its not possible to lose 7 kg in 10 days. Even if you starve yourself I think it would be very difficult to lose that amount in such a short time.

    I hope she gets better and rest more. I think she must be very concerned with her image as a performer. She needs to cut down on her expectations and commitments otherwise its not good for her mental health.

  13. i experience myself lost 2 kg in just 1 day….uhhuu… dehydration?? yes…its possible… but if someone who has high matebolisme, lost 7kg in 10 days is really possible to happend….

  14. I was really looking forward to her performance with Rain.. but health always comes first.

    Hope she has a speedy recovery

  15. I hope she stays healthier!

    It’s a pity she won’t be able to be on that award show. I was looking foward for her performance with Rain and Son Dambi.

  16. Poor her. She’s been working so hard, she really needs to take care of herself! :(( This is super distressing.

    Hyori, get better!

  17. I didnt know she was in a coma! OMG! I hope she gets better soon. She’s been working so much recently. She needs the rest!

  18. Why is she trying to lose so much weight? She looks fine the way she is. She was in a coma!! That is serious! I don’t even listen to Korean music but I pray she gets better & never does something like this again. It’s not worth it…

  19. aww poor hyori.. but the fans understand and want her to rest rather than overwork. i hope hyori isn’t too frustrated with herself..

  20. i really had looked forward to hyori’s various special stages… sucks that she ended the year not with a bang but a bust (being in the hospital and all…)

    take care, hyori unnie!!

  21. aww darn :\ i think they should make the dance battle thing between son dam bi and rain then 😮 that’d be interesting since in the beginning of dam bi’s career she was known as the female rain.

  22. She works too freaking hard.
    This was the wake up call she needed in order to take it easy.
    Hopefully 2009 won’t be such a busy year fo her.

  23. Hyori should definitely rest for a long while, & take care of herself. all that sounds really serious. i hope she gets better. i would have liked to see her performance with Rain, but her health should come first.

  24. Too bad she wont be able to do those battles.

    Not sure what to make of this other than she is overworking. But because media most often use wrong words, like in TOP’s case suicide attempt, one can’t take their word that she was unconscious and less probably in a coma (although both can vary a lot in seriousness).

  25. ohmy, poor girl was in a coma? well, her health is more important than anything right now. hope she gets the well needed rest and come back full strength in the new year.

  26. awwww 😦 i was really looking foward to her performance . hopefully she gets better . i must admit out all of hyori years of fame 2008 was her best .

  27. this is horrible– another classic example of korean stars working to (near) death. i know that she has a lot of passion for her work, but health always comes first. hope she takes her time to diligently get well 😦

  28. my god– 7 kg in 10 days!!?! someone should’ve stopped the girl long before that happened. she works herself too hard and gosh~ i just hope she feels better soon!!!

    does anyone else think that she eerily looks like choi jin shil in that pic up there?? ._.

  29. I didn’t know her condition was THIS bad, poor Hyori. She has lots of activities recently. She must have been feeling unwell for quite some time and despite that, she’s been covering it with a smile. Although i’m not a fan of her but i respect this girl. She deserves the success she got.

    Hope she recovers soon!

  30. This what happens when the management is so drowned with Hyori’s popularity, they don’t even know she’s already getting really sick.

    Get well soon Hyori. 😐

  31. i never knew she was in a coma ! awww.. : ( she would have been so good on the show since she’s so good at dancing.. its ok lee hyori.. there’s always a next time to show off your moves : )

    ajaja fighting ! ~

  32. I think Hyori is probably THE MOST beautiful woman in the world (and I’m not Korean, so that says a LOT) and I REALLY hope she gets better soon. She has a lot of talent and a lot to still give to the music industry. Rest up, Hyori Unnie. Get better soon. We are praying for you!!!! Hyori FIGHTING!!!

  33. I know i sound like a freaking selfish ass, but i was really hoping to see her performance with Rain etc. :/ Looks like this is not going to happen 😦

    Not a fan but i hope she gets well soon~
    Lee Hyori Hwaiting!~~

  34. sad cant see her perf with rain, the most talented n matched cpl. expected the pair to be hottest perf ever in history of seoul pop. they were practising very hard together, both must be hausted.
    wish hyori speedy recovery, rain sure to drop by to visit and boost up her health & morale.

  35. WHAT?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    I’ve been so excited about her performance with Rain and her hosting with fellow “family” members Chunhee and Yejin!
    Poor unnie…..Please get well soon!

  36. It’s not only the physical rest that counts.The more she worries, the longer it will take for her to recover.

    She’s so overworked and people keep wanting more. I was also looking forward to all her special stages but her health comes first.

    Hyori unni HWAITING and REST for heaven’s sake!

  37. I was totally disappointed when I didn’t see her at the sbs kpop festival! I feel so bad for her! I love and hope to see her up and about soon!

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