Coolsmurf 2008 Entertainment Awards

The year is drawing to a close and I will not be updating the site at all (unless major) until next year. I want to enjoy the holidays, the gayo daejuns plus the drama awards ceremonies. So I will end the year with this post, documenting the entertainers, dramas, variety, music that made 2008 a memorable year.

2008 was an extraordinary year where you have 3 stellar programs every Sunday from the major tv stations. Sunday never became dull again with KBS One Night Two Days, MBC We Got Married and then SBS Family Outing dominating headlines in the aftermath of each episode broadcast. However, for me personally, We Got Married is my top variety of the year followed closely by One Night Two Days. Everyone on We Got Married just became more popular and had their profile raised by ten-fold. The romance entertainment they bought to us viewers are legendary despite the occasional awful PD cuts.

On Air

Having watched 14 dramas (3 ongoing) this year, On Air has certainly been the top drama for me. Came in with minimal expectations and came out wiser about how the entertainment industry works as a whole. Woman of the Sun and Iljimae are 2 other dramas that I would recommend watching this year.

Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong

The two dominant MCs and most recognizable faces on Korean television. I have always been a staunch supporter of MC Yoo but Kang Ho Dong for me has been the better performer/MC on nearly every show that I have watched him in this year. He just brings out the best in his co-stars with relative ease.

Wonder Girls and Big Bang Endorse Baskin Robbins

It can only be WonderBang. Without them, 2008 would be a boring year.

There were too many celebrites death this year. Choi Jin Shil was the most high-profile one in recent memory and to think she committed suicide thanks to a chick who spread rumors about her. Lee Eon was another who died at such a young age in an unfortunate motor accident. 2008 was a bad year.

68 thoughts on “Coolsmurf 2008 Entertainment Awards

  1. i personally like family outing, followed closely by we got married and then 1n2d. and for best drama, i would give my vote to hong gil dong. thanks 4 updating me with the news for the whole year. see u back in 2009. have a blast christmas and happy new year mr coolsmurf.

  2. 2008 is a bad bad year…

    we lost lee min soo (great loss), lee eon, turtleman, choi jin shil, ah jae hwan.. >.<
    the thought of it is just unbearable

    have a good rest!! ^^ come back soooooon ^^

  3. merry christmas n happy new year alvin n everybody…..

    thanks to u who always put alot of effort n hard work to post up most of breaking news in hallayu entertainment….

    i really looking forward to seeing ur blog next year…………

    HAPPY VACATION & HAPPY NEW YEAR to Alvin n everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Your post makes me think about everything that happened this year.. some laughs and some cries…
    Thank you for being so cool and for bringing us all kind of news…
    merry xmas for you and see ya next year ^^

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Thanks for always giving us the news. So, relax and enjoy the rest of 2008.

  6. take a rest Alvin, you deserve it =)
    Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    thanks for all you do, and looking forward to seeing you in 2009 ^_^

  7. ‘It can only be WonderBang. Without them, 2008 would be a boring year.’ what an apt statement. ahaha. i actually believed the news article in asianfanatics, before discovering that sadly, it was all untruths. :/

  8. Thank you for your posts! You always bring something different and interesting in your blog that makes me come back….Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  9. 2008 really had great ups and downs :[
    Hopefully in 2009, there will be more Up’s then downs.

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year Alvin :]
    See you again next year! (lol lame)

  10. Very little stuff about KBS programs but still useful. We here in India can only get hold of KBS World so other channels are like alien news for us. Very huge fan following for Korean Dram Series here in India, thanks to which is showing KBS World in India.

  11. 메리크리스마스!

    I sure hope I spelled that right but anyways, Merry Christmas and thanks for the WONDERFUL updates ^_^

  12. thank you for all you’ve done for us this year coolsmurf!
    i would add you to the list if i can !

  13. :/ Merry Christmas~ 😀 I’ll miss you! Have fun in the open world! :] haha I hope alot of important events happen, so you’ll seldom update the blog! :3

  14. 2008 was a bittersweet year.

    bitter bcos of all the unfortunate events that occurred.

    but sweet bcos Korean Festival came to Singapore!


  15. It was WGM for me for so long but then after AnBi/AnSol left it just went downhill for me. I tried to keep watching for the other couples but as each one left I lost interest. I’m now all for Family Outing I love watching all of them laugh & joke around but still see them work to help the family that they are helping.

    Anyways Happy Holidays Alvin.

  16. thanks coolsmurf!

    year 2008 is the year when i first encountered deeply with the kpop and the world. And it was all started from you! So,, I would like to say the biggest thanks to you for introducing me to the kpop world.

    Have a nice break! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  17. Thanks for bringing everyone all the news about Korean entertainment this year, Coolsmurf!! I hope you have an awesome holiday!!!

  18. Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

    Oh and ‘On Air’ was overrated!

    The most memorable part of the whole drama was when the Director and the Actress ran away from the photographers but unfortunately, the writers didn’t do anything between the two except match the Director (who got annoying eventually) to the annoyingly irritating scriptwriter!

  19. hope you will enjoy your holidays, alvin.
    thanks for recapping the year. i’m a huge 1n2d fan and i’m glad to know it’s close to your top fave. =] Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  20. Merry Christmas Alvin!
    I really appreciate your hard work, bringing us all the latest news on Korean entertainment! Thank you SO MUCH!! ❤

  21. “It can only be WonderBang. Without them, 2008 would be a boring year.”
    amen to that! have a nice break & happy holidays!^^

  22. totally agree with the sunday entertainment.
    WGM was amazing.. “was” im not so about it now =x

    and RIP ❤

  23. Thanks for all the news you share with us this year coolsmurf! I agree with the list that you made, especially the variety shows. I cannot believe I’m addicted to sunday night now, loL!

  24. What a year 2008 was…I hope this coming year (2009) would be a better one for all of us ^_^

    I wish you guys a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    …this is LadyIgraine hailing from California.

  25. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alvin! (and to everyone else! =P)

    Thanks for all the updates for the past year. I am a big fan of your website(s) =)

  26. Haha thanks Alvin for this post. :]
    I haven’t seen any dramas this year that pertain to only this year. i want to though

    1. Family Outing
    2. We got married (very close)
    3. 1n2d (i should watch it more. only watched one or two episodes. funny though)

  27. oh and of course
    this year would have been nothing without

    WONDERful comebacks this year:
    Big bang (being my favorite), Wonder Girls (favorite girl group), SNSD, FT Island, Kim Jong Kook, KARA, Baek Ji yong, K Will, MC Mong oh and so so much more :]

    haha i will always love MC yoo :]

  28. Merry Christmas Coolsmurf
    Coolsmurf님 메리 크리스마스

    You’ve made my Year, Thanks Coolsmurf.

  29. Thank you Alvin…
    Your blog was the first to draw me to watch WGM in Youtube, and now I’m attached to it (till all the original cast dissapear..)

    Your blog now, is the most resource blog for me, cause I don’t understand Korean and the access to other than KBS channel is so out of the question.

    Thank you so much for your hardwork and desire to make this blog.
    Wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAY, HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2009, and I wish you all the best & success in your life & carreer.

  30. thanks Alvin for ur posts! i always keep up with the insights of Korean entertainment from your blog. we got married is my top fave variety so far as well with its unique theme. it really does give us the insight of marriage life with its 4 couples. i find it a bore without the MC’s crappy comments though at times redundant.i hope the ratings will rise someday. just don’t want to see my fave show going downhill.

    till then, happy holidays to you and everyone as well! enjoy the last moments of holidays before going back to our hectic schedule in the upcoming 2009.

  31. whoaaa
    I agree with you
    On air is such a good drama
    the storyline,,
    the cast,,
    all of them
    I like it very much
    BTW MErry x’mas

  32. Happy holidays!
    I would have to say Family Outing is top for me, 1N2D and then WGM. It was a refreshing concept but I prefer a good laugh.

  33. thank you so much..
    whitout you i wouldn’t know kim jong kook and wonder girls..
    merry xmas n eppy new year..
    get a rest now oppa!!!

    from kataYANAgi, malaysia

  34. wow good job+++

    I agree with you regarding we got married is my favarite show.Unfortunately that it made me sad in the end of year.I hope that the new couple can bring the smile again in next year.

    merry X-mas and happy new year 2009

  35. 2008… really a bittersweet, overwhelming year…

    RIP Lee Eon, the sweetest dork ever and CJS, the most memorable actress…

    Thanks for all the updates and news Coolsmurf to be able to understand what’s happening in K-ent..

    Seriously a year with great music comebacks, great dramas, great new & old varieties – WGM, FO, Good Daddy, Band of Brothers,IC, YSMM2, Star King rocks…

    Last but not least… Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all…

  36. What a year of drama, sbs and mbc decided to take action of their variety shows. I started the year hooked on X-men and Love Letter until they took the shows down from youtube and then i was sad until i found We Got Married and now since all the old couples have left its getting less exciting. Thanks everyone that made these shows possible.

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  37. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alvin^^
    wish u have a wonderful holiday 🙂

    Thank for all updates….you’re so cool ^^

  38. I totally agree with you,Alvin. On Air will always be my top drama and also WonderBang totally rule this year!~
    Happy New Year everyone~

  39. wonderbang /on air / the 2 emcees are great things in this year.. Nesp.we got married ^^ yet, the suicides news are just so wrong in this 2008 .. thx 4 sharing us everything bout Korean Ent. n do enjoy ur holiday .. God bless..

  40. i agreed with most of your awards.
    my top no.1 is WGM, it changed some perspective i have on korean variety shows.

    btw thanks for the all news updates in 2008, its been really great reading your blog daily!

    enjoy your well deserved holidays & wish the best for 2009!

    Have a nice vacay, you deserveit ^^
    I TOTALLY agree with you on Choi Jin Shil’s death…. *sniffles*
    Haha~ LOVE Wonderbang too ;3
    ❤ & Huggles
    sunniecho 🙂

  42. thanks for everything!!!. for all the updates.. =D

    Merry Christmas!!!.and have a great New Year!!!.

    enjoy your vacation!!!.

  43. i totally agree with wondergirls and DBSK also. Everytime I open my net it’s always DBSK in the news.

    Happy Holidays! Hope you’ll still update us about WGM… I’m one of the addicts of the show..

  44. Hey coolsmurfs, thanks for the hard work !!!
    Ur site’s amazing, always keeping us updated with the latest korean news!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
    Hope next yr, there will be no celeb’s so saddening.
    Cheers to life!

  45. coolsmurf, i want to thank you so much! because of you, I got to know Wonder Girls and Big Bang! I have enjoyed being a Wonderful and V.I.P, and will never stop being a big fan of them… i hope you will still continue loving Wonder Girls and Big Bang! COOLSMURF HWAITING!!!

  46. hey coolsmurf, juz wanna say thx so much for all your k-entertainment posts.
    i am no korean, so my knowledge of k-entertainment is quite limited.
    but your blog certainly help me so much to know about the latest happenings in korea entertainment. keep up d good work for next year also, k? ^^
    and i wish you a blessed xmas and happy new year! ^^

  47. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all the updates this year. You’ve worked hard. Enjoy your winter break~

  48. Wishing everyone a better year ahead in 2009. I hope that no more unfortunate incidents happen T_T

    WGM is the best this year… I loved the show, still love the show… please never end!!! 😛

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