East of Eden In Crisis After Lee Da Hae Outburst

It seems like the outburst by Lee Da Hae on the 22nd has just opened up Pandora’s box. After announcing her (Lee Da Hae) departure from East of Eden, other cast members have also expressed their discontent and delayed filming, throwing the schedule of the entire drama production into disarray.

Lee Da Hae Shortchanged by Story Development

It’s believed that some off-screen drama happened at the script recital session for East of Eden at the MBC Dream Center yesterday. Some of the cast members voiced their discontent that the current storyline did not adhere to what was originally stated and causing parts of the drama to be lopsided.

According to a production representative who described the event, “With regards to Lee Da Hae’s departure, many cast members started voicing their discontent about the uneven storyline. Some also mooted to the production team ‘please also allow us to leave the production just like her’, and some even took to shouting in the process to get their point across.”

Song Seung Hun and Lee Da Hae did not attend the session yesterday, citing health reasons. Another surprise was seeing screenwriter Na Yun Sook appearing at the scene. Na Yun Sook was supposed to hand over the script writing to Lee Hong Ku starting from Episode 36 after the earlier had encountered issues with her health. But Na Yun Sook appeared and claimed that she would continue writing with Lee Hong Ku nowhere to be seen.

The representative expressed, “Some cast members couldn’t understand the reason behind Na Yun Sook sudden appearance yesterday. They expressed to the production ‘the cast and production team should be working together. But why are all the decisions being made by the production only (1-sided)?'”

There are also rumors that Park Geun Hyung and Jung Young Sook, who are acting as Lee Da Hae’s parents in the drama would also be exiting along with the latter, leaving the entire production in disarray. Filming originally scheduled for Christmas Day has now been rescheduled for Boxing Day instead.

On a lighter note, Jo Min Ki and Han Ji Hye goofing around.

Jo Min Ki and Han Ji Hye

159 thoughts on “East of Eden In Crisis After Lee Da Hae Outburst

  1. WOW. just.. wow. i love lee da hea but she should of considered it much more before stepping in.. hopefully the storyline won’t get too twisted&off..

  2. she should have just finished it gracefully and
    people would have admired her for doing so.
    leaving it half baked is being irresponsible.
    she should have considered somethings and
    people involve in the whole production.
    just because she didnt get the exposure she
    i still like her though but her decision was out of line.


  3. at least now we know it wasn’t just ldh who was unhappy. maybe now ppl can stop blaming ldh and start blaming mbc and the stupid team thats producing. this thing is starting to be another “on air” drama haha.

  4. irresponsible n selfish quitting halfway and the rest of the cast have to suffer becos of her decision. LOSER lee da hae

  5. omg man if this is bad LDH really a selfish actress and irresponsible person guess the other actor see that since LDH can just quit like that and not get sue or anything they can just do the same i really start to hate LDH even more now

  6. if their no ending to EOe then i think LDH will really be sue for this becaiuse there is no way MBC will just let this go because they lost too much money doing this drama

  7. Let’s all sit back and watch the fanboys and fangirls come to LDH’s defense. Point blank, she signed into something therefore she should follow through. Clearly she didn’t have the integrity and the dignity to do so. For the people who used the fact that she had little screentime as a smokescreen to divert our attentions from the true root of the problem, I have to say that is complete and utter B.S. If that were the case then the reason why she left, “health problems” is nothing more than a moot excuse to cover up her real reasons for leaving as she wouldn’t be able to handle any more screentime as it would only add to her “stress” and deteriorating health conditions. In fact by attributing her departure to these so called “medical issues” she is simultaneously admitting that she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to handle the lead role in this drama.

  8. lol, guys. the tension in EOE was already there even before LDH departure news broke out.

    i find this whole thing just amusing. this year in kdramas has been very boring until EOE hit, lol.

  9. I’m surprised that the majority chooses to blame everything on Lee Da Hae (then again there’s only 12 comments…), when the reality is that the WHOLE cast (or rather, the actors who want to quit) is being pretty immature. If it was irresponsible for LDH to leave (which it was), then that same blame should be shed upon the whole cast for following suit.

  10. that’s why I didn’t love her even her fisrt drama
    I always don’t watch all her dramas even it’s good
    it’s just my different taste
    I watch EOE before she came and then stop it after she appeared
    now after her leaving I prop. will watch it

  11. Um, come on. It’s obvious now that EoE’s had many problems PRIOR to LDH’s departure. It’s absolutely ludicrous to blame the show’s disarray due to the exit of a somewhat minor character (let be honest here. LDH’s character just floated in and out and had nooo significant substance). There’s something sketchy about the current writer claiming to leave and now all the sudden she’s back on the team. Other cast members are disgruntled and they want out! It seems the main problem is the production crew making all of the decisions without the input of the cast members. They should just end the show early. Whatever.

  12. I’m not going to blame Lee Da Hae for her decision to quit. After all, she’s got recognition of fame and talent.
    But looking at the chaos now, I wonder if her intention behind publicly expressing her resignation was meant to break apart the production team and the cast. It’s clear that her fellow colleagues would sympathize with her and stand up against the production team.
    I don’t know who said it…but supposedly an unnamed “main actor” shouted “is it Song Seung Heon’s drama?”. I feel very sad knowing this. As a viewer of EOE, to know that behind the scenes, the actors themselves are fighting over screen time.
    Which brings me to another controversy. Many sour LDH fans blame Lee Yeon Hee for taking what should have been LDH’s screen time. Why is that her fault? She’s merely following the script. Since she’s the youngest cast member and least experienced in terms of Kdrama, she really doesn’t have a say in much of anything. Some even hinted that her management pull some strings in getting her a role in EOE, which is plain ridiculous. SM Entertainment might be powerful, but it’s only powerful in the Kpop industry, not in the acting biz.

  13. Pakman this is all LDH fault if she didnt just quit none of this would never happen but i guess LDH think too mighty of her self i really hope MBC will do something to LDh so other actor dont think they can just walk and not get sue or anything because this is very selfish of what LDH is doing cause so much trouble like this

  14. How will it be LDH’s fault? Sure, she’s unprofessional but what she decided is for herself and only herself. That’s her personal issue.

    What this brings is it sheds light to the actual manipulation done to the cast.

    What she did just broke the camel’s back? Sure. and what she felt is an ECHO to all these actors in East of Eden. They didn’t have to follow her. are they 4 years old? Did LDH try to make a riot and making her costars follow suit? What power does she have? A MINOR character who cannot even sway anyone to change her character to be a more major one.

    Come. on. there was drama way before all this happened.

    Admit it, something is REALLY WRONG in EOE for actors to voice out their frustrations. These actors have been in the business FOR YEARS. VETERAN ACTORS like JMK, YJH and YDG… you guys really think that little LDH has that much clout to control them? Her and her very little Star-K Entertainment. Come. on.

    One other actor is threatening to quit. aside from LDH.

    What LDH did is irresponsible, yes but there is something that is clearly wrong in East of Eden for the cast to share the same frustration.

  15. i agree. this is the real drama. East of Eden is pretty crappy but the behind the scenes stuff is what makes it golden.

  16. u know it all LDH with her selfish act that why EOE is having trouble like this now if she just put her ego aside and finish the drama then none of this would happen but no she have to be a selfish person that only think about her self and no one else i really hope if the other actor quit MBC will rally sue LDH for what she did ecause i think she is getting off too easy that why other want to quit too

  17. wow! this surprised me.. i never really thought an issue like this would come up in korea.. i love lee da hae but i’ve only watched the first episode of this show…
    guess i have to dig this site to know further.
    coolsmurf fighting!

  18. jhonlittle- how is it that it will be LDH’s fault if almost everyone is being used and abused by the system? this is clearly not just a professional issue anymore. Yah LDH is unprofessional for quitting, but if the issue affects A BIG PART OF THE CAST. u have to re-think about the situation.

    but go ahead if you believe that LDH has that much power over her big co-stars who have been making movies before she was even born. LOL. this is too funny.

    this drama will go in the books as one of the most talked about… for the wrong reasons.

  19. If the other actors are complaining then you know it is definitely not LDH’s fault! MBC f–ked LDH and other cast members over by making DC & YR central when the original story was not supposed to be like that! Before you guys start calling LDH names, get your story straight! One person can not be blame for all the EoE BTS drama! LDH was smart enough to get out!

  20. i just want to know who said what. i want to know who threatened the writer, who was the one who said the story was going nowhere, who was the other one who said this drama is all about SSH and his wishes, and the other one who said he/she will quit.

    you guys should have more fun with this.

  21. …everyone has their own opinion but has anyone considered that the writer here is the one at fault not the actors…there’s just so many holes in the drama lately and too many irrelevant side stories and you can blame them all on bad script/screenplay…any keen observer can notice this.

    …anyway it’s a long story…but we can’t really put all the blame only on the actors…many factors are involved.

    …better to just wait and see where this behind the scene drama will end.

  22. it’s no wonder many korean actors view suicide as an option because of cruel criticisms by netizens. if it’s affecting her health so much, isn’t it better to leave rather than die while shooting? the station is too ratings-hungry that they would resort to more episode extensions and thus, tiring out their cast.

    the writer should stop dragging the plot even if the station is pressuring him. a great writer bases the story on his imagination, not on what people would love to watch (even though that should be considered in some way).

    lee dae hee may seem selfish for leaving the cast but place yourself in her shoes. if you were having mental stress, don’t you think it’s time to give yourself a break? she did her best in the drama but her health fails her. i’m sure she didn’t want to disappoint EOE fans. she didn’t mean to.

  23. If other cast members are dissatisfied with the script and one even hopes to quit, how is this LDH’s fault? The other actors are not sheep and have their own opinions but were probably afraid to express themselves. However, now that this situation has come to light, they want to air their grievances as well. All in all, it looks like the tension has been there for awhile so it’s not surprising that emotions that have been bottled up will explode.

  24. johnlittle – There’s always a repetition in your post saying it’s LDH’s fault, if she kept quiet nothing would happen, she’s the main cause blahblahblah. I mean you don’t really need to post so many times saying the same thing.

    I’m here is not a huge fan of LDH, I do like her from My Girl and I wanted to watch EOE because of LDH and SSH. It was irresponsible for LDH to drop out like that, but this is not ENTIRELY her fault. She dropped out it was irresponsible but she made the decision for HERSELF. LDH didn’t go around with a gun pointed to those actors and blackmail them to leave with her. There are obvious tensions amongst the crew. Suppose LDH kept quiet, there could be another actor amongst the team that decides to leave, the same would happen. If these actors feel there is something wrong and they can’t continue to work because of this reason, they can choose to opt out but their image would be affected, they have to be ready to accept the damage because it is their decision. In this case, it seems like LDH is ready to accept the damage she’s done to her reputation, I have nothing to say.

  25. Everyone should just cool off…it’s Christmas Eve…no Christmas in your part of the world, I just noticed the date above…so Merry White Christmas everybody…from Portland, OR where the snow is 12 inches deep.

  26. The first few comments confused me. Why is everyone mad at Lee Dae Hae? she’s leaving for health reasons, she didn’t plan this from the start and it wasn’t in her anticipation that the cast would act this way. I think she’s smart to leave for her health, and I respect her for that. It’s not like she’s leaving just because.

  27. LDH is at fault. she is clearly selfish..

    now she created another problem. she thinks she’s all that?? how mighty she is. i want to barf at her face!!

    1. she’s unethical to leave it because she think she deserve better character (she wants to be the queen bee)

    2. the sequence she leaves, other people also ‘forced’ to leave since they are only supporting cast for MHR. pls noted: their paycheck effected too!

    3. causing all these catastrophe problems.

    i even hate her more now. i like her since my girl. she was cute and innocent. but now, all i see is someone who arrogant, prideful, selfish, unprofessional and irresponsible. and plus, i cant stand how she think she’s the most pretty and graceful woman ever exist!! many people agree on this.

    anyhow, credits on Han Ji Hye. that is so HJH, goofing around and being happy go lucky. ❤

  28. @ Yumi

    if you read other forums and blogs, she’s leaving not due to her health. that was just an excuse her produstion company made.
    she was leaving because she doesnt want to be the 2nd fiddle in the drama. she thinks she worth more than that. IMO, she did worth more, but her way of facing that problem is so wrong and prideful!

  29. i really cant believe the person i once liked because of her cuteness and innocent is actually very selfish and arrogant!

  30. i dont blame her but when she quit the show it brought out everything what the cast wouldnt say would think they should say because it is only fair if ldh can do it others can too im suprise there isnt any law suit going on dont they have a contract or something
    hope it doesnt affect the showe much

  31. now we see who is the BRATTY PRINCESS who always want what she want and when she didnt get, she caused all the troubles.. and this wasnt even in the script! 😀

    haha. take that, HR’s fan!!!

  32. Actually, you don’t know how production companies treat their actors. You can’t say for sure if they do or do not maltreat/exploit them. This is the entertainment world after all. I think Da Hae made a smart move for herself. A badly scripted drama ain’t worth your health and dignity. Since they have 5 other big-name actors, I’m sure they can live without her. The consequences that followed…she has to be held reliable in some way, but it’s not intentional on her part and how ironic is it that so many actors get cut off because of her (after the scriptwriters have made her trivial from the drama)?

    If Da Hae gets 3 minutes per episodes, how much time do the supporting actors connected to her get? 30 seconds? If so, then it will barely make an impact, and it’s almost laughable that people are acting as if this is a horrible thing. I’m sure they will be compensated for their 30 seconds on screen time in some way. Maybe this strange complication of so many characters would’ve never happened if the writers weren’t so bad at their jobs, and they didn’t irrationally slum a bunch of talentless actors with big name companies to pay them for more screen time to the same drama. I believe anyone with sense would NOT have allowed this drama to have been produced. In fact, if I was a crew member I think I would be ashamed to work on such an insipid, baseless drama.
    It has nothing to do with being a top actress. It has to do with being a human being and feeling wronged by the whole process. People should stick and honor their words. It is just bad character and unprofessionalism on their part. It’s completely illogical to expect so much from the injured party when you’ve breached your word first. Only a fool would continue through when they have been wronged in so many ways.
    Ep 36
    What was Min Hye Rin doing at the fashion show ?.

    Clapping hand , accept a piece of paper (message)
    and pass it to Janice that’s all. !!!

    What crap is that ???

    No wonder Lee Dae Hae felt guilty to accept her pay by just doing that !!!. You can get a messenger boy to do that act.

    So what is the purpose of staying ? Don’t waste her precious time !!!

  33. BRATTY PRINCESS of EoE = Gook Young Ran (yeah, sure, i also dont like her attitude, but at least thats only script)

    the real BRATTY PRINCESS = Lee Da Hae (woaah.. now what will the HR’s fan will say. they criticized YR like a mad person for being bratty and rude, now their favourite star is actually the bratty one in real life)

  34. why is everyone angry at lee da hae? sigh~ since she has already left then the production team should just deal with it!

  35. just admit it. it is undeniable she’s SELFISH.

    right from the start, quitting in a halfway was wrong. then it dragged the whole MIN family to leave (and their paycheck too). now it created another problems.

    all her fans are trying to say is just like a can with a stone. the sounds are bigger than the content.

  36. haha, that was cute of HJH.

    yeah, just admit it. she’s selfish for making all these troubles. when i heard she’s leaving i kinda feel sad eventhough it is unethical. then, the other casts have to leave early because of her..thats another story. and then lead to this problem. cant help her anymore. she is irresponsible.

  37. i heard she’s leaving to australia for christmas..

    wow, she’s leaving after making all this mess! that was very thoughtful of her. really, i never like her in the 1st place anyway. she’s too concern about her prettiness. and of course, because of her crazy fans too.

  38. @karin117. Actually, she’s not leaving EOE yet. She’s going to continue filming until they “kill off” her character somehow. So she’ll be filming EOE until episode 40. Theres no denying that what LDH did was unprofessional. Call it irresponsible if you must. However, if there are other actors out there voicing their opinions too then theres obviously something wrong with the production/MBC. Before you start pointing fingers at LDH and blaming her you should really consider whats going on behind the scene. If speaking up for yourself and not allowing people to use you is considered bratty. THen sure, LDH is EXTREMELY bratty.

  39. @annie

    why did the other actors are suddenly brave voicing their opinions? do u know which actors? they are just the supporting casts.. and do u know what they said? this is it..

    “is east of eden song seung hun’s drama?!”
    “i can’t understand my character!”
    “i don’t fully understand the direction of things”

    they are only supporting casts and yet, they said this to ms.Na. arent that rude or just to make fun of her? why are they like this? because they saw someone unethically just leave like that. they can do the same.

  40. “If speaking up for yourself and not allowing people to use you is considered bratty. THen sure, LDH is EXTREMELY bratty”

    sure she can speak up for herself, but absolutely not with a decision that effects other people. that is very selfish.i believe she is aware about this, unless she’s too stupid. u cant deny it. all this mess started from her decision. i pity the other people who are effected.

  41. oh so ldh left for her own good and not thinking about the other actors/actresses that will suffer when she leaves..She’s really unprofessional with her decision..I remember the time when kim jung eun echoed her sentiments regarding the production of her drama princess lulu, she too was confused (even suffer depression) and tired of playing a character that she can’t understand but she sticked to it and finished it until the end..In the future when LDH encounters this same problem, I hope she will not quit and take the easy way out again..

  42. @karin117. Where did you see that they’re all “supporting” cast? I don’t think there are any articles that specifically say WHO the actors are. And even if they’re supporting cast, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a right to voice their opinions. It doesn’t make a difference whether or not they’re lead actors or supporting actors. I’m not going to say that all of this isn’t LDH’s fault. Yes, it did start because she chose to leave. however, its unfair to place the blame entirely on her. MBC can save these actors because they do have connections to other actors in the drama. It’s MBC who chose to cut their roles. It’s probably just another excuse to cut spendings.

  43. @karin117. I’m not exactly sure what knowledge you’re referring to but forums have never been an accurate source of news.

  44. @annie. sure, i never think it was accurate. but the its a rumor. and the main point is, they are influenced with a very unethical act of someone.
    there’s always be unsatisfying actors, but most cases, they just follow the script, not challenging the writers. now is different.

  45. Agree with Annie with this phase

    “@karin117. I’m not exactly sure what knowledge you’re referring to but forums have never been an accurate source of news.”

    Since you don’t know korean you have to keep mouth shut.
    But if you do korean. I’m sorry for my words.

  46. just 1 more thing. For those shout you’re referred to. here’s source.

    관계자에 따르면 출연진들은 “드라마가 송승헌 드라마냐?”, “캐릭터를 이해할 수 없다”, “이럴 거면 나도 빼달라” 등의 요구를 했고 나 작가는 “나에게 도전하는 것이냐”며 불쾌감을 감추지 못하고 연습실을 나섰다.


    I think this is ‘On Air Season 2’

  47. disappointed with her selfish act. did she think she’s all that? her only success is on my girl. robber was a doom. hello miss is labeled as boring. green rose, well, kinda ok, but not most wanted.
    who did she think she is? 1 success drama has made her arrogant

  48. as i said before, i knew this gonna happend. quitting halfway will really bring alots of trouble. and yet she did it for her pride. she clearly didnt think long.

    unprofessionalism. thats it. and plus irresponsible n selfish.

  49. In the end all actors can’t stand anymore. how long have they been keep yourself . All i can see now is corruption in EOE.
    Hope there is will be On air 2 soon

  50. What made her irresponsible??
    Because she quitted??

    Try to put yourself in her shoe!!
    She said “how can she let her viewer understand the character rendered to her if she herself doesn’t understand the character she’s portraying?”
    She’s also confused, skeptical and bothered about her character!!

    I believe Da HAe is really superb actress! But, in EOE you can see that she’s concious, her acting was kinda stiff! Because she herself couldn’t get about the existence of her character!

    You guys know nothing but judged, bashed, criticized and find fault for the actress! PATHETIC!!!!!!

  51. hello?? lee da hae’s fan..

    we know the minutes some other actress do the same, u guys are the first who scream IRRESPONSIBLE!!!! especially u guys, LDH’s fan who mostly are always stuck up and arrogant, wild and like to bash other actress!!

  52. u guys are now the PATHETIC one. trying to back up ur idol like a loser. it was clear in any other people’s eyes she is irresponsible, selfish and unprofessional.

  53. the story is pretty crappy only for the subplots. but for the main plot, it is superb. those who said the whole story is a piece of crap were just those who wait for the love triangle and mushy2 thing!!

    go and watch love drama!! not EoE!! EoE is not for ur ideal love story!! and 1 more, go advice your idol to signup only love dramas next time!!

  54. wow so much hate between lee yeon hee and lee dae hee’s fans. are ya’ll the same people in soompi?

    let’s all hope that they can still work these issues out and no one would do something drastic that’ll make this scandal end in a tragedy. seriously guys, some of you need to watch what you write/say.

  55. i dont think who disagree with LDH’s careless act were only LYH’s fan. some are, but majority not. neutral people who read the news will disagree with LDH’s act. it doesnt matter which actress did it, it is a careless decision when it effecting other people. and moreover LDH’s fan has always been aggressive since before, so i do believe they’re not only LYH’s fan.

  56. I saw the official MBC website where each wallpaper poster was placed in order:-.

    Dong Chul
    Dong Wook
    Min Hye Rin
    Ji Hyun
    Myung Hoon
    Young Ran

    The next phase, the same repetition.
    so what does it mean?

    MBC staff make a mistake to put young ran after dong wook?.

  57. i didnt watch EoE, just read the recap in some blogs every weeks. in fact i like LDH. but really, what she did is just so not right. she’s effecting other people and create trouble. i’m sorry to her, but i would also call her or any other actress who did the same irresponsible and selfish…

  58. k, call her irresponsible or selfish. her choice is already made. there’s nothing she can do? unless she decides to go back. bashing her doesn’t help the situation anyways.

  59. HEY..How is that the crisis is caused bt Lee Da Hae .. Such a SMALL actress, with LESS screen time CAN influence BIG names to QUIT the drama .. That’s your BASELESS predictions ..
    Lee Da Hae didn’t have BIG MANAGEMENT COMPANY to represent her .. SO, what can make the WHOLE drama’s CO-STAR have THE SAME CRISIS with MBC ..

    Think of it with RIGHT MIND, guys .. Blaming Lee Da Hae surely easy coz ..she’s the one who is BRAVE enough to say ENOUGH to this whole drama behind EOE .. Being a SECOND FIDDLE ISN’T ANYTHING .. She had done it in Sweet 18, having negative role also .. still she did it .. coz the character REALLY HAD it base to be a negative role ..

    What is the base for MIN HYE RIN .. ??? Think of it .. SOMETHING IS REALLY FISHY IN EOE set .. That’s the NEWS.. Dont judge Lee Da Hae ONLY COZ you don’t like her or YOU USED TO LIKE HER .. Rationally try to figure out the problems behind this WHOLE ISSUE ..

  60. “Think of it with RIGHT MIND, guys ..”
    thats all her fans can said. be rational and bla2.. actually u guys are the one who is not being rational. what she did IS unprofessional. i believe u guys will also said exactly SAME thing if other actress did it. right cutie pixie??

    and who’s the “BIG” names who want to quit?

  61. Its like LDH signed up to be this big partner in this multimillion dollar firm and she ended up being the errand boy.

    Selfish or not, sometimes you just have to stick it to the rest of them. Good for her.

  62. not getting paid means not doing the work with your best efforts…it’s the recession…i must admit that the story line is dragging on and on…do you really need 50+ episodes…just a waste of money

  63. are we playing the ‘blaming game’ now?the ultimate fact is of course there are consequences to LDH’s decision to withdraw….unprofessional or not,i am still 100% behind LHD’s decision,be it for LDH or any other actors….it’s quite unfair to any actor or actresses who are told that they will play this kind of role and as a main actor just to find that u are playing the goffer….put urself in LHD’s position (or any other actors or actresses in the same position)….i would definitely do the same….i’m sure a whole lot of u guys who are playing the blaming game up there will agree…no one wants to be treated like the stepdaughter (like Cinderella)…pls be more matured n sympathetic n understanding….professionalism only goes so far….i know…i’m a med student…

  64. Yes joe ..
    From one perspective, she is unprofessional .. I admit it on the the previous post .. You can see it there ..
    But, if she is leaving a major production after filming up to 40 episode .. there must be SOME Other reason, right? Why we are only blaming on the actor/actress while the problem actually lies deep down in te production team itself ..

    If its other actress, its still the same .. Leaving abruptly, is unprofessional..but if there is a CONCRETE reason for their leaving, it can be considered, right?

    I’m judging it professionally, that’s why I try to figure out the REAL issue to this whole EOE drama .. before I comment ..

    Same to you joe .. Learn on this whole issue and decide WHO IS ACTUALLY AT FAULT???

  65. As far as I’m into korean media, this drama was the one that got me addicted the most. Why? Because it has everything a male person is looking for: good plot, gorgeous girls, lots of episodes, thrill, blood, violence (in a small part).
    And I’ve watched all the episodes of EoE, and thus far Min Hye-Rin WASN’T important for the main plot. Lee Dong-Wook would have become prosecutor either way and Jin-Hye would have got married to Shin Myung Hoon anyway.
    So I don’t get how this character can be such a major loss to the drama…can anyone explain me?

  66. ^ Ichigo-kun…from the initial description of the drama n previous interviews,lee da hae is supposed to be very important for the drama progression n she’s one of the main leads….but as the story progresses,we can hardly see LDH’s character in each episode n her character,as u said,is very unimportant…she cited her reason of withdrawal as ‘health problems’ n ‘not understanding my character anymore’ but fans everywhere are arguing that she felt slighted as she got the backburner treatment from the production company of EoE n MBC n they said her action is justified n some ppl who are not fans of LDH (or ex-fans) said LDH’s action as irresponsible n unprofessional…so the argument continues…to me,as u said,her character is unimportant to the story so her withdrawal should not create such a fuss…i really love LDH n i quite agree that she doesn’t deserve such treatment from MBC n EoE production company…she is such a dynamic actress n it’s sad how the promises of love triangle between DW n DC,MHR turning evil n political aspiration are just promises….i was waiting up until episode 32 for MHR to at least turn evil but even that doesn’t seem to even have any hope of realising….sad how things like this are just promises…

  67. i hate LDH so much now i didnt think i would hate a person this much but after all the trouble she create she really only think of herself and not other at all i agreed with most of u who say LDH irresponsible n selfish i still cant believe i use to like her and all u fan of LDH that think this is not LDH fault then guess u guy havent see all the new that is coming out or u guy just blind by the new or just plain playing stupid

  68. Ichigo-kun…there’s actually a summary of the drama storyline someone posted up there if you care to scroll up sometime if you want an explanation…

    …all in all this all boils down to the scriptwriter who got lost somewhere along the way and when she herself couldn’t get out of the mess she started, asked for a leave of absence and yet wanted to still have a say (control) over the the chosen new writer…this is what you get when you begin to shoot a drama without a finished screenplay. Blame the idiot writer not the actors!

    …supposedly interwoven dramas like EoE should have a finished script before they start shooting so that the actors can get into their characters realistically and not change their characters on a weekly basis according to ratings or whims of the directors or producers or, most of all, to a scatterbrained writer.

  69. ^ jhonlittlee…please don’t say such irresponsible things…u can hate LDH all u want,it’s ur choice but pointing fingers to other ppl who are just pointing out their own opinions n name calling (stupid n such) are such immature actions…ppl have rights to say whatever they want,be it supporting LDH’s action or blaming her but please be graceful about it…calling other ppl stupid is an action of a frustrated 5-year old denied of sweets…

  70. I think its more like the script that’s messed up rather than the actors. and LDH shouldnt be taking all the blame for it.

    and i’ve only watched until episode 24 so i cant really judge on the character development but i had honestly hoped SSH would end up with LDH ): not that i dislike LYH.

    I wish LDH wld just carry on filming till the end. The story might end up crappy if it has to be amended just to fit the cast ): the remaining cast.

  71. Is there an end to it? because we can make up a long list of reasons why things happen and how they effect other things.

    Other actors start to follow her.
    LDH leaves.
    LDH doesn’t understand her character.
    Writer can’t write out the characters well enough
    Too many sub story lines
    Too many characters
    Producer want many big names for the drama
    Producer trying to have a hit drama
    People want to see their fav star

    So… maybe this is all our fault? LOL

    Occasionally, actor leaves the production half way.
    Their reason? .. Getting bored? Don’t like the character?

    I’ve never heard one of those. Mostly, it’s like
    .. Accident. Pass Away.

    I’ve worked in some filming production. and one thing that bother me the most is how some actors think they are better than anyone else on set and they can request anything. and this is one of the case. It’s not like ‘I don’t want to do it anymore, just kill my character off.’ Well, I can assure you, the crew will literally kill her off.

    I actually feel bad for her on one point … Most movies have their screenplay done before shooting. So actor can decide if they want to participate. But this is a drama. The script wasn’t done at the time actors decide to join. So bad luck for her.

  72. I wish people shouldn’t be so subjective…you don’t need to be a fan of certain actors/actresses to enjoy watching a good drama…what happened here is as exactly what the poster dbt wrote above…the writer has been insulting the intelligence of not only the actors/actresses but also of the watching public, not the fanboys/girls who have been posting rants in this thread but the actual audience to this drama…if all of you are observant enough you would also notice the storyline diverting from what it’s supposed to be and the inconsistencies in the stories per episode are blatant. I’m dissatisfied with the writing as well…it’s just too bad this had to happen.

  73. Apparently it wasn’t just her having issues, she just happened to be the first to get fed up with it. You can blame her all you want but because now it is known that here is a internal issue to me it is the writers&production teams fault. Apparently they are doing something wrong and making their whole cast pissed off.

    If you’re a fan then sitting here cursing ldh isn’t going to do anything. How bout yelling at the writers&production team to do something before other cast members start jumping ship?

  74. I have no clue what is going on since I don’t even watch the drama.

    I am pretty sure there is more to it than what the public knows. There was probably some drama between the media crew and the celebrities, so the actors and actresses are now fed up with the attitude, and for all the changes in the schedules and scripts. From what I have read about Lee Da Hae’s departure, it seems like her missing role will affect the script a lot. But even then, I am sure that the celebrities wouldn’t be affected too horribly. There is most likely some drama going back there behind the scenes and the crew and company are trying their best to cover everything up.

  75. How can they be acting like that when the show is almost done, they should all get their act together and resolved everything like grown ups, they should sit down and talk as a group instead of making individual decisions. I hope everything gets resolved and that the show ends in a good way, good luck to everyone. Fighting!!

  76. In a way, its kind of frustrating because she’s one of the principal characters of the show. Losing her wouldn’t make any sense because she forms a love triangle with DongWok and Ji Hye’s character. This is a disaster 😦

  77. This is getting out of a hand.
    I admire Lee Da Hae, because she was promised a role and it wasn’t fufilled but not in her part. She met her role 100%, I became her fan after seeing her in EOE but as later episodes aired I kept asking myself why are they only giving her like 5 minutes of camera time? Wasn’t she suppose to be a main lead?

    Those who are bashing her I understand you guys want to see a steady production but actors do have rights and it’s wrong to promise them something and then get nothing.

    I’m hoping things will settle down and EOE will continue to film sucessfully.

  78. they should just get a new writer & get another actress to play Lee Da Hye’s role or just kill her character & her family off. this drama could have been great but all this drama is overshadowing the tv drama.

  79. ldh, is pretty much not professional at all seriously, because of her she ruin this whole drama. i use to like her but i am not sure anymore due to her unprofessional self. I mean seriously if you know you’re going to be stress don’t even be involve in acting anymore retire for god sake, i hope all the PD from now on doesn’t cast her because she probably isn’t going to be promising……. she just lost everyone trust.. oh god, i am nto sure if i hate her or just not fond of her action.

    i hope the PD just say she die in a car crash or some shit.

  80. I am not a Lee Da Hae fan, but I don’t think she is selfish or irresponsible. MBC never came out saying they are going to sue Lee Da Hae for an early exit. According to the news, it seems like a mutual agreement from both parties to end the relationship. MBC decided to finish her character at episode 40 which Lee Da Hae has agreed to do. And please, don’t tell me nobody out there has not been in situations liked this. Anyone out there quit a job because you disagree with management? Are you unprofessional or selfish? No, you are just covering yourself and looking out for number 1.

  81. SSH left a message on his fan CAFE/website I think. He backs up LDH, saying viewers shouldn’t blame her, she’s human, too.
    He also says that he and LDH both asked the writer to change the script/ direction because he couldn’t understand why DC would fall for HR while in fact he’s got his family problem and YR in his heart. Ok, now it’s all CLEAR.

    The actors have altered the script one way or the other. They influenced the direction, that’s why people complained that HR was nothing like what the initial description said.

    What’s more. Pathetic LDH fans are blaming Lee Yeon Hee.
    you guys need to stop and actually THINK about it. Stop blaming her. She just so happened to be involved in this chaos. As a youngest cast member, the best she can do is follow the script.

    SM Entertainment pulling the strings? You all know this is a lie. SM in fact considerably powerless in the acting biz because it only has a couple actors signed under its company. Go Ara, Lee Yeon Hee, and Im YoonA (SNSD). There is no BIG NAME right? What influence would it have?

    SSH recommended LYH for the role. SM took no part in it. OK?

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  83. Hello everyone!!!
    I’m not a super fan of lee da hae,but sincerely i think everyone has taken this out way out of proportion, everyone in here, has talked how she is so unprofessional and how irresponsible actress she is, but i think i agreed with the persons who said how the cut of the others actors is now her fault, they have creative directors right?? so they should find a way to make their roles connected with the other caracthers , i don’t know how people are so disapointed with this, so now everything that goes wrong in EOE is lee da hae fault, because she quit.

    Other thing i want to said is i really think that before she quit she really talk with everyone of the cast, if not why the other actors are supporting her??? if she is really bad as they put her they can talk now freely of how selfish she is, don’t you think????

    I think everyone has their right to think whatevere they want, but before you put it in internet, you really should think about it from all the angles,pleass.

    I’m sorry if i extend my point of view, i apologies to everyone if i offendem in anything, and pleass excuse my bad ortographie is because english is not my maternal leaguage. PEACE!!!!!!!!!

  84. some of you are those “netizens” we read about on the news. i’m scared of you people who are behind such comments…

    think before you say something.. no need to bash on anyone. let people type their opinions, read and move on.

  85. i call this strategy from MBC…
    with LDH exit, they want to create a buzz so they can use her exit from the drama so that people will get intrigued and start watching EOE and finally hit 35%.

    with LDH playing no significance in the story will not actually really alter the flow of the story. people are just making a big deal of it. the mere fact the production agreed to her decision, that means there won’t be problems in her exit. MBC just want to utilize her EXIT ISSUE to create buzz so more people will watch MBC…

    i call this publicity stint for EOE as they are about to end…and who knows the extension will really be pushed through.

  86. it’ll be really wierd if she just leaves out of nowhere when she just found out that dc and dw are brothers..i hope shell be in at least a couple of more episodes..then ill stop watching when she leaves:)

  87. For those that are stating that they “hate LDH”, come on. Seriously? I can understand being upset or annoyed, but HATE?!? Her vacating her role doesn’t do much to the repetitive storyline. It’s going to be YR and DC crying/whining blah blah. It’s just a drama. Her leaving is affecting some of the minor characters, but she is not directly affecting YOUR lives in any major way. She’s a person who felt wronged and made a decision. Let’s respect that. All this bashing is pathetic.

  88. Well, I am dreaming!! Sometimes, when I read your comments, i feel like if LYH fans were saying “YEEEEES, LDH is the one who is selfish!! You critisized YR but in fact she’s not, it’s LDH”… So tiring… Of course, I don’t speak about all of you but somes are too much.

    Yes, it was so unprofessional from LDH to leave like that, even if i understand her, she souldn’t have done that but when I see others follow her, I think something is wrong in EOE’s production…

    Song Seung Hun saying he doesn’t want to attend the session because of… health reason?? Someting’s fishy…

    I think LDH’s departure have been the event which made the actors react.

    Anyway, I wish this situation will not stay for a very long time because i’m still addict to EOE…


  89. cant believe LDH fan can be so blind and stupid and still blame other actress when we all know it because of LDH big ego and selfish act that create this whole mess because i dont think none these story would not come out if she did not quit but no she have too be the queen bee or she will just walk i really hate LDH and her selfish act and her fan for blaming other actress guess u fan of LDH is too stupid to see that none of these story come out till ur queen bee quit huh

  90. First of all, I think Lee Da Hae could have bared to stay with the drama for another 10 episodes. Call it unprofessional…She didn’t have much of a screen time anyway…

    But, on the other hand, her character indeed was going nowhere, no development, no story, nothing. She, HR, had a great potential in the beginning, but everything just kept fading. So I guess, LDH had every right in the world to voice out her displeasure.

    Leaving the drama was very brave of her, and she was smart enough to get away without huge problems. So I give her probs for that. I never liked her before, but now I’m starting to.

    Secondly, it seems like this whole production team had issues to begin with. I don’t think that LDH’s guilty for creating the mess because it has already been there. She just ‘pulled the trigger’. The problem has been there for a while, and wasn’t dealt with until this very crucial point. Lack of communication always leads to such big mess. It’s sad that other actors start to come out of their closets after her departure. They are using LDH for their own good in a way.

    Anyway, EoE was very good at the beginning, but now it’s becoming just another draggy and whiny tearjerker…

  91. I’m not fan of any actor or actress in this series but can’t help to drop comment here. I seriously want to applaud the authors of this whole mess in order to save their public image and also to boost their popularity. These are their tactics to drag some people into this issue and to make viewers to fall into their trap so in the end how many netizens can see it through or think who are the really victims or winners in this whole game.

  92. if i were to blame someone for this mess, it would be the script writer.. from the beginning the drama is supposed to be about the birth switch between DW and MH.. that’s the main plot.. but now…
    i so agree with whoever who said “is this a song seung heon drama?” the script writer should just go with the original idea.. the drama is too draggy now…

  93. lol i guess u LDH fan can be so blind sometime with ur it good that LDH left lol didnt u guy were the one who always say u cant to for HR-DC to get together lol anyway u guy can say all u want but the true is LDH create this mess so quit lying that it was not her because none of these story come out before LDH quit like the cry baby that she is just because she did not get to be the queen bee like her fan want her to be

  94. ” This whole thing is better than the real drama itself.”

    “i agree. this is the real drama. East of Eden is pretty crappy but the behind the scenes stuff is what makes it golden.”

    LoL jejeje good ones
    muy bueno comentarios, sinceramente, la realidad es esa.

    LDH fighting!

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  96. This drama is definitely draggy. And from my point of view lee da hae’s role can be easily ommitted- till now (ep 36) i don’t see a strong relationship btwn ldh and ssh. although leaving halfway is irresponsible, but what to do?- the story line doesnt goes anywhere- and she maybe wasting her time just sticking with the production, not getting what she is promised for.
    Anyway, if some of u have notice from drama wiki- they changed the relationship chart to a more complex one(intially hanjihye and ssh supposed to have a love relationship too, now they change it…) it just shows that the whole drama is so not consolidated and not well planned. What is the production team doing huh!
    I pitty the casts! They act very well and its quite sad for them to be involved in such a messy situation.

  97. hmmm… i dunno who to blame…
    But really, i can understand wen people blame LDH for her sudden leave…
    I mean, sure, one thing is the storyline got change as the drama goes on, and maybe LDH feel her role isn’t as important as it should be as d drama progress…
    but to suddenly leave is making all d other cast and also the production team in chaos…
    i bet nobody will want to cast her in any drama or movie after this…
    as an actress, she should know better about work ethic.
    it’s not like she was treated bad or anything, juz that the storyline and her role got change…
    that’s all and she just had to leave…

  98. I’ve seen Sandglass and the story is similar to East of Eden. The main lead actress in Sandglass name is Hyerin also but she is the daughter of casino owner and she works in the casino similar to YR. Her role is similar to Young Ran when she gets older but in the start of the drama she’s similar to HR character because she’s a student activist. I think if the drama East of Eden is an adaptation of Sandglass they split one character and made it to HR and YR character.

  99. keep buzzing….
    still LDH is the best.
    what a brainstorming decision…
    in the beginning there was already problem on that team,
    but LDH leaving made it big blast…

  100. Try to think that before EOE was aired, the production(MBC) confirmed that LDH will be the Leading female character!(it was written on articles and blogs!) Even on the picz taken at press con. LDH was between SSH and JYH! That shows thats LDH will take the leading female role in the series and the love triangle is between the three of them!
    Unfortunately, the thing happened was a pervert, wayward and a conflict to the one they have promised!! She was fooled and deceived! And the worst thing she herself doesn’t understand the character she’s portaying! Even her co-stars!
    As an actress isn’t it insulting or hurting?

  101. very funny issue…..
    …and very bad scripts to LDH….
    no worries LDH….you did great job…..your are still my top 1 favourite actress after bae yong jun(preety man)….

  102. lee da hae didn’t leave because she wanted to be in the spotlight and that didn’t happend, she leaved because they didn’t respect the contract
    when you sign a contract that says that you’ll be the main lead and they sell the drama before even starting to film a scece in other contries advertising w/ your name for huge amounts and in the end you are there just because ……..of course that isn’t ok
    she leaved because of pride
    she worked a lot to make a name for herself in the buisness and now they treat her like crap

    and it’s not like the others loose their job because of it….they could easily put another actress act her role
    this happens all the time in dramas

    maybe it wasn’t the best decision she made but how she stated she’ll be responsible for it
    i admirer her for what she did…..i mean other members of the cast were unhappy but only she had the courage to do something

    i wish her all the best

    i’m not a huge fan of hers but i know her from her others works
    after this i respect her as a person because she has the guts to speak up

  103. “lee da hae didn’t leave because she wanted to be in the spotlight and that didn’t happend, she leaved because they didn’t respect the contract”


    If that’s the case then why did she go through 30+ episodes & called it quit only 10 episodes left?

    Seeing comments that she’s an awesome actress………and then come the excuses she quit because she didn’t understand her character I really laugh. How hypocritical is that?!!! If she didn’t understand her character, get some help or go back to acting school.

    It’s rather amusing LDH fans are making all kind of excuses & wildest stuffs to justify or make her looks good. Some went as far as compare this to a marriage relationship! Here the BIG difference: LDH would have only 10 episodes left to finish while a marriage supposes to last for a LIFE TIME! If it was only 3-5min of her appearance per episode she’s obviously not overwork because of filming for EOD.

    This may not be what she’s looking for but better stuck up with it when she is this far in. You fans should blame no one but herself for making this rational decision.

    With these on her resume, good luck landing her next drama/movie project!

  104. i respect LDH’s decision to leave…. the one who do not honour the contract is the production crew and the scriptwriters…. they change the script so drastically that her role becomes redundant…. that is really insulting for an actress of her calibre

    seriously if she is so selfish and irresponsible as many of you had claimed…then the uproar will be against her
    however, now the cast are against the production crew… that pretty much shows who is at fault…

    i bet that if they make SSH into a nobody and juz give him 5mins screen time per episode (which will nv happen)… he wld have leave too…

  105. lol LDH fan and their excuses why even bother to lie to other that this is not all ur idol fault instead blame other actor or actress just because u blind fan just dont want to believe that this all start when ur idol quit the drama i really hope who cast her next in their drama will think very hard before they make the same mistake like EOE PD because like the old sayng go if she did once she will do it again

  106. No matter how much LDH’s fans defend her, LDH has ruined her image with her departure. If she want to criticize EOE, she could at least wait the end of the drama!!!! She’s really irresponsible actress!! She’s not a versatile actress, she should only stick to love drama, EOE is not only about love there is revenge, family…She has too pride : she can’t stand the fact that she’s not the center of the drama and that 2 lead males are not after her in dramas so she feel frustrated and decide to quit!!!

  107. i agreed skyeden LDH should just stick to love drama instead of long drama because we all know LDH only act good in love drama

  108. oooh now u’re telling people an actress have feelings? all those time youre bashing other actress like hell and devil!!!!!!!

    HYPOCRITES. her fans are just like her. hypocrites.

  109. LDH fans are just sour grapes who are biased ever since EOE started and hypocritical now their actress is going to back out of EOE. You all think LDH is the lead, well guess what, she was never NAMED as the ONLY LEAD. And you all never swallowed the fact that her only major hit was “My Girl” and both “Robbers” and “Hello miss” FLOPPED. Not everyone watches EOE because of her. THAT’S THE FACT, LIVE WITH IT.

  110. EOE must go ahead… because many people cannot stand the ending…how the charming old man + evil dude(Shin Tae Wan) ending….i like him…hehehehehe

  111. Aww, come on. Having dramas that flop doesn’t mean that you’re not popular nor does it mean that you’re a bad actress. Sometimes you have sucessful dramas and sometimes you don’t. Thats part of acting. Han Ji Hye’s had flops such as “Cloud stairway” and “Secret lovers” and she’s still a hell of a great actress.

  112. hey pipol why are you blaming LDH!there must be a reason for her to do that and besides her co star even want to join her that could only reflect the real thing! i love EOE though!!

  113. no matter how much LDH fan say in the end LDH has ruined her image by quieting because allot of PD will be very worried every time they cast her because they know LDH can do the same thing like she did in EOE if she dont get her way

  114. i agree with zack. it not her acting that is question but the promise that was made to her. i am a big fan of EOE and i dont really see her character going anywhere.

  115. argh! the scriptwriter started all this. LDH shouldn’t have quit. the scriptwriter should have been changed long ago and i shouldn’t have watched this drama.

  116. @zack if LDH such a great actress like u say why does she need to be pair with SSH in order to make her char shine then why cant she just shine her char by herself u dumb idiot

  117. Lee da hae is a great actress no questions about it!MBC wasted her talent,her effort and now she is suffering her health.

    why did they put Lee Da hae on the line! and why did MBC promoted that there is DC-HR-DW and DC-HR loveline?
    they used Lee Da hae to promote their show.
    in fact my country bought this series because of Lee Da hae and Song Seung heon team up, (i think they deceived by the synopsis).

  118. @johnnylittle
    concerning on you statement that says “if LDH is a great actress why does she need to be pair with SSH”
    So, what you are trying to say is ” once you’re a great actor/actress you must have been paired with less, I mean not so famous actress/actor?” LOL!!!!!

  119. to jhonylittle

    You are taking this matter way to seriously, don’t u think?
    Its Lee Da Hae’s decision to leave EOE.. and, you’ve given your comment on this matter previously.. You can’t expect others to have the same opinion as yours .. Other people might found her exit is reasonable .. other might not .. Your comment is way to rude towards other .. Just an advice ..
    Just leave this matter .. it doesn’t do any of us good anyway ..

  120. @ jhonylittle
    Even though I’m not LDH fan but I’m so annoyed of some of your harsh comments. Everyone here is entitled to voice their own opinion or defend their idol. You can state your valid reasons if you disagree with some posts but bashing artist or attacking fans just show how low-class and immature you are.

  121. The scriptwriter ought to be shot for copycat ‘Sandglass’ all right.

    As for LDH, she’s brave enough to stand up for her right. The other casts followed suit because they know she was right and have enough of MBC and the scriptwriter’s nonsense!

  122. Read the post again about the EOE pandora’s box that LDH opened.

    It seems other cast members are also very much unhappy with MBC/scriptwriter.

    SSH also absent from that meeting? And the shouting aimed at MBC/production/scriptwriter by other casts members to get their point across?

    Hmnn…something is really wrong with MBC

  123. like i always say none of these would ever come out if LDH would just put her big ego aside and finish the drama

  124. relax guys..
    Don’t make another drama..
    nobody’s perfect..
    respect others.. at least u do.. if the others don’t..
    just watch the drama if u cant wait to see the ending..
    or leave it if u feel empty without some actress/actors..
    don’t attack anyone..

    enjoy the coming new year and Happy Holidays.. x)

  125. the impact of her leaving?seriously happy ppl will make happy comment~
    i dont care if she leave but why blaming the woman?you guys must have job that u enjoy doing rite now….or bunch of teens who never had a stressful job/part time job

    [by RT
    @ jhonylittle
    Even though I’m not LDH fan but I’m so annoyed of some of your harsh comments.] you’re not alone


  126. there really no need to lie Oren and RT we cant see u so there no need to say u not LDH fan we can all lie about who our idol are and it the holiday cant we stop blaming each other who right who wrong we all love our idol the same

  127. LDH you are so brave to leave this stoped drama you are the best dont let MBC using you they are just team of lyears for us you are the only main lady of EOE and if SSH made you guit the drama he should know that he is the loser he lose his fans in UAE

  128. Lee Dae Hae make the right decision.

    Do you know that it will end at episdoe 50 ??
    Are you MBC ??

    Lee Dae Hae will suffer more if MBC prolong the drama,

    so she is a smart lady. Health comes first!!

  129. @ johnnlittle

    I don’t also care if you hate LDH that much(you can hate her as much as you want, nothing we can do either), but the thing that I can’t totally ignore is on “how you attack fans by your words”. The attitude that you have shown here is a reflection on what you really are. I wonder how you live. You’re a sort of unprofessional, uncivilized and uneducated.
    Try to get a life!!

  130. I agree with what has been said by:
    wefsdfds, Annie, harliey_nick, Lainey, yumi_chan, Kwongsangwho, ale_potter, Luna, Dots and gabi.

    And I also agree with what everybody said to jhonlittle.

    Peace… 🙂

  131. Well it’s really irresponsible for her to leave the drama.. but at the same time an actress decides to take part in the drama because she likes her role.. but if they change the intended role for her she has the right to quit..

    this is just my opinion.. peace out!!! 😛

  132. yeah, i think LDH role in east of eden is confused. my opinion for LDH role with a few minutes with LDC did not bring us to a situation where LDC feel a close interaction with her. it’s not cleary and yet the plot LDC with YR is irritating. you know guys, after all episode about their LDC and YR love it ended they didn’t together. After that YR husband, Mike is dead. so what the point of Mike and YR married? what YR father got for this married? YR married Mike just for become widow after all.. gezz it’s really suck. well i would be happy if the story goes LDH and DC feel a love between them. YR and Mike just a memories in the end.

  133. I was supposed to watch East of Eden today. . . . but if the actress herself isn’t even satisfied, how much more can a viewer like me be? I agree with all the ethical issue that had risen with LDH’s departure, but given the discontent voiced out by other actors and actresses within the set, the fact that LDH herself had a reputation to uphold, and the unfulfilled promise given by the production team , can’t say I blame her.

  134. I just finished watching the drama…LDH’s decision was right…her character was so confusing, i thought she is one of the lead role? i’ve read that she was given a main role but it keeps on changing which i think is one of reason why she leave EOE..gosh!she’s such a good actress and they just give her a role like that??!doing nothing..they just used her..she’s the reason why i buy the dvd..urggh.

  135. As much as I liked Lee Da Hae in My Girl, I think it is ridiculous that she just bailed out like. I have seen many remarkable actors in dramas that have flopped yet they still stick through with it to the very end. So if you’re an actor in a drama that appears to be going downhill halfway do, do you just drop out and say to hell with that? C’mon. If that happened, half of these Korean dramas would never even finish production. I believe it was selfish of her and quite unprofessional to just suddenly leave like that no matter how poorly a drama is doing. There are good dramas and bad dramas — you can never predict the outcome beforehand but you don’t just quit in the midst of it.

    Meh. As much as I wanted to love this drama, I am so glad I quit watching. I was highly disappointed with the direction it was going but as a viewer, that is my right. As an actor, you have an obligation and owe it to your fans to finish what you started. If you signed up for a job, do it to the best of your abilities. I read a lot of comments saying that it’s a good thing she dropped out of this drama because it began to do poorly.


    That is a poor excuse to quit. Lee Da Hae was also in Hello! Miss and Robber and those two dramas did poorly so I’m not sure why she didn’t stick around for this at the very least.

    I will not stop watching her future dramas but this incident has sort of tarnished my views of her. Sorry to say but this attitude is giving her a prima donna image which doesn’t really help in her case. Oh well. On to other dramas to watch..

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