Park Min Young Princess Nak Rang Concept 081227

Park Min Young uploaded a picture from her Princess Ja Myung Go filming set to her Cyworld early this morning. This was her message, “Another challenge. The girl Ra Hee, Princess Nak Rang who is sprinting towards me in 2009.”

Princess Nak Rang

This time as a warrior girl. Unlike the usual demure, touch and you fall princesses, Princess Nak Rang is one who can kick ass with some martial arts background. Same goes for Ryeo Won’s character, Princess Ja Myung. They have been training hard in fighting and horse riding for the drama.


She also filmed a MV recently for female group, Gavy NJ just before the Christmas holidays but it will probably be released sometime next January.

Cyworld message translated by gomdorii.

15 thoughts on “Park Min Young Princess Nak Rang Concept 081227

  1. i guess so since she carrying two sword she look so beautiful cant wait for the drama to air love her so much

  2. Wow…she looks GREAT in that 2nd picture….I think this is pretty much the only k-drama I’m looking forward to. Cant wait.

  3. This was outstanding! Bravo on the performances. I loved it. What a summer stealer. I couldn’t get enough of the enchanting prince and princess.

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