Solbi and Andy First TV Reunion After We Got Married

Solbi and Andy met for the first time since their last appearance on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married and checked on feelings for each other.


Having “divorced” on MBC We Got Married 2 months ago after playing as a make-believe married couple, Andy and Solbi reunited during a recent recording of SBS Love Generation which will be broadcasted on Christmas Day.

Solbi caught the fans attention when she said during recording that even after We Got Married, she still gets nervous when Andy appears in front of her.

Andy expressed during the day of recording, “This is the first time I am seeing Solbi after we broke up”. And as a form of greeting, he gave Solbi a hug and that’s when Solbi said, “I still get nervous in front of Andy oppa”.

Solbi expressed afterwards, “After our pretend marriage had ended, I felt empty and lonely inside. And as I watch the last scene where the two of us broke up, I cried.” In the aftermath after leaving We got Married, they both confessed that they had to sort out their feelings from their pretend marriage life.

The event that Solbi remembers most from We Got Married was when Andy did the mission event for her at one of the 2008 Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert. “I was so happy that he did the mission event for me while I was in the audience. But I was afraid that the Shinhwa fans would glare at me.”


Even as she reveals that, she said with lots of laughs, “It’s an important memory for me because it was an special event whereby the significant party of that person for whom he is performing can only get.”

Besides Andy and Solbi, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Young Ho, Kim Ji Suk, Yoo Chae Young, Lee Chae Young and Seo Mi Young also appeared on the Christmas Special of Love Generation and revealed the know-hows about proposing and their honest stories. This will air on the 25th at 11.05pm (KST).

credit: gomdorii (translation)

83 thoughts on “Solbi and Andy First TV Reunion After We Got Married

  1. weee…….AnBi get together…..what a sweet moment…..~ can u both get together for REAL AnBi sshi ??? ~ nwy,im happy to see them cheering for each other…… AnBi FIGHTING !!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. yes..yes..i’m really really glad to see them together again..
    a nice Christmas gift to ansol fans??well at least it is a very nice and wonderful gift for me after two boring months without them at WGM.hehehe..^^

  3. Anbi couple!! love them! i’ve been trying to get my hands on news regarding Anbi couple but there was none to be found! thank you for the updates! It was becoz of Andy, that i watch WGM in the first place. πŸ™‚

  4. OMG! seeing them together makes me feel so happy. ahh cannot wait to watch this.

    that part was also a good memory for me too :]

  5. yay for the anbi couple! its nice to see them reunited! the picture is cute and its cuter because everyone around are clapping and smiling! haha ^^”

  6. So after 2 months of MIA, Andy is FINALLY back.
    Solbi, you don’t need to be afraid of Shinhwa Changjo, we’re all nice people :] haha

    Can’t wait to watch it! and with Kim Ji suk! haha

  7. AnBi/AnSol COUPLE..
    they are my favorite couple..i miss them..when they left i didn’t care for WGM anymore.
    What about the couple rings? I wanna know if they still have it.
    I still have hope that they’ll date in real life…

  8. i don’t think this is the first time they see each other after their WGM , they seemed so much in love in their last ep.

    I miss them so much….

  9. this is good stuff…
    omg! missed them so much since they depart from WGM…

    AnBi cuteness…
    i wonder had they sort out their feelings and plan to date each other after this…

    same goes for JoongBo couple…
    i hope they too could meet up in any other shows together…

    cuz, after missing each other for some time and get together again… i just hope their hearts grow fonder of each other and after this they feel like they cant live without each other…

    ahhh… well, i know on 29th they’ll meet up for the awards…

    hmm, i wish all d best in getting together with each other for both anbi n joongbo couple…


  10. I love that picture of them hugging. Look at the guests’ expression: Envy and happiness on their faces. =) Hope they can develop something special. AnBi fighting!

  11. that green ribbon….looks like the one go hye sun wore during boys over flower conference..did anyone notice that???

  12. ^hahah. oh yeaa XD. That dress is frilly and christmas-y, and that green ribbon also…lol. HYD’s fashion is geting popular huh..

    anyway, I sense this reunion will be a touching one :).
    I’m glad they meet up here ^^ Though they’re not my fav, I miss them too sometimes..

  13. really miss what this couple brings to the show[WGM]…..

    ANBI Fighting-iyo…..

    are their outfits [ANBI] color-coordinated?

    coolsmurf, thanks for keeping us updated–korean entertainment….
    Happy Christmas to all…..

  14. omo..i’m soo excited to watch this episode tomorrow..on Christmas Day..I MISSED ANBI COUPLE SO MUCH!!!!!


  15. This’s such a Christmas gift from the program…so nice!!!

    love to see them together…….. hahaha!!! I’m so happy^^

    Miss AnBi Couple!!!

    Merry X-Mass!!!

  16. whooottt!!! yeheyyyy!!!! i am so happy and so anxious to see them together again!!!! my lovely fave couple…..the 1st time time they both see in public together since they departed ….thats what ANDY said….but i believe they contact each other out of sight w/ public….to avoid the insane antis…but this time they both have a courage to hug in public to make their avid fans happy for christmas…

  17. Thanks for the picture coolsmurf, ist soo cute. Its intersting how they said that they had to sort their feelings. I hope that someone will sub this episode.

  18. ARGH. so touching.

    i hope the fans support her ,after seeing andy suffering alot inside.

  19. shinhwachangjo(me???) wouldn’t glare at you solbi.
    If you together with oppa. We ‘ll together with you too ^^.

    love when andy give her a hug. and miss them very much.

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  21. Oh this is so sweet… Solbi fighting! Dun be so nervous in front of Andy, coz I think Andy is nervous too!

  22. gosh! after 2 months i now have a news about this couple! i’m so happy! they made my christmas happy! oh how i wish they would be together in real life… hehehe…

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    i want to cry… seeing that pic of their reunion…*sighs… i really miss them like all AnBiHolics in here… i can’t wait for the show…

  25. if you watch this you wil be??????coz Andy was telling about how he meet his girl and Solbi gave him 1 as a score.

  26. does the both of them still wearing their couple ring? or they still keep it?
    i wonder what happen to the couple ring…
    really miss ANBI couple!!

  27. anyone who watch the award show yesterday night will be so smitten by their sweet actions!! Holding hands all the time, even on stage!!! =D AnBi fighting!!!

  28. Oh, I SO glare at her alright.

    I mean the Anniversary concert suppose to be about SHINHWA – which include Andy – and the fans, not Solbi.

    Fans actually do think he was doing it for them; but turns out it was for a girl, for a show. Though it was for work but some are really disappointed.

  29. I first didn’t like this couple but after a few episodes I started to like them because they seemed like a “real” married couple. They also held hands in the KBS Award Shows until they got off the stage. They are really cute. I also love Joongbo couple. They shouldn’t have added the “new” couples. They’re annoying, especially Hwan Hee and Hyayobi. Hwan Hee is a wang sagaji!

  30. Haha…yep got watched that part in Youtube..
    Andy he himself suddenly jumped infront of Solbi and hugged her…
    Ah..that moment make going crazy for awhile..hehe..=)

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