Korean Broadcast Unions To Strike Against Media Legislation Bills

The National Union of Media Workers (NUMW) in Korea will hold a general strike beginning today, 26th December to protest the ruling Grand National Party’s (GNP) proposed revisions to seven media-related bills which they believed is an attempt by the Lee Myung Bak administration to seize control of the media.

Uncertain Times Ahead as Korean Broadcast Unions Goes On Strike

The labour unions of MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN, EBS and CBS have announced their decision to join the strike one after another yesterday with the impact far greater than imagined. The MBC labor union has announced that all of its union members will be actively participating in the strike meaning that regular programming could be affected. It remains unclear whether the year-end MBC Drama Awards and Gayo Daejun will be able to go on as scheduled.

We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Golden Fishery plus other variety shows are all affected by this as the production workers are set to go on strike. Other than daily dramas which are produced solely by MBC, other dramas currently being aired are unlikely to be affected by this strike. This is because most of the dramas are outsourced to a third party production company and does not belong to MBC. One prime example is the East of Eden drama production which will be filming as normal. The news department will also be affected as announcers Park Hye Jin and Kim Joo Ha will also be participating in the strike.

MBC has expressed that it would be mobilizing all available resources to recruit temporary staff to ensure that the year-end MBC Drama Awards (29th December) and Gayo Daejun (30th December) will go on as scheduled and run smoothly. With the Gayo Daejun requiring more manpower than the Drama Awards, it will be an ardous task for MBC to find the required manpower to complete the stage setting and broadcast in a few days time.

The above is only MBC. The same goes for SBS, KBS and other broadcasters whose labor union members will be actively participating in the strike. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything will go on as scheduled.

17 thoughts on “Korean Broadcast Unions To Strike Against Media Legislation Bills

  1. wth is this.
    man, why can’t everything just be normal in this world?
    why so many problems when the year is very near to its ending.

    I don’t care. They can do whatever they want.

    but please, let the year end music and drama shows go on well as planned. urghhhh

  2. OMG i wanna see BoA & DBSK at the ceremonies. Pleeease reconcile in the next few days and not let it drag on forever like here in the U.S. I went crazy watching reruns when the workers went on strike and so much money was lost. The economy in Korea isn’t great right now and going on strike won’t make it any better. Yet, I completely understand from their point of view why they’re in such a position. Fighting and have a good resolution soon!

  3. I just hope the Gayo Daejun goes smoothly cuhs I’m HIGHLY anticipating that.

    Or else I will be the one going on strike LOL.

  4. The S. Korean government have been in control for like forever of the Korean media so is this protest against the government revisions or the networks themselves who will enforce these revisions?…I’m confused here…the strike will affect the worker/employees of these networks and also the actors/actresses currently in their employ.
    This is really not good…I wish they’d be resoved the soonest time.

  5. Something like this happened in the Philippines a long time ago. When the government controlled the major networks and its profits. However their was one network they couldn’t get a hold of, and that was ABS-CBN…which is now a global channel. Providing viewership all around the world for Filipinos overseas.

  6. oh No ohhh No oh hell No
    after getting us all hyped up for the end of the year awards joint performances
    ohhhh please this cant be happening
    this is a f@$$% nightmare
    i really hope that this will not effect the awards shows especially Sbs or am am gonna funking kill someone

  7. omg,i hope everything goes fine. Big Bang are leaving in a month and this week is really important to their fans. wow,am being really selfish but we were all looking forward to the Gayo festivals. am praying that this will be solved quickly.

  8. If it will lead to long term benefits then on with the strike it is!!! But yea, hope it won’t be too long.

    Why must that silly administration do this and make everyone unhappy:(


  9. Wow deja vu. Reminds me of the writers strike :/ I hope it doesn’t last long.
    I really don’t want to see any of my favorite programs ruin.

  10. oh my. what will happen now.. i will voluntarily help them as a staff.. hahah then i get to go to backstage and everything.. wah.. pray pray pray

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