Star’s Lover Receives Positive Praise Since Airing

Despite being last out of the three dramas in the Wed/Thurs timeslot, SBS Star’s Lover has been consistently receiving praises since its debut. Internet forums was even overwhelmed recently with many enthusiastic viewers vying to leave positive comments for the drama, leading to a surge of 3 times the usual number of comments after the airing of Episode 6 on 25th December.


One viewer commented, “I didn’t have much expectation initially. I thought it was just an ordinary drama. But it became more interesting as it progressed.” Many held similar views with most feeling a sense of rejection towards the overly-beautified top star Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo) in the beginning. But as the story unfolds, viewers are drawn to the cute and mischievous Lee Ma Ri.

Just like the book Pride and Prejudice, viewers’ perception of the arrogant Lee Ma Ri gradually changes from rejection to acceptance to love, as the Lee Ma Ri character becomes increasingly cute in her actions towards Kim Chul Soo (Yoo Ji Tae) in the Star’s Lover drama. Critics gave Choi Ji Woo high ratings for her acting as she successfully portrays the sorrow and loneliness underneath the glamorous front of a top star using a cute and hilarious acting style.

Personnels from the TV stations also gave the drama high ratings. Mass Culture Forum owner, Jung Duk Hyun commented, “Through some rather interesting plots, love scenes of the two leads and the filming style of director Boo Sung Chul have enhanced the artistic aspect of the drama significantly.


Some analyzed that the overwhelming positive responses were attributed to episode 5 and 6 this past week where scenes like Chul Soo’s mother (Kim Ji Sook) who had abandoned him and his sister 20 years ago returned to Korea, Woo Jin (Lee Ki Woo) trying to woo Ma Ri where the earlier had known her as a child, the simmering conflict between Ma Ri and her representative Seo, Eun Young (Cha Ye Ryun) returning to Korea and Chul Soo co-inhabiting with Ma Ri which happened all at once. Every scene felt important in this case.

The critical part that aroused the viewers’ curiosity is likely to be the scene where Ma Ri reveals to Chul Soo that she likes him at the end of episode 6. Despite the good comments, Korean viewers are not buying it as the drama continues to hover with a single-digit rating of 7.6% for episode 6.

credit: hanfever


Personally, I was drawn to the exceptionally well-shot cinematography, especially for the scenes in Japan. The plot might sound a bit cliched and familar but the chemistry between Yoo Ji Tae and Choi Ji Woo is good. Looks simple on the surface but dig deeper, and its actually quite a intricate story about two lonely souls who can’t quite admit that they are. Still can’t get over the fact that the entire entertainment industry in the drama seems to be centered around Lee Ma Ri only. It’s always her poster, her movie, her drama, everything is about her. But this becomes 1 of 3 dramas that I am following right now.

16 thoughts on “Star’s Lover Receives Positive Praise Since Airing

  1. i was thinking of watching this but i might wait a little longer since i tend to do marathons and get restless waiting for new episodes to come out. i’ll try this drama soon.

  2. I liked, I was starting to get tired of varities and watched it..
    It was fun 🙂 and can’t wait till the next upload comes out 🙂
    What are the other 3 dramas it’s competing with?

  3. HAHA.. I agree that the mass focus on Mari in the drama is a bit overkill. At one point in time, I also cringed at the amount of times she appeared in the posters, books… she’s everywhere. But I guess they just wanted to emphasize that she’s the most sought after celebrity at the time…

    Cliche and typical as it may seem.. CJW and YJT’s brilliant chemistry worked. I just can’t seem to not love them when they are together. And I always always feel the pain when they want to be together but try to restrain themselves from going deeper.. it’s like watching LSJ and KJE’s Lovers all over again, but this time, with prettier scenery and cinematographic effects..

  4. bad case of insomnia, tried this drama and WOW!!!!
    it’s really gooooooooooooood.. its been a while since i’ve followed a drama…this one is a keeper

  5. its a really great drama. every episode is really sweet and awesome. really everyone should give it a try.

  6. Just finished watching all 6 ep… and its worth it.
    I’ve been dissapointed at the quality korean dramas these days, but “A star Lover”, although not extraordinary, its refreshing.

  7. Hmm..i’ve heard on this drama .. Just doesn’t have the time to see it .. But since coolsmurf said its a good drama .. I’ll watch them out, then..
    Thanks coolsmurf ..

  8. It’s something different. I’t s a drama that will give you a big picture of how it is in the entertainment industry which is not an easy task. you will understand them fully as they give relate their life. Good chemistry. Good actors and actresses. The role CJW is quite annoying if you will compare to her other roles which sweety-sweety. But as she switched her emotions she’s perfect and you will remember her WS days. Good , very good performance of everubody.

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  10. I agree, Choi Ji Woo did a splendid job in this drama and has
    really shown her versatility in portraying Lee Ma Ri’s character. This could be by far her best performance in terms of all her dramas and i loved her acting. It has really shown her strength and the many faces of the life of a star. Good job CJW and may you win an award for this drama and i’m a big fan of yours.

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