We Got Married Concedes Further Ground Despite New Couple Addition

Even with the addition of a new couple in Super Junior member Kangin and actress Lee Yoon Ji to MBC star wedding variety We Got Married, the rating for the show continued its slump instead of rising yesterday evening.

We Got Married Concedes Further Ground

According to TNS Media Korea, the rating for We Got Married yesterday clocked in at only 12.0%. In the aftermath of Hwang Bo – Kim Hyun Joong departure last week, the new couple of Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji who was making their debut did not bring about a rise in ratings. In contrast, the rating dropped by 0.9% compared to Hwang Bo – Kim Hyun Joong farewell trip (12.9%) last week.

In contrast, competing tv staton SBS Family Outing saw a healthy increase in its rating, achieving a whopping 29.1%, almost hitting 30%. The main reason being the guest for this episode was actor Jang Hyuk who rarely makes any appearance on variety shows. Combined rating for KBS Happy Sunday (IMC, 1N2D) was 17.5%. 1N2D single rating was not available at time of writing.

Lee Yoon Ji and Kangin met for the first time at a local university library. Their concept was to act as a college couple. After making contact, they went for their first date, eating spicy rice cakes. Later on, they went around asking 50 people for their signatures, to be acknowledged as a make-believe married couple and then get married at Dongdaemun in a simple wedding ceremony.

The latter will be shown in the next episode.

43 thoughts on “We Got Married Concedes Further Ground Despite New Couple Addition

  1. i have a feeling once the ant couple leaves, the ratings are going to continue to drop. we got married lost alot of its original spark.

    the PDs must ve thought bringing in an idol would raise the ratings because of their vast fanbase but everyone knows ELFs arent the most reasonable with super junior. they wouldnt want to watch one of the boys get married.

    i miss the original couples that left. sighs

  2. ant couple had an advertisment on the newspaper stating their farewell. oh well wgm seems to become a comedy show…

  3. this show is going down the drain… it just doesn’t have that original spark when it first came out. and not to mention most of these new couples are relatively boring…

  4. oh thats so sad even though i never watched WGM before. cause of Dae i watch FO and after watching it since it first came out,i started to love all the other hosts too. they are too funny.so am glad that the rates are high and hopefully they hit the 30% mark.

  5. i can predict that this will happen… without MC n all the changes are juz something SOOOO LACKING for WGM…. the slump rating is not surprising to me…. if WGM bring all the origin couples back, with all the MCs n having recording studio again….im sure the rating will b shooted high again…~but this wont happening…..they need to deal with the lackingS ASAP…..!!!!

    WGM is soooo dull now…i juz watch HwanYobi couple only..but i can feel the ‘un-natural’? environment for this couple…n i hav no idea what will happend to other couples…they are SOOOO LACKING!!!

    nwy, i really MISS JOONGBO couple….T_______T

  6. Not surprise?
    I find the new couples too fake. Especially with the Marbi couple. I feel like their trying to hard.
    With Hwanbi couple, it’s okay once in a while. But it’s still..not the same.

    All the original couples felt real and wasn’t cheesy.
    I was hoping KangIn might put my interest back on WGM, but I guess not :[

    I miss Alshin and SsangChu couple the most!

  7. no offense.. son dambi+marco and hwanhee+hwayobi .. both couples made me lose interest in this show.. they just don’t have the naturality spark that the original couples had.. they seemed more scripted than actually speaking on their own which caused me to think “wow that’s so fake” or “i’m bored”.. yes they are fake couples, but they should connect better somehow.. with more natural feelings?.. i don’t know.. i just want to see better couples that really do have a connection and preferably similar to the sparks of the original couples! i’m liking the new couple, they look cute and seem more natural as if it was real =)

  8. i agreed that the sparks were gone and the attraction was lost somehow..
    too sad.. this was a good show b/4..

  9. Sadly to say, but I think its best if they just cancel this show, bc either way its going down the drain where the sun don’t shine. And I feel sorry for those left over couples. I feel like they’re giving script. Its almost as if it’s word to word. Thanks.

  10. i’m quite sad to see that so many ppl dislike the new couples because i really enjoy watching hwanhee and hwayobi. marco and dam bi is ok, they’ve only captured me with their romantic events that they planned for each other but other than that, i wouldn’t really miss them if they left. and tbh even though i have not watched it yet but kangin and lee yoon ji seem boring….and kangin was never that funny to me either. but then again i shoudl wait and see if i can give them a chance.

  11. WGM has definitely lost its original feel. i agree completely with the ratings– i enjoy watchng FO a lot more now. watching WGM actually feels like a bit like an obligation O_o

  12. i dont dislike any of the current couples or am too against old couples leaving
    i think its fun when old couples leave and new ones come in.. even though i’ll miss some leaving.. but maybe thats just me im guessing..

  13. I think they should just scrap e entire show… it is clearly going down e drain. Smart move for e ant couple to leave a sinking ship..

    Of e new couples, I only like the Marco/Danbi couple.. Sorry to idol watchers… but e rest just are getting by on the strength of their fanbase…

  14. i think that the previos couples were more enjoyable to watch because it was always entertaining… after Solbi and Andy left, i didn’t really watch the show, but the ant and lettuce couple was awesome! give these new couples a chance, especially kangin oppa with his partner… they will get more comfortable as the show goes on… WGM HWAITING!!!

  15. okay ive stopped watching we got married now
    when i heard that kangin and that girl were going to be on the show, i didnt even care
    now knowing that the ant couple are leaving..omg

  16. umm..i think you need to give them some time for viewers to re-connect..and it’s gonna be harder as the ant couple are leaving..buuut…maybe they should’ve started out with a whole new cast at the same time though. and i would give wgm a few more weeks before juding the ratings…it’s gonna be tough seeing how ppl were actually crying on soompi..i wonder if it’s the same over in korea? lol. hopefully they’ll have better pairing..imagine if they had heechul!!!!!!!! lol..i would have loved that lol.

  17. Well you cant expect the previous couple to stay there for years. Kangin joined yesterday but he will also leave near March April Time. Thats how the show is.
    I guess its the pD’s false because they didnt say from the begining that couples will only stay for three months. And they shouldnt have changed the show structure.

  18. i enjoyed the kangin/lee yoonji segment the only problem is it’s not entertaining to watch the others. too bad.. they have a lot of promise as an entertaining couple. kind of like a more lively and playful alex/shinae. i hope the PDs dont try to force some type of stereotype or genre on them like they did with hwayobi/hwanhee and marco/sondambi.. thats the reason why theyre soo boring is cuz it all seems very scripted.

  19. i think it’s going down hill because the marriage concept is getting old. it’s like a ‘if you’ve seen one season, you’ve seen them all’ kind of feeling.

    what they need to do is something out there, like go to a foreign country (with an interpreter) and live there for a month or two. or marry a celebrity to a visually attractive nobody. or marry a celebrity to a visually-attractive-nobody-from-a-foreign-country. that would be interesting.

    i think that this college couple should be really interesting, but it would’ve been better if one of the guys/girls were ‘different’ (i.e. not a celebrity, not korean, or something else). let’s hope they keep things ‘real’ with this couple.

    maybe they could even get an eldery couple together (50’s, 60’s, 70’s…). that would be totally cute. It would be really cute if they could get a really really old couple together (one in their 60s or 70s), because chances of this couple getting together in real life are pretty high at that age, if the couple seems to grow bonds as strong as the younger couples’ (and this show needs something real to happen between at least one couple; it’s like a long term payoff for watching the show).

    that move with that comedy MC guy turned the ant couple into a family couple, which is totally unfair for SIY/CJ as a married couple (it just makes the concept seem even more ‘fake’)

  20. to be honest, i really think that the addition of marco and dambi & hwanhee and hwayobi couple made WGM…a little less interesting? i watched a few episodes of them and heck i was bored. the thing with them is that their NOT acting real. it seems like all the things they do is scripted and fake. there’s no spark or spice in it if you now what i mean.

    look at crown j and in young as an example. their not afraid to show who they really are. in other words, you can’t really see any barriers between them. they fight like REAL couples and they live like a real couple. look at the ssangchu couple. they weren’t really close from the beginning but they developed by interactions that made it very interesting. BUT marco and dambi couple is very unrealistic. like in one episode maro started doing stuff for her after they fought. like buy her a dress+shoes etc.. and dance in front of his friends or smthing. i just don’t get it and i find it very boring D: their taking things way too fast and their actions don’t really appeal to me. i don’t know about hwanhee and hwayobi cuz i never really paid any attention to them.

    if they put new couples that will bring a spice to the show, then indeed the ratings will increase little by little. but at this rate, it doesn’t really matter who they put on because the pd’s disappointed me right after the ansol couple left. i feel like they made a poor decision bombarding new couples just like that. i mean at least give some time to think about it. if they were a businessman, you wouldn’t sign a contract without reading it right? and i also feel like the PD’s changed the original structure of the show. they always assume it will attract viewers. but after i noticed that, i only watched the ssangchu couple until they left.

    after the ssangchu couple left, i didn’t really care about the next episode. i don’t even watch it anymore .___.

    this is just my 2cents.
    an opinion from a viewer from the beginning.

  21. we are not really expecting them to stay longer, but as viewers they left us with some frustration about the show especially the ending of their married life,,,,divorced,separate,,it seems that divorced is high rate in korea……………..no offense…..but all the couple ended up with sad separation….to the viewers…MR.PD(the parent -in – law) we hope this time …and ..the ..couple..live..happily….the end. i missed the Joongbo couple the best couple ever .

  22. WGM just needed to do like American shows; seasonal rotations. Here in the states we have seasons, and then once the season ends, they take off for a few months, and then come back with an all new cast, like Survivor or The Real World. We Got Married just kept on going and going, which made it get boring and stale. If they had closed the bag, reheated it, served it up a few hours later on a new plate, people would still want to eat it! lol

  23. i hope they will replace the ant couple with junjin and eun hye together or one man and yoon eun……either way…i think this will help the rating to go up

  24. Last week, WGM got it’s highest ratings during Ssangchu segment, with 19% in ratings, but in overall average was only 12% or so… This means that the other couples’ segments, the rating was around 10%. This means that even with the addition of the new couple, the ratings haven’t increased…

    I bet their ratings are going to rise again for the last epi of Ant-Witch.. It’s so sad that they’re leaving too.. I really have no reason to watch WGM now.

  25. I think the reason why the show is not doing as well as it used to be is due to the fact that the couples are starting to leave because the producers want them to for the new season. When Anbi and Alshin left, they left because of their activities, and for other personal reasons. I know Joongbo left because of Hyunjoong’s activities, but even if it wasn’t for his upcoming drama and the group’s new album next year, the producers would have forced them to leave. The same goes for the Ant couple who are leaving us REALLY soon. The whole forcing to them to get a divorce is really upsetting viewers because the whole concept of seeing the couples grow together is losing its meaning. It is more about how much ratings the show can get these days.

    The newer episodes are still good, but something is missing. Like how much do the producers expect the viewers to keep on supporting one couple after another after they see their favorite ones leave? I was an Anbi fan at first, but I eventually became an Alshin and Joongbo fan before Anbi left. But with Joongbo gone, I am only watching it for the sake of some good laughs and that’s it. I don’t know if I will fall in love with any of the couples though.

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  27. ant couple ? anbi couple ? i just started catching the show… can someone explain to me what is the show about and ant couple ?

  28. cruixx: You can get all the info. here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Got_Married or on Soompi.

    Lokai: We do have lives but it’s our escape. Whether it’s watching Korean Dramas, or Korean variety shows, reading a book or catching up on Korean Entertainment news on coolsmurf’s website, it’s our escape.

    Having watched these various couples over the past 8 months, we kind of all feel that we’re a expert on them. We saw their initial awkwardness in the beginning or their first kiss and we’ve followed the show religiously ever week. It’s no different than someone who watches Prison Break, Desperate Housewives or Hero (just to name a few). It’s our escape. Your here on this site for your own little escape, right??

  29. On another note – – I just saw the Family Outing episode and although I like actor Jang Hyuk, it was just not as funny. For the first 30 minutes he said about 3 words. Never took him for the strong silent type . . .

    Oh well, not all singers can be actors and not all actors can be funny.

    ** BTW [ha, ha] love how you buried that post [ha, ha] **

  30. the problem is not with the new couples so stop blaming them! It’s cos of the new PD who pushes the scriptedness far more than the old one did. so of cos they don’t come across as natural as the old couples did since most of the things they are to do/say are more or less pre-planned. and the other reason is that for most of the old viewers, it’s the old-couples-are-best baggage that you carry generates scepticism/criticism against whatever that’s new. Finally, it cd just be that what was a novel concept has grown old. Like Xman and Loveletter they were great shows but they ended eventually too. I sure hope that WGM will last far longer since I love the Hwanyobi & Kangji couples. Fighting!

  31. I think Son dambi and marco go wel togther.. dont seem scripted or fake to me.

    Just seems like they fancy the pants of each oda.

  32. i agree with carribeane …

    and we should all just appreciate that we were able to watch “we got married” & people actually subbed it in english for us all to watch & enjoy…

    the old couples have other priorities & needed to leave the show because they have to make money somehow & keep their lives private again …

    after all, its just entertainment & nothing really last forever…

  33. Its all sad but we have to be true WGM FANs !!!! Can’t wait to see that guy from SuJu. He is cute lets wait and see

  34. well too bad for WGM but after all the pioneers leaving one by one, i think viewers slowly lost interest.. i have to admit it was a really big loss when lettuce couple left and then ant couple will leave as well (sorry, havent watched that yet..)
    thanks to muish by the way for the hard work, all the eps i watched were subbed by her.. thanks so much for wgm!! i really enjoyed it!!

  35. Honestly, i watched we got married because of kim hyun joong since he’s funny and not boring to watch especially the chemistry between him and HB, almost perfect! but when they leave the show, i felt boring and losing interest to watch other couples..so sad to WGM, i think most of viewers watching only to hyun joong besides BOF that time was gaining high ratings & most of the high rating scenes comes from jihoo and jandi pairing…i’m just thinking……..

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