Lee Da Hae Announces Shock Departure from East of Eden

Actress Lee Da Hae left a message on MBC East of Eden website yesterday night expressing that she will be leaving the drama production soon. Although there were rumors earlier that Lee Da Hae might be leaving the drama due to health reasons, this was the 1st time that she had expressed her desire to leave in public and this has generated a huge response from viewers.


Lee Da Hae wrote in her message, “Because of mental stress, I often feel tired and unable to continue filming. Although I have tried taking medicine, injections but that is only temporary. It can alleviate my body pain but not my stress levels.” She continued, “I am not sure when it started, but whenever I finish filming a scene, I would start feeling guilty about not being able to act it as well as I could. I don’t even understand the role that I am acting out, much less the viewers. So I have decided to leave the East of Eden production.”

As for her parting thoughts about acting in East of Eden thus far, Lee Da Hae expressed her thanks, “Although I have experienced lots of difficulties while filming but I have also picked up a lot of things along the way. Most importantly, I was able to befriend more friends through this drama. I hope that I can still keep in contact with them after I leave the East of Eden production.


Lee Da Hae was going to be an important part of Song Seung Hun’s life in the latter part of East of Eden. But with her departure from the drama, the scriptwriter has no choice but to amend the script to accomdate the sudden change. The production team has not released any statement regarding Lee Da Hae yet but many viewers believed that her departure will pave the way for a reunion between Lee Yeon Hee and Song Seung Hun in the drama.

Min Hye Rin, Lee Da Hye’s character in the show will likely have shorter and shorter scenes in the next couple of weeks before being phased out totally either through death or going abroad or maybe something innovative.

Her role seems to be stuck in a rut I must say all along after leaving Dong Wook. There was no progress and she seems to be hovering just there without any purpose (redundant). Her initial character write-up depicting that she would be an ambitious women that will tear the 2 brothers apart (Dong Wook, Dong Chul) didn’t and never seem like it would happen, judging from her character development. This will be a talking point for some time definitely.

179 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae Announces Shock Departure from East of Eden

  1. oh gosh!
    i liked her….. but i guess if she thinks she can’t carry the role well then it’s a right thing to do for her to quit

  2. this is more than shocking.

    stress and physical illness are serious symptoms, but i never thought i’d see lee ‘dahae’ not finish an acting project.

    hope she recovers well and continues w/ her acting career.

  3. did the writer abandon her character, and just went along with whatever plot that caught viewers’ interest?

    now that’s a lesson for the future: all-star mega-budget shows can play favorites and lead you out in the cold!

  4. what the hell? i wanted Song Seung Hun to end up with her she actually a good actress much better then Lee Yeon Hee who only has 2 facial expression desperate and sad. Cant they take a break give her a couple of weeks

  5. Will she be killed off or something? I hope not. They should just let her take a hiatus, or maybe they could write it off like she went on an indifinite vacation 😦

    I don’t want her to leave.

  6. wow your translation is so much nicer than the others that i have read. i wonder which one is closer to what she said, since she kind of insulted the writer in the one that dramabeans had.

  7. Wow… why would she stress so much. She is good and powerful at playing the Min Hye Rin character.
    East of Eden is such a good drama… always waiting for the next part in the story.

    Here are a couple of things that the writer should definitely do
    1) Make Shin Tae Hwan pay for his crimes and then destroy him.
    2) Give a good ending to Dong Chul, Dong Wook, and their family.

  8. wtf?the only reason i watch east of eden was for lee dae hae and song sueng hun..OMG!how dumb,i never liked lee yeon bc all she do is cry in the drama..hr and dc was progressing..now they just gunna cut her out?AHHH!i hate this..i hope they just take a break for a while and start making the drama later on..

  9. Are you SERIOUS!?!

    So more Lee Yeon Hee acting depressed and needy! Ugh!

    Well, I hope they don’t kill off Hye Rin! Maybe she didn’t get along with the other actors?

    Anyway, East of Eden… I have not much interest since I was excited to see Lee Dae Hee’s character with Sung Seung Hoon’s!!!


  10. This is a massage I’ve posted in LDH’s fan forum… Let me just say that call her irresponsible or diva-ish or whatever crap you want, but, you have to understand where she was coming from… If you’ve been following East of Eden closely since the day the casting was done and press releases were given out, you will see this issue in a different light… SO being a person who’s witnessed the injustice that MBC did to her I just have to say this in her defense…

    I must say that I completely understand where LDH is coming from. Call me biased or whatever but from a professional stand point, I think she has grounds for quitting this project this suddenly… I mean her management does not need to release such bull that all this is just about her health, I don’t believe it’s the prime reason… More than anything, I think they’re frustrated over not being given the material that was promised to LDH when she signed that contract… I mean let’s admit that her character was in no way made vital and pivotal into the story… She was forever left in the sidelines and was only given some indications that her part may have some bigger part in the future… indications that are really just a blip, probably to keep her supporters like us to keep holding on!

    I mean she was completely used by MBC! They buzzed about LDH playing along side SSH as his leading lady (yeah right!? Alongside? ) She was used as a marketing ploy to get their targeted audience in. Well, they did but, just as some viewers got used to the way they started things , MBC was soooo into appeasing the sentiments of the fans that they were all ready to postpone HR’s role in the plot again and again until they were probably set to not go in that direction altogether which probably got the disapproval from LDH’s camp… I mean we can’t blame LDH if she’s calling this quits when she MBC/producer probably was the first party who hadn’t kept their word… HR’s character cannot in anyway do justice to what was promised to us some months ago…

    Of course this is just my assumption, but, I’m seriously thinking the validity of such… I remember always having this lingering fear that MBC would decide not to go into the DW-HR-DC direction since the viewers got used to DC-YR, with their out pouring of online surveys, I just knew that they were testing the waters!

    Anyway, I really cannot condemn LDH as being unprofessional… You cannot possibly stay loyal to someone who’s not intending to stay true to their word… I must say I probably was always half-wishing that she would pull off this stunt to rattle EOE’s producers off their cages…

    If this is a question about being professional or not… you guys might want to look into how MBC was the first party who did not honor their word to Lee Da Hae… She was promised a character that was not really given to her… It’s like you signed up for a nice job and you’re bunked in the clerk tasks,,,

    If you’d have to label someone unprofessional point your fingers to both parties! But, I’ll say that MBC deserves what’s coming to them because they’re the first one who screwed up with what was agreed upon…

    Personally, I do not absolve her from her fault.. She is unprofessional for what she did… Even she herself owned up to it… If you read her complete message a huge chunk of it was actually apologetic and was actually owning up for her responsibility (or the lack of it with regard to this decision)… The point here is that if we’re gonna put that label on her we might as well throw the same rock at MBC… She shouldn’t be the single person to be demonized with this decision… I don’t think it was a sudden decision… I’m sure in some ways than one her camp was trying to send out their sentiments to the production team… But, when they fail to hear it over and over again, that’s when they decide to call it quits… If she’s brave enough to own up for her fault, MBC should follow suit and apologize for not delivering what they promised from the get go

    I’m sorry if the post seems disjointed or whatever… I just want to post my thoughts I shared in the other forum site and blog site…

  11. I’m sorry if my previous post sounded a bit apprehensive.. it was not meant particularly in this page I just copy pasted it from my previous post in the other site… If I sounded a bit intense it’s not directed to this thread… Thanks coolsmurf, your post is particularly shown in a neutral light…

  12. i think LDH made a smart move. the only reason this show is popular is due to the all-star ensemble. the storyline is extremely redundant and it drags soooo much! it’s also really disturbing! i stopped watching it after PHJ’s character raped HJH. it was a little too much for me. this drama might be doing well in the ratings, but it does NOT have ANYY substance.

  13. @ hagrid you seriously just took the words out of my mouth.

    The most dissapointing part about her leave is the hype they gave her character instantly gaining fans/viewers. I’m a bit peeved because I feel cheated and wish that her charrie would have developed as promise. I found her character a vital point in the drama but after the story progressed into the future she became somewhat useless. In her position I would have done the same.

    Wishing her the best for 2009 and hope she gets a real ROLE NEXT TIME -_-

  14. I can see your point hagrid_0211, Lee Dahae is intelligent and she knows what she’s doing. I admire her for being honest and true to herself. Better this than be stressed and angry. I hope MBC and EoE fans respect her decision.

  15. Go LDH…get out of there…I never understood her role in this whole drama. The only reason I watched the drama was because of her. Thank God she got out before this drama brought her down. Now I have no reason to watch this drama. I will wait till it’s done and watch the ending to see if the bad guy gets what he deserves but doesn’t look like that ending will happen either. I think the author got trap in developing too many characters that he/she lost herself in the mess as well.


  16. omg shes leaving !? woah though i dont understand what till happen between dong wook and dong chul im soo curious now ! omg im only episode 16 haha im guessing i have a long ways to go .

  17. It seems this drama is giving a lot of people health problems and considering how young LDH still is, you’d think she’d last longer.
    It could also be not only stress from the drama itself, but she just recently went back to school. I think it’s the stress of the drama and schoolwork that’s hitting her hard.

    But it’s LDH’s decision, and I as a big fan, I’ll respect that.
    I think her health is more important then finishing a drama.

    But does this mean she’ll be replace or killed off? 0.0

  18. go LDH, the plot of this drama sucks anyways, after her recovery, she should be casted in the upcominf full houuse 2 drama. man i watched this drama because of her. this sucks.

  19. never thought that’ll happen.. I’m gonna miss LDH but she also her health came first.. now it seem we will see 70% a happy ending for both DC & YR..

  20. Waahhh…. This is sad.

    I’ve lost interest in the drama. I mean, anyway from the start they were yapping about SSH and LDH acting alongside together, and we didn’t see that until quite recently and it’s more than halfway through the drama already. It’s almost like the whole thing was just hyped up for attention. I felt cheated as a viewer. Haha… But kept watching coz I was really keen on the SSH/LDH coupling. Now this whole drama is just so damn obvious that SSH will end up with LYH. Hahaha… I think it’s gonna lose viewers. Coz LDH is the biggest actress in the drama with the smallest role. Love or hate LDH, the whole drama just seems to lose its spark.

  21. I don’t like it that because of LDH’s departure, DC and YR will reunite. I’d rather say that DC and YR will reunite much faster now that HR is going to leave soon. I hope that them being tgt in the end alr confirmed wayy before LDH’s decision to quit was made.

    LDH out or not I don’t care. There’s still alot of other actors and actresses in the drama that worth watching for.

    East of Eden! Hwaiting!

  22. i really cant believe lee da hae went through all that for this drama. medicine, injections? she must of been through a lot. i respect her even more as an actress and dont thing her acting skills were fully brought out through this drama due to her character. i didn’t quite understand her purpose either. i kinda got that she’d “tear apart” the two brothers, but her character didn’t seem, i dont know how to say it, maybe “strong” enough to do that. she never really got a good foothold into lee dong wook’s heart, and im not sure how she would influence lee dong chul’s heart as much as his other leading lady. im glad she’s out. good luck to her and i hope she is casted in a drama where her character can shine as much as she can herself.

  23. oh noooooo…don’t leave Plz..intially, the reason that I watch this drama’s because of LDH…I really wish to see her and SSH to be paired up…T______T…get well soon LDH…

  24. thank god that im not a follower of this drama….if i did, it must b really hard for me to take n to go on to watch the drama till the end….

  25. @ coolsocksrocks
    I laughed so hard at your comment.

    Don’t follow this drama, but wasn’t she the one who sang a rendition of “I Love Rock & Roll” at last year’s MKMF?

  26. i have no interest on lee da hae ever since i saw My Girl…which is one of the worst drama in my list.
    but i’ve seen caps from this drama n she looks pretty here…
    but anyway, the storyline still sounds so lame n boring.
    it’s good for her to quit this drama, haha.
    but still, sucks to get all the mental stress n unfair treatment for a drama like this up to now.
    oh well…..at least she’s ending it now.
    Thanks for sharing the news.

  27. The production company is F’d up. hagid took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve been watching each week in anticipation for YDH & SSH because I believe it would have been a stronger story line. They really used and abused YDH. Her character should have developed into a more vital role waaaay before 3/5 of the series is done. It’s too late to develop the story now. I mean, what was the point in showing her character at all? It didn’t play affect any of the main plot at all.

    It’s poorly written to have a character like that. So far, LYH has a very superficial character. She’s riding on her daddy’s power, non of which she has a hand in. She’s whining and throwing tantrums all the time. She doesn’t have skills like the legal knowledge Hae Rin’s character has. She doesn’t have a logical and inquisitive mind that YDH’s journalist character has… Gook Young Ran is just a cry baby.

    She’s already chosen another man over SSH. MARRIED.

    LDH could never have been a factor between Dong Chul and Dong Wook either. The writer cut that down when it became clear that Dong Wook didn’t even have an inch of feeling (other than friendship) for Hae Rin. He wasn’t even sad they broke up.

    LDH really could have had her chance at another drama like Boys of Flowers or something. She was promised much and given so little. Not only that, she’s gonna take a plummelling from some clueless people cuz she’s quitting.

    Seriously, she really must have gotten sick and depressed with the frustration she’s feeling.

  28. I really wanted to see what kind of feelings, attractions, and drama would develop in the course of the drama, but without her, I guess there will be no lingering and continuing development. I wish she could’ve stayed, but with what she wrote, I think her decisions should be respected and I think she did the right thing.

    I definitely didn’t see the development of her character, as many people said, and in episode 28, or 29… I did in a way, hate her character for the arrogant way she seemed to talk to Dong Chul/ Song Seung Hyun — hoping her the best. (;

  29. Leave, Da Hae. Not worth for you to stay on. MBC played you out.The drama turns out to be boring and pitiful towards the end. No different from any other.

    I guess the LDC-HR-LDW love triangle was floated to lure fans and it turns out to be bullshit.

  30. Yeah totally understand what (hagrid_0211) and (Ayu) said

    You don’t have to apologize hagrid_0211 .. all of us share the same feeling that we’ve been cheated in a sort of way

    I’ve started to watch this drama recently but I can’t help but to want Song Seung Hun to ends up to be with her … talking about disappointment

    As (Ayu) said … the spark just gone

  31. i read it somewhere and i think it was more to under developedment of MHR’s character than health problem..

    i know the role doesnt give her justice, but she should just hold on and finished it to the end. it is almost end by the way. thats how A list actor should do. not just leave in the middle. this is simply irresponsible.. i never heard any actor/ess did this.. people will see her as prideful. plus, MHR is not the evil character (like she played before her success), MHR itself is a beautiful character, smart, strong and independent.

  32. i dont think MBC cheated her or fooled us.. the drama team may/will always change script and storyline as the story goes regarding the feed back they got. especially for a huge drama. it also happened in many jdrama, it is normal.

    if she is a good A list actress, she can portray MHR beautifully and proudly even without the love triangle or who she end up with.. espclly when lovestory is only a subplot in this drama. the main plot is about the revenge of the2 brothers and the birth switch. moreover, MHR is a beautiful character among the 3 woman. she is intelligent, strong and independent. she shouldnt quit because she didnt like the character, especially when MHR will be more focused in the next episodes and there’s only 10 episodes left.

    i pity her for her health.. but she can take a short break if her health is the main reason. therefore i think, this is an irresponsible act for an actress.

  33. MBC fooled me with their false advertising of DC-HR-DW and I have been following East of Eden every week waiting for it to happen, but it’s just not happening.
    HR isn’t even included in the plot which makes me disappointed, so the writer can wrap up this HR character easily without effecting the plot much. But please don’t kill off HR like Mike…

    I’m sad to not see LDH much in the next few years since she’s going back to Uni to get her degree.

    Unni please get lots of rest and stay healthy.

    Lee Dae Hae’s departure is timed to the debut of Boys Over Flowers.
    Boys Over Flowers here I come~ Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong !!! =D

  34. hic~ i fell sorry for Lee Da Hae. She is talent actress. I hate MBC now. All they do are cheating us. And i curious how the new like Lee Yeon Hee is being female lead not even Han Ji Hye . I used not know who is Lee Yeon Hee really? I’m think there is something big problem in EOE. May be the Star-M give money to the team product EOE. It called corruption. Hehhe. So i don’t think LDH has any mistake in this situation.

  35. errrr i REALLY REALLY wanted to see the love development between her and dong chul! I liked dong chul with young ran at first but something about her later on started to piss me off. oh well, health is the most important thing i guess. hope she gets better! and hopefully her departure wont have too much effect in the drama

  36. For Mal…. from the above comment..

    I’m not trying to defend Lee Da Hae..but from what I’ve been following in East of Eden..it sure looks like her role is not of any importance…
    You’re saying that her role is actually going to be bigger after this..
    In what way? Now already 35…only in birth secret revelation…
    Actually all this while, I’ve been wondering..how are they actually going to make LDH character the important one when only got like 15 episode only…

    Man…This is not fair for LDH…She is really smart to back off from this drama after she know where her position really is.. a viewership attraction ..

    She is a good A listed actress..that’s why she back off…
    Way to go Lee Da Hae sshi..Wish you better drama and better script next year..

  37. Good for you, Lee Da Hae.

    MBC and the scriptwriter not only deceived you but all your fans and others.

    You are being used and abused by them for profit sake!

    SLAP! SLAP! for MBC and the scripwriter!

  38. Not a LDH fan but am sure felt cheated by the lying MBC promo for EOE.

    Thanks Da Hae, for taking a swipe at bloodsucker MBC and the unimaginative scripwriter, for us!

    Boys Over Flowers, here we come.

  39. I completely understand why she would want to leave but wouldn’t it be a more mature decision if she stayed in the drama until the very end? No offence, it’s a bit bad that she’s leaving now when she’s already lasted for 36 episodes…

  40. it wasnt due to her health problem actually. she back off because MHR character is under develop and she is not interested in it.

    well, the 1st thing that struck in my mind was, she want to be the female lead and couldnt accept it that MHR has too little on screen tome. she has too much pride, now. kinda noticed her change lately after all her success but i couldnt believe it when she really back off like that.. so unprofesional and irresponsible.

  41. ALADIN u fucking suck big time seriously

    SO WHAT if she wanted to quit ?!!
    And im happy she did !!!
    I dun want a fucking actress i like die because of stress
    PERHAPS its HER MANAGEMENT that didnt want her to continue and she is in stress if she should or shouldnt quit


  42. Yes all along I did mentioned about hye rin’s character, no depth no substance for Lee dae hae. So now no more 33% rating, it will go down in history for MBC, whether it is professional or not, Lee dae hae should explain clearly so as not to jeopardise her future career in acting, because others like kbs sbs will take advantage to pin her down.
    Be clear of your concience Lee dae hae.

    Not many will watch Young Ran as the lead plot, sorry to say. Bye EOE.

  43. @Dev.

    did u really watch that drama??? YR choose to marry Mike?? pleasaaae, she was forced and even try to kill herself for not wanting to marry him!

    LDH is leaving and some people blaming YR?? what a haters! well then, i too can be haters. too bad that YR’s character are loved by the viewers. it wasnt even YR’s fault. and too bad ur LDH cant take that fact (she lost to some newbie) and back off like a real LOSER! giving all the problems to the teams, what an attitude! she must have this superior feelings over HJH and LYH, she must be the queen of this drama not anyone else. wake up, HJH is also aware she isnt the leading female eventhough she is the TRUE A-list actress!! her acting was superb and convincing in any drama. ‘Likable or not’ was no.1 rating for the whole episodes and she still play as JH wholeheartedly. u can see it how she play as JH in EoE! agree with some people. she has too much pride!! she swept off responsibility for her pride. and she did it when she is someone who always seen to try as possible to appear as some lovely and soft lady!

  44. i see this rama for LDH she is the best but MBC and the scripwriter cheated us they use her name i want to see her with the hero they are the best i also love the switch brothers and i dont like MR COOK daughter

  45. good for you Lee Da Hee…..your health more important than others…

    and i’m very sure the rating …no more 33% above….because not many viewers like young ran acting…

    to me because of you(LEE DA HEE), i keep watching EOE…but now….no more EOE…….

  46. for those who watch EoE just for LDH, u may go.. the story is good as it is even without MHR..
    (although i pity them, for not knowing how to enjoy watching a good drama. seriously dude, get a life other than stalking wherever ur idol are!)

  47. I agree with a lot of the comments here.

    i started watching only recently, but i caught up with the episodes. we are already in 3/5’s of the way. episode 30 or so. but there was barely any development of Hyerin’s character in the plot… i was waiting and waiting and waiting for Hyerin’s character.

    i was totally rooting for the DongchulXHyerin couple because Hyerin is the embodiment of strength and intelligence for women. Dongchul deserves a woman who’s beautiful, nice personality, smart, etc. while Youngran is still like a crybaby and always wants things her way. Youngran hasn’t matured at all.

    I agree with the lie about the Leedahae-SongSeungHoon-LeeYeonHee triangle relationship… cuz Dongwook and Dongchul both have their first loves that it seems like they still can’t forget. not to mention, both brothers keep having flashbacks of Jihyun and youngran. its like, MOVE ON!!!! DAMNIT.

    Also, Dongchul and Hyerin don’t have a particularly interesting meeting… its not love at first sight… its like, the typical, people trying to set them up, that is Hyerin’s parents and President Guk. what kind of start to a great romance is that? obviously, the viewers are already smitten with Youngran and Dongchul’s forced split, and then the scriptwriters try to appease that with a lame setup of Dongchul and Hyerin’s relationship? there’s no fire, not to mention Dongchul keeps looking back to memories he had with Youngran even up to the recent episodes after year 1993. if the scripwriters wanted the viewers to believe that Dongchul was REALLY moving on, they should have had him actively trying to get to know Hyerin, not the other way around.

    i think Lee Dahae is a really good actress. i’ve watched a lot of her past dramas and i feel like they didn’t use her to her full potential here with Hyerin’s character… i’m sad that she’ll be written out of the story. i probably will not be watching EOE anymore cuz its so redundant.

  48. never watched it,, but its been airing for a while now… if her character wasn’t developped well, i applaud her for having the guts to quit….Go Dae Hee!!!

  49. …there’s just too much going on and the plot and subplots have become weak…and the PDs wanted to drag it on for more than it was supposed to run?!…what a waste…too many holes in the storyline and it seems the writer’s been playing the audience for the fools that they are.
    …I had a better time watching Hyunbin and Hyekyo in their drama…too bad it didn’t do much in the ratings but it was really a gramasood one…maybe it’s because it really showed how the staff and crew go about behind the scenes and the production of Kdramas.

  50. i’m smiling. maybe this is a lesson for LDH’s stuck up fan.. 😀 they’re so stuck up and wild in any forum they go. i’m sorry for LDH, but i cant help but feel happy :D:D:D lalala~

  51. Damn it’s killing me… even if her character was not very useful it felt good to see her, i really do like Lee Da Hae ssi.
    Anyway if she is not feeling well, cannot help but leave !

  52. I haven’t watched EOE at all so I can’t say anything about her role there.
    I have however watched her other dramas though I can’t say I’m her big fan or anything like that. I just know that she’s a talented actress and from her involvement in previous dramas that she is a hard worker.
    That’s why reading about her departure from EOE shocked me. I think things must be really bad (either because of poor health or problems with scripts) for her to decide to leave midway.
    I just hope she can recover, get her health back and eventually find another role in a different drama.
    I hope this one little ‘incident’ won’t affect her career too much.

  53. after all Lee Da Hae made good decision
    What about Lee Yeon Hee??? It’s so funny that everydoby does’nt think about why she got her role as Young Ran and why is always be side DC. I don’t know who is really Lee Yeon Hee, and fuck her, she is being lead. Star-M give money behind back, hehhee

  54. @kid1412

    she got bigger role than she supposed to get because viewers loved her. drama team production will/may always changed a little bit of the story line due to the feed back they got. it is normal and always like that since before. so dont curse on her, because its not her fault. try to use better language or u’ll just make LDH’s fan looks bad. or maybe LDH will also get the effects, ok?

  55. If she decides to quit, good for her having the courage but fans, be prepared for the criticisms. I bet most of you would be screaming “unprofessional” the minute someone else did the same thing.

    LDH’s HARDCORE fans idealizes her so much that in their eyes it’s never her fault but someone else’s fault! There’s always excuses. That’s to me is a big turn off!

  56. I see a lot of people saying they’re loosing interest in this drama. Same here. Since eps 20, I pretty much fast forwarded most of the scenes. But can someone explain why the ratings are keep hiking? There’s even talk about extensions, oh please, 50 episodes would be tortured enough unless the script will improve.

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  58. u’ll just make LDH’s fan looks bad. or maybe LDH will also get the effects, ok?== sorry, i’m not her fan, i jut watch EOE, hehhe but i can’t stand to see how Lee Yeon Hee acts, she acts worse than Han Ji Hye and Lee Da Hae, but she has more sreentimes than they. How funny to think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she got bigger role than she supposed to get because viewers loved her= because Star-M gave money to product team EOE, that’s all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. i think only those who seek for love story will lose interest in this drama. this drama in the 1st place is not about love, so there’s no point u wait for it.

  60. I’m not going to watch DC-YR. They just annoyed me!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s all. I will support YH-MH-DW. And u don’t have right to say which film we will watch!ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. what is ur proves about the money? it was clear in any poll they made, she won. did they gave money to the viewers too? i’m also not LYH’s fan. yes, she is not as good as LDH since she is a newbie (but HJH is the best) but as i watched the drama, i cant deny the fact she has a very good chemistry with LDC.

  62. what is ur proves about the money? it was clear in any poll they made, she won. did they gave money to the viewers too?= oh course the Star-M gave money to them and that’s why she has more sreentimes than anyone and scrip will concentrate only her
    i cant deny the fact she has a very good chemistry with LDC= it’s this from your words, the only thing she can do is cry and be ” mama” DC, that’s all!!!!!!!!!! Young Ran doens’t have any specific character than YH. also YR stydy adroad in US and Japan, but what’s her pronuation??? I just laugh when i heard she spoke english!!!!!!!!! Tell the true i don’t understand what she said

  63. @kid1412:
    yeah yeah, tell the “true” you can’t understand her b/c you’re dumber than her. I tell the “TRUE”. I laugh my ass offffffff!!!!!!!!

  64. …this drama cannot even touch the American original, a classic by John Steinbeck, carefully written intertwined stories of two families…if the Koreans would just copy then they should make sure to at least make a better one. This one got lost somewhere along the way…the writer/s should take the blame for messing up the story and the characters…as for Lee Dahae, she’s really a thinking person, intelligent and definitely not an idiot for doing the right thing…I wish all actors/actresses are like her.

  65. im so MAD!at the beginning,there was so much hype w/ the hye rin role pairing up w/ dong chul..and hye rin was this powerful women and thus far,i hardly seen hye rin..its so dumb how they talk one way and go another..lee dae hae should leave bc this drama does her nothing..but then i also dont want her to leave bc i was watching eoe from the begnning for her and song seung hun to be together..urgggg!
    I HATE THIS!i stop watching eoe,i bet the ratings will go down..

  66. and i DONT like yr;all she do is cry,cry,and cry..dc and yr have to be together now bc at the beginning,they went into so much detail w/ their relationship..and now its impossible to see dc w/ another girl..evryones in love w/ this couple now..and mike dies,hye rin leaves..so now its dc and yr!I HATE THIS!

  67. This drama is f_cking crap. I watched like 8 episodes and couldn’t take it anymore. I literally felt as if all the happiness and any intellectual thought was being drained out of me.

    This drama is for suicidal, sick, thoughtless people!

    SSH can’t f_cking act!! He makes the plot more brainless than it already is. He’s years behind the modern drama ever since his military service! He should just become a model since his face is all he has. Please stay away from the acting world.

    The other guy is okay.

    LDH is decent. Bearable, but her acting here is weird I must say.

    LYH must be a f_cking whore to have gotten a lead role in EOE or a chance to become an actress PERIOD.

  68. From now on, I’m watching dramas with all newbies since we all know that’s when they try their hardest.

    I don’t care about name-brands. The bigger the name, the more disappointed you’ll be.

    It’s like EOE cast let all the fame get to their heads, and they think they are a bunch of Johnny Depp’s and Meryl Streep’s.

  69. Wasn’t her character suppose to be the main female character? so with her quitting then would that make LYH’s character become the female lead character since her character was second female?

    Anyways…her leaving is her decision.
    Honestly it is unprofessional for her to just leave EOE. She made a commit to the production ppl that she will play her character so for her to just leave is VERY unprofessional but it’s understandable if she left due to her stress level.
    At the end of the day you have to look out for yourself & her choosing to leave because she was looking out for herself is understandable & I don’t blame her. but it is unprofessional. I just hope she gets better & her stress level isn’t high.

    Take care LDH.

  70. that sucks. this is the 1st drama where i saw LDH in a more mature character, it would have been great if she could have stayed. but her health is way more important than a drama. also this drama is so freaking long. is it possible to replace her with another actress, like they do in American shows, but that would suck too.

  71. LDH will have better project coming her way. ever since i never got her character’s importance. she doesn’t show anything about the woman that will tear DC and DW…

    everytime she appears she is more of an intermission number of the rivaled families. it is like she has her own story which is not synched to the main plot…

    at least with her departure she can rest and prepare for her university life. some stations are really using the popularity of some actors and then write or develop their characters not to the expectations of the viewers and of the actors themselves.

    if LDH were a struggling actress, she would carry on for the fee’s sake…but LDH has already achieved certain status and she wants beyond that fee, she wants a character with a substance and not simply act her for the sake of having a work – an income. i salute her for her bravery. she, just like Kim Jung Eun also ranted over her character during her Princess Lulu days…however, KJE had to finish the series even if she was not convinced acting her role anymore as she is the lead actress.

    i think before they signed up an actress/actor, the production company has finished writing 75% of the script so that whoever agreed to do such project the actress/actor knows what s/he is getting into as s/he read the script already with a character developed 75% of the story

  72. @~bella~

    “Wake up, HJH is also aware she isnt the leading female eventhough she is the TRUE A-list actress!! her acting was superb and convincing in any drama. ‘Likable or not’ was no.1 rating for the whole episodes and she still play as JH wholeheartedly.”

    You pretty much summed it up for me. Not only HJH showed class and style but she is the real deal in EOE, she alone outperforms the entire EOE cast. Maybe, LDH can learn something from HJH and show some class and humility the next time (if there is a next time) she is to be cast in a drama… any drama.

  73. Honestly, when the drama started, the whole DC-HR-DW triangle seemed overly complicated and unnecessary, and I was hoping DC and YR would end up together. but with the twist the story has taken, and the way DC and HR had started to develop, plus the questions about how DW and DC will handle finding out they’re not blood related, the situation seemed to have some real potential. Sadly it won’t be.

    I think it’s unfortunate, and kind of wonder if HR hasn’t really been developed more because LDH’s departure has been on the horizon for a little while. Whatever the reason, I look forward to the rest of EOE, and LDH’s next project. I think so far, things have been handled reasonably professionally, since reality is deals and agreements fall apart, but any animosity between MBC and LDH has stayed behind closed doors.

    also I think it’s important is that one of her reason is the best reason of all, she didn’t feel like she was giving the viewer’s quality, I may not agree with her, but I respect that decision.

  74. it’s really unprofessional from her to quit EOE !!!!! she must have a lot of pride and frustrated that HJH and LYH outshine her

  75. @kid1412
    if SM Ent. gave money to viewers, how come i didnt receive it?? btw, it is SM Ent, not star M.

    u’re just a kid, who babbling about ur own made rumor about the money. just shut up and watch cartoon nicely. and oh, wait for santa claus, ok?

  76. well, i guess LDH is not strong enough for a strong character like MHR. maybe only love story suits her best. love story with love triangle (like her fans always want), and she will be the pretty heroine who is confused who she should choose. not the smart, brilliant, strong and independent MHR. my advice is, next time ms.lee, the next time only agree on love drama contract.

    i really adore HJH. she is clearly from the start, the best actress there, but she did her best as JH. eventhough she also doesnt have much on time screen but she outshines everyone! i know everyone who truly watch the drama will agree on this.

  77. Er, no need to get aggressive with the comments… opinions are opinions. Please respect them.
    I think they would have extended the drama anyway… how can you wrap up this whole birth mess-up in what? In another 12 episodes? That would be very difficult. If they did extend the drama, there would be much more time for LDH to develop her character in EoE. It’s too bad she just left like that. I was hoping that HR would be more involved in the plot such as with the love triangle between her, DC and DW and seeing her become evil. Oh well.

  78. Han Ji Hye fortunately has a well-developed character. well-developed character plus good acting will result to a shining one in the cast. just like Jung Chan in LOVERS, although he is not the lead one, he gave a very strong performance for his well-developed character. even outshone Lee Seo Jin acting wise in the series. had Kim Kyoo Ri rendered better acting i might sympathize with her character, but her poor acting made her look unsympathetic. from the start i do not see the character MHR in EOE as significant. ahd the role Ji Hyun gone to LDH and HJH took MHR instead, does anyone think HJH will deliver a better portrayal to MHR? Ji Hyun from the start had since childhood had a well defined character thus it was easier for HJH to continue what was presented on the childhood part. MHR just came from nowhere and her character didn’t develop well especially when she is on her own screen time. i would ask myself…what is the connection of the story to her story?

  79. Btw, whatever the cause of her departure, it would be fair for her if her fans understand and respect her decision.
    I hope they find a good way for her character to leave the drama… not by death.
    If you only watched EoE because of the pairing of LDH and SSH… you don’t have to watch the drama anymore. I didn’t watch the drama because I thought LDH and SSH would make a good match but more-so that there would be a bunch of well-known actors in the drama and the plot sounded interesting to me – so stop making a big fuss about it!

  80. wow, she going out of the drama, emmmmeh.what a pity, is true that she has little time in this drama, my my my, i feel down heart when i read this. I think i also want to give up watching this drama. In the plot seems very good but it turn out to be different. I change to see GOLDEN BRIDE kdrama. Bye….. good luck to LDH she make a smart choice.

  81. wow cant believe that she would just leave the drama why the hell did she stick this long in the drama god i really start to hate her now because i would think she would at lease stick to the end since the drama is almost over i swear i really start to hate her so much now there is no reason for her to just quit the drama well anyway am happy with her gone because her char sux anyway
    am happy to see that we wont get to see a bunch of biased LDH that always wanting her to end up with SSH so good ridden LDH and her fan i will have more fun now watching EOE without u biased fan always attack me for say LDH acting in is bad ^^

  82. Guys..its unprofessional from one perspective .. but please think again… She is promised a role which should be vital and until now, still being the least screen time supporting actress ..

    Doesnt mean you’re a fan of Lee Yeon Hee or Han Ji Hye, you can say they acted professional and way better than Lee Da Hae .. Grow up guyz…

    Men, the girl didn’t have her own plot developed with too little screen time…and you’re saying she’s not good.. and not professional.. that’s a too UNFAIR OPINION towards her

    Its a VERY BRAVE decision of her and her management company and I reckon them for it.. and it looks like MBC give importance to all those stars with powerful management company ..

  83. oowww, is it true?
    well, since LDH has decided to quit from this show, i’ve completely lost my whole interest on it.
    At very beginning LDH’s existance is my major reason to keep go on with this long journey drama.
    yeees …. finally now i can stop watching….

    Lee Da Hae , you have made big, brave and best decision.
    I absolutely can understand and support LDH all the ways.
    For all east of eden viewers, please try to understand her, and do not judge her with bad comments.
    I believe LDH never had intention become a queen among 3 leading actresses.
    What i’ve seen so far until eps 33, LDH haven’t got even a single chance to explore and perform her great acting skill.
    It’s really disappointing and wasting her time.

    Lee Da Hae keep fighting and please stay healthy.
    You much deserve to have more challenging role at your impending new projects….

  84. i think all three have the same screen time if any it should be HJH but she still in the drama because she does not need a romance to make her shine like LDH guess LDH just cant act without romance so mine advice to LDH is if the next time u want to do a drama look at the script and ask the writer whether it the finally script or not before u take on the drama so u dont make ur self look like a dumb ass like u are now because i think allot of korean fan are very upset with the way LDH just left EOE like this i hope LDH can take what we know will be coming her way from the korean fan

  85. since MHR has no where to go, I don’t see any point for LDH sticks w/ this drama. Now anti fans can just go and talked about her as irresponsible, but yeah, they probably agreed inside themselves that her character can leave now since she can’t be w/ any one in the drama, her story doesn’t connect to the main plot, so why she should stick to the end? to get the big salary? Ha ! she is ready to take the blame, but she is acting as professional actress, who will act when she actually understands the character, not just act it out. So does she need to stick w/ the drama to keep her self as “professional” while she is deceiving the audiences? she said NO, it is TRUE PROFESSIONAL DECISION for me as a good actress.
    you can see at least JH has connection w/ the drama, MHR doesn’t, just becomes a buddy of DW ( who later on doesn’t connect to him in many way, no helping, no fighting, nothing between them). that’s all. I think the character can go, that’s why she decided to leave too. if MHR is still hanging there, with some development, even without much screen time, she would stay.
    And you said it’s was her pride that she quits. It’s funny, because she can say it big that MBC deceived her and her character should be more important , and so on, but no, she talked about herself of understanding the character. She took all the blame, but she expressed herself to her fans so they can understand her. If she wants to be a queen bee, and if it’s because of her pride, she doesn’t need to wait until this moment. Her screen time is much less before, but it was developing, but not anymore.so I applause for her brave decision.

  86. As a person and not a fan or anti-fan, I’d say, if she feels that it is a good decision, then that’s good for her.

    If she is no longer able to connect to her character,

    If her departure does not make a huge difference the plot,

    If she has better things to do,

    then leaving is a good decision.

    HHJ fans, non-fans, passer-by As, anti-fans, stop jockeying the word “Professionalism” around.

    As a professional actress, it is her duty to examine her role and make career decisions. Who hasn’t left a job before because it didn’t give you opportunities, or strained relationship with your boss? Was that unprofessional too? Since, afterall you signed on to job.

    The limited understanding of being “professional” is tolerate the untolerable, to not rock the boat, to swallow what you are given. By taking the initiative to leave, she has become “unprofessional” and “prideful”.

    People who never suffered mental or emotional stress, or contrains of a unsatisfactory job situation, should never stand there are casually throw these labels at other people.

    Actresses are also humans working at a job. Just because they wear pretty clothes and look glamourous doesn’t means they have to be upheld to stringent standards that you wouldn’t even set yourself against.

  87. Erm no? In terms of screen time, LDH has the least. She was the last of the “main cast” to enter the show and from then on had around 3 minutes of rather insignificant scenes in every episode. The point is… she was PROMISED a big role. But then the whole story became SSH-LYH just because viewers love them.
    Fact is her character is UNDERDEVELOPED.
    The main draw of this drama was the DW-HR-DC love triangle and the “revenge” element. But then it became DC-YR and DW being only friends with HR. And HR having no impact or significance on both brothers. And the drama is already close to it’s end. How much could the team develop HR? I’ll say it’s too late. As for the revenge part, the birth secret was only just revealed. How far can they seriously develop that?
    There’s something seriously wrong with the production team and script… I wonder how the original writer feels about her “baby”?

  88. EOE Korea is an insult to John Steinbecks East of Eden. MBC scripwriters along with MBC should ought to hang themselves for the poor dialogues and plot!

    Like watching a school play.

  89. The scriptwriters lost the plot.

    I think its due to their lack of knowledge and thus far, the dialogues are just ‘skin deep’.

    There is no intelligence in the dialogues at all.

  90. Oh, do you have any evidence that MBC tricked LDH into accepting the role as HR? Maybe she “thought” it would be a much bigger role but she was wrong after all. I agree with you, she had the smallest role out of the three women but obviously, someone’s got to have the least screen time. Did she expect to be the “leading” lady of this drama? I think it’s selfish of her to walk away from the production when she’s already gone this far… she should have stayed until the very end despite her character being too “undeveloped”. She has really disappointed her fans and the people who wanted to see her in the rest of the drama. If the reason why she quit is because she didn’t like the role of HR and wanted a “better” role, then she’s showing too much pride. For those who are criticizing EoE, don’t just because LDH is walking away. That’s just immature.

  91. lol all u LDH fan must be so biased now huh since she left and u guy were hoping for a Hr-DC too by the post u guy were posting in all the forum saying LDH will get with SSH but i guess u guy too blind too see that their was never going to happen because of the way LYH always have love scene with SSH but i guess that what u fan get for having your hope too high am so glad LDH is gone now i can see more love scene between mine SSH and LYH ha ha ha i just hope PD will think twice before cast LDH because she might pull something like this again if the drama dont go her way

  92. Other Korean producers and directors or scriptwriters are not blind to know what is happening with EOE.

    So not to worry for Lee Dae Hae , there are other more exciting roles and better projects for Lee Dae Hae.

    Get well !!. You make the right move girl !.

  93. i’m not her anti. but really, she gives us (who are not her fan) the idea that she is prideful, she thinks she’s all that and bla2..
    i watch eoe, i know what she mean. but if she isnt prideful, she will just hold on to it. but she leaves. people will respect her more if she stay.
    maybe its true what some people say, she is only suitable for love drama..

  94. the whole MIN family will also leaving the cast, due to LDH’s leaving. because they are only supporting casts for MHR.
    checkout in dramabeans.

    it is undeniable that she is irresponsible, unprofessional and selfish. it doesn’t matter how much she hate her job, she have to be a professional after she made an agreement. now she effects many other people’s paycheck. i will be angry if i were them.

  95. I actually respect her more because she has the courage to depart a popular drama instead of staying in a role that has became obsolete. I wish her best of luck in the upcoming projects. Willl looking forward to her future works!

  96. i’ve watched eoe and i agree with what most have said. Her character MHR, unfortunately, was too underdeveloped. As much as I love LDH as an actress, I didnt really feel her presence in the plot. Somehow, MHR feels like a side character, rather than one of the main ones. And as mentioned by others, with only 15 episodes left, I have no idea how the writer would be able to turn the tables around and develop MHR character.

    A lot of emphasis have been given to LDC and LYR character; which is why it’s grown onto so many of the viewers. Because you see them more, you tend to feel for them more.

    But oh well, it’s her decision to leave. I don’t think we should judge her based on that. The celebs have more than enough to deal with; let’s just shut our mouths and watch the drama peacefully aite.

    Oh well, for now, its the HJH and PHJ character tt’s keeping me seated. And mr writer, do something about mike character will you? That’s another character, which in my opinion, is also redundant. Either develop this one or cut his character altogether.

  97. what?? the other casts were dragged too?? that was soooo bad. i pity them.. their paycheck will also effected. LDH should at least think about other people.. now that is really irresponsible.

    i dont know what the person before me mean with respect.. but i lost my respect to her.

  98. to all viewers…..be rational….and pls ….respect LDH’s decision…She knows what she’s doing….

    well….i just watched this series because of LDH…yes. definetly….although i’ll miss LDH but i ‘ll watch EOE until the end because of Shin Myung Hun…..

  99. Just drop a while…..

    I wish LDH all the best and will looking forward your future works!

    and have a good health and life…..

    sincere and warm regards.

  100. I agree with her action and would like to see whether there will be any changes in the East of Eden ratings .. Sure got changes..

  101. one down, more gone…
    East of Eden has a great villain in Shin Tae Hwan. Cute dimples, great hair, and a lightness in his step, he is an absolute charming prince of evil! will watch eoe until the end because this evel dude…hehehehehehhehe

  102. yeah, AGREE with her loser action to backoff eventhough 4-5 other casts are effected.
    the MIN family also have to leave because of LDH. what a selfish woman! just because she werent the princess in the story, other people have to lessen their paycheck!! come on.

    actually i cant believe even her fan are also selfish and doesnt care about the other casts!! O_o i know they are always rude in every forum, but i dont know they even selfish like this.

  103. This drama can go on without her or the min family.

    It will not disrupt the main plot. She is holding a supportive role, so don’t work up with her.
    She make the right decision to leave.

  104. I don’t know why people are so hateful. I really respect LDH as an actress and even though this may not be her greatest move, career wise but for her to leave like that means something. Especially since it’s affecting other cast members as well. It just means MBC did not hold their end of the contract.

    As for the bashing between the LDH and LYH fans is just ignorant. This has nothing to do with the two actresses. It’s true that the writers focused too much on YR’s character, even though she’s already married. They spent so much time with YR that they completely missed the opportunity to developed HR’s character, just when she was just starting to mean something to the plot. They completely blew it by bringing back YR into the picture, just for ratings.

    What happen to the DC-DW-HR triangle they so widely advertise in the storyline? If anyone is to blame, MBC was the one who screwed up big time. Personally, I don’t care much for the DC-HR couple, I’d rather see DW-HR together. So even though the fans and writers want DC-YR together, they still should have focused on HR’s character as well, develope her role to be heir of the newspaper company and pair her up with DW. But instead they chose to forget her character altogether. Which is completely thoughtless of MBC and their writers.

    It’s episode 36 now, and even DW’s character is starting to be insignificant even though he’s one of the leads. They totally put him on the back burner.

    With Mike out of the picture, I’m sure DC and YR will get together in the end. However, if MBC wants to redeem themselves it’s best if they leave DC alone in the end. It will only make YR look like a woman who is selfish and inconsiderate. Considering she was married to someone for 5 years and for her to just forget about him and go back to her “only true love” is just plain intolerable and a blow to women.

    EoE started off promising and now, it’s just a big mess. And don’t blame LDH for all the troubles, if only MBC did their part correctly, none of this would have happened.

  105. In this drama there is no plot of dc/dw/hr triangle
    but only dc/yr plot because of dc/yr shippers.

    Do you think dong chul’s mother would like a mafia-in- law. daughter.? after all the sacrifice she made for the family.

  106. The drama would have been good if it didn’thave too many subplots and irrelevant scenes… inconsistencies in the storyline and the characters had become an insult to the intelligent viewer…it’s true that the writing is really bad, somehow something got lost along the way…can’t blame LDH for leaving…the producers should know that stretching the series for more cf income will destroy whatever substance is left in this drama…good luck to them though and hopefully the drama ends well.

    I will still look forward to the true brothers, Dongchul and Myunghoon’s, reunion and the face off between the estranged Shin Taewan and Dongwook.

  107. yeah, sure. the min leaving doesnt disrupt the main plot. but they still get their paycheck through the story per episodes.

  108. i know… i cant believe they used her..
    im glad shes leaving!
    i cant wait for her next drama!
    I LOVE lee da hae!
    aja aja fighting!
    hang on there ❤

  109. Stop trying to bring LYH into LDH’s drama of leaving EOE. LYH has nothing to do with LDH’s leaving EOE. LYH is only doing her job. LYH plays her character as it is wanted from the writer/production team. It is not LYH’s fault that she gets more screen time than LDH because the viewers in South Korean like the character YR and the relationship YR has with DC. The Korean drama production team is known to always willing to go along with the viewers in South Korea want, even if it’s means changing the script. Why? because they bring in profits and based on the rating that EOE has been getting it shows that they must have done something right. Despite the LDH’s limited screen time. People shouldn’t be surprised/angry about this because it has been going for years. As for the rumor that LYH’s management pays EOE to have her have more screen time is ridiculous because there aren’t any prove of that. So don’t go around making such groundless accusations.

  110. wow if this is true that the min family have to leave EOE too then LDH is very a selfish actress who only care about her self and no one else i cant believe she can be such a selfish actress who only care about one thing and that is if she dont get her way she will just walk out i just hope PD will think very hard if they want to cast LDH again because she might just do the same thing as she did in EOE
    wow did u guy see episode 36 i love the scene of when DC was walking his sister to her wedding and he and YR meet u can tell there still old flame left from their love when YR havent married mike i just love mine SSH with LYH they look so cute together no wonder korean fan think there somthing going on with them ha ha
    My goodness u know LDH fan are just biased and mad that why they try to put the blame on LYH so they can make LDH look like she didnt do anything wrong but we all know LDH is a selfish actress that only think about her self and no one else

  111. i sympathize with her awful position, and it’s always terrible to hear about actors losing health on the job.
    however i don’t think the “job” analogy works here – it’d be more like a project. i’ve left jobs before my contract was up, but always after a certain project was wrapped up at least. never leave unfinished works for others to salvage, even if you’re just a small part of the team. the project started with her, it should also finish with her — this thinking is “professionalism”. it means standing by your original choice to sign onto the project, KNOWING EVERY CHOICE THERE IS ELEMENT OF RISK, SURPRISE, UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT OF HOW THE PROJECT WILL TURN OUT. no matter what, it’s better to hide your hurt, disappointment, or even “shame” for being linked to the project, because actors can’t all start bailing if a movie/drama turns out below expectation. if she starts working in the movies, she’ll experience things like, shooting some great scenes that are left on the cutting room floor, while her less impressive scenes are kept in BECAUSE THE DIRECTOR/EDITOR FEEL IT HELPS TELL THE STORY BETTER.
    no blaming anyone here – i’m merely pointing out there are difficulties on every job/project you take on, and you either work things out ASAP, or honor your original commitment — except in extenuating circumstances (in which case “health problems” fit the bill, if true and unfortunately so.)
    a lot of movie actors i’ve followed, have seen their films run into troubles with financing, production (bad weather, unforeseen technical problems, cast/investor pull-out because of contract’s up or no confidence.) eventually their only wish is to FINISH THE PROJECT, so what they poured their heart/soul into can at least be released, see the light of day — EVEN IF IT’S SUBPAR QUALITY. you stand by your work, because it is your labor, your ideas, YOU.

  112. ^ p.s. continuing with the movie actors’ example: some of them have called a production fraught with many problems, as a “difficult birth”. so that makes dropping out of a project still ongoing, something like an abortion during delivery? 😀 it’d be like killing your own baby — but of course since she couldn’t relate to her character, she never felt the baby was hers.
    the pains of the surrogate mother? LOL
    still, it’s no reason to kill the baby before it can finishing being born 😛

  113. In case you guys haven’t heard. There is a lot of things we don’t know BTS of EoE. Apparently, another lead actor is looking to leave because just like LDH he/she feels the direction of their character is not going anywhere. Everyone is speaking up now and it seems like the old writer is back in the picture. So instead of calling LDH a selfish actress and etc. We should wait and see what the outcome is. She is a huge star and she would never do something this “selfish” if it wasn’t important. Obviously, this can ruin her career so I’m sure she thought about it long and hard before making that choice. It’s not just a spur of the moment “diva crying for attention” moment. Why would anyone put their career in jeopardy in an act of selfishness? Filming is on hold for now due to all of this and the cast is voicing their frustration and there is a lot of tension behind the scene. But from all the articles on the web today… so far it seems quite a few actors are standing up for LDH and that means something. I guess we just have to wait it out and see…

  114. I think people forgot LDH play a supporting actress to HJH before in Sweet 18. She’s not leaving EoE b/c she feels second rated to HJH or LYH. It’s b/c of her character HR has no meaning to the storyline and also for health reasons. LDH is a pretty versatile actress. She played the evil role, the comedy role, the serious drama and etc. Even though ratings were low in some, she continued on. So ppl who kept on saying she is selfish, is a princess and etc. needs to check their facts first. The most important thing is she blamed herself and she prepared herself for all the negative comments she would get for leaving EoE. It’s not like she demanded she get more screen time or anything like that.

  115. u know i really hate LDH now cant believe she cause so much trouble god how can she be such a selfish person quitting the drama before it done i really hope MBC sue her for this

  116. mbc would never sue ldh unless they want a countersuit for false advertisement. even though i think ldh should have stayed to finish eoe, mbc screwed this up big time b/c they dropped the ball on their end first.

  117. Well I don’t know if thats the biggest factor bout her health issues that she must leave the production of the movie. I hope she’ll feel better. And to be honest, I don’t see any future in Lee Da Hae’s character in “East of Eden” so I think her quitting in this situation is a right thing to do. I’m aware that her departure will push the whole project as well as others efforts and also her effort to almost nothing, and a lot of actors must quit too, but I understand her stand, and hope that the drama will have some kind of nice ending.
    I love Min Hye Rin in the drama, much better than the other two girls, and will be really sad if she’s gone! But its better than seeing her “fooling” around as the way the story is developing!!
    Lee Da Hae breaks the contract, but a lot of other actors do that, till some point, they have to do that if they think they can not carry on anymore.

  118. Fighting Lee Da Hae, this will definitely not get you down!! Wait for you in some other new production!

    “East of Eden” I am so disappointed at this point, hope this can be HELPED!!!

  119. i think she just be arrogant after her big success of my girl. i never thought that cute and innocent joo yoo rin has become like this…

    well, people changed. i realize that since she sang i love rock and roll. i really liked her after watching my girl. when i saw her singing, i started to think she’s not the innocent girl i like. yeah.. sure, but i still liked her. now, i really lost my interest in her. maybe if i hear more sequence after this i will turn to hate her?.. 😛

  120. that’s not good..her leaving the drama…
    i mean,so sudden.

    i didnt watch the drama,
    but if her role was getting redundant with no real motive and such, then it’s understandable that she should leave. and of course, she should watch out for her health. but it is too bad she decided to leave because people will probably think of her badly after her departure..

  121. I know that many people blame LDH so much because of the contract. Things like why didn’t she check the contract before sign in etc. However, I think that it’s better for her to end it as soon as possible. Personnally, I ‘m very disappointed about the character of Min Hye Rin in this drama. The personnality of this person isn’t logical. I heard that the script was wrote in 10 years but there are so many characters who aren’t prefectly created. So, if I was her, I also think that it’s unbearable to go till the end.

  122. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Dong Wook quits next. He’s obviously supposed to be one of the main characters since he’s the son of the Evil One and switched at birth. I mean, if that’s not the most important plot of the series, I don’t know what is. However, how much screen time did he get the last ten episodes? Even less that Min Hyo Rin (and she didn’t get much either).

    Aside from the love triangle, Hyo Rin’s character should have been more vital to the plot because she had stronger political connections (the president’s secretary), media power (heir to one of the biggest newspapers), and personal strength (she’s always had to be independent and strong because of her childhood).

    As for Dong Wook, his plan to prosecute his own father (although he doesn’t know his lineage) is foreshadowed as the climax of the drama. However, that doesn’t seem like a big deal because Dong Wook’s character hasn’t been developed and followed closely enough for viewers to feel as much affection for.

    Don’t tell me that dramas should be changed at the whims of public feedback on that point. No matter if the public has grown on the SSH YYH couple, that can’t be a stronger plot than the actual switched at birth plot. That’s ridiculous.

    BTW: It’s good that someone pointed out that even though Kim Jung Eun was the main character in Princess Lulu, she vented her frustrations and wanted to quit (the drama was very hard to watch). Also, Chae Rim opted out of Kaist half way (even though it was a popular drama) and went on to make All About Eve (there’s no denying that it turned out well). Also, Lee Da Hae couldn’t have been cast for other dramas as the main lead (like BOYS Over Flowers) if she hadn’t been tied to these promises with EOE. Heck, even the original screenwriter quit last week (she stated health reasons, like LDH) probably because the studio is making demands on tweaking her already estranged story even more.

    Take it as you will.

  123. LDH does not need love scene or any romance script with leading actor to show her ability.
    She is multi talented actress.
    She can act well as good or bad characters.

    but if her part was stuck no where,
    why should she stand still ?

  124. should “shoot” MBC and those who involve with this series…

    great pity to LDH…….but i keep watching u in next project…

  125. okay this is toooooo much!!!

    how can people love/understand hye-rin if her screentime is only 3 minutes or mosty a seconds per episode.
    ofcourse people will gonna love or infavor to Young-ran because most of the plots are given to her. and her repetative loveline to Dong-chul.oh yes!!!!i am rooting for Dong-chul and Hye-rin, because for me they have a wonderful chemistry. but since Hye-rin will be out of the story. My hopes for them are gone.
    to be honest i disagree to Lee Da-hae’s decision…it can ruin her career with this controversy!!!!(as a fan i am worried)…but then when i read her message…i can say that she made a good decision…Lee Da-hae is a bright actress !!!how can she carry her character if its getting nowhere/undevelop and useless to the storyline…MBC promised her as an interesting character. A strong, matured, ambitious,evil character…but MBC just broke it/changed it!!!so its very useless for her to stay on that show!!!!and for your information Lee Da hae started her carrier as a villain and she can stand alone with or without love/romantic scene…she can pull it!!! . ..Lee da hae will never be in her status now in k-entertainment if she is a worst actress….

  126. lol why u fan of ldh have to blame other when it all ur idol fault so quit blaming other to make ur idol look good because with all the new that is coming out no matter what excuse u fan make for ur idol no one is going to believe u guy unless they are stupid like u guy

  127. hahaha, why are you guys arguing like these….
    if u all hate and dislike LDH, it’s your right..
    and it’s our right as well to adore and fans LDH.

    Though i like LDH most, but i love all actors and actresses in east of eden..
    they are all nice.
    So please do not hate LDH, eihter your are not her fan,
    it doesn’t mean you hate her, right ?
    She personally never doing wrong to us,
    so why we have to post such of bad comments for her?

    negative talks are not good for health 🙂

  128. lol i just get sick of see repeat LDH fan blaming other for their idol quieting when there really no one to blame but her self
    and her big ego

  129. ^
    jhonylittle hey backoff!!.its reality…fans are always be fans,to defend their idols. to feel worry, to be affected so i don’t see anything wrong with that ,why don’t you try to look at your self,face to the mirror and compare your self to them?
    okay,observe before you posted this kind of obnoxious words!okay? unless you can.

    “i just get sick of see repeat LDH fan blaming other for their idol quieting when there really no one to blame but her self
    and her big ego”

    if you are sick to them? then, why don’t you leave this site!okay!

  130. I knew it! I have tried watching many MBC TV series – but seems like all of their series are over-rated and just draggggggggggyyyyyy! I started watching East of Eden (because of the all-star cast and mega-production budget) and it was like the same crap MBC puts out. Well…MBC managed to scam a lot of people’s time – especially LDH’s fans out there – and that’s why many fans are angry LDH is treated this way. The “main” actress have less screen time than even all the little supporting casts. This is very insulting to LDH & fans as well as many who are tuned in waiting for an all out war between the two brothers over LDH that never and isn’t going to happen.

    Bottom line is MBC overpromised and under-delivered and this is why people are pissed off.

  131. @ johnnylttle
    I found you pathetic!
    It’s really scary that you care that much, I mean you hate that much!! LOL!

  132. lol u fan of LDH really are idiot and stupid there really no need to defend ur idol she bought this on her self when she quit

  133. ok guy i think it the holiday why dont we all stop here because it going nowhere with this blaming game we been having

  134. You know what?
    I respect everyone’s opinion here, if they are against LDH decision, well, I must say that it was their view and it is also their right!
    But I just can’t deliberately refused to noticed your acrimonious and HIGHLY OFFENSIVE words, not only to LDH and for the fans as well!
    Makes me wanna pissed off!
    Dont get me wrong but “I REALLY DARE YOU”!!!

  135. Yes I agree with most of the comments. Hye Rin’s character did not progress much despite the ample potentials at the beginning of the series. What happened halfway through the series.

    I also agree that both Dong Wook’s character seem to be passive towards Hye Rin and the break up was also too abrupt …and it is such a pity that Dong Chul was stuck in the rut in spite of the chemistry with Hye Rin……a smart girl like Hye Rin should move on…

    As for Lee Da Hae…she has so much more to offer to her fans so my full support to her fr the next role, I look forward it. By the way actors are human too so please don’t blast them over their decisions. I thought we learned enough from the recent effect of “media/internet slanders” on the Korean stars…

  136. never heard any actress with this attitude. she cant stand for not being the heroine in this drama. in some dramas, when many stars are casted, she need to accept the fact that men will not always orbit around her. see BBF, han chae yong just play the supporting cast. and also KimBum.
    i think this girl has princess complex problem, just after her ONE successful drama. i hate this attitude, and never heard any actor/ess do this.

  137. @qsr

    I guess you don’t have that enough idea about what is going on! Try to listen and reflect on LDH’s reason of departing from the series!
    She leaved/departed not beacause she wanted to be heroine of that drama!! That was kinda lame!!
    There is a big reason why she quitted!!

  138. Leaving a contract means the start of her plummeting career. Lee Dae Hae will in the future received lesser offers as many up coming starts are replacing the old one. I hope Korea gives a better exposure to Sandara Park. She knows how to speak english and other asian language and can sing well in korean and english. She has a huge follower in other asian nations. Lee Dae Hae is starting to fade. Enter the new SANDARA PARK !!!! More support to Sandara Park.

  139. Well, I don’t think LDH departure from EOE literally means a start of her sinking career! Her acting is superb and excellent!

    Sandara Park huh????
    I used to love SAndara Park sooooooooooooo much!
    But, after the Joseph thing, Gosh that admiration burned into ashes!!
    I don’t think Sandara can act!!
    Nevertheless, I’m still wishing for her success in korea!

  140. So this is what’s happening! I was on episode 46 last night and wondering why there’s no LDH? and there’s a fresh face actress that LDW is staying by her side.
    What’s a shame, like most of you here, I was attracted to this drama ’cause of LDH. The promise of the love triangle w/ DC-HR-DW was very enticing-they would look good together( either one DC or DW)- there’s deep unconscious, unsubstantiate chemistry b/w the 3s…
    For a moment there I thought(hoping) maybe they’re going to give HR to SMH for a suprised twist that was why she hasn’t appeared in a couple episodes…oh well, so much for my imagination! as you’ve guessed, I really like the SMH character, what’s a poor soul! great actor!
    Anyway, I’m too deep in the drama to leave it hanging so I’ll finish it, hoping for a good ending without LDH.

  141. I’ll support Lee Dae Hae’s decision 100%. If the plot or her character is going nowhere & causing her mental stress, why bother to finish the drama. She’s one of the best S. Korean actress out there. This was the first project she didn’t complete. She had done over 130 episodes in a drama before & won the 2004 MBC Best New Actress award. I think the title of the drama was Lotus Flower Fairy. She also won best actress awards for My Girl, Green Rose & Hello Miss. I just hope she’ll be back soon for another drama.

  142. the most boring korean series i fastforward it while watching and its still boring, i want to watch it just because of lee da hae….. i really hate lee yeon hee she not pretty at all typical korean girl, she looks like the lead female actress inEOE fuck her, i dont wanna see her again, its a waste of time watching her….

  143. I m fully support of her…if she was very stress.
    i hope she got a full rest…

    i like she act all in the drama. only the drama ” the Robby” which she act with Jang Hyuk, i really dont like Jang Hyuk…..he really one kind of him…..
    ” too bad” still need to continue because of her…hammmmm…

    Here wish her all the best and getting well and are ready for the next good drama….

    Best regards……

  144. i wondered y Lee Da Hae never came out so much later on! i was like isn’t she one of da main characters? and yeah… i loved her character in this drama and she acted so well! y did she have to leave… i wanted her and song seung hun to act together more!!! MAN… dis sucks… i kinda don’t wanna watch east of eden anymore…

  145. i like her more than other 2 actress in that drama. Without her appearing, i dont wanna watch that movie.

  146. i hope lee dong wook will visit her soonto make her happy! amiiin … BASYA!!!
    am afraid, if she had a stress, it would be a …. HARAKIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YAMETE KUDASAI!!!!!!!!!!

  147. I’ved downloaded 30 eps of this drama already but still on ep. 10 but I guess I won’t continue to watch this drama already. Le Da Hae’s the only reason I want to watch this drama, both Song Seung and her,., Ajah Da Hae,.! we’ll always be ur supporters and fans,.!!!

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