Song Seung Hun Denies Forcing Lee Da Hae Out

With regards to Lee Da Hae departure from East of Eden, the change of screenwriter and rumors of him exiting the drama, Song Seung Hun has posted a (very) long message on his and the drama website to voice his opinion.

Song Seung Hun and Lee Da Hae

After greeting his fans with a Christmas message, he expressed his view after that in his long post, “It’s a pity that so many unhappy things have happened recently and I feel apologetic to everyone. There are many reports about the change of screenwriter due to declining health plus Lee Da Hae’s departure. But most of the reports were exaggerated and made it look like it was a big issue. I am sorry if it worried everyone and the other cast members.”

Song Seung Hun expressed his opinion about Lee Da Hae’s departure, “I only knew of this after reading the newspapers. I was pretty shocked then and felt that it was a great pity. According to some reports, her departure was because of me. Regarding this, I have to say that this is definitely not the truth and felt that this could lead to more misunderstanding if I do not speak out.”

“Frankly as a fellow actor, I can totally understand why Lee Da Hae did that. Of course, for the viewers, internal conflicts should be resolved from within. But looking from another perspective, I can sense that she must be really sad while posting that message as a woman instead of an actress.”

“We are not human model kits nor robots. We have to totally understand the content of the script, find a common understanding with the script and then present in through our acting with our individual styles. As for the characters that we portray, our knowledge of it should definitely be miles ahead of anyone else. If we are unable to accept our characters from deep inside our hearts, then it would be a really tall task to act it out well. I know this very well.”

Lee Da Hae and Song Seung Hun

As for his Lee Dong Chul character, Song Seung Hun said, “Frankly, Lee Da Hye’s character, Min Hye Rin was built up initially to like Lee Dong Wook. About 1/3 into the story, she got engaged to Mr. Baek for political reasons. Then around 2/3 of the story, she takes a liking to Lee Dong Chul, Dong Wook’s older brother. Lee Da Hae couldn’t agree nor accept with the way her character was being developed and had asked for the script to be revised several times. She was just trying to be responsible for her character and as an actress. She wasn’t acting like a prima-donna or challenging the director/screenwriter.”

“I also thought before, the character Min Hye Rin was heading nowhere. It was of no benefit to the actress herself nor for the drama. We as actors have to infuse our characters with life when we act it out but this has to be done with a script that is acceptable to us and the viewers. We are not questioning the screenwriter or director authority but just showing our passion for acting.”

“Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. I feel that from the viewers perspective, it would be outright awkward for them to accept such a forced relationship (Dong Chul and Hye Rin) being acted out in front of them. As an actor, I also couldn’t quite accept this story development. But I might have created some misunderstanding after conveying my opinion to the director/screenwriter.

They look really good in this picture

Song Seung Hun was reported to have missed the script recital session on 24th December with rumors being spread that he also wanted out of the drama. But Song Seung Hun has refuted the rumors through a statement released by his management, “Because of the year-end awards ceremony, East of Eden will be pre-empted for a week. So with the surplus time, I decided to shoot a CF instead of attending the script recital session.” He also denies wanting out of the drama, “Until the drama ends, he will keep faith with my character.”

He said, “We have received lots of love so I feel that this situation among all that we have faced is a good test for our drama to move to the next level. Up till now, our East of Eden production has been doing a good job. Until the final episode, we will be doing our very best to produce the best for our viewers.”


additional points in Song Seung Hun message not covered in article
credit njs1005 from

– In fact regarding the news of Lee Da Hye quitting, when I read it from reports, I was very surprised and sad. For this matter, many people criticised Lee Da Hye and me saying things like “this was not a responsible action”, “too hasty”, and some even loudly rebuked that this was not an individual show.

– One point to note is that Lee Da Hye herself felt sorry that her simple personal intention has caused confusion in the end. Please give your understanding and tolerance. In fact in the beginning, when reporters wanted to seize news coverage and report the situation without fully understanding it, I didn’t take this matter to heart. But unexpectedly the matter snowball, so in order to avoid further misunderstanding, I will write about the situation briefly.

– For the media who have gave hasty and irresponsible reports without first knowing the details, it is in fact a little hateful. But I would still like to say that in future, please have a greater sense of responsibility and be more careful in reporting, so as not to create public confusion. It’s a really troublesome thing if you do so. The power of speech is really very huge (note: especially in Korea).

– Now there are still some confusion, but we promise that they will be resolved appropriately. For all who love our drama, please do not worry and please love EOE till the end. Thank you. A drama cannot be completed by a single hand. It is the cooperation and hard work of numerous staff and director, as well as all cast members, to make it a successful drama likeable by everyone.

171 thoughts on “Song Seung Hun Denies Forcing Lee Da Hae Out

  1. why are fans freaking out if she leaves…
    its not a big deal..well at least not me…
    his message was long so i just skimmed through it…

  2. He has the authority to change the script ??
    Very important person than MBC. Now we understand the situation more clearly. Poor Miss Na your script had been butchered!!!

  3. Hahaha.. Explanation ..
    I think it is NOT sympathize but more to COVER UP ..
    Thank you coolsmurf for this news ..
    You’re great ..

  4. past is past….

    those who involved with this situation….do the ‘best’ in future…

    anyway LDH is a ‘smart lady’….i like her hair…..

  5. I agree with Song Seung Hun, the media is making too much of a deal out of this which probably cause many viewers to believe it was a big issue. Chill people, she’s got a life too.. There are many conflicts, but they could be fixed.. Too many misunderstandings have been created, which caused many people to blame one another.. I bet if this newspapers didn’t even release LDH’s decision in leaving, that viewers would have never knew that she died / runaway in the movie due to this reason. Just let the scriptwriters deal with this.. the drama is still going to continue on.. there will be changes but they can be fixed!

    ~ Hope LDH gets well soon : )

  6. ^ There are reports of Song Seung-Heon + his management company asking the originally set love line between him and Lee Da Hae be removed. Questions of whether this is solely a “Song Seung Heon drama” were raised because he & his management were trying to ‘do things’ behind the scenes (demanding that original script be changed in his favor). This is why he had to issue a statement denying that he’s one of reasons for her exit.

  7. “We are not questioning the screenwriter or director authority but just showing our passion for acting.”

    Any actors/actress can voice their opinions as the drama progressed, suggest revisions and justify that. Then it’s up to the director and scriptwriter to buy-in or not, after considering many other factors/perspectives.

    LDH did her part, so is SSH. It won’t be surprising that other cast members (young or old) also did the same thing. For e.g. SMH’s character now is also different from the synopsis.

    This is K-drama we are watching. Changes in story developments are definitely possible and workable.

    Too bad for people who wanted to stick to 100% of the synopsis. You only get misery.

  8. Miss Na you spent two years writing EOE and the outcome … If it is the original script then we will see the real EOE drama. Lee Dae Hae Aja Aja !!!, we will watch you till episode 40 .
    Happy New Year to you and family.

  9. ^ Simply giving an opinion on the storyline isn’t this serious. It’s an issue because there are sayings that SSH & his management company tried to dictate things behind the scenes.

    Whether he & management company did anything behind closed doors, only they & the involved parties would know. Whoever is lying right now might wonder if the truth will come out someday & bite them back.

    You can make up your mind on who to believe.

  10. It truly is a pity that Lee Dae Hee opted out of the drama but it’s understandable and people should respect it. I also think that it was thoughtful of Song Seung Hoon to make a statement regarding the issue.

    Anyway, I’m okay if East of Eden add another woman on the show and in fact, it may be just what Dong Chul needs. I say Son Ye Jin! I would love to see her act along side Kwon Sang Woo and/or Song Seung Hoon. Plus, she’s an amazing and versatile actress!!!

  11. Sounds like damage control. Hard to say what really happened. But the words “I might have created some misunderstanding” doesn’t sound too good…actually sounds more like an admission that he said something that led to a changing of the storyline.

  12. That’s why it is called “sayings”, “rumours”, “speculations”.

    That’s why there are people who started it, there will be followers who believe it, there will be worshippers who spread it.

    I guess…. part of human nature.

  13. LOL SSH’s message isn’t sincere at all, more of a cover up for himself & his management!

    Thank you for translation coolsmurf~ ^^

  14. I had wished he will be more humble because of his past scandal…looks like I’m wrong..and I’m sad about that.

    can SSH be considered main lead of EOE just because he’s biggets star? based on main plot, he’s not. changes in script is fine as long as it will not be done to benefit one or 2 and negatively affect the other cast. pleasing one and displeasing another. it should have been fair.

    Man, revealing that LDH called to apologize will not lessen the suspicion.

    choosing EOE drama as comeback is “safe”one..having stellar cast to pull in ratings…now take another one with you as main lead…less tension and confusion..then prove you can have a real solo successful solo comeback.

    we will wait and see!

  15. “Man, revealing that LDH called to apologize will not lessen the suspicion.”

    Please…. he never said this in his official statement. This is an “extra” statement made up by the Chinese media (the source: sina). So please don’t spread false statements.

    Plus, in his original message, he said that EOE success is everyone’s hard work and contribution.

    P.S. Is LDC the main lead? Read the synopsis.

  16. Well, there’s rumours all around not only about SSH but also about LDH, the writer and the cast in general. There is certainly a lot of media attention and quite honestly, any time someone writes or says something to defend themselves, they leave themselves open to interpretation. That’s what communication is all about…one speaks (or in this case writes) and the intended audience will interpret. There are some parts in his message that comes off sounding bad…sorry but it’s true!! I like SSH actually so I don’t have a reason to put him down. Just my honest observation that it sounds like damage control.

    Just a note, people interpret the same thing differently so I respect the different opinions.

  17. He seems smart and very down to earth about all this.
    I see he’s not just a face.

    I’m sorry that LDH is leaving, she was doing fine and looked great. I hope this won’t develop anymore misunderstandings.

  18. Does reading sense in the article means defending the actor?

    There are other points not covered in coolsmurf’s translation:

    – SSH said the media trying to seize coverage hence not reporting true facts before knowing full details. He requested the media to take more responsibility so as not to create misunderstanding among readers and EOE viewers.

    – For reports criticising LDH’s quitting from EOE, SSH asked everyone to give their understanding in her situation.

    His message serves to end all the speculations and madness. People should move on to enjoy the remaining episodes.

  19. I already read SSH’s message ok!??!! (I read the ones on baidu EoE first and just read coolsmurf’s translations)

    Some people will just get more suspicious. It’s not going to fade away that easily.

    For LDH to quit, something was surely WRONG BTS in EoE.
    We will never find out, because they (MBC, the production company, and in this case SSH and his management) will always hide the TRUTH.

  20. Having said that, I’m glad LDH quit, because her character was just boring in EoE. Writer Na totally stuffed her character up!
    HJH’s character is more interesting!

  21. If there is surely “WRONG BTS in EoE”, then people who seems to hide the truth are :

    MBC, the production company, the writer, the director, SSH and his management + LDH and her management.


    But true EOE viewers already moved on.

  22. Cant believe SSH’s message… He defend himself …
    So bad… If nothing to do why all actors in the meet complained his “behind interfere”. Its better to make oneself popular through acting not through cheating..

  23. Is it so fun to play the blaming game?
    No one knows the truth, people like to make assumptions from this.

    I read what I read and I don’t want to think so much about it.

    Instead of blaming other people,
    why don’t we just wait and see what happens next.
    Don’t talk too much unless we have evidence.

    I believe that all this mess comes from too many sides in EoE.
    We all do not know the true story.

    Please, this blaming game does not only hurt the stars’ fans,
    but the true EoE fans too.
    Some of us watch the drama because of the story,
    not only because of the actors.

  24. Go, SSH.
    the show has to go on.
    you don’t need to explain anything.
    you have done your role justice since the
    it’s not your problem that the others aren’t
    satisfied with the role they are given.
    majority of the EoE viewers are happy
    with the flow of the story is going.

    Aja, SSH.
    we will continue to watch you til the end of the
    Merry Christmas!!!


  25. SSH’s message at MBC EOE official site received more than 650 reply posts in a single day, reflecting viewers’ positive support to the entire EOE production.

    GO GO GO East of Eden!!!

  26. “Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. I feel that from the viewers perspective, it would be outright awkward for them to accept such a forced relationship (Dong Chul and Hye Rin) being acted out in front of them.”
    Well Mr. Song Seung Hun you sure are singing a different tune this time.
    SSH confirmed in a previous interview that in the drama a DC-HR-DW triangle will exist, meaning, his character DC and his brother DW will fall in love with the character of LDH (MHR) and MBC advertised this as well. He knew that this was part of the drama when he signed for it so his above statement really sounds phony and insincere. What does he mean by his character cannot accept the love of many women. How many is he talking about when there are only two women he would be involved with; the first is YR who DC gave up for because of his ambition and drive to avenge his family and was married off to another character in the drama and then HR, the character of LDH. Naturally, LDH will disagree if her character is changed from being the lead to that of a supporting cast. That is not what she signed for.

    “But I might have created some misunderstanding after conveying my opinion to the director/screenwriter.”
    With this statement I am more inclined to believe the reports that SSH and his management company wanted the loveline between his character and Lee Da Hae be removed. Looks to me SSH is only thinking of number one, himself. If ever, this is his second scandal. What kind of a person(s) would stoop that low as to hurt another human being.

    I am glad that LDH did quit and I hope and pray that LDH will get some justice out of all these.

  27. I love and support you SSH, don’t care about those crazy and annoying HR’s fans, always rude and try to blame on other actors

  28. I happened to read the Chinese translation of SSH’s message from Baidu.
    It seems that he mentioned “LDC can’t forget his first love and he feels his character does not have that big heart to love another woman (or woman who loves LDC, in this case MHR).”
    Strangely, the Chinese and English translations give slightly different interpretations.

    “Frankly, Lee Da Hye’s character, Min Hye Rin was built up initially to like Lee Dong Wook. About 1/3 into the story, she got engaged to Mr. Baek for political reasons. Then around 2/3 of the story, she takes a liking to Lee Dong Chul, Dong Wook’s older brother. Lee Da Hae couldn’t agree nor accept with the way her character was being developed and had asked for the script to be revised several times.”

    This is what we saw in MHR’s character so far and is in line with the synopsis. But LDH is not agreeable to it??

    But I think it’s fair for actors and actresses to voice out their own opinions and it’s up to the higher authority to make the final call.

  29. woah!!

    how come i saw this coming??


    right from the very start i know something will crumble,

    i know too much and yet if i tell it no one might believe me except for the very few who really knows the things behind every thing…

    the truth is coming out slowly, one by one…

    poor LEE DA HAE… she is made into someone bad…
    though i do know who is behind all these.

    ssh is sick in the head, i tell you.
    he’s a control freak.
    way before this drama even started he changed staff, actors, crew and even some directors and pd’s.
    why and how come he was able to do so? well it’s a long story and it has something to do with money and greed.

    you can say i say things wrongly or i am crazy for saying these things, but then what the heck.

    i used to like the man though but things changed when he changed. the metamorphosis turned him from bad to worst.

    plus, he did something he shouldn’t have. it’s unforgivable for me.

    believe me or bash me. your choice.


  30. SMH character was supposed to be evil but it has been changed. KJH character might go the other way now to turn evil instead. And, the writers now might have to re-develop the DW-JH-MH relationship.

    So if the writers and PD decided to change the DC-HR-DW storyline, having considered various factors, why is it not possible? Why is MH’s and JH’s change possible then?

    K-Drama script is always adjusted as the drama is broadcasted and filmed.

    A person who used the word “scandal” in this case is ironically a person who “stoop that low as to hurt another human being”.

  31. Thanks for posting this even though you should be enjoying the holiday!!!!! but you probably can’t get real rest unless you let people know what is going on!
    Song Seung Heon is right about Min Hye Rin was built to like Lee Dong Wook. I am waiting to see how the drama changes and if they could make it any good without Lee Da Hae. (Chances are low but they could try.)

  32. watching eoe just because of Lee Da Hae…..she did great job ..i respect with her decision…wish Da Hae all the best ..

  33. writer Na should have somehow added Lee Da Hae’s character when Song Seung hoon was a teen (Kim Beom’s scenes)… so somehow they could have had some history before Lee Yeon Hee’s character comes along… i think that would have been more workable in that DongChul could love more than one girl…. but definitely the changing in the script makes DongChul completely smitten forever with Gukja.

    I hope Lee Da Hae’s next project comes along soon. i was hoping to see the Lee Dahae and Song Seunghoon’s romance to develop because it seemed like it would be a mature romance. too bad for me. can’t wait to see Lee Da Hae in a future drama as the main female lead.

  34. I knew things were being blown up a bit for the sake of gossip. I understand them as actors and wantiong to give themselves fully to their role. I’m sad about Lee Da Hae’s departure but I’m also hoping that the drama can continue being entertaining.

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  36. i agree that everyone is making a big deal out of this. but i think actors are actors, they shouldn’t have a say in the script writing or storyline of the drama, it is kind of unfair to viewers if actors had a say in how the story plays out, & i also hate it when writers take into account what the viewers/netizens say, cause then they will just cop out & give us a BS ending. they should all stick to what was planned. i get why they think their characters can’t love so many but in real life some people might have the love of their life be a dozen people they meet over their lifetime. anyways actors stay out of the writers room, writers don’t go online to read comments or discuss your work with people other than the director.

  37. It seems like the situation was blown out of proportion by the media. And to be honest, it always will be… They’re the media, they need to earn money.
    I’ve been following this drama since the beginning, and as a viewer, I totally understand that the script can be changed. The whole point of not finishing the script is for the writer to receive feedback from the audience. Also, it is actually really normal for actors to voice opinions on their characters.
    I think SSH did a fair job explaining things. What can you expect? If he gives no explanation, I’m sure LDH fans would be more angry than they are now. He has to… And now that he has, people are saying it’s a cover up. There’s just no end to this.
    And reading SSH’s comments on LDH quitting, it seems like LDH actually has a problem with her character loving LDW, but switching to LDC. As a EOE viewer, it seems unreasonable for MHR’s character to do that, especially now that she knows LDW is LDC’s brother. And it’s even harder to imagine when the 3 guys find out their real relationship with each other.
    All we can do as viewers of EOE is move on. At some point, you need to ask yourself if you watch the show for the show or for your favorite actor/actress.

  38. lol if LDH fan think the reason why she quit is because of SSH then they are even more stupider then i thought and i agreed if u just watch the drama without biased u would know that LDH and YJH is better together in the drama
    then SSH-LDH i think it only a rumor there is no way SSH will risk even getting more korean fan mad at him so the part about him wanting to quit is a rumor only as for the part were SSH forcing LDH to quit i think that too is a rumor because what does he gain by forcing LDH too quit and to all u LDH fan would u guy plz stop blaming other we all know why LDH quit and that is she is a selfish person and have a big ego

  39. agree with you jhonlittle
    LDH’s fans are very crazy, their actress is selfish and irresponsible but now they blame her departure on SSH

  40. SSH he such a mediocre actor oh my God he asking the script writer to change the script i can see his unprofessionalism.

    i saw many netizen Like me Not LDH fans but can see this Strange Things!!..who’s unselfish is SSH. you have to know his Real love with LYH.

    SSh what Good things about him mediocre actor , he is the one of KStar that i think use his Looks .

    he change script as he BaeYoungjoon, jang dong gun , Or the biggest actor like choiminsik, song kang ho, or seol kyunggyu.

    Please mediocre

  41. lol u fan of LDH is very stupid huh now u guy are blaming SSH for ur idol quieting god how stupider can u guy get just because ur hope of ur idol and SSH being together in the drama didnt come true now u guy will blame SSH for ur idol leaving this is just low and mimi if SSH is just a mediocre actor why the hell did u wanting ur idol to be with him then u dumb ass

  42. yeah jhonlittle, when EOE airing, LDH’s fans keep telling in everyforum that LDH has to pair up with SSH and that they’re the best couple, now that she quit, they bash and blame on SSH, they’re really ridiculous!!!!!

  43. lol it so true skyeden they are a bunch of crybaby just because they got their dream crush now they will blame SSH for their idol leaving this show that LDH fan is a bunch of crybaby that will blame anyone just to make their idol look good

  44. @ ALL LEE DA HAE’s FAN

    look how scary LDH’s fan is. they are blaming EVERYONE!!! thats why everyone hates them. and please, WE ALL KNOW, there’s many LDH’s fan in this forum as they call every other LDH’s fan in forums to back up her. sheesh!! u think with all these numbers of people support her are the real percentage of people supporting her leaving??

  45. lol it really funny to see LDH fan blaming other for their idol quieting because when it was their idol who quit the drama her self just because she didnt like that she did not have a love story with any of the two lead male

  46. after read all this comments, can i have some though
    to LDH fans, i don’t understand why you guy alway complaint, angry, be a fan of LDH is it mean to entertained, happy as having her your idol, please respect her, behave your self,
    changing script is happen in drama, it happend before, now and future, actor/actrees have their right to voice thier opinion, but then at the end it on the hand of Scripwriter, PD, viwer perspective, that what we call TEAM WORK, the production is not belong to ONE actor or actress, or else it belong to hold team that put effort on that,
    EOE now achieved hight rating, that mean, it go to right direction, would that explan everything,
    PS. Writer is wrire scrip but actor/actrees bring that to reality,

  47. @wefsdfds

    “LOL SSH’s message isn’t sincere at all, more of a cover up for himself & his management!”

    like what LDH’s said wasnt just to cover up for herself only. i’ve read her message and i can get that she’s trying to get people’s sympathy. pathetic!!

  48. i agreed with u Truelove LDH fan are very IMMATURE for blaming other for their idol quieting i guess they just cant take the true that their idol jus quit on her own

  49. to CloverON Air and WTLI rating is far behind EOE, no compared!

    im SO EXCITING to wait for tuesday night or MBC drama award, best drama couble: SSH, LYH

  50. LDH is really just C or D list actress. she cant understand MHR’s character? it is her job to understand it. maybe all she can understand is being the simple character like always~ the main girl is trapped in love triangle.
    but she’s not ready for big and strong characters. so all this ‘versatile’ label on her, we should take it back. she is just a mediocre actress.

  51. haha. all the LDH fans are saying SSH is trying to cover up. Whatever. It’s not like SSH is blaming LDH, he is being supportive, can’t you read? Both SSH and LDH want changes in the script. They both CANNOT understand why they would fall in love with one another. LDH asked the script to be revised, too. Every actor should have the right to make their character look right. what’s wrong with that?

    LDH fans are just sour grapes who are biased ever since EOE started and hypocritical now their actress is going to back out of EOE. You all think LDH is the lead, well guess what, she was never NAMED as the ONLY LEAD. And you all never swallowed the fact that her only major hit was “My Girl” and both “Robbers” and “Hello miss” FLOPPED. Not everyone watches EOE because of her. THAT’S THE FACT, LIVE WITH IT.

  52. Did you people also know that Song Seung Hun is also known for lying about having Diabetes.

    Now he is redeeming himself with an EOE comeback.

  53. This is so stupid that people are fighting over a drama….

    If LDH wants to quit for her reasons let her quit.
    People should just stop blaming everyone else….

    its pathetic.

  54. i agreed ihrtt i didnt read one word that SSH is blaming LDH guess LDH fan just like to blame other so true ihrtt LDH only hit drama is my girl the other like robber and hello miss flop

  55. I am not a LDH fan! I am more of a HJH fan, and by reading SSH’s is not helping him…

    From the start, I don’t care if HR didn’t end up with DC. I liked DW with HR more. I had the idea of HR ending up ALONE, not with anyone.

    DC can be with YR.

    I just want more DW-JH-MH !

    I am watching EoE because of HJH, PHJ !!!

  56. @All you people saying LDH fans blaming other co-workers..

    you guys are wrong too…are you guys that childish?

    Not all LDH fans are like that.

    And @ jhonlittle & ihrtt
    Btw, LDH won: 2007 KBS Performance Awards: Excellence Award – Mini Series for her role in Hello! Miss…

  57. wow..i cannot believe how some so immature people have the nerve to call others immature. it’s laughable! LOL

    there’s the phrase, where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire.

    there can’t be all these reports without some truth behind it. and if none of the actors didn’t do anything wrong, they’ll have nothing to hide. obviously, more cast members are complaining too right??

    i’m glad i didn’t invest too much time in this drama. the first 10 episodes or so were the best though.

    anyway, let the story (BTS) unfold!! LOL

  58. As the famous quote goes, “let the games begin.”

    Guys why are we fighting each other in the first place… support who you wanna and let the rest say whatever they want. Believe in what you wanna believe not the other way around.

  59. shell did u see any new come out before LDH quit because i think LDH create this whole mess if she could just stick it out till end none of this would come out i blame all this mess on LDH and her selfish act that create all these news

  60. Totally agree with you Mao and shell, it damn funny reading all these comments from ‘non-fans’ calling other ‘fans’ immature but the reflection of their message is pretty immature in and of itself!

  61. lol if LDH fan could just stop trying to blame other for their idol quit then we would not call LDH fan immature but all i see is LDH fan acting like a child that blame other when it was no one forcing their idol to leave but her self so it not really our fault that ldh fan is a bunch of crybaby that still piss that their dream of their idol and SSH didnt end like they think so their really no one to blame but LDH fan for having their hope too high

  62. lol if LDH fan would just stop blaming other for there idol to quit then we would not call LDH fan immature but all i see is them blaming other when no one to blame for their idol to quit but their idol herself

  63. The leaving of LDH should not affect the drama. Looking at a bigger picture, a drama is not make up of just one character. Actor and actress can exist the drama in many ways…for example die. Nobody is indispensable. It should not be a big issue. The main lead (SSH) cannot leave. Other supporting role can. Seung Heon, just go ahead

  64. There are far too many versions of the stories, which one do you stick to? There is nothing as 100% accurate translations, so why not just move on?

    If you support SSH, pls believe he is professioal enough and continue supporting him in EOE. If you support LDH, then pls help to lessen her tension and allow her to depart gracefully.

  65. What we can predict from now on will be lee dong chul, young ran, mr. guk, shin tae hwan family and a tiny bit of dong wook on screen.

    The rest of the casts can find new employer – drama.

    My curiosity now, how MBC will write Min Hye Rin’s plot (now cracking their brain) for her exit.

    Will it be a HARSH one like Mike’s EXIT, or dismember her body or life imprisonment. In episode 36 hye rin is trying to dig news from the korean army and the lobbyists -Janice and dong chul. Now Mr Guk is an active MAFIA again and dong chul is collaborating with his boss.

    We would like to know if it will be a fair exit for Min Hye Rin .
    4 episodes to wacth out for Min Hye Rin.

    Keep fit , Lee Dae Hae AJA AJA !!!!!!

  66. i’m sorry just want to interupt for awhile….
    …my opinions are…
    1. I don’t think the drama even needs her(LDH).
    2. Are they just using her popularity? or
    3. Business strategy….
    btw…i like LDH acting…

  67. Oh damn I love reading this blog, thanks for posting this coolsmurf! It’s amazing to see how the two sides are cat fighting and blaming the other. When in reality everybody is protective of their idols and the same. Dramas continue with or without the leads, including LDH, SSH, the writers can kill off the characters at any time, so what’s the big deal, it’s over with, nobody will know the truth but the people involve and nobody is blameless. So, the question is…who’s the biggest diva? I’m sure we’ll find out as this whole mess play out, this is excatly what the media want, lapping up all the rumors right now true or false and it makes it even more juicer when fans of their star are arguing instead of uniting. I just find it totally funny how fans of star is blaming one another when in reality they’re all the same.

  68. …this BTS reality drama is better than On Air and The World They Live In combined…good luck to East of Eden though.

  69. One word “business”.Well, whoever created this whole mess knows pretty well how to wrap these things up. The circle entertainment is just like a game, as long as they know to play along with it then they will find a way out. This is their strategy, using marketing tactics to boost the sales, artists popularity to attract huge audience, in the end who will get these benefits? LDH,SSH or MBC?

  70. for question of “are they using LDH popularity”, from my point of view, that LDH got paid high salary for attended in EOE, so both parties LDH and MBC do have benefit, there contract exit and she have to full fill the contract, the issue of using popularity is not considered here .
    another point that somehow LDH did not make her character stand out, instead, HJH and LYH characters shine greatly, so i think MBC should paid HJH nd LYH more because i think that they have been under paid before
    Is it right everybody! Happy New Year

  71. They let Lee Dae hae free without a law suit, because MBC know more evidence will be revealed and it is not good for their business reputation.

    Someone has to own up, to be sacked soon.

    If it goes to court, their entertainment license will be impound. So cover as much as they could.

  72. i agree with loversKdama…
    no advantage for us keep arguing this issue….

    as fans or not fans, let those drama’s management settle the problem theirselves ,
    there is nothing we can do.

  73. all of this would never come out if LDH and her big ego did not just quit when there is just 10 episode left to go and i agreed Truelove HJH and LYH should be pay more then LDH since they both shin more in their char

  74. To Ellissie
    I think both LDH and MBC agree to come to this conclusion, it good for both of them. LDH could get of contract without sue and MBC do not have to pay more for her character as the character portray by LDH could not shine anyway.
    you could see this from majority pupblic viewer, how badly they wants DC/YR together. which make them change the plot. focuce more on DC/YR.

    SSH can not do anything about this issue, i sure table would turn around if chemistry btw SSH nd LDH won the crown, then YR character would have no room to stay but gone. that how the game is and as actor/actress, they would know this game well beter than us.

  75. perhaps all cast in east of eden laughing while they are reading all comments…
    really drama on air no 2…

    all of viewers including me, do not know what exactly going on.
    it’s unfair to put a blame on someone without knowing what the truth is.

  76. oooh is that true ?
    thanks God this problem can be settled.
    hope this can be win-win solution for all.

    as fans of K dramas, we solely need good drama series to watch . we don’t care who will end-up with whom…
    just hope innovative strory line with great acting among all characters.

    No hard feeling to personal actress/actor please 🙂

  77. i think the writer did give LDH and SSH a chance to have romance in the 6 year jump but it just didnt work out that why the writer bought LYH char back because if it did work out the writer would not bring LYH char back so soon and beside the drama already have SSH char confess his love for LYH char so it really hard for the writer to make LDH-SSH love story because the Korean viewer will fell like they been cheat out of the drama when DC already confess his love for YR if the writer did not have DC confess his love for YR then i think they can make a HR-DC love story but as it turn out they did make DC confess his love for YR so u cant really blame SSH for not wanting a romance with LDH char when his char already confess his love for LYH char

  78. since when are actors idols??

    someone should write a script about the drama behind the scenes, sounds more interesting then the drama itself…

  79. oh what a mess……..I respect everybody’s comments………… I wonder if the EOE cast do read our comments or the production staff whatever… I just hope it will be a good ending for EOE(all are happy and nobody else dies) you know Korean dramas always have twisted (sorry for the choice of words) or whatever endings like Autumn Tale,Lovers in Paris,Summer Scents ,War of Money altho’ do not get me wrong I like those dramas I ennumerated they are all my favorites that is why I got hooked on these Korean dramas.
    I just hope all is well with the cast they should since they are all professionals.
    Whether SSH has diabetes or not (I thought he was hypertensive) I am still a big fan and i am still rooking for a LDC and YR pairing in the end.
    This is too long for me sorry…..I am on vacation that is why……….Happy New Year ya’ll

  80. hi.. I am From Indonesia beautiful are you??….. introduction from my blog…..can we exchange link……add me here…thank very much ok……success always 🙂

  81. let’s keep my name anonymous… mainly because I’m a cowards but partly because I wouldn’t want to be answerable to die-hard ssh fans for what I’m going to say… I’m a soompi frequenter and I’d hate to attract confrontations with nonsensical people…

    all I have to say is for SSH to say that… “Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. I feel that from the viewers perspective, it would be outright awkward for them to accept such a forced relationship (Dong Chul and Hye Rin) being acted out in front of them. As an actor, I also couldn’t quite accept this story development. But I might have created some misunderstanding after conveying my opinion to the director/screenwriter.” just says everything that is wrong about his so-called “professionalism”:

    (1) dude you signed up for that dumba** so it’s not like you (and the viewers, if I may add be that it was advertised by MBC over and over again) did not see this coming… we were all prepared for it.. so why weren’t you?
    (2) so many women? really there are only two if you counted right… it’s not that many… review you mathematics…
    (3) I might have created misunderstanding… really you did not see this coming… oh boy are you that naive or are you just plain stupid… you are trying to manipulate the script which would result to an actress not getting the part she signed up for… you did not smell trouble…ooohhh really now??? You selfish b**tard
    (4) you’d feel it would be awkward for the viewers? really you did not even gave it a chance to happen soooo how would you know a**hole! how can you even preempt that or is it that
    (5) probably, you’re just far too scared that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off because let’s face it you’re not really that great of an actor MR. I-have-a-pretty-face-so-dont-mind-the-acting-part!!!

  82. May I recall lee ki chul”s loveline (dong chul’s father) . He was respected by his hometown people, had TWO wives
    acted quite well with TWO wives, till they stayed together, dong chul even call her small mother.

    And the era of this drama is 1960 or 70’s, polygamy is common in South Korea at that time, is he an singer, model or actor ???

  83. I agree with “hibiscus”. The fact that the way the drama was written out, it didn’t even need LDH in the first place. They were just using her name and her popularity to give the drama a solid headstart.

    She probably quit coz she felt like her character was going nowhere. And the fact is, it really wasn’t. Moreover, it didn’t comply with the summary of the drama in the first place. (the DC/HR/DW storyline) so she felt like the story was headed in the direction of her fans’ disappointment. And that disappointed her.

    I mean, that whole DC/HR/DW storyline is a fake from the start. Fans were waiting for it to happen and it just didn’t happen. And at 16 episodes left out of 50, there is no way the love triangle was going to be realistic AT ALL. They focused on the DC/YR storyline which wasn’t even part of the stated focus at the start. And what the heck was that DW/HR thingy they showed? It was BARELY a love story at all. I felt sorry for HR’s character. And she was supposed to steal Baek from her sister but it didn’t happen. All this development her character was supposed to make as stated, didn’t come out in the script. She asked for it to be reviewed but they refused.

    It’s almost like, they focused on DC/YR loveline and just somehow slotted the others in between. Why didn’t they just market SSH/LYH as the main characters of the love story at the start? Coz they know SSH/LDH would bring in more attention. Hahahahaha…. DAMN SCAM.

  84. do u guy see korean viewer writing to MBC complaining about a no HR-DW-DC like u fan of ur idol because i still havent read any news that the viewer is not happy that their is no HR-DW-DC and u fan of LDH gotta stop blaming SSH alright he didnt do nothing wrong all he did is telling the writer that he dont fell DC should love more then one woman and i agreed with SSH the way his char is made out to be i dont think he the guy that will fall for two woman when he still cant give over his first love i cant believe what a bunch of crybaby just because ur idol quit does not give u the right to blame other just to make ur idol look good because it really just make u guy look like a bunch of crybaby that u got ur dream crash

  85. @Ayu


    Funny how for more than half of your comment, you made it sound like LDH quit just because she wasn’t getting enough lines. I thought she (and you at first) claimed that it was because she felt that she couldn’t understand her character and that Hyerin was heading nowhere? If things were really like what she wrote, then yeah, go ahead and call her a professional actress. But don’t you find it ironic that you call her a professional actress when it’s like an open secret that she quit just because she’s not getting enough screen time.

    The script is still being written up till this point. She may have promised LDH the whole Hyerin love triangle but we all know very well that everything is not finalised yet and the writer feels that that’s not the way to develop things. SSH felt that DC should remain faithful to YR. More people are rooting for YR and DC. MBC is just complying to viewer/actors/scriptwriter responses and this is just business. Too bad LDH can’t afford to play this game.

  86. What a GOD thing of SSH mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre mediocre actor , He change scripts as he won baeksang and Blue dragon awards five times ~ please he even never nominated there. he only use his looks what awards he ever has.
    he even can’t act at all what kind awards he has .
    i dunno who immature
    SSH fans or LDH fans ?? i think SSH fans
    LDH got more awards than SSH

    i think SSH fans Especially “jhonylittle” this stupid comment seems anyone is LDH’s fans. this dumb bash anyone who defend LDH and only think SSH is the true ones. you seems loser. are you staying here 24 to defend your idol “jhonylittle” ~ please reply soon

    so that’s why i know SSh never been success to put Real name actor in his history.

    let me compare

    Lee dahae awards=============

    * 2007 KBS Performance Awards: Excellence Award – Mini Series (Hello! Miss)
    * 2006 SBS Performance Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award
    * 2005 SBS Performance Awards: Performance Award – Drama Special for Green Rose and My Girl
    * 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress for Lotus Flower Fairy (2005)
    * 2004 MBC Acting Awards: New Actress Award for Lotus Flower Fairy


    That mediocre

    * 2001 SBS Acting Awards: Top Ten Popularity Award
    * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actor Award
    * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Photogenic Award
    * 1999 SBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award
    * 1998 Baek Sang Arts Award: Popularity Award

    oh my GOD he Got many Best actor!!!

  87. @ jenny…Lee Dongwook, the actor, isn’t in this drama…it’s the name of the character that is Dongchul’s brother, the switched son of Taewan. Korean names are mostly alike and male and female names sometimes are the same that one is mistaken for the other.

    The storyline was good if they just stayed on course but it seemed the writer had to please so many people and in doing so she bungled along the way, you know the saying…”too many cooks spoil the broth”? well, that’s exactly what’s happening here. another writer was chosen to take over the script but so far she still wanted to continue the writing. The drama behind the drama is that one actress wanted out and that’s Lee Dahae and fingers are now being pointed to Song Seunghun as the one manipulating her exit…you can pick up the rest from the comments here…as for me anything would be fine as long as they don’t drag the drama too much…I do agree about the poor writing though.

  88. You know what Mimi, I was reading all these comments and I noticed the same thing you did….jhonylittle left a lot of comments that is such a reflection of who that person is, obviously from the comments we know who that person’s IDOL is! hahaha, compared the comments written by LDH’s fans and jhonylittle comments….emmm….immature, name calling eh…crybaby? LOL, jhonylittle what you have written is such a reflection of who you are, thanks for providing us with your entertainment^_^

  89. mimi u dumb ass if SSH such a mediocre why the hell do u fan think ur idol will only shin if she is pair with SSH then cant believe some dumb fan of LDH can blame their idol quieting on SSH just because their idol quit the drama does not mean SSH force her to quit she quit because she think she is all that will guess what ur idol will have a hard time getting over this because u know korean fan will bash at her more then we fan of SSH and it not us who start this it was all u crybaby LDH fan who think ur idol can do no wrong who start this blaming game so just quit blaming SSH for ur idol quieting alright

  90. jhonylee why do you keep saying the same things over and over again?
    People get you.
    BTW YOU MUST BE jimmylee78 on soompi! LOL

  91. wefsdfds lol what a loser just because i dont like u idol does that make me a soompi now ha ha ha an to answers u no that site i dont go to no more just because i have the last namwe like him does not make me him u dumb ass

  92. wow
    it’s getting hot in here
    but since LDH LEAVING
    I will WATCH this drama
    I stop watching because of her
    I will enjoy watching it till end
    thanks to LDH

  93. Good for you SSH, kick LDH out, no need to defend her. This is your comeback series, of course you can do whatever you want, you’re the main lead not the other cast, you don’t have to worry about this matter, i hope you will get what you want (fame, money and beautifull girlfriend LYH) at the end of the show. Support you forever.

  94. Good for you LDH, you are the most popular and talented actress in korean entertainment industry. how dare an actress like LYH get more screentime than you LDH, that’s a crime that no one should commit. everyone, please hate LYH. and SSH is the biggest culprit ever. how dare he think that his character LDC can only love one woman, and that also a character portrayed by LYH. when there is LDH in a drama, no other actress but LDH is supposed to play as the main love interest. And of course, being LDH, you have every right to disagree with the script writer. You have to protect your image no matter what, and if the script requires you to act in a way that you dont like, you should just quit even if it means leaving the drama after completing more than half of it. We, LDH fans, will love you forever because you can make no mistake. You are perfect in everything.

  95. Oh smoke! Some of these comments are laced with Sarcasm! I like how IDHLOVER wrote his/her comment, totally reeks with sarcasm! hehe, taking what she wrote and turning it around on SSH for fun! Editing some parts for pure entertainment!

    Good for you SSH, you are the most popular and talented actor in Korean entertainment industry (Laced with acid sacasm^_^) How dare an actress like LDH asked the writers and producers to stick to the original script? How dare LDH questioned what SSH, the most talented comeback actor want? That’s a crime that no one should commit. Please everyone LOVE SSH. AND LDH is the biggest diva ever. How dare she think the writers should stick to the original plot? The plot that interested so many viewers? How dare she challenged SSH when he said his character can only love one woman, when SSH is in a drama, no one can disagree with what he wants! OH no, not even the script writer, what SSH wants, SSH gets…because you have to protect your image no matter what, and if the script requires you to act in a way you don’t like…just change the script…better yet the writer! Afterall, it’s SSH come back, if there’s no SSH, there’s no EOE. We, SSH fans, will love you forever because you can make no mistake. You are perfect in everything!

    No plagiarism intended^_^

  96. I’m a LDH fan and I can see that this is getting no where.
    Some SSH’s fans just think we’re downright imature because we’re defending LDH. Irony, cause they’re doing the same thing too?
    I mean.. it’s normal to defend your own idols. And it’s also normal to see some insults thrown towards your idol.
    Just let it pass. Cause it will. Hurling insults at each other just makes both sides look bad.
    This whole thing will just die down… most probably we’ll never be able to know the truth behind everything. So we might as well stop guessing.

    PS: They should film this instead. I bet the ratings will be high.

  97. areed with u SSHlover i dont think SSH need to defend his self this is our SSH drama comeback he the main lead he can do what he want who care about LDH she just a one hit wonder

  98. i’m silent reader for 4 days. but i want to write something:

    ldh’s her fans looks so pathetic here & in any forum. i’m sorry but i cant help feeling sorry for u guys~ hahaha.. i enjoy reading their pointless (loser) argument.. really. i feel like i want MOOORREEEE 😀

  99. Another rich and famous actress Choi ji woo is talented,

    very sweet, beautiful, sophisticate lady, with a

    spontaneous smile no frowning.

  100. yea LDH fan really is pathetic here and in any forum trying to blame other actor for their idol quieting it make them look lke a bunch of loser

  101. SSH: “Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. I feel that from the viewers perspective, it would be outright awkward for them to accept such a forced relationship (Dong Chul and Hye Rin) being acted out in front of them. As an actor, I also couldn’t quite accept this story development. But I might have created some misunderstanding after conveying my opinion to the director/screenwriter.

    from his own mouth! his won words made him a prime suspect. viewers perspective? be man enough. dont u have own perspective? when DC-HR is not seen by viewers yet? How’s that? voicing that out and creating misunderstanding from director and screenwriter!

    you are playing safe…..pulling weight around…sth good about LDH quiting…truth is out! the mighty SSH dont want his character to accept love from so many women…
    he’s not a kiddo not to see it in wider perspective. he’s old enough…but….anyway he has a “past”.

    SSH is comebacking in this drama..but this is not sole SSH drama..he should have chosen one where he is sole lead..before he said originally he will be one of swicthed babies but he chose to be the brother DC..then LYH said she’s grateful to SSH who recommended her for the role hence she didnt undergo audition, that’s like SSH picking his leading lady, then want his character to be with LYH’s YR only….well well…nice backing…getting the airtime too. LYH’s one lucky girl.
    It’s not hard to connect SSH actions. good manipulations..maybe he’s reall Shin Tae Wan!

  102. to Tetay:
    but i think SSH made such a good choice, that recommended LYH for the role of YR, now that YR and DC relationship/chemistry is GREAT, i’m sure they going to won BEST COUPLE in Tuesday’ night comming
    from LDH point of view, she not achieve what she wanst, but from the whole picture, Successful of EOE is no one question !

  103. lee da hae’s character was kinda a bore…i mean…out of the 30 minute episode…her face appeared like what??? 5 minutes??? hell..i would be pissed off too….it’s not even worth playing….plus…i think they crowd the whole drama with too many relationships…it’s a hassel to try to fit it all in a small time-frame…..

    i say…it’s a good decision for lee da hae to quit……if she didn’t, before we see the end of the drama…she would’ve liked every single guy character in the drama….from lee dong wook to mr. baek…then to lee dong chul….that’s like practically everyone….so who would she encounter next??? shin myung hoon??? it was a stupid character from the beginning….the whole drama would’ve been just fine without her character and that whole Hansae Daily conflict….

  104. I support and sympathize with SSH

    He’s nothing wrong in this matter

    SSH are excellent actor, always in my heart

    SSH Fighting

  105. Come to think of it, why did many cast members voiced out their unhappiness about the way EOE storyline developed. Not just LDH.

    Didn’t we just read about it in earlier posting here?

    Oh well. For SSH n his management and MBC. Let’s just leave it to karma. What goes around comes around.

    No need to argue about this EOE, a copycat of ‘Sandglass’ drama. Watch as you like.

  106. In my opinion the netizen was waiting for the triangle (hr/dw/dc) to happen.

    That’s why the rating went up but to their dissapoinment they were being mislead by MBC.

    So now lets see the ratings after episode 40.

    The whole drama would be much better without young ran, because the lead actor can demonstate his fighting skills –
    like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

    Then the ratings will go up 100% and he can be employable for another 30 dramas.

  107. ^
    agrees. I hope things can just get back to normal.
    This whole mess is getting uglier.

    btw, tetay,
    yeah, LYH was recommended by SSH to play the character YR,
    but she did go through audition, just like anybody else.
    haha, but I think it’s pointless for me to say this.
    Most people who are still angry with what’s happening right now will still think LYH got through without that audition.
    People take this matter differently. whatever.

  108. Iam from dubai and i love korean drama and i like LDH she is the best and for me EOE is nothing with out her i see this drama for her and now i dont have that much interest in the drama and i hate any one in this drama who make LDH sad and in EOE LDH and HAN Ji-hye are the best actresses in this drama

  109. it is clear that SSH long and thoughtful message was to defend and to ask for the media’s understanding to not report uncomfirmed news that will lead to confusion surrounding LDH’s clear decision to leave EOE…he sounded regretful but in his heart he understands LDH’s decision from an actress’ stand point.

    “- One point to note is that Lee Da Hye herself felt sorry that her simple personal intention has caused confusion in the end. Please give your understanding and tolerance. In fact in the beginning, when reporters wanted to seize news coverage and report the situation without fully understanding it, I didn’t take this matter to heart. But unexpectedly the matter snowball, so in order to avoid further misunderstanding…”

    let’s wish LDH the best and a well deserved rest. let’s support her on her future project when she decides that she’s physically ready to start filming again.

    at the end of his message, SSH said this important point:

    “…A drama cannot be completed by a single hand. It is the cooperation and hard work of numerous staff and director, as well as all cast members, to make it a successful drama likeable by everyone.” (this message was echoed by Han Ji Hye)

    i will repeat what i said in soompi…SSH is keeping morale high within the camps of EOE, from minor stage crews to the stars to help in making the best drama that they possibly can…for all of us to see.

    let’s support for East of Eden’s overall success.

    to everyone…a safe and happy new year!!! ^^’

  110. * 2001 SBS Acting Awards: Top Ten Popularity Award
    * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actor Award
    * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Photogenic Award
    * 1999 SBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award
    * 1998 Baek Sang Arts Award: Popularity Award

    what?!! no best actor award?
    i have nothing against him.
    i mean Song Seung heon is one of the A-list in korean industry.
    how come he didn’t get a best actor?,he is in the industry for about a decade(i think?)

    now when i heard a Song Seung heon name.
    i can say that “Song Seung heon, ah! the popular actor :)”

    well lets see is he can get an award in MBC awards night.

  111. too bad. i was planning to watch this drama after i saw some videos that showed the burgeoning relationship between SSH and LDH’s characters. i always think they make a better couple than SSH with LYH or LDH with YJH. but now, after she got off the drama, i’ve totally lost interest in this one. whew…..

  112. Of course all involve in EOE project have to make it or break it.

    it is a million dollars investment, it will be suicidal if they failed and MBC feel the jitters right now.

  113. SSH deserves my fullest support, he is the main reason that I’m watching this drama in the first place!

    He has done nothing wrong! Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions, I’m one of those who will not be convinced if the loveline of DC and YR change it to DC and HR.

    This drama is worth watching because of the great performance by SSH and other remainting casts and also the veteran actors and actresses.

    Fighting! Fighting! EOE!, SSH! & all other casts including the veteran actors and actress!

  114. EOE should go on!

    I’ve been watching the drama every Mon and Tue online and then re-watching its episode with subtitles to understand the story.

    It has been very entertaining with great acting by the actors and actresses – young and old casts. They’ve done a great job! The drama will not be affected with LDH leaving.

    All the best to EOE and Song Seung Heon!

  115. haha LDH fan really is a bunch of idiot and crybaby still mad over their actress quieting and blaming SHH-LYH for their actress leaving dont u guy have better thing to do it the holiday u loser

  116. lol to all of u..
    they got u all.. hahahahah..
    well, why dont u all take it or leave it?
    watch if u like.. leave it if u don’t.
    respect everyone..
    including all actors/actress and fans..

    well, I guess its just 1 way from MBC to sell they drama..

    give them some air..

    Peace guys?? okay??

    enjoy the coming new year.. ^_^

  117. I totally agree with KeiN.

    I was very tempted to defend LDH.. being a fan. But after reading all the above posts about LDH and LDH fans. Lols. I dropped the idea. One reason being that fellow fans have probably voiced out my view a gazillion times and another being that I know how everyone else will react against my post.

    My take on this whole issue is…. Just as scary as some LDH fans are, the anti LDH peeps are equally intimidating. Just like LDH fans keep repeating the same point/analogies, the anti LDH peeps do the same things too.

    Watch the drama if you like. And don’t watch if you don’t.
    We’re not in LDH’s shoes, SSH’s shoes, LYH’s shoes, the production team’s shoes or MBC’s shoes. So we will never know how they feel or what they think. What may seem like the truth… may not be. So there’s really no point in all the bashing.

    Like KeiN said, respect everyone… including all actors/actresses and fans.

  118. respect everone means respect SSH and LYH and their fans too.. not only LDH and LDH’s fan. now they’re telling everyone to respect them. but they can bash and blame SSH and LYH all the way~..

    i really cant stand LDH’s fan. but good that it has already been quiet now

  119. kaopao your funny
    whats wrong with staying to the original script?
    The drama is all about the SCRIPT ! no duh
    they all joined knowing what the script would be like, whos the main lead.
    they joined becus they know that their what they are in the drama,
    lee da hae was the main lead , she had that roll.
    and suddenly their gonna change it?
    uh no way dude.
    if u had a job.
    and they told you that your going to be the main lead.
    u want that job right.?
    suddenly they change the script and u only have 3 min in each episode.
    Wow people please understand.
    try to picture urself in lee da hae shoe.
    i would probably quit also.

  120. If you find the product faulty then we will return it back but would not know if we can get compensation for it.

    We would like to tell the owner hey!!! your product is faulty, this is not what we bargain for
    don’t cheat other consumer OKAY!!!.

  121. After MBC confirmed that LDH will took the female main lead, LDH exerted so much effort and undergone physical fitness, just to be suitable/appropriate to the character that will be rendered to her! Poor LDH, sent to E.R. just because of this thing, and until now she’s still suffering!!
    And now what did MBC do? Even LDH herself didn’t understand her character!!!
    If I am LDH I would still do the same!!
    I will depart from the series!!

  122. I am a big fan of LDH and I started watching this series because of her…however, like all her fans, I’ve been waiting through 30+ episodes already and still was hoping for some major screen time for her…and now the news broke that LDH is quitting! I am very, very sad and upset at MBC for letting this happen. How can they be so cruel to such an famous actress using her like that?

    This is a smack in the face for many audiences out there as well – not just the fans – after watching and tuning in over 30 episodes, only to hear that we’ve been used and the story that was originally advertised is being brutally butchered. I feel sorry for the writer who spent over 2 years writing up such a story only to have it butchered up by EOE crew.

    Anyway, I wish LDH the best – she prepared very hard for this role and likely put off many good projects only to find out she is being used and wasted over half a year on EOE.

  123. aah~ thats it.. losers always make the biggest noise. i really enjoy reading all those LDH’s fan comments. and i know its the same people repeating the same words over and over. check this post 2 times everyday~ its funny to see when they’re usually the noisiest people who are so stuck up, and now look so pathetic trying to defend with pointless argument. whatever it is, what she did is clearly unprofessional. u guys should be thankful that ur idols were not sued!!

    if mbc is really at fault, i’m very sure LDH will sued them. she has that arrogant attitude who will fight for her pride!!

  124. no matter what happen i will always support LDH..EVERYONE CAN MAKE MISTAKES n i beleive that she got her own reasons..why should we blame everyone? for me this is just a small matter…anyway all the best to you LDH n i wish you happy new year n success where ever you go..forget all the past and start a new life..SUCCESSFUL ALWAYS LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE AND WE NEVER LEARN WITHOUT IT..

    Lot of love, ur fan in Brunei..i wish we can meet again=)

  125. arinkorin i totally agree with you

    and now everyone is blaming SSH and LYH because LDH is leaving the drama, and i can feel that there is a lot of hate for EOE. EOE is actually one of the best dramas i ahve seen it was boring during the ifrst 3 episodes but after that it went full cycle.

  126. I understand why LDH left, because she felt that her character is not important enough for her high status. that’s fine if she doesn’t want to stay for the last 14 episode, not a big deal.
    I agree with SSH, if the story changes to SSH and LDH became a couple in such a short time, it wouldn’t be right. Even though I want him to be with LDH but from watching the drama its just too fast if he have the change of heart.
    Don’t hate SSH because he’s giving his opinions, frankly, he didn’t do anything wrong.
    Fighting Oppa!!

  127. I must admit that initially began watching EoE because of SSH and PHJ. After the first couple of weeks I got my daughter and son-in-law watching it as well (son-in-law is from SK).

    Rumors and speculations aside, I am not familiar with media in South Korea but if it’s anything like it is here in America when it comes to famous people, I wouldn’t put a lot of credence in what is printed.

    I was hooked on this drama from the very beginning and remain hooked on it now. It was well casted and has been well acted. I can understand why LDH felt the way she did as there just didn’t seem to be a lot of continuity with her character after a while. Frankly, I was hoping to see her end up winning LDW. She has left the show now though and I truly wish he the best.

    I look forward to the remaining episodes of this drama. Congratulations on winning so many awards back in December. Good luck to LDH in whatever direction her career takes her next. Also, good luck to the remaining cast and crew in finishing up EoE and beginning your next projects.

    Ohio, USA

  128. Well, what may be the real truth is that LDH saw that the show will become a sinking ship pretty soon; she’s a very smart woman. And I say this because the show has pretty much turned to crap. LDH picks out pretty good dramas, hello miss, my girl, sweet 18, etc. dramas that do fairly well. So she probably saw where the story line was going; and knew that ratings wouldn’t be good. I think SSH might be a bad boy, given the rumors. It seemed his statement was to do damage control not only for himself but for her and the show. I don’t think he will be leaving the show he still wants a paycheck. LDH I bet in a month or so will have a drama or a movie that will be a hit.

  129. it’s clearly to said that, SSH want to stay with one woman, & that lucky girl is LYH..he like LDC character love with YR, same like he with LYH..he..he..then it will turn bad if LDC couple with HR..i guess SSH like LYH more than, that why he said this statement…

    “Frankly, I don’t think that the character, Lee Dong Chul is able to accept love from so many women. …As an actor, I also couldn’t quite accept this story development”…

  130. wow who’s the winner here LDH fans & SSH fans both r loser……………here SSH and LDH r winner……..

  131. I was so happy when Lee Da Hae left this series.Her character was useless at all.And they wouldn’t be good couple with Don Cheol

  132. This was a really entertaining read (the comments section) and while I know that it’s been like 4 years already so the culprit is long gone, I still feel the need to point out that at least half of the “people” defending SSH was the one jhonylittle person with a bunch of different names.
    It’s pretty obvious from what they write and how they write it (see: “quieting”) and calling LDH’s fans “losers” and “crybabys” … it was all one person, not a bunch of people representing the SSH fanbase, so I wish people wouldn’t misunderstand and think SSH fans are all like that.

    Feel no need to comment on the drama itself since I never watched it and don’t really care who is being a bigger diva or who deserved to butcher the original script. I also don’t think it’s the fans’ right to start a bunch of stuff when you all don’t know the backstory or what is really going on behind the scenes. You weren’t there! Speculation is one thing, but coming out with ridiculous claims about the actors’ personal lives and history and under-the-table things that even the show’s staff don’t know about … is a little egotistical and childish.


  133. Comme je le pense personne n’avait en aucun cas entendu inform� de tr�s peu de cet objet ant�rieurement.

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