Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081219

Park Min Young made 2 separate entries on her Cyworld on 19th December about her NTDTV e-news interview and her goal for 2009.

My goal for 2009


I have already set my goal for next year.
Most important thing is not resting,
but to work really hard haha ^^
2008 is a year where I really, I really felt ashamed (doing nothing much)
but, with the passing of time, I also gained valuable experience
I hope for changes, and that is my acting can go up a notch
and be known by more people

Fresh morning air



Miraclously, I am feeling great.
Although words can describe how happy or depressed I am,
but photos can show the real me without modifications at any time.
and that is my smile.
my smile that is full of radiant cells!

7 thoughts on “Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081219

  1. Merry Christmas everyone ^^
    And to those of you who don’t celebrate christmas….. happy holiday/happy 24th december ^^

  2. Another great actress to look foward to for the year 2009.
    I sense it’ll be a good year for dramas and music. ♥

  3. ^rude. & this has been the 2nd time I’ve seen this commenter :/..bashing on purpose (do he/she have nothing to do?)

    but happy holidays 24th & Merry Christmas coolsmurf & everyone! ^^

  4. “2008 is a year where I really, I really felt ashamed (doing nothing much)”

    And so she should be ashamed! Only one episode and an MV for the whole year….now that is really, really lazy! 😀

    She looks great in these pictures and I can’t wait to see her back in 2009 and hopefully she’ll be more active 🙂

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